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The following response to a Tamil who keeps referring to me as an ‘ignorant’ woman confirms the level of sacrifices needed to become Sovereign. Truth invokes Truth.


Thank you Thanga. You conclude as follows:


[Your knowledge of Tamil is limited. Don’t spread false alarm and mislead people.



When Thanga signs off as Nakeeran – it informs me that YOU are trying to mislead.  If you really believed that I was misleading, you would have responded publicly – meaning to all in the forum. By writing to me ONLY you are confirming that you seek to isolate and bully me. You have used ‘Tamil’ as the yardstick.. My proficiency in Tamil is not likely to be as good as yours. But my commitment to Hindu philosophy is certainly higher than yours. Below is my derivation:


You state:


[குலம் is not caste. It denotes a clan.]

Caste is small group clan and Race is wider group clan. Likewise Nation.

Such grouping is heathy as in specialization. It becomes unhealthy when the grouping fails to uphold Sovereignty of the a smaller branch within the group. At the moment the risk is to Sri Lanka’s sovereignty. That was the feeling communicated through my most recent articles. The 1971 JVP uprising brought support for the Government led by Mrs Bandaranaike, from many nations – as well as for the JVP. Wikipedia reports as follows:

[In 1970, a parcel sent by the People's Socialist Republic of Albania containing Chinese-made rifles was captured by the police; other similar incidents occurred at the beginning of the insurgency. The Party of Labour of Albania had sent a delegation early in 1965, meeting Wijeweera.

Wijeweera also visited North Koreans in the country, who congratulated him. He sent a JVP member to the Middle East to forge a link with the South Yemen National Liberation Front. The envoy returned with a letter from the government promising to ship weapons to the island if possible, hinting at aid from South Yemen diplomats to the JVP…. The insurrection formally began in 1971, but the first attacks took place in 1970. The JVP fought the right-wing United National Party (UNP) before launching an island-wide, militant opposition to the newly elected, pro-socialist United Front government. The government's socialist background drew the attention of many states which needed to support it. The Soviet Union sent 60 air-force troops; India guarded the forts, stopping North Korean vessels and a Chinese freighter which raided the harbors. Although China provided diplomatic aid, it was accused of supporting the JVP; Chinese diplomats allegedly contacted North Korea, which supplied weapons and ammunition to the JVP.]


India’s involvement after the 1983 pogrom opened the pathway for official involvement through protection of Tamil rights. Hence the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.

By that time the armed ‘clans’ in North were already active. Given their isolation, it was easy to ‘recruit’ them. That is a major motivation underpinning unjust Discrimination and hence the changeover to Equal Opportunity. The Tamil Communists known to me distanced themselves from the leaders of  the caste system.

You may call it ‘clan’ and I would call it ‘caste’ some others would call it race. They would all be right – and bring about Common Opposition against unjust discrimination. Race is the closest to global spread. But to be effective it needs to be true.

The discussion on the basis of Purananuru started with denial of LTTE’s involvement in illegal drug trafficking.


The same person quotes Purananuru 192



‘யாதும் ஊரே ; யாவரும் கேளிர்

தீதும் நன்றும் பிறர்தர வாரா

நோதலும் தணிதலும் அவற்றோ ரன்ன



As per the above , any place is home; good or bad cannot be ‘given’ by others ; likewise pain and its elimination…


The above confirms that WE are the causes of our effects. WE need to be one independent /sovereign group to be able to discover that sovereignty within us and is inalienable part of us. That grouping would be different as per each group’s homeland.


Tamil Politicians considered Sri Lanka as their home. But to LTTE Tamil Eelam was their home. Hence they would have experienced discrimination pain only after the Sinhalese attacked them in  North & East. They would not have experienced direct discrimination pain over the communal riots from 1956 to 1977. The 1983 pogrom  was elevated to Race due to the pain experienced by Tamils in Multicultural areas that were already their ‘homes’. I belong in that category. Here in Australia I live in Multicultural area and not in Tamil ‘clan’ areas. Hence my battles against racism are of global value.


Finally in your article headed ‘Ezhuka Tamil Is A Subterfuge By Wigneswaran To Shore Up His Sagging Fortunes!’ I challenged your ‘hearsay’ claims against Mr Wigneswaran as follows:



[Mr Thangavelu,

You have stated in your article in relation to Mr Wigneswaran:
“He also murdered and buried a young engineer who dared to challenge the nefarious activities of Premananda”


You say :
Gajalakshmi Paramasivam is an ignorant woman whose knowledge about Premananda/Wigneswaran relationship is zero.


I admit that my knowledge is from my internet search. But I could not find your murder accusation of Mr Wigneswaran in the internet. I consider it seriously Defamatory that you would make such an accusation without any evidence. In terms of how I register the message in my own brain – that is as per my truth and how I measure Mr Wigneswaran in this regard. It is disrespectful of the Justice system of Sri Lanka and the internal management of justice within the Tamil community. You owe it to us to withdraw that comment and apologize to Mr Wigneswaran.]


I was recently in disagreement with Mr Wigneswaran’s appeal for funds to help the victims of the economic meltdown. Mr Wigneswaran responded by ‘asking me’ and concluded as follows:


[I have received many emails from a Gajaluxmi. It may have been you. I still do not know who you are and whether you are related to us. I hope I have replied to you adequately. Thanks. W]

Mr Wigneswaran did not declare that I was ignorant.  YOU did. Mr Wigneswaran could have been guilty of the weaknesses you have highlighted. But in our family many of the most popular leaders had second partners/wives. Likewise in Tamil Nadu leaders including Mr Karunanithi. As per Wikipedia presentation of Purananuru:

[The life of the Tamils of this era revolved around the king, emphasized the purity of women and placed limitations of the rights of widows.]

The chastity / katpu of the woman is given emphasis in Hinduism because she as mother empowers every member of the family by forgoing her own pleasures.  Sacrifices of pleasures raise our strengths to Energy level. Its Christian parallel is the philosophy of Virgin Mary.

Instead of preserving that value, you call me an ‘ignorant woman’.  To you war-widows who oppose you also would be ‘ignorant’. When your communication is ‘free and unregulated’ you confirm low class/clan. Your home group also will be of that clan/class. By using the name of Nakkeeran you cannot claim to be a Tamil poet.


The position of Chief Minister of Northern Province is very important to me. Not the individual who occupied it. In Hinduism we chant Sivapuranam to merge our energies with those who are not physically with us. The divinity (consolidated good of all) in that position receives our Energies and merges with that of the position at soul level. I took the LTTE investment  at their own level of leadership and raised it to CM level through my own sacrifices. This was possible only because I am Shakthi. Tamil women need this more than any show of valour by men.  Without this respect for the woman we will never be a sovereign clan/race.






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