Wednesday 25 May 2022


25 May 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



I believe that Truth is a Universal power. Today when I read the following from one group member to another, I identified with most of it:

[You are still caught up in the web of illusion , the web of maya! 

If you consider your sensual experiences as normal and natural , of course they are as long as you relate everything with your senses and brain . You need to go above that and break free from the web , then you will enter a different dimension, not physically nor mentally but in a different frame . Some may call that “at a spiritual “ level but I don’t like to give a tag for that unnameable state of inquiry. That inquiry does not stem from your mind or knowledge but it just awakens without any effort . ]

Tagging or giving shape and form is needed in Democracy where those in junior positions empower those in senior positions. When we become the ‘root’ of an issue, the mind automatically transcends the physical and mental.  Hence ‘Root-Cause’ in management. The mind that discovers the ‘root’ is certain to support the superstructures that bear the fruits. In democracy,  the fruits that live/ benefits, need to be equal to the fruits that perish / costs.

One of the ways to contribute to this balance in democracy is to break down a program into projects where the costs and benefits are transparent to the common junior.

Australia’s refugee program continues to lack this transparency and hence becomes the playing field for undemocratic politicians.

The latest example has been presented by ABC through its report headed – ‘Labor sends election-day asylum seeker boat arrivals back to Sri Lanka, slamming Coalition's mass text 'disgrace'

Two days ago, I wrote under the heading HORSE TRADING IN VISAS’:

[Our Australian elections 2022 – confirmed how this worked to defeat Labor Senator Kristina Kenneally who demonstrated special treatment for a Sri Lankan Tamil family . ]

The way I see it, Ms Kenneally singled out this family to indicate  her investment in immigration policy. Such singling out amounts to ‘promising benefits’ in the minds of low level investors in Australia. They are then received at that level by would-be refugees who self-assess their eligibility to come to Australia as refugees. The recent boat from Sri Lanka which was used politically by the Liberal party is such a creation.

The Kimberley Kitching case where three Labor senators, including Ms Keneally, were accused of bullying a new member – ought to have alerted the Labor leadership that when policy is brought down to political level of ‘likes and dislikes’ the system becomes costly to maintain. The senior may mean something but the junior without faith is likely to interpret at different level. Both could be ‘right’ as per their respective group levels but they would not form natural policies that would work on their own. Only actual experiences where policies meet reception – mental and/or in action – become completed natural policies that spread themselves.

John Howard also carries the ‘Children Overboard’ karma. He supported in action – Mr Josh Frydenberg . Given that the strength was with migrants and women – this went against Mr Frydenberg who lost his seat to a lady.

When elected members play politics with policies – they make laws that are frivolous. When we who practice the law, bring discrimination actions in Courts, we are listed as frivolous litigants and are even banned from using the court system.

Refugees who are favoured by politicians would contribute to instability in Australian society. They need to be tested for favouritism by the governments in their local areas. In the case of Tamils from Sri Lanka – the predecessors  from the Sri Lankan local area of the refugee applicant would be the litmus test.

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