Sunday 19 November 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

18 November   2017

Missing Persons – People’s Representatives

There is a Tamil saying ‘Kuttram Paarkil Suttram Illai’ / ‘If you find fault you do not have extended relatives.’ To the extent we can correct wrongs in those whom we consider to be relatives, so we could travel as one unit – such fault finding is of positive value. Where we are bound by common belief  – this faith quietly cures and supports. Hence, when the senior in a relationship has truly invested deeply in an issue – a junior with faith in the senior becomes a natural carrier/heir  of that investment. It is for this reason that the system of paying ‘respect’ to seniors is included in family and institutional processes. To the extent we seek to inherit the mind of a senior – we need to have belief. The express pathway to common belief is through common pain. Like the way we contribute regularly to retirement funds, paying our respects includes a component that goes towards our investment in this common belief.

Recently, our daughter said to me that when she was asked by her senior at the workplace as to how come she (an engineer) was good in understanding finances she had said that I had taught her. I taught them technically to get the British certificate at year 10 level. They did it because at that time they accepted me as their senior. But to my mind – there was a deeper reason why my daughter was doing well in financial management at that place at this time. I worked in that institution and developed a Commercially Oriented Budgetary system which was highly appreciated by the head of finance – Mr Geoff Fardell. The gap between the relative value of my contribution and the money value I received developed a new relationship which matured as ownership Energy. Whoever has faith in me and in that institution will be naturally empowered by that heritage.

In contrast, I did expressly find fault with the extended relatives at the University of NSW and hence ‘lost’ them. But this helped me form new relationships albeit with juniors, as their natural senior. The risk here is that unless we see each other as Equals – meaning no status hierarchy – we could get taken over. That is how parents become dependent on their adult children, especially once the parents retire from work-life. Since my sense of independence has been strong – I usually completed the relationship at that level and then moved on. The last of such experience was at the village of Thunaivi in Northern Sri Lanka. There was detachment pain there also but it left room for the folks there to make the connection between something going wrong and my departure. To my mind, the departure is largely physical but the service continues from my side. One of the guys to whom I ‘sold’ a water-pump at a highly discounted value – few years ago – acted in breach of the processes allocated to him. The water-pump broke down and asked me to use our water through a hose-pipe until he found enough money to buy another water-pump. To many this may seem to be coincidence. But at a place like that – where people live close to Nature – people make the connection more easily through independent manifestations at that time. If at least one side is driven by belief – such manifestations confirm the need to move on.

Yesterday also we recalled with sadness and some pain that the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) who killed others claiming that they were  traitors – ended up killing Tamil political leaders who over long periods invested in true independence through non-violent intellectual pathways.  Those who consider for example – the Hon SJV  Chelvanayakam as Father of the Tamil Nation, would not consider LTTE Leader Velupillai Prabhakaran as National leader of Tamil Eelam. The LTTE ruthlessly killed Tamil Politicians who had respected Hon SJV  Chelvanayakam – and did so knowing very well that the Politicians had trusted them.

As per Hindustan Times report ‘Court summons Sri Lanka Army chief over disappearance of 24 Tamils’:

[The Jaffna High Court has asked Army chief Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake along with two other state officials to appear in court on Saturday.
Judge Ilancheliyan ordered them to appear in court when a case filed by parents and relatives of the 24 missing persons was taken up on November 15.
The relatives have claimed that the 24 had gone missing since July 1996 when the security forces had arrested them in Navatkuly, Jaffna.
Sri Lankan troops and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) have faced international condemnation for alleged human rights violations during the long-drawn conflict.
The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in three successive resolutions has urged for independent international investigation into alleged abuses blamed on both sides.]

If at least some of the missing persons were part of the LTTE, then, the parents have to renounce all credit to the LTTE to become entitled to the support of the very system against which the LTTE showed their might. If any of the missing persons are found – then the families of those persons who used the Court system need to consciously move on to the wider common system or go back to the local system. Whilst many who ‘thought’ that the LTTE would win power would have difficulty merging with wider world, as individuals and/or through community grouping, few may now have the motivation to keep continuing. Relatives who use the official system need to commit themselves to following the official system of law and order, independently and/or as per the leadership of their current leaders.

Talking about missing persons, I did find missing in the group of Sri Lankans and Australians who met to discuss Reconciliation and Human Rights issues also – as per Sunday Leader article headed ‘Australia and Sri Lanka discuss reconciliation and human rights’ – the representatives of the People here in Australia who become beneficiaries or victims of excessive-enthusiasm for quick wins by both side Governments. I for one ‘included’ both sides specifically by sharing the Truth I knew at a time when they needed it. I therefore conclude that the said meeting is for the purpose of showing agreement between the governments for their own purposes with little or no contribution to self-governance by the People – for example how to know the feelings of Sri Lankans in terms of major changes to the Constitution currently being considered by the Lankan government. So long as People’s true contribution is missing from government’s decision making, wars would continue in the name of ‘freedom’ but not for real independence.

Friday 17 November 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

17 November   2017

Racism and Sexuality Discrimination

The feedback from members of the Australian Tamil community, through SBS Radio, confirmed that majority Australian Tamils are not yet comfortable with Same-Sex marriage partnerships. But they are not actively opposed to it either. Often it is about having to change their attitudes – as to who is right and who is wrong in family & community. One who is right takes higher position with the person who is marked wrong – often through cultural understanding. In terms of parenting too – it is more difficult to parent children where the children adopt a different culture and therefore become ‘Equals’ and not juniors in the same system. Racial discrimination problems are also based on this kind of mind-structure.

When I responded through SBS Tamil Radio, I highlighted that to me it was about victory for minority group in marriage culture.  Majority Tamils who responded  took the voting outcome at the surface level and whilst they accepted the verdict of majority – they themselves seemed uncomfortable with it. I feel that my identity with this minority group happened due to me being demoted to minority status despite performing at equal or higher level as the parallel member from majority group. This includes reasons of race with wider society and gender as well as ‘divorce and remarriage’ status within the Tamil community. To the extent I absorbed the discrimination pain where it was confidential and fought against such discrimination where it was public – I would comfortably integrate with other minorities as Equals. Those who ‘found fault’ with me outside their net contribution to common belief in our relationship and/or outside current merit basis – are likely to  have voted ‘no’ to Same Sex marriage. They would fear that such relationships would demote them within the conservative society. But the deeper we Hindus go we would find the approval through Lord Vishnu taking the form of a damsel (Mohini) and Lord Shiva falling in love with Mohini. The son born from their union is Hari Hara Puthiran known also as Swami Aiyappan. This confirms that like the immaculate conception of Jesus by Mother Mary –union between same sex also would produce highly spiritual / creative children. It has to be naturally pure to have positive value. In one interpretation – the union happened due to arrogance within sages living in man-woman relationships. In other words, when majority abuse their powers for lower purposes which cause internal divisions – divinity is born within the minority group that the majority would naturally oppose.

Like Buddhists in Sri Lanka who fear losing  power over minority religious groups – Australian Tamils who have formed their own Community structures on certain common values particular to a generation, would fear losing their children to the mainstream. This was confirmed by the ‘No’ vote coming from Sydney’s Western suburbs where majority Tamil migrants live. They ought to then appreciate why Sinhalese Buddhist leaders in Sri Lanka are also saying ‘No’ to Devolution of Power through a Federal system. Desire and Fear  are inseparable as per the laws of nature. The English parallel that comes to mind is ‘no pain no gain’.

Those of us who genuinely support minority  groups here in Australia or in our countries of origin, for Equal rights, would identify with the true minorities in our environments. Those who voted ‘no’ therefore are confirming that they identify with majority power and hence would say no to Equality within one structure. Tamil militants led by LTTE (commonly known as Tamil Tigers) wanted separation because they wanted to be majority power/seniors. Tamil Politicians on the other hand seek to be Equals. That was what the Same Sex marriage vote in essence was all about, at the deepest common level.

The ‘Yes’ vote is misunderstood as majority wanting to leave the man-woman traditional path. Likewise Federal structure of governance in Sri Lanka. It is highly unlikely that a Tamil of Northern Sri Lanka would choose to marry an  Upcountry Tamil of average achievements due to the latter being known as Indian Tamil. Within the Tamil community – they are usually considered to be the most junior. This is confirmed through the recent news report headed ‘India to take up with Lanka removal of Tamil Leader’s Name’ by India Today which refers to the Hon Savumiamoorthy Thondaman who is presented as follows by Wikipedia:

[Savumiamoorthy Thondaman  (August 30, 1913 – October 30, 1999) also spelled Saumyamurthy Thondaman was a Sri Lankan politician who represented the Indian Tamils of Sri Lanka of which he was a member. At the time of his death, he was both the oldest and the senior-most member of the Sri Lankan Cabinet where he had served continuously for 21 years from 1978, under four Sri Lankan Presidents and the leader of the political party Ceylon Workers' Congress. He was succeeded by his grandson Arumugam Thondaman.]

Most who feel uncomfortable about ‘same sex marriage’ view it at technical level. I discussed this problem of technicality – recently, using my experience within NSW Commercial Services Division – where I joined as a clerk and left as Financial Consultant. The position of Financial Controller was created due to my performance. During the interview – the white Australian senior from Central Office asked me a technical question about Accounting standards. I did not know the exact wording but was comfortable with its relevant application in the then current environment. To my mind, the senior from Central was showing off through a technical question and it was his way of taking revenge for the times I pointed to errors of principles in the Accounting Policy directions prepared by Central office. To my mind, that was racism as well – due to denial of Equal status to a Sri Lankan Professional until known otherwise on current merit basis.

This morning, with the above experience active in my mind,  the following section of the Island report headed ‘Namal, Sujeewa get tongue tied during verbal duel’ caught my attention:

[State Minister Senasinghe: Everybody knows your track record. How did you get through the law exams? Could you tell me at least what the first section of the Civil Procedure Code Ordinance is about? I challenge you to tell the House if possible and prove you know it. What is the first section of the Civil Procedure Code Ordinance about.?]

I have used various sections of the Sri Lankan Civil Procedure Code to develop my thought structures during recent proceedings in Sri Lankan Courts. But I had no idea what the first section said. I looked it up and it says :

[This  Ordinance  may  be  cited  as  the Civil Procedure Code] !!!

Whether it is the technicality of Civil Procedure Code, Buddhism foremost  provision in the Sri Lankan Constitution or Same Sex marriage law – using it purely at technical level confirms desire for status and therefore fear of loss of such status. The essence of Civil Procedure Code is upheld in parliament within the order in which Parliament operates. Mr Namal Rajapaksa did not need to be familiar with what the book said. Likewise, Mr Namal’s father Mr  Mahinda Rajapaksa using Buddhism foremost after praying at Hindu temples is use of technicality to override experience based wisdom. This is confirmation of  fear accumulated through years of enjoyment of unearned status. That is how Lord Buddha would show the connection if we ask Lord Buddha within us. I believe that when non-Buddhists ask with faith – Lord Buddha would respond more quickly. I know this through my experience at the Ministry of Health where I was demoted on secular basis for approval to counsel the civilians in war-camps in 2009. I prayed to Lord Buddha through the big statue in the room – and obtained the approval. Had I retaliated – I would not have spoken to Lord Buddha and I would have been limited to group power of the Tamil community. The power of Truth is universal and once developed that power travels with us wherever we go and beyond this life.

Thursday 16 November 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

16 November   2017

Australia's leadership for Sri Lanka -  in respecting  Natural Governance

Yesterday while we celebrated minority rights through the same sex marriage vote by the People, there was good news from the Sri Lankan Courts regarding the British lady who was in 2014,  deported for wearing the Buddha tattoo on her arm. reports as follows:
[The Supreme Court today ordered to pay compensation and legal fees amounting to Rs 800,000 to the British tourist who was arrested in Sri Lanka because she had a ‘Buddha’ tattoo on her arm.
The court ruled that the police had violated the fundamental rights by arresting and detaining the British national over her tattoo depicting an image of Lord Buddha.
The Supreme Court ordered the government to pay Rs 500,000 as compensation and Rs 200,000 as legal fees to Naomi Coleman, a 40-year-old mental health nurse from Coventry, England. 
In addition to that, the court also ordered the police officer, who was the then OIC of the Katunayake Police, and a Sergeant of that police station to each pay Rs 50,000 to the British woman from their personal funds. ] report headed ‘British woman arrested over ‘Buddha’ tattoo to be compensated’

The above verdict confirms the Independence of the Judiciary and to my mind it upholds the positive governance value of the current government. As I say often in the case of children – the best return from the children to parents is for the children to uphold the values of parenting at structural level. When they show common structure – they confirm heritage value. Direct benefits from children are lower level returns. Likewise, votes and popularity from the citizen to the government. The ruling that the officers needed to pay out of their personal funds is highly valuable towards preventing abuse of position power. It confirms independence of the Judiciary in which many of us have invested.

Here in Sydney, when asked by SBS Tamil Radio, for my opinion on the ‘Yes’ vote I said that to me it was about minorities due to diversity getting recognized as Equals in the eyes of the law. It is a recognition of the commitment by those who chose a different pathway to natural marriage, contributing to family structure despite alienation and second-class status in society. To my mind, it was very much a minority issue. Hence when they won I felt happy – as if I had won. I felt this to a much greater degree when the TNA which represents minority ethnicities became Equal Opposition in Sri Lankan National Parliament in 2015.

A few years back a young Australian Tamil said to me that a good proportion of gays were exceptionally talented. I recalled that yesterday – especially after observing Senator the Hon Penny Wong’s emotional state of gratitude when the outcome of the People was announced.  I was reminded also of Deva Dhasi (Divine Ladies) group in Indian  culture who dedicated themselves to the Service of the Lord. Those who were genuinely dedicated turned out to be outstanding performers. They are Divine. There were others who did take to prostitution and this often resulted in alienation of the whole group. To my mind, this is also the case with same sex partnerships. Likewise militants.

One often hears Tamil elders saying about the Tamil Tigers that they were initially good and valuable but later lost their way. When one is challenged by minority status despite equal or more contribution than an apparently majority group – and one continues to contribute at that level,  such a member of minority gets double-promotion  and enters the world of  Divine powers. Such a person is Naturally supported by Divine powers to perform at the higher level and also cure negative Energies in the environment. Militants who contributed more than the official forces to defend the Sovereignty of individuals and/or groups – are supported by Natural Powers to which all of us contribute in various ways. But when the status of the group is no longer minority status in their home areas their contribution to this Natural system begins only after they contribute at equal level as their parallel in the official system in their ‘home’ area. This was the political system for Tamil areas which were never abandoned by the People. By attacking Tamil politicians – the Tamil Tigers diluted the support they had from those who had contributed to the system of Belief based representation. Those who were driven by quick victory – became the prostitutes within the militant group. Those who colluded with the Sri Lankan government for ‘cash’ belong in this category.

If Sri Lankan Tamils become conscious of Equal or more power but continue to claim minority status and remain outside the official system – they would miss out on this double-promotion as confirmed recently by Mr Suresh Premachandran supported by Mr. Wigneswaran who seems least interested in sharing his judicial mind with the people of Northern Sri Lanka. One who leaves behind no heritage is an orphan.

Within the Government – those who crossed over to the UNP led side to maintain the Sovereignty of the Government of Sri Lanka – are divine powers. Those who crossed over for selfish reasons would keep bringing instability to the Government.  

It would be a good idea for the Sri Lankan Government to facilitate the above process in relation to changes to the Constitution one the basis of the strongest need identified by the Government. This would then be double-promotion to the People.

Wednesday 15 November 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

15 November   2017

‘When  President Sirisena does it, that means that it is not illegal?.

[Well, when the president does it, that means that it is not illegal.] Former American President Richard Nixon.

When I read the report headed ‘President-Prime Minister Relations Strained as Maithripala Wants Ranil to Step Down as PM Before Testifying At Treasury Bonds Presidential Inquiry Commission On November 20th.’ at, the picture that came to mind was the one created by the former American President. 
As per the above report ‘According to informed sources close to the Coalition Government headed by President Sirisena and Premier Wickremesinghe , the bone of contention in the current crisis is a “strong request amounting to a demand” made by Maithripala that Ranil should “voluntarily” step down as Prime Minister before testifying before the Presidential Commission of Inquiry investigating the Issuance of Treasury Bonds by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.
The parallel of this in the Watergate Presidential issue is reported as follows by Wikipedia:
[On Friday, July 13, 1973, during a preliminary interview, deputy minority counsel Donald Sanders asked White House assistant Alexander Butterfield if there was any type of recording system in the White House.  Butterfield said he was reluctant to answer, but finally stated there was a new system in the White House that automatically recorded everything in the Oval Office, the Cabinet Room and others, as well as Nixon’s private office in the Old Executive Office Building.
On Monday, July 16, 1973, in front of a live, televised audience, chief minority counsel Fred Thompson asked Butterfield whether he was “aware of the installation of any listening devices in the Oval Office of the President.” Butterfield’s revelation of the taping system transformed the Watergate investigation. Cox (Special Prosecutor) immediately subpoenaed the tapes, as did the Senate, but Nixon refused to release them, citing his executive privilege as president, and ordered Cox to drop his subpoena. Cox refused.
On October 20, 1973, after Cox refused to drop the subpoena, Nixon ordered Attorney General Elliot Richardson to fire the special prosecutor. Richardson resigned in protest rather than carry out the order. Nixon then ordered Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus to fire Cox, but Ruckelshaus also resigned rather than fire him. Nixon’s search for someone in the Justice Department willing to fire Cox ended with the Solicitor General Robert Bork. Though Bork said he believed Nixon’s order was valid and appropriate, he considered resigning to avoid being “perceived as a man who did the President’s bidding to save my job.” Bork carried out the presidential order and dismissed the special prosecutor.
These actions met considerable public criticism. ]

Sri Lankans are aware of such a pattern especially during the immediate past President’s rule. It is therefore important for us to consider whether the position of Executive Presidency is healthy for Sri Lanka which is yet to invest in Democracy as much as America where media power brought the President down.
The immediate past  occupant of the position of President of Sri Lanka,  was brought down by his own Party due to excessive use of power. These are still in the minds of People and more importantly remain as common problems to the extent no one did anything about it. Each one of us who did what we could within the boundaries of our positions – completed the relationship with that position. Beyond that every unit of contribution becomes Shakthi / Energy. When these problems go beyond our custody they become sins. When those who have the power cover up and bury the past – they become sins that only Energy can cure.  If left to become sin it would invoke other sins from previous lives and form coalitions with them. This usually happens when we do not attribute credit to those who facilitated us to get to that position. Those who do – become self-governed and have earned the right to be respected above any administrator.
As per the current occupant of the Position of Executive President – the Prime Minister is treated as one below the President in hierarchical ranking. Recently, an Academic of the University of Jaffna said to me that a junior could not question a senior member of staff. Based on that – the Prime Minister does not have the power to ask the President to step down from his position during investigations of his former boss, but the President has the power to ask the Prime Minister to do so.
How would I handle this as a minority power in (a) an Autocratic system or (b) a Democratic system?
In family and school during my times, the systems were  largely autocratic and as a junior I absorbed the pain when I thought I was being treated unjustly. That was the way in which I was groomed – starting with my parents. Now I realise that wherever I was right – and I did not retaliate – I ended up carrying my contribution as Energy. This is why Hindu wives who were apparently minority powers and who were expected to speak only when they were spoken to – were recognized as Shakthi. Even recently, Parames Moorthi – said to me at her nephew’s wedding – that I was Shakthi. I took it that Parames  recognized me easily because she was Shakthi to her family. That is how Truth / Love that we work towards is shared with wider world without much particular effort on our part, once we have escalated it to the level of Energy. As per the above article:
[Meanwhile concerned UNP and SLFP circles are communicating with former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratuga who is currently in the USA about this crisis. It is expected that Chandrika would return home shortly and bring about a mutually acceptable settlement of the issue.]
This confirms that  there are some within the Government circles who consider former President Madam Chandrika Kumaratunga to be SLFP Shakthi. This is true power if Madam  Kumaratunga did not retaliate when former President – Mr Rajapaksa disrespected her instead of paying his respects as an elder. Mr. Sirisena needs to respect Madam  Kumaratunga highly in his own mind, if he is not to naturally collude with the mind of his former boss Mr Rajapaksa.
Saint Yoga Swami of  Sri Lanka educates us in this regard through the following:
Karu Valhiyai Adai Endraan Engal Guru Nathan / Follow the path to the Nucleus said our Guru
Kattuppaddum Manam Endraan Engal Guru Nathan / The mind will be bound said our Guru

The Nuclear Energy in secular language is Love / Truth. If we join the path to Love / Truth – our mind would be automatically bound to follow order.
Applying the Hindu parallel of Buddhism, to the extent Mr Wickremesinghe  did not ask the President to step down but accepted the President’s suggestion as that from a senior – Mr. Wickremesighe develops ownership Energy. But then we do have laws that are applicable to our respective positions.

Article 46 (2) of the Sri Lankan Constitution states:
[46. (2) The Prime Minister shall continue to hold office throughout the period during which the Cabinet of Ministers continues to function under the provisions of the Constitution unless he –
(a) resigns his office by a writing under his hand addressed to the President; or
(b) ceases to be a Member of Parliament.

Laws help us develop Common mind structures not only with those around us but also with those beyond our local borders. It is that Commonness that is the goal of an institution. Once it is common it must apply to all on Equal footing. Laws give form to this pathway which begins with Equal footing.

As per the above report:
[As such Maithripala feels that Ranil should set a bold precedent by stepping down and appear before the commission of inquiry as an “ordinary citizen”. The president thinks this would elevate the Prime minister to a higher moral ground, refurbish his public image and silence the opposition.]

If Mr  Wickremesighe the did what he did as Prime Minister then he has the DUTY to give evidence as a Prime Minister. If Mr  Wickremesighe did what he did as an individual – that must first be established and Mr  Wickremesighe needs to be first dismissed through due process of law if there is any – before he is entitled to give evidence as an individual. Without such laws we become individuals without specific relativity.

Mr  Sirisena  effectively stepped down from his position of President – and hence his suggestion / demand that Mr Wickremesighe also steps down. That is the way Truth surfaces to uphold Itself to support the true seeker. One who fails to value the Executive powers of the President has already proven that there is no one in Sri Lanka who is fit for that position. That is the verdict of Truth.

To my mind, the TNA by accepting the Buddhism foremost provision in the Constitution after its initial protest and did so  in the name of peace and harmony – accumulated on behalf of all minorities in Sri Lanka – the Energy to naturally pool such minority Energy from the past in Sri Lanka as well as from wider world currently. That is how the American Energy accumulated through Watergate has come to our support.

Tuesday 14 November 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

14 November   2017

Tamils Dividing & Ruling?

Sri Lankans who fought against the British are often heard to say that the British Divided & Ruled. The Dutch codified our common Customary practices and hence we have Thesawalamai Law for Northern Tamils. Today’s claim of  Federalism by those who enjoyed that privacy is, to my mind, based also on those values of Thesawalamai code practiced by the Tamil Community  - which in Sri Lanka is strongest in North. Those who respected Thesawalamai Law would respect their mothers as being of equal status as their fathers. Likewise husband and wife would openly respect each other as Equals. Likewise, the Judiciary and the Executive Government.

Recently I had discussion on this subject matter with an Australian of Vaddukoddai origin who said some time ago - that he invoked Mother Kali of Sangarathai-Vaddukoddai to get work as a cleaner, during his early days in Australia . Recently  when I asked him he said he prayed and he got it. There was still recognition for that Third Dimension but the consciousness of it has been weakened with time and prosperity – especially after getting the Australian certificates in higher education. Rarely do I hear so called educated folks around me attributing direct credit to those whom they respected to get grades in the past. Higher education without that respect would lead to dividing the group – so it is easy to ‘see and rule’. Many show much higher respect to the visible forms of god in their current environments. Hence conversions to other religions – including by LTTE Velupillai Prabhakaran. One observes this tendency in migrants who come together for temporary ventures and therefore do not need common belief that drives a program – with or without wins.

I said to the above Australian Tamil that to the extent he recognised his prayers as the reason – that power of belief would be limited to his contribution only. But if he had said Mother Kali – it would have brought the investment from which he was drawing the power – to the consolidated level of all those who gave their belief that form. I often state this in Thunaivi within Vaddukoddai area where the first political declaration of independence was made in 1976. This was the root of  militant power in Tamil Politics. Those driven by immediate outcomes tend to lose connection with the root cause and therefore their ancestors. Between politicians and militants, Politicians contributed more to the root of Tamil independence. Between Politicians and Intellectuals, Intellectuals contributed more strongly to Tamil Independence than Politicians.  

I find this weakness of denying the root credit in the Chief Minister of Northern Province also – especially through the separation of  EPRLF under the leadership of Mr Suresh Premachandran, reported as follows:

[With the EPRLF led by former MP Suresh Premachandran deciding to contest future elections on its own, NPC Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran today urged Tamil leaders, who were over 60 years, to move aside and allow the younger generation to take up politics.] Daily Mirror report Wigneswaran urges aging Tamil leaders to step aside
I recall Dr. Dayan Jayatilleke who is one of the opponents of Mr. Wigneswaran saying similar in the case of Sinhalese Political leadership. This to my mind means that neither enjoys faith based respect from their juniors. Mr. Wigneswaran is 78 years of age and Dr Jayatilleke is 61 years young. Both must be waiting for their next birth to realise the joys of faith  based seniority. When they see others in a ‘free’ environment they get infected by each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Position based relationships protect us from such excesses. Both these leaders have deviated from their program of intellectual leadership – by their apparent wandering minds getting distracted by immediate outcomes and hence majority rule in place of subjective hierarchy.
TNA’s main party the, Illankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi (ITAK) is connected at its roots to the intellectual and political pathway to self-governance. Many leaders within that structure sacrificed earned benefits and lost their lives and to the extent they were aware of the dangers and yet continued along that pathway – they have earned the title on the basis that they sacrificed their lives for the higher pathway to Independence through Belief and intellectual merit. I am one who is open to pooling  my earned credits in Independence and the force of my belief to empower those who are committed to that pathway. This often is by taking the position of their Opposition – so a current picture of the challenge is drawn.

Intellectual approach needs this Opposition which becomes mental picture before migrating upwards to become philosophical. The parallel in our family structures is child becoming parent and carries mentally, the senior parent even when showing Equal status on the outside and the latter progressing to become grandparent. Neither Mr. Wigneswaran nor Dr. Jayatilleke seems to value the position of grandparent. As per my family structure – I expect to be paid that respect. Recently when one of my grandchildren got carried away with her age group and younger cousins and tried to ‘tell me’ I said ‘from now on don’t call me Patti; call me Mrs Paramasivam’. I think she was a bit confused but all of my grandchildren now demonstrate more respect for me than they did previously. I had to sacrifice being ‘popular’ in order to take my earned position in the family.

Earning Benefits gives us pleasure. Sacrificing earned benefits for the common good – brings us together as a group through Happiness. Showing that through our structures renders our belief Institutional values. Leaders who ask the very seniors who supported their growth to step aside – are disrespectful of their origins and they carry the weakness for outcomes that have the intrinsic tendency to divide so they could rule.

Without ITAK there is no pathway through which those of us who practice Democracy can invest intellectually in Sri Lankan Tamil Political Parties and their contributions – to oppose the Government in National Parliament. Such Opposition at equal level is the foundation of Just Administration. All militant parties need to pay their respects to ITAK so long as they are committed to Political solution. Without such supervision, militants who have their origins in armed power – would damage our investment in the higher pathways. Those who are driven by quick credit would better suit the ‘project’ approach. If they come into the Program of politics – that would be like Bull in a China shop. In a free environment, majority Tamils will reject such bulls.

Not only the Sri Lankan Government but all Militants also go on trial through the UN, if there is a war-crimes inquiry. Those of us who have upheld the dignity of the Tamil Community as a whole – by absorbing the militants in our areas of operation, need to be respected and not ‘dismissed’ by the avaricious who continue to live at benefits level. One who so sacrifices will continue to bring into Sri Lanka – the Common Belief from all cultures that are ‘home-cultures’ to that person. Without such belief – even the diaspora would be ‘outsiders’. Those who ‘forget’ their ancestors – would attract those frivolousness including through diaspora interactions – as if we are all individuals and not relatives bound by common values. 

Monday 13 November 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

13 November   2017

Universities & the Armed Forces
Recently when discussing  sexual harassment charge against an academic, a listener observed that that argument I had presented sounded better than GG Ponnambalam’s. (GG Ponnambalam’s expertise in law is highly recognised within the Global Tamil Community.)

My question as if I were the Administrator was ‘If the group who complained as a group waited until the person against whom they were complaining was no longer in a position of power, then the question as to whether they were being influenced by the current custodian in power needs to be asked and the answer known to deliver just judgment’. This can happen when the Administration fails to facilitate comfortable access to someone who thinks s/he has been victimized. The likelihood of diverse interpretations as to the reason for  assault or harassment  is likely to be high in Universities which cater to diverse cultures. A comment that a female looks attractive could be taken as a compliment by one and as  harassment by another hearing it  from the same distance as the former.  

University students who need to be self-managing as per their own mind, have no excuse to ‘wait’ for group power to complain. They need to either settle it internally by moving away or use the official process to complain. Those who ‘stomach’ subjective discrimination pain at a multicultural University actually weaken the Democratic value of the University. They have no moral authority to complain as a group. When they do, they lose the value of self-management in  which most of us get trained at the University.

The battlefield is another area where one needs to be self-preserving as if there was no one to question the combatant. Those who invested in common have the authority to question both sides but only as per the observations of the Common mind.  Sinhalese labelling armed Tamils as Terrorists and Tamils labelling armed Sinhalese as war-criminals is internal settlement in which emotions dominate the proceedings.

As per the Economy Next - report ‘Sri Lanka President shifts gear on war crimes’:
[President Maithripala Sirisena, who had previously maintained that Sri Lankan troops never committed excesses, acknowledged at the weekend that some troops were responsible for crimes at the behest of politicians.

Addressing military officers at the army hospital auditorium, the President said no one will be punished for prosecuting the war against separatist Tamil Tiger rebels, but those who carried out excesses  will be punished.

Deviating from his earlier stance that he will not allow a single soldier to be tried for war-time atrocities, the President drew a distinction between battling Tigers and carrying out criminal acts at the instigation of politicians.

"There is something that you should accept according to your conscience. There were things outside the control of the military. They were carried out by a few in the military to appease politicians. These were illegal, against democracy and the freedom of our people.

Like the Academic system, the military is also strongly influenced by subjective power which works mind to mind at the technical level. This is needed so that outcomes are not published/manifested  at the lower levels. A strong Internal Administrative system  is essential to diffuse conflicts as they arise. If therefore junior officers are tried publicly to reward or to punish, they would start producing outcomes at their level once they think they are ‘free’.
As stated through the recent discussion – marriage could be regulated culturally, through common secular law or naturally through Love. In Hinduism we have the Kama Sutra which when genuinely practiced would prevent rape in a community including within marriage relationships. But those who use it for lesser purposes – including to claim academic credit – without belief, are likely to enforce their power on those who seem less powerful than they. Where there is Love, there is Belief. Where there is Belief – we would treat the other as part of ourselves and hence would not hurt them except to discipline them as we would discipline ourselves. LTTE were punished as foreigners which in the eyes of Dharma / Truth took the punishing power away from the Government.
To the extent the LTTE and therefore the Tamil community were punished as ‘outsiders’ while JVP were punished / disciplined relatively at a smaller scale, that Government and/or citizen deviated from Buddhist Dharma and therefore the Constitution itself. Since Dharma works independent of the custodians of human power, such excesses accumulate to empower the Opposition of the punisher. That is the way of Natural Administration.

Even though we are no longer in active battle, we could identify with our past mistakes and make amends – including by forming partnerships with our parallels on the other side. In Sri Lankan politics, the UNP has been a leading power in this regard. 

Sunday 12 November 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

11 November   2017

Tamil Constitution

[Nothing but a separate Tamil state of Eelam had been the 'manthra' of the TULF from the time the Vaddukoddai Resolution was adopted in May 1976.] Ceylon Today article ‘Accommodative and Conciliatory Approach by TNA
[Every country has two constitutions: a “legal constitution” and a “political constitution”. The focus for the past two years has been on the legal constitution. If the government is serious about introducing a new constitution and winning a referendum it must now shift its focus to the political constitution.] Ground Views article ‘How to Win the Referendum
The Vaddukoddai Resolution in essence was the ‘political constitution’ of Tamils of Sri Lanka. The ‘legal constitution’ of Tamils was the laws of Public Administration accepted by Tamils, in addition to Customary Laws. The real Constitution that works naturally for Sri Lankans is as per our free and true contributions through the above sets of laws within or beyond those borders. This applies to those who are native to that land currently living in Sri Lanka on the one hand and those who are currently far away from that land but continue to make investments in Sri Lanka without giving or receiving material returns. The latter usually make up the real ‘Foreign Ministry’ of Sri Lanka.
Both groups are empowered by Ancestral Powers and Global Powers respectively. But these powers would not work directly to deliver merit based outcomes based on currently active laws. Those who therefore use the names of Ellalan – the Tamil  King who ruled in Sri Lanka and Dutugamunu the Sinhalese King who defeated him in Sri Lanka, directly for combat purposes, took their own minds back to those times and became unfit for current environments. Those who respected these elders would have not used  them for benefit purposes.
Vaddukoddai Resolution was declared in Northern Sri Lanka, where the Thesawalamai Law – the customary law of Northern Tamils continues to be active. As per this law, man and woman are different and equal until known otherwise through merit basis. The dowry system was in place to ‘fill’ the apparent gap when the daughter started her own branch of the family – as in Federal structure. In contrast Gandhi took a Unitary approach – revealed as follows:
[Mohandas K Gandhi condemned the giving and receiving  of dowries as he led India toward independence. For Gandhi, the quest for political freedom was bound up in what he saw as the need to transform the Indian soul. Part of that struggle in Gandhi’s eyes included abolishing the dowry….After Gandhi’s admonitions, the new Indian Government passed the Dowry Prohibition Act, which was intended to do just that but which has been ignored by rich and poor alike ] ‘International Human Rights in Context’ by Henry J Steiner and Philip Alston
Indian Tamils demonstrate respect for the elders much more than Sri Lankan Tamils do. To my mind, the reason could be more persons less money relatively and hence the need for ‘respect’ to complete relationships. Juniors who pay their respects to Seniors become entitled to Equal status at the end of the relationship. When this is denied, the junior is morally entitled to move away to preserve her/his sovereignty.
A woman who is respected by younger siblings and children – becomes equal in status to the man. Those who thus complete relationships would not rape the less powerful – be they juniors of the same gender or the someone of the opposite gender who seems physically weaker including due to status. In Northern Sri Lanka, where this respect was weaker, Thesawlamai Law helped maintain the separation to the extent of investment in diversity of functions and hence the Equality between man and woman. The right to separation ceases to exist once the contribution to diversity is weakened.
To my mind, the Vaddukoddai resolution demonstrated the above value of diversity and hence the rejection of minority status and the confirmation of Equal status through similar separation as in the dowry system. The 1977 election outcomes through which Tamils became the Equal Opposition in National Parliament  despite being a minority Community at number level confirmed the blessings of the system of Sovereignty that Truth upholds naturally. This has been repeated in 2015, confirming the support of  Truth that the Tamils as a Community are entitled to Self Governance as a Community. As Sir Einstein said in the case of Jews ‘the sum of the achievements of their individual members is everywhere considerable and telling, even though these achievements were made in the face of obstacles.’
I would say that the achievements acquired additional value due to the obstacles that the minorities accept and carry on courageously.
The mother in traditional families gets lesser return for Equal but Different work, the benefits of which are drawn from the common pool. Where a mother performs menial jobs without receiving benefits including on Equal footing where there is no merit based measure, but accepts the return at the apparent level, the mother accumulates the ‘gap’ as Energy. Every such person has the ability to ‘work’ the system as a whole. Those Tamils, Burghers, Muslims and other ethnic minorities who absorbed such ‘gap’ and continued to perform at equal level or higher, carry this Energy and they would work through Sinhalese parallels to demote the government that disrespected the contribution to Sovereignty by minorities.
Mrs Bandaranaike who carried the status of being the first woman prime minister at global level, lost her status internally in 1977.  If  her global status was earned due to her husband and  not independently in her own rights – then those who were more eligible for parallel status under that lady’s administration, would accumulate the latent powers to demote her status. This became active due to the quota system to enter university resulting in many ‘ethnic’ universities which weakened  the  globalization opportunities of common universities.
As per my knowledge, Tamils of Sri Lanka who have achieved the appropriate ‘grades’ prefer to learn at the common universities than at the local ones. That is the parallel of TNA carrying  Equal status in National Parliament on the one hand and LTTE wanting separation on the other. Tamils are yet to vote for merger of North & East. LTTE leadership confirmed that the two would separate when there is economic prosperity. The two Universities are yet to demonstrate common links at policy level.
The Senior is entitled to contribute through policy but the junior needs to stay within the boundaries of actual practice to claim the right to self-governance. Any Senior who damages that right – knowingly or otherwise including through policy will then be punished by the consolidated forces of Natural Energies – to the extent the junior is hurt. The longer it takes for the Senior to accept and correct the mistake, the stronger the return punishment. A junior who damages the actual practiced value  of a principle by a senior – returns the karma on her/himself at the level that policy is practiced by all – as in global practices. Hence the Terrorism label diluted to factual level.

The current opportunity to amend the Constitution, if used appropriately would restore harmony in Sri Lankan society – even though it is likely that TNA would no longer become Equal Opposition in Parliament. If abused by some and ignored by others – and Tamils continue to invest in Sovereignty at the current level or more, in their respective environments, Tamil leadership in National Parliament will continue to confirm the inequality in contribution to Commonness and therefore Sovereignty of Sri Lanka. The Diaspora that operates independently outside Sri Lanka would be a strong force in that direction. 

Friday 10 November 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

10 November   2017

Converting Terrorism risk into Dual Citizenship pain

In August 1998, I resigned from my position of Management Accountant – Faculty of Medicine - at the University of NSW after I heard Ms Pauline Hanson say on ABC’s 4 Corners Program that we migrants needed to assimilate or  go back ‘home’. A Google search under our names would surface many articles that confirm my state of mind in this regard. Years later, when it was published that Ms Hanson declared that she intended settling down in Britain – I felt that her karma had returned to her whilst mine had kept me here in Australia to become global. That to me is the real value of Australia. Back then I did not know about the less visible forces and hence my pain. I internalised that pain and hence have developed positive Energy to work the Australian system through my belief.

This morning when I read the SBS news report headed ‘Hanson to check with British Home Office about possible dual citizenship’ I smiled, knowing that the system of karma has worked. My husband also smiled.  The Natural system  actually showed the outcomes in 2010 when Ms Hanson applied for Dual Citizenship. The results from the British Home Office is technical for legal purposes.
My investment in ‘citizenship’ issue accumulated over the years – when I internalized my pain which happened due to employers demoting my  Sri Lankan qualifications and ‘knowledge’. Each time I so internalized, I became ‘global’ even though I did not know it back then. The demotions were most serious in 1998 at the University of NSW.  It was when I was hurting from that that I registered Ms Pauline Hanson’s call. The following morning I submitted my letter of resignation. In my place, militant Tamils would have resorted to reactionary ways. But I was unlawfully  punished by the authorities for choosing the higher pathway. Hence the karma returns in the language of politicians but through the non-violent pathway.

Now I realise that I had to surrender my earned benefits to feel ownership in the whole issue at global level. However small our investments may be if surfaced in a particular environment, when we surrender completely – we get ownership ‘insight’ , which is known as third eye in Hinduism. I believe that Pauline Hanson’s return karma was driven by my contribution as well. The actual level at which Ms Hanson receives is as per her registered Truth. The pathway is usually elevated by positive contributors who own the system at the stated level. It is depressed towards the underworld by negative contributors who draw more benefits for less work and/or sacrifice relative to their apparent position within that group, especially relative to the genuine but quiet contributor.  

There are parallels of Ms Hanson within our Tamil Community as well. Most of them contribute to depressing Australia’s return from global investments through this Dual mentality. A citizen of Sri Lanka or mentally Tamil Eelam or Sinhala Nation, when migrating to Australia has the duty to stay away from discussing policy at public level using the mind structure of the place they left behind. They are entitled to discuss ‘freely’ within the borders of their own group but when bringing the work outside, it must be in the language of Common Nation and beyond it  - global.

Australian leaders often promote those who can bring them votes and/or popularity and hence accept the statements by other Community leaders in the language local to that community. Australian media often publishes such reports in preference to the ones that have come through the global pathway. Gandhi is an outstanding example of one who elevated the pathway through which his work and sacrifices were expressed. The more we sacrifice for the common good – the higher the mind elevation.

The block to the Sri Lankan Tamil problem is also the depression of the pathway by the Diaspora illustrated through the following communication:

From: gaja param []
Sent: Thursday, 9 November 2017 12:38 PM
To: 'Xxxxxxx'
Cc: ‘X’s group’
Subject: RE: American Soul-Mate for Sri Lanka

Mr  Xxxxxxxxx,
Today you sent me the response below  to remove your name  from my mailing  list. I did do that initially but then something within me said that it was not right. Given that you wrote in return for the mail below, I take it that your final decision was made on the basis of  the substance or the reaction you had to parts of this email or that you are no longer interested in what I had to say. If it is the last one in the list, then it is indeed sad that you – a Tamil would be so lacking in decency that you would disrespect the work of a fellow Tamil – or do I not qualify in your mind as a member of the Tamil community?
I may not be acceptable to your section of the Sri Lankan Tamil Community.  But as Ghandi said – ‘there is room for us all’.  
I note that you wrote in relation to Ms Betty Florence Wilby in her memorial message book:
 Ms Betty Florence Wilby has been a shining example for every human in life.
I therefore take it that to your mind, Ms Betty Florence, mother in law of LTTE’s political leader was of greater importance than I. I however assure you that to those victims of war whom I served and continue to support through my policy contributions  – I am of importance and they seek to be included by me as part of my inner circle.  Most of them have no idea as to who Ms Betty Florence was or even about  Mrs  Adele Balasingham herself . Certainly the refugees in the camps whom I helped heal – had no idea about either of these ladies. Neither were they around to comfort and help the victims heal themselves.  It was my ‘commonness’ as Sri Lankan that helped me help these victims. I was struck by the similarity in ‘attitude’ between Mrs  Adele Balasingham’s loss which was big for you and the queen losing her close confidante – which is in the current news.  Yet, you did not write one word in support when I wrote about the youth in Thunaivi who threw stones to chase me away from there. But my continued inclusiveness will help them realise that there is room for us all. They threw stones and you threw hurtful words.
Along with your email, I received one from Dr. Hari who writes from time to time appreciating my work. This time it was to share the work of  Nobel Laureate Dr. James Buchanan.
When I did Google search your name today, I came across your response to Dr. Kamalanathan. In that communication, Dr KN states:
There are currently two views prevailing among Tamil community, one is a “strategic approach”  the other one is “strident/forthright” approach, both wanting to achieve the same goal, to liberate the Tamil people so that they can live with dignity and freedom in their homeland.
I take it that  you are of the latter category.  To my mind, I belong in both – at various times. I take the side that is weaker – so the cosmic balance is maintained.
It is your duty as a Tamil to use the ‘block sender’ facility and not ‘tell me’ to do your work. I recognize this as your attachment to ‘authority’ – unearned authority over someone who seems small and insignificant relative to your queens and princesses.
There are many in the various social groups who would disagree with parts of what I have said.  But none of those whom I have included within me as part of myself  have so far asked me to take them off the list. As an honor to some – I keep those who have passed on also in the list – thinking that someone reads them or otherwise they would have been returned.
If you go through today’s article you would find that there is framework through which the LTTE cadre in prison could be heard through their respective religious codes. But may be to your mind, this would leave little room for the LTTE supporters in the Diaspora to pursue their war-crimes demands.  In your public email to Dr KN you have stated :

[I sincerely believe Gajendran Ponnambalam and Selvarajah Gajendran are steadfast in their policies and actions.

We the Thamil people should give all the support to these two as well.]

These Politicians are your cows with bells (mani kattina maadu). Ultimately, unless we develop self-dignity on the basis of who we are, we would continue to promote war and conflict wherever we go. I want to leave a true heritage of global standards  for  the next generation Tamils.

This morning, my mind was elevated by a member of the Engineering group whose mind has more in common than purely the ethnic commonness
From: gasan santhiragasan
Sent: Thursday, 9 November 2017 5:49 PM

Subject: Thunaivi
A flying visit to your 'Thunaivi Illam' on a rainy day!
Santhiragasan & Pushpa

This lovely couple demonstrate deep and humble investment in the Common work we do in war-torn Sri Lanka, and have been contributing regularly in their own quiet ways. That place Thunaivi is so flooded on rainy days and even locals find it very inconvenient to move around. When I observed through the camera – even the temple dog was standing still for a while, near the gates and it looked as if it was wondering which pool it was to swim through to get to the other side!!. Yet this Australian Tamil couple had the heart to go there and boost the value of not only our investment in that area but in the investment made by the villagers in the outside world.

In contrast, the Australian Tamil Xxxxx who depressed the pathways  explained the reason for his action as being  ‘inundated with emails and it has become too much and that is all’. 

Santhiragasan & Pushpa who get many more mails from me than the above person and they  paid a special visit to our Coogee home, when my Mum passed away in Canada in 2009 . In contrast   Mr Xxxxxx, honoured rebel leader’s mother. That lady may have contributed to the Common group but it does not apply to all Australian Tamils and therefore must remain within the local borders of the rebel community – the parallel of Ms Hanson’s community.

 Our engineering friends who  sent me this elevating picture – are soul-mates of global standards. I have knowledge of their service through Sydney Murugan Temple – a common global medium through which we become global in Australia.

The reported action  by the current Sri Lankan Government in ‘blocking’ Lanka E News highlights  another example of the problems of Dual Policy minds:
[The popular London-based Lanka E News became inaccessible in the country on Thursday, a day after publishing an expose alleging graft within the office of President Maithripala Sirisena in the procurement of state vehicles.
A source at a private service provider told AFP that Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) has ordered internet service providers "to block Lanka E News" across the island, but requested anonymity for fear of repercussions.
The website's administrators posted on their home page that readers in Sri Lanka had been blocked from accessing their content.
"The TRC which is under the 'good governance President' has ordered ISPs to block people in Sri Lanka accessing our website," the statement read on the Lanka E News website.]

The above block needs to be viewed through Strategic insight  and not the tactical eye which when reported through a London mind, would effectively depress the Sri Lankan pathway to liberation through the resources available to Sri Lankans.

Foreigners need to elevate their reporting to global standards to prevent ‘invasion’ the cheap way. I learnt about this kind of depressive reporting happening in Sri Lanka through the article about Sri Lankan Airlines in which my investments have been elevated to soul-level. The Truth came to me directly from within and as per that sharing the current President enjoys high respect in the higher Lankan minds.

The third dimension is usually identified with by a true owner through ‘attitudes’ in a free environment.

The words of  wisdom by Sir Albert Einstein may help Tamils who choose to ‘separate’ and enjoy majority power within the Tamil community – might help in minimising this kind of minorities’ internal damage:

Were anyone to form a picture of the Jews solely from the utterances of their enemies, he would have to reach the conclusion that they represent a world power. At first sight that seems downright absurd; and yet, in my view, there is a certain meaning behind it. The Jews as a group may be powerless, but the sum of the achievements of their individual members is everywhere considerable and telling, even though these achievements were made in the face of obstacles. The forces dormant in the individual is mobilized and the individual himself is stimulated to self-sacrificing effort, by the spirit that is alive in the group

That describes to my mind the essence of Tamil Power which also lies in the achievements of the individual who performed at least at Equal level as one backed by majority power. It’s that quiet acceptance without demoting one’s standards that leads one to the express pathway towards Soul-Power. The best example of minority power known to me are the Pandavar of the Hindu epic Mahabharatham –  which is about minority of 5 winning against a majority of 100.