Sunday 29 May 2022


29 May 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



As per ABC report ‘Richard Marles says Coalition's decision to publicise Sri Lankan boat interception undermined border security and put lives at risk’:

‘The new government has accused the former government of using the public service for political gain’

The Guardian reports under the headlines – ‘Jim Chalmers indicates ‘substantial progress’ on returning Murugappan family to Biloela

‘Interim home affairs minister to discuss arrangements with PM to grant family visa and permit their return to Queensland town’

Wikipedia presents the following:

[The Murugappan family, also known as the Nadesalingam family, consists of Nadesalingam Murugappan (Nades), his wife Kokilapathmapriya Nadesalingam (Priya) and their two daughters. They are Sri Lankan Tamils seeking asylum in Australia. The couple married in Australia after arriving separately on people smuggler boats; their children were subsequently born in Australia. Until their detention by the Australian Border Force in March 2018,]

Labor candidate Ms Kristina Keneally openly promoted Nadesalingam family – thus confirming that it was politicising through a single family, which amounts to ‘unjust discrimination’ against those who continued to ‘wait’ for Due Process to happen. Politicising policy carries the heavy risk of unjust discrimination and makes mockery of our Anti Discrimination laws. By ‘effect’ this action of the government ‘favours’ Sri Lankan Tamils in relation to other races in the same group – known as ‘asylum seekers’. 

Most known to me do not appreciate that this results in weakening the ‘community’s’ entitlement to emigrate due to pain and loss of earned entitlements. The highest of this is the ‘intelligence’ of the whole. When we experience pain and ‘own’ that experience, it becomes our ‘intuitive intelligence’. That is all we need to live in harmony with our home environment.

Yesterday, in response to Dr S B Dissanayake’s writeup -

"China Syndrome"    ( at which included reference to ‘Philadelphia Experiment’  I wrote:

Thank you Asoka. From time to time we do make connections when we go into virtual reality mode. But they are not provable. If we try to ‘show’ others – it confuses our brain structure. The average person needs structure to relate to each other.

To the extent the Sri Lankan Tamil community ‘takes’ compensation for their pain – they weaken their ‘intuitive intelligence’ about Sri Lanka as a whole. Some of the Tamil students I teach demonstrate much higher level of intelligence and keenness than I had at their age, in a more comfortable environment. More and more who emigrate on the basis of their Truth – the empowerment is to the new Nation – in this instance – Australia. Where they are pampered above others, their own intelligence gets weakened.

My articles are regularly sent to the Australian Government also. But the politicians do not respond to me on the issues. Public Service officers do from time to time. Even if they don’t – my belief empowers the person who is driven by the Truth in that position. That is the ‘power that turned ‘ destroyer escort USS Eldridge’ invisible’. The discovery included Einstein’s Unified Field Theory.  In Hindu religion – we call it the Pirapanja Shakthi – Cosmic Energy. Believers learn through experience that it works for them. To the extent Einstein believed in his own work and his predecessors – Physics became his religion and he connected to the Pirapanja Shakthi through Physics.

Politicians close to this Cosmic Energy would work any global system ‘free of unjust discrimination.




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