Monday 31 July 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

31 July 2017
Accident or Karma?

Meanwhile however, the main suspect Selvarasa continues to maintain that he had no intention in killing the Judge, but instead, merely wanted to settle a score with a three wheel driver at the stand where the incident occurred. According to him, the incident had occurred due to a dispute between his brother and a three wheel driver. “I interfered and ended up in a scuffle with one of the trishaw drivers at the Nallur three wheel park,” his statement to the Police read.’ – Sunday Observer article - AN ACCIDENT OR NOT?
When my husband and daughter were knocked down on a pedestrian crossing in Australia in 1989,  it was listed as an accident. But I kept looking deeper to find out why it had happened to us? I found many reasons for the pain endured by me.  I realised also that it was a miracle that they both recovered to lead normal life. The pain bonded us more strongly together as a family. I recall clearly invoking Amman / Divine Mother within me at the time of the incident which was witnessed by me and my other daughter. I continued to rely strongly on the power of prayer – as I went about supporting their recovery.  The experience taught me that when I am in true need I would naturally invoke the Divine powers that I have invested in and that that Divine  Power works to deliver at a much higher level than if I had calculated.
The above account by the accused – taken at surface level may seem the right one. If so, then Officer Sarath Premachandra abandoned post by getting distracted by an ordinary scuffle that had nothing to do with him as the bodyguard of Judge Ilacheliyan. As per Judge Ilacheliyan’s insight – Sarath was protecting him as he Mr. Ilancheliyan was protecting himself. Their minds had merged already through both of them going about their daily duties with commitment. That is the power of Common Administration .
What happens in Jaffna and that too in Nallur at this time – is of far deeper significance than that. Taken at surface level – we cannot explain how Tamil National Alliance representing minority Community  became the National Opposition in Sri Lankan Parliament. The deeper seeker would identify with the power of Divinity that responded to true call from not only Tamils in pain but all the apparent small powers in the world striving to protect their Sovereignty. Sri Lanka’s Sovereignty cannot be maintained by suppressing its minorities. The true contribution by every person who considered her/himself to be Sri Lankan – whether they  are alive or not today, is there to be invoked by current Sri Lankans. When the Government went beyond its belief to punish the LTTE – it moved away from this nuclear power of Sovereignty and hence ended up punishing itself – to deny itself the experience of Sovereignty. Tamils of current times, who invested in Sovereignty more deeply than the Government were able to invoke Divine Powers to confirm their Sovereignty.  Every citizen has this ability. Those suppressed by the Government more than others – are able to invoke this power more quickly than others and from a deeper level.
As per the structure – any minority / junior can reach the same level as majority / senior but not more.
Members of the Tamil Diaspora seem impressed by the interview with  the leader of the Opposition the Hon Rajavarothiam Sampanthan about the Indo-Sri Lanka Peace Accord, published at:
To my mind, the response by the Tamil leader was lacking in depth, due to failure to recognize that we have already achieved Equal position in National Parliament. As per that interview about the Indo-Sri Lanka Peace Accord:
[Though the agreement acknowledged the unity and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka, it also emphasised that the autonomy of various cultural groups should be preserved. There were Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and Burghers living in Lanka, each having a distinct culture and linguistic identity, says Mr. Sampanthan.]
Since we cannot divide the Equal Opposition into three parts – Tamils lead minorities and it is their duty to ensure that Equality is maintained within minorities, any time, anywhere in Sri Lanka. In Jaffna, it is the duty of the Tamils to take care of Sinhalese. Mr. Sampanthan would have had this picture in mind had he attributed credit to all those who genuinely invested in Sri Lanka’s Sovereignty including by opposing majority views and actions that damaged Sri Lanka’s Sovereignty. Like in the Nallur shooting, Mr. Sampanthan is not able to identify with the deeper forces that influence us at that time at a certain place. The contributions  by us in the  past and the true contributions by our ancestors naturally manifest at anniversaries and at the place of contribution which become sacred places due to such contributions.  
To my mind, Sinhala-Tamil merger at the judicial level was confirmed through the Nallur shooting when Judge Ilancheliyan wept as if his own brother had been killed. That to my mind was thanks-giving for Tamils as Equals in National Parliament. I sought through my own belief and hence I identify with the outcomes delivered by deeper forces. Sarath continues to live as part of Jaffna.
As per the above interview:
["If Rajiv Gandhi had not been killed, the matter (ethnic conflict) would have been resolved," feels Mr. Sampanthan who hopes that the government's effort to rewrite the constitution would find a permanent solution to the issue. "An effective substantial devolution will give people a sense of self rule, a sense of belonging to the country, and that the country belongs to them"]
As per my insight – if Rajiv Gandhi had not been killed and  Mr. Sampanthan had managed to be the Leader of the Opposition – LTTE would have killed Mr. Sampanthan for stealing their show.  LTTE had its own rules that it governed itself by. No Sri Lankan Constitution would naturally include LTTE constitution as part of itself.
LTTE was the apparent reason why Rajiv Gandhi was killed. The deeper reason was exploitation of the Sri Lankan situation by the Indian leaders. As per the above interview:
["The Tamils' struggle for self rule had been in the political arena shortly after Independence. When the accord was signed in 1987, it was almost 40 years. The accord itself was preceded by various rounds of negotiations between the Sri Lankan government and Tamil side under the auspices of the Indian government after the riots that took place in 1983," says Mr. Sampanthan who was involved in the negotiations.]
The 1983 riots were the point at which Natural Powers took-over to boost militancy that would eventually match the thought of majority power in the mind of the Government. The real force is the suffering of Tamils outside North – to whom Sri Lanka was home by then. Like Tsunami – that force killed all those who came in its pathway – including the son of Indira Gandhi who lacked insight into the Tamil issue and who overrode the authority of lawfully elected Tamil leaders to empower militants. Mr. Rajiv Gandhi failed to pay his respects to the Tamils outside Northern Sri Lanka whose pain invoked Natural Powers.
As per the Observer report :
[The footage of a high court judge breaking down in tears while apologizing to the slain cop’s wife, moved many to tears while students of the University of Jaffna held a candlelight vigil in honour of the policeman, an occurrence perhaps unheard of in Jaffna’s history.]
Not only Judge Ilancheliyan but many other Tamils including in Vaddukoddai have developed affection for the Police Officers in their areas. Once the minds merge – we do not need to be ‘told’ by law as to what our status is. By the same token – however strongly worded a constitutional provision may be – unless it is activated in practice – it is dead body. The mind is already there. The position of Equality in National Parliament is the form through which this true Constitution is seen by majority Sri Lankans – especially Tamils.  

Unless Politicians on both sides recognize and show respect to the outcomes influenced by Natural Powers – beyond the intellect, the seen and the heard – they would miss out on the Experience of Sovereignty. At the moment Tamil Judiciary and Tamil Academia are leading the mission of self-governance. Politicians need to humbly follow instead of trying to lead through their past. Following becomes easier when they think they are following Nallur Murugan. Buddhism foremost clause in the Constitution is not practiced by majority Sri Lankans. Truth foremost has worked through minorities who value self-respect. 

Sunday 30 July 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

30 July 2017

Sri Lanka and Gandhi

Independent India’s first Prime Minister Nehru has been quoted in the Daily Mirror article ‘Stooping to win’ , as follows:

Ceylon is too small a political and economic unit to stand by itself” Nehru

Relative to Nehru, Gandhi was also small, in body and status. The above statement distances the speaker from Gandhi. Each one of us would relate to a country through the folks we meet at our levels. These days it is not unusual for me to come across Indian Tamils liberally using the Jaffna-Colombo intercity express trains. Yesterday, there was a young Jaffna Tamil female seated next to me and she was on the phone to someone in Colombo, for about 2 hours. Across the aisle on the other side were two men in their mid thirties and their accent when one of them spoke to his wife in India confirmed to me that they were visitors from India. I went to the canteen and took my time over the Nescafe which I like to have on board that train. When I returned about half an hour later – one of the guys from across was occupying my seat and was in active conversation with the young Jaffna lady. The guy got up when I went back. A little later I went to the toilet and when I came back this guy was back in my seat. I noticed that the two seats in front were free – so I said I would sit in front. I could hear them discuss general matters – about Chennai – as if the guy was educating the girl. According to her conversation on the phone she was an IT graduate. When we came to Anuradhapura those who had booked the seat I was occupying boarded the train and I went back to my allocated seat. Their conversation continued and when we got close to Colombo the guy was asking about accommodation in Colombo and where the girl stayed etc. The girl got details from someone and gave them some names of hotels. The girl asked me and I said Sai Sea City Hotel which was close to Wellawatte Railway station. In my mind I said to the guys that they ought to have booked their own accommodation before leaving Jaffna. I felt that if the girl had her own accommodation – they would have ended up at her place. Nothing wrong – but then those are NOT the Jaffna Community values which we upheld when we were that girl’s age. The other Indian guy said to me that they had come previously and gone to Kandy but were not allowed to go to certain places due to security reasons. I was concerned that guys like them were having a field day with girls like the one next to me – who obviously did not ‘protect’ herself from getting lured by strangers. With rape and murder cases like Vithya’s which have been drawing much of our judicial resources one would expect young girls from Jaffna to be more cautious of whom they make friends with. As an Accounting student travelling from Colombo to Jaffna – I also provided my phone and address details in Colombo to a Colombo guy – a Burgher. Later that guy called me and said he was going to visit me at the hostel. I promptly asked my friend Rene Don Bernard at Satchithananda Schokman Wijeratne & Co (now  Price Waterhouse Coopers), to do something about this ‘extension of the rail interaction’. Rene asked me for the time and came over to my hostel to wait for this guy. When the guy came – Rene said to him that I was his cousin and that the guy was not to visit me at the hostel nor bother me otherwise. I saw no more of that guy. It was the Common discipline at  Satchithananda Schokman Wijeratne & Co, that helped us relate to each other as if we were relatives of a wide group rather than stand-alone casuals. I was pulled up many times by my seniors there and not always for mistakes by me. But by accepting their discipline I believe I invested in that professional relationship.

That is not today’s Jaffna which has strong militant ‘freedom’ attitude and hence the higher level of risk of rape and murder than was the case during the time  was a student. I carried with me the protective ways of my family and educational institutions with me. The investment I made of my own free will – always protects me during my time of need – including when I went to the camps in 2009.

I therefore fully believe that a small country can protect itself from those who try to lure its people away from its own protection. Many of our problems have been due to unregulated relationships with Indian Tamils who were getting restless in their own country. Nehru’s own grandson was killed due to this kind of ‘funding’ during his daughter’s rule. Those driven by money would neglect root relationships that lead to Sovereignty. When we are bound at the root level – we make the travel along Independence pathway together – sharing in each other’s ups and downs. One who has the Experience makes this root connection. One who knows the other and includes the other as part of her/him/itself – has the Common experience. Nehru did not have this in the case of India’s Tamil Nadu. The role played by Kamaraj – in National Politics is presented as follows:

[After Nehru's death in 1964, Kamaraj successfully navigated the party through turbulent times. As president of the INC, he refused to become the next prime minister himself and was instrumental in bringing to power two Prime Ministers, Lal Bahadur Shastri in 1964 and Nehru's daughter Indira Gandhi in 1966. For this role, he was widely acclaimed as the "kingmaker" during the 1960s.] - Wikipedia

The Commonness between Gandhi and Kamaraj is their spirit of self-sacrifice. Kamaraj started working before he completed his schooling, due to family circumstances. But the wisdom he gained through his Experiences and belief in the likes of Gandhi led to him being a wise man – so much so that he passed away naturally on Gandhi’s birthday.

Any Indian leader who relates to Sri Lanka as a ‘small’ country – is showing signs desire for invasion. If India wants to protect its leaders from getting murdered – they need to strengthen their relationship with Sri Lankans at various levels and not take their ‘freedom’ to grab our resources for granted. One who truly fought for Independence from the British would not make that mistake of ‘invasion’. Privately Mr. Nehru may have felt that Ceylon was part of the family. But when making Public Statements he had the responsibility to demonstrate respect for Sri Lanka to make its own declarations about itself. India is NOT Sri Lanka’s Big Brother. The current deals may give some that impression. But even One independent Sri Lankan who has had the Experience of Independence in Sri Lanka is enough to return India’s karma to itself. That is the way the system of Natural Justice harnesses Natural Powers in support so that Gandhi of small body became the mighty being who had the power to expel the British foreigners from ruling India. 

Politics in India and Sri Lanka has become like a child with disabilities. If most of  the family’s attention is diverted to this child – then others are deprived of their share of ‘normal’ life. 

Saturday 29 July 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

29July 2017

Who Knows the Nallur Truth?

[My husband, Selavarasa Jayanthan (39) from Jaffna, was never a member of the LTTE. It is a rumour to say that he was a former combatant. My husband fired unintentionally, the wife of the main suspect said.] - Daily Mirror article – ‘Husband fired unintentionally, says Jaffna killing suspect’s wife.’

[ Jaffna High Court Judge, M. Ilancheliyan yesterday refuted claims made by the Police Media spokesperson, SP Ruwan Gunasekara that the shooting incident in Jaffna was not aimed at him but was a mere coincidence.
Speaking to the media at the funeral of slain SI Sarath Hemachandra yesterday, the judge stressed that the Police media spokesperson’s views on the case were ‘irresponsible’ and need not have been made before a full investigation was concluded into the incident. The funeral of the fallen Policeman Sarath Premachandra took place in his hometown Kumarakattuwa, Chilaw with full Police honours] Daily News article – ‘Judge refutes Police spokesman’

The commonness in the two accounts brings to my mind – the collusion between the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran in 2005 which resulted in the suppression of Tamil votes by the LTTE leader and eventually the demotion of Mr. Rajapaksa who did pray at Nallur Murugan Temple after his 2009 alleged victory over alleged terrorism. Truth eventually surfaces through those who value Truth. That is real media power.

Yesterday at Nallur Flag hoisting ceremony  I thought much about the message I received from the above manifestation on 22 July. To me it is not merely about the seen and the heard. More deeply – it is about the place and time of happening and their value to us. I prayed for Nallur Murugan’s blessings for me to always follow the order of Truth. When the flag went up the post – there was so much emotion – it felt soooo beautiful. That confirmed to me that my prayers as per my NEEDS have been answered. From time to time, I also asked for this and that as per my desires at that time. But what happened was always as per my needs – some of which were in the form prayed for whilst others were not – but the latter never contradicted the deeper values – based on which I prayed.  If we the Tamils of  Sri Lanka are praying for self-determination – it will happen in one form or the other. Nallur to my mind is the place of highest natural order known to me. When we invest in Nallur – we invest in Natural Common Order.

When the Lords and Ladies of Nallur are carried on the shoulders of men – in the middle of a crowd with standing room only – it is indeed amazing as to how they reach the flag post from the wider stage (Vasantha Mandapam/Spring Hall)  where the more public ceremonies take place. I kept praying that the bearers  should carry the Deities without getting pushed. Yesterday I was soooo happy when it all went well and finally the flag was hoisted. It was like a Coronation ceremony but without any officials regulating the crowd. Many of us clapped our hands. Tears of joy poured down my face. The old gentleman in front of me was unsteady on his feet – due to having been seated all that time. Yet  he made it there. There were many frail old women standing for hours to be part of the ceremonies. I felt that those difficulties that we put ourselves through to be part of this wonderful celebration – was in itself a prayer that was instantaneously answered. In addition to personal prayers as part of my family, I prayed for there to be good order in Jaffna – as per Truth. The order is there – but we need to manifest that and not the personal opinions of those who lack depth of belief in the whole.

During the ceremony, I thought in appreciation, the gesture of Judge Ilancheliyan who has vowed to take care of the slain Policeman’s children. I felt that we ought to do it as a community, through a Trust Fund. I believe that this prayer will be answered as per the real needs of all who have invested in this issue of Security for Lady Justice.

Earlier this week our tuk-tuk driver said to me that we were spending so much on the temple and its facilities and that the youth here were damaging it. The tuk-tuk guy said to hand all of them over to the police. I said to him ‘I have done my best and left the rest to Mother Kali.’ The investment made by us is like your  Pongal (Sweet Rice) at the temple.  It is never wasted but shared. Thinking about it during meditation I realised how true it was. Now finally – the place is quiet and fit for meditation. The gates are locked except for particular times of the day. The external order that upholds our investment in Security has finally happened. We needed the Police only to warn a couple of those who breached  our rules. The rest happened as per THEIR / offenders’ system. I said if they had accepted my discipline they would not have been arrested by the Police over another theft in this area – when I was NOT present.

The wife of the offender in the Nallur shooting was not present at the scene. She seems fearful of her husband being punished as a Terrorist. Hence she is expressing what she thinks will protect him. It may go down well with some judges – like the one we had in Mallakam Courts during the primary hearing of the Testamentary case relating to my brother in law. Truth was the victim in that Court. But the proceedings revealed also the weaknesses in Jaffna Judiciary who infect society through the way they conduct the cases. The Mallakam Courts which was so disorderly must hang its head in shame in the presence of Nallur Murugan Temple – where Order comes first.

From time to time when older women at Nallur temple disciplined me for my loose hair – I was upset. Yesterday I was determined not to leave room for it – and hence wore sari – and tied my hair in a small ponytail. Then I was able to openly discipline a young lady who was using her hand phone to watch the ceremony. I thought she was taking photos. She said that she was not taking photos but only capturing to watch on screen. I left it at that because the rule on the board said ‘no photos’. But in my mind I said to her – that her place then was OUTSIDE the temple. None of the other older women said anything – probably because these rules are new to them. Loose hair has never been unlawful at Nallur. But by complying with their expectations – I took over authority from them to discipline through Current needs using current rules of the Temple. Any member of the public has the authority to discipline another as per published rules.  

The wife of the accused mentioned above – is like these old ladies who want to exercise their authority as per their times. In her case it was the LTTE times when the more educated person did not get higher respect due to that education. The lady has effectively overruled the Judge. Likewise, the Police spokesperson SP Ruwan Gunasekara who claimed it as a coincidence. The guys here who knew the LTTE as community insiders – said that only someone who has been trained in the use of firearms could have had the skills to pluck the gun from the Policeman and shoot to kill.  I identify with that. I can use a kitchen knife to attack an intruder and I do keep one next to me in the nights here in Thunaivi, Vaddukoddai. But I would be ineffective with a sword, leave alone a gun.

SP Ruwan Gunasekara  was disorderly in his communication – as disorderly as my sister in law – who did not have the skills to communicate with the Australian High Commission when we sponsored her children and later herself  but wrote to Barclays Bank in London – as if she were the Administrator of  the estate of her Deceased brother. The Judiciary of Mallakam was blind to this disorder and delivered judgment in her favour- despite her failure to participate directly in the Court process. The judge insulted me in public for upholding my Truth – that I would not be treated as a prostitute by the other side lawyer –when to me my marriage was of the highest order, in addition to being lawful as required by the Courts.

Even during the hearing of the Appeal – which happened due to deep efforts on my part as a lay litigant – the Police Officers in Court – often signalled to me to ‘remain silent’ if I showed signs of wanting to have my say. This happened also in the Court presided by Judge Ilancheliyan. Only once did I get the opportunity to speak and that was because our lawyer did not turn up on the excuse of Harthal/Strike as protest against a rape case. Then the other side barrister Mr. Parathalingam was heard by the Judge who warned me that the matter could get dismissed if our lawyer kept being absent. Then I said that I prepared the Appeal papers and hence I was ready to present the case. As per my assessment – I have done more work to present the case in the order of the Court of Law – than any other involved in the matter.  My presence that day would have confirmed to the  judge that we took the risk and came. Hence he did not rule me out that day. But on other days – I was NOT  facilitated to be heard. I had to follow their order or risk losing prematurely.

In the above Police matter – the Police are junior in position to the Judge. As per their cultural order in Court – SP Ruwan Gunasekara – ought to have remained silent even in the presence of Judge Ilancheliyan, leave alone judge hearing the matter who could be influenced by this officer and who is part of the public now. SP Ruwan Gunasekara has confirmed that they are not bound to the Jaffna Public through Common belief and hence one rule for us and another for themselves with the judiciary.

Nallur has confirmed this Truth. The accused and the police have colluded due to similar mind structures – through unearned freedom to express themselves out of turn by suppressing those who have the lawful right to speak and be heard above all others. 

If the accused had respected Nallur grounds – he would not be in greater trouble now.

Thursday 27 July 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

27July 2017

The Root Cause of the Nallur Shooting

[ Australia has already come forward to help. Sri Lanka has partnered with Monash University and the Australian Government last week to breed mosquitoes carrying Wolbachia, a low risk naturally occurring bacteria, to control the spread of dengue ] Daily News article ‘Jaffna shooting leaves unanswered questions
We all know the answers we NEED to know about the Jaffna shooting. Consolidating those answers and publishing them in Common form is the challenge faced by the authorities. To the surface reader – the Australian Government’s partnership through Dengue control would seem to have little to do with the Jaffna shooting. To me – they are connected. Where was the Australian Government when Professor Sathananthan of Monash University was in 2009 looking for support for  Medical Services in the camps?  The Australian Government ‘waited’ to confirm whether it would benefit from investing in Sri Lanka and hence the current efforts. That is Business and not root level partnership.  The core reasons reveal themselves to the deeper reader. I an Australian of Lankan origin did respond to Professor Sathananthan’s call and did end up helping those in the camps through the small windows of service opportunities available at our consolidated level. To date, the Australian Government has not so much as acknowledged that service which continues under the name of Australian Tamil Management Service. They thus exclude themselves from those root opportunities.
The Canadian Government on the other hand is reported to have shared more deeply – as per the same article:
[President Sirisena instructed the IGP to fully investigate the incident. The Government was swift to contain any fallout from the incident, knowing that July 23 marked the 34th anniversary of the July 1983 communal riots that eventually led to a protracted conflict. The anniversary of the event drew international attention. Issuing a statement on the anniversary of Black July, the Canadian Prime Minister welcomed international efforts underway to achieve long term reconciliation and peace for all Sri Lankans. “As we pause to reflect on the dark days of the Sri Lankan War, we must continue to work to heal the wounds of all those who suffered. Canada welcomes international efforts underway to achieve long-term reconciliation and peace for all Sri Lankans, but we reiterate the need to establish a process of accountability that will have the trust and the confidence of the victims of this war,” the Canadian Premier said.]
Black July confirmed the Government’s attitude towards Tamils. That was the more easily readable reason – the parallel of connecting the Jaffna shooting to the hearing of Vithya rape and murder case. But what was revealed by Black July also was the Government’s own inner assessment of itself – that it was Equal to the LTTE and not higher. Those who react take Equal position and hence an eye for an eye. Records would reveal that it was after Black July that an overwhelming number of Tamil youth joined the LTTE and other militant groups. India knows this from its own training records. The records  would confirm to an independent reader -  that Rajiv Ghandi was killed by those Indian Forces that abused the Independence struggle to devalue Gandhi’s India. The Tigers by then were mere puppets of the Indian Government led by Mrs. Ghandi and recommended by MG Ramachandran who was also like a dual citizen between Cinema and Politics; Sri Lanka and India. These are natural forces that manifest their outcomes if there is no opposition to them. Equal Opposition is a must in democratic parliament. If there is no opposition and no one to manifest an outcome – the Energy is passive but not absent.
By connecting the Jaffna shooting to Black July tragedy – the Government confirms its intuitive connection between the two. To my mind also the two are connected not through the seen, the heard and the calculated – but through Common Belief. One driven by such belief would always be supported by Natural Forces. Without that support – I would have given up on Jaffna or been dead or seriously injured by now by the youth with militant mentality who keep empowering themselves through the LTTE status promoted by the seniors in Tamil Community – largely for their own selfish reasons including for idle gossip. Due to my Belief in my elders – especially my grandmother who lived alone in this part of  Sri Lanka – in her old age – I feel protected. On my mother’s side – my mother herself believed in her grandfather A M Pillai – who became highly successful in Business in Burma. My mother often said that it was due to her grandfather’s good services that we are still blessed.
My mother took care of the family temple inherited by her through her marriage – and I believe that my mother also continues to take care of me. When we believe we are assured of this care.  It’s a soul level connection through Belief. Yesterday for example – it was Aadi Pooram – the day Female form of Divinity is stated to have attained age/puberty – to become eligible as Mother. This festival has continued to be  strongly celebrated at our temple and I continue to uphold that tradition. Yesterday it was terribly hot here and I felt exhausted by the heat in addition to the normal disorders that are natural part of life here. Our coordinator Jeevan’s wife Para did most of the work to cook and offer the food. The priest came. I recalled my mother’s commitment and drew on my reserve energies to wear a sari and take my place as the Dharmakartha / Trustee of the temple. The priest who has previously expressed belief in me asked me to apply the holy ash on his forehead and did so publicly. To me that was the best return for my efforts.
Later our neighbour visited me and power went off. I gave her my extra torch-light. As she was about to leave – the lady said to arrange for them to have drinking water from our tank. I made this offer last week when she complained that they now had to go further away to get drinking water. Then I spontaneously made the offer. Our drinking water facility was abused previously under this lady’s supervision, causing me to close it down but we pay the basic charges to Water Board. Yet I felt sorry for the lady and hence the offer. But last night – when the lady was so casual about it – I realised I had to say ‘no’. I was then facing the side of the temple altar. I sit there and meditate. It was that Truth that guided me to say ‘no’. The logic came later – that this lady did not even know when our temple facilities were damaged again and again and they do not attend the weekly poojah at the temple but came to the temple for their own purposes. The parallel of that in my case would be  for me to stay close to my family in Australia. To earn the right to Public Service which is my service – the lady had to contribute through common activities. The minds of those who truly cared about our temple is invoked at the temple. When my service is damaged and I leave the rest to Divinity  the abusers get the punishment they deserve – with cumulative effect through their own system. The punishment is stronger that way than if I were to punish them. This is something that I feel the judiciary has to learn to do – instead of abusing the opportunity to exercise power.
That was how the Sinhalese who promoted the former President who bribed the LTTE Leader – got their own karma back when that government turned against them after using them for its own selfish wins. We have to wait with belief until both sides are in their respective  natural environments.
I have learnt that my rewards when they are not returned by the locals here – come at the far deeper level – through my immediate family – especially my children. Last night for example I received an email from our youngest daughter Gayathri who is planning on visiting Sri Lanka soon. Gayathri was seeking my endorsement on her itinerary and I felt happy about it. I thanked my mother for this, especially considering that Gayathri tends to go it alone on such matters.
These deeper connections cannot be logically explained but as Love / Truth / God – they are there – deep within. They are sweeter due to this unexplained part at the root of our connection – the soul connection. The contrast is to connect at hearsay level. Belief based powers  become active at sacred places and at sacred times. They did  - to uphold through Police Sergeant Sarath Premachandra the value of ordinary Sinhalese who felt for the ordinary Tamils through Common Deity Murugan. They diluted in a big way the Black July karma earned by the Government through its failure to protect Tamils in Colombo which I believe  was promoted by the placement of  Buddhism foremost in the Constitution. This means that every non-Buddhist has the authority to act as per her/his conscience foremost and the Government has no jurisdiction to judge once they are in that area of refuge. Due to Buddhism foremost clause – non-Buddhists are dismissed from the area covered by the constitution. Each time the law is used to punish non-Buddhists – and the one being punished rejects it – the Government earns debit points for providing a fundamentally flawed measure to work out justice. Unless a judge categorically excuses her/himself from that clause – s/he is taken to have used that ruling subconsciously.

Judge Ilancheliyan as per my knowledge did not free himself from that clause – at least by writing about it publicly. Hence he feels responsible in some way for failing to protect his body guard from getting killed. It’s time the Judiciary did its part to cure the root of the Law and Order system of its disease of separation. Nallur is the sacred ground where this judgment has been delivered. Both – the President and the Prime Minister were reported to sought the blessings of Lord Murugan of Kathirgamam before the elections. He has given them the answer in Nallur where there services are needed more right now. It needs to be continuous and not reactive when something goes wrong.  Let’s not waste the opportunity for which Sarath Premadasa died. 

Wednesday 26 July 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

26 July 2017

Dual Citizenship & the Diaspora

A member of the Tamil Diaspora asked me the one word question ‘Seriously?’ in reponse to my article ‘Jaffna’s Peace Hero Police Sergeant Sarath Premachandra’.

As per my knowledge of this guy, LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran (VP) is his hero. The reason evolved through our brief communication. The guy said to me not to send him my emails but he kept responding to me as if he wanted to have the last word. Given that VP ‘told’ much more than he ‘would be told’ this guy, by following VP developed the urge ‘to tell’. It’s a natural part of the return we get for ‘using’ other people’s status without earning our own and/or without truly sacrificing to merge with the leader.  This guy’s following is like someone quoting Einstein to me the other day. A citizen carrying the official status,  following and ‘showing’ militant leadership is like representation of one country by one holding Dual Citizenship. We are not eligible to represent two different countries at the same time.  We could become Global by raising our earned entitlements to the Higher Common Level. But at the base level two independent cultures, religions,   countries, electorates cannot be represented by the  one person at the same time.

Not only in Sri Lanka but also in Australia, the issue of dual citizenship is being actively debated at Government level, As per Section 44 (i) of the Australian Constitution :

‘Any person who –
Is under any acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power, or is a subject or a citizen or entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or citizen of a foreign power
shall be incapable of being chosen or of sitting as a senator or a member of the House of Representatives’

When we take up official positions representing our communities – the above renders our contributions to policies are negated / dismissed in value if we have acknowledged alliance, or adherence to a foreign power.  Not only the Sri Lankan Government but the Tamil National Alliance and any militant group which has been recognized in a particular form and through a particular leadership – such as VP in this instance and TNA or the Sri Lankan Government in the case of Prevention of Terrorism Legislation, is ‘foreign powers’ in relation to Australian laws for Australians. Ms Bishop disqualifies herself from Parliament if she expressly acknowledges any one party.
One could merge at belief level but when it comes to open representation and the structures of Administration one is entitled to  represent only One sovereign body as if s/he were that body. Structures are important to regulate us through common pathways. Hence anything that could be confusing to the primary level user become ineligible at Policy level.
  What has not been tested yet is the role of the Diaspora which often acts as if it represents two ‘powers’ at the same time. Contributions by Dual Citizens are Stateless. In fact, at the Political level the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) here in Sri Lanka, and the Anti Terrorism Laws in Sri Lanka would cause conflict in the minds of Australians who relate to the Sri Lankan issue through Tamil National Alliance (TNA) or render immoral allegiance with the Sri Lankan Government to suppress its own citizens. If the Sri Lankan PTA is considered by the Australian Government to be inappropriate then the Australian Government is automatically demoting the value of its own Anti Terrorism Laws.

The reason for such demotion is that Belief is of Absolute value and is Self-Balancing. In any Sovereign Unit therefore right and wrong must be present at the same time or at the same part of the whole.

Velupillai Prabhakaran became Christian in his adult life. Hence it is understandable that he did not have the Authority of his religion based Belief  to express to the ordinary citizens of Nallur within the boundaries of Nallur – where Lord Murugan is the Supreme Power, as Jesus is at the Vatican. It is for this reason that Buddhism foremost in the Sri Lankan Constitution is not supported by the laws of Nature. Each time that clause is activated – consciously or subconsciously to represent Sri Lanka – the ‘other’ side is automatically in reserve. That was how Eelam claim happened but in the same inappropriate form as Buddhism foremost clause. The other side was Hindu, Christian or Muslim rights to practice their religious laws above secular laws. Ms Julie Bishop has the responsibility to advise the Lankan Government about this ‘foreign power’ within the Lankan Constitution.
Given that militants consider themselves to be rulers on Land basis they are entitled to represent only their land-area  of birth. The rest, even when the rule of which is captured from the government, is invaded land and militants never had the right to represent such areas except through the local member to whom that area is home and where that local member is accepted as leader.
Like birth, our place of death is also our home. Nallur is now Home to Sarath Premachandra and all those who are bound to him by belief. Vanni where members of many ethnicities died – has become multicultural home. Any person who drops the ‘me only’ syndrome will be empowered and supported by those multicultural forces when Vanni becomes their ‘home’.

Colombo was confirmed to be the natural home of Tamils who were killed during the civil riots – especially the ones in 1983. By sending the bodies of the slain soldiers from Jaffna to Colombo – the LTTE leader actually boosted the ownership value of Tamils in Colombo which naturally is opportunity cost for Tamil Eelam.  Likewise, the Sri Lankan  Goernment which turned a blind eye to the murders committed by the Sinhalese also boosted the ‘Home Ownership’ of Tamils in Colombo and other areas where majority living are Sinhalese. This natural ownership force would keep surfacing to oppose the efforts of majority to establish a home in those areas to the extent they endorsed the government.

Natural Justice continuously restructures our minds on the basis of our Truth – some of which is discovered by us consciously and others inherited including from our own past. We may lose consciousness of our past earnings but the Laws of Nature do not ever forget. All those who  forego earned rights and benefits raise their mind to the Higher Common level like in the case of the brain that is Common to all our physical senses. Only that which is Common, would naturally divide into Equal halves as right and wrong or past and future. The rest is wastage that often distracts reactionaries.

Tuesday 25 July 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

25 July 2017
Courtesy Daily Mirror

Jaffna’s Peace Hero Police Sergeant Sarath Premachandra

In 2009, at the height of the ethnic war, I urged through a public communication,  for LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran to surrender himself to  Nallur Murgan. To most readers that  may have seemed  childish / superstitious. But to me it was not. Once we do what we can through the official system available to us – and submit the problem / issue to the Lord – every unit of contribution without expectations of personal return, from then on is of exponential value – and influences outcomes as if we are in charge of the whole. Meditation & Yoga in various forms also take us to that level. As we know, the LTTE leader did not surrender and those who were in his care were limited to human protection, unless they prayed personally to the Higher Powers.

During my lifetime, I have learnt about the return for my above prayer. To me it is no coincidence that I am present here in Northern Sri Lanka during the time of confirmation of the answer to my prayers has come.  Police Sergeant Sarath Premachandra is a Sinhalese who died for Jaffna. He surrendered to Nallur Murugan. He is a greater hero than any Tamil who died for Jaffna. No, Sarath Premachandra did not consciously think he was sacrificing his life for Jaffna. He was the Chosen One to become Peace Hero and put to rest all claims of ethnic Separation. Jaffna no longer has the authority to say no to Sinhalese Police. THAT is the Judgment from Nallur Murugan. 

Police Hero Sarath Premachandra lives through Justice Manickavasagar Ilancheliyan – a Tamil Judge. Every effort made by Justice Manickavasagar Ilancheliyan to uphold Justice would go towards natural and subconscious reconciliation between the two ethnicities. General Justice and Ethnic Justice have become Common at Nallur after this latest killing by Tamils whose real enemy was not the Judiciary but the armed Sinhalese. Lord Murugan is worshipped by Sri Lankan Buddhists also. To die at Nallur while on Police Duty – is the most honourable death of all to any Jaffna Hindu. Police Hero Sarath Premachandra has merged with the Hindu War Lord – Murugan and anyone who picks up arms against Sarath Premachandra’s people faces Lord Murugan Himself.  In terms of Divine Judgments even thoughts in breach earn us the punishment.

I am committed to marking 22 July as Harmony Day - the Day Reconciliation between the two ethnicities was confirmed to have been completed  due to merger of Tamil & Sinhalese custodians of Law and Order as One at Nallur. Recognising this  is the real protection for all those who seek security in their line of duty. Instead of striking for their selfish reasons – the lawyers of Jaffna had/have  the duty to assemble  at Nallur to pay their respects to Peace Hero Sarath Premachandra.

It is obvious that Justice Manickavasagar Ilancheliyan is emotionally distraught. He could learn from Saint Manickavasagar  who gave us Sivapuranam – which praises the Lord of the Mind as follows:  “Puratharku Seyon than Poongkalalgal Velha / Praise be to the Lotus Feet of the Lord who is the friend of outsiders”

Lord Shiva is the Lord of the Mind.   Only the body of Sarath Premachandra died.  Sarath’s  mind has merged with that of Judge Ilancheliayan and the Jaffna Judiciary and v.v. The death happened at Nallur to confirm that upholding THIS merger needs to be the first duty of Jaffna Judiciary. Sarath Premachandra is now a Jaffna Elder. When we pay our respects to Lord Muruga we pay our respects to Sarath Premachandra as well.  Striking against the Government confirms dependence on the Executive in breach of the Doctrine of Separation of Powers. The Lord has facilitated for Jaffna Judiciary to draw on Peace through Sarath Premachandra as our Ancestor. That is Universal Power that the folks of Jaffna now enjoy in common with Sarath Premachandra’s community. As Justice Ilancheliyan has demonstrated we are now One. That is the Judgment  of Nallur Murugan. 

Monday 24 July 2017


Subject: Re: The Ex UN Mandate and the Ex Jaffna Mandate

Medical Academic: Qualification alone does not make one “educated’.  One can be well educated and enlightened without any paper qualification at all. What makes a person educated is based on his wisdom and how he  gets about in life and how practical and realistic he is and what amount of service he does to the community at large without expecting anything in return. It is natural that all living things, including humans, expect recognition and that is the plus and minus side of our struggle.

I refer to the post that quoted the advice given by the chief guest at the Jaffna Medical Faculty:

He  urged the Jaffna people to think of themselves not just as sources of great talent for the rest of the world but for their own community.

This great weakness is one of the curses that haunt our community despite all the abilities that we have. A few years ago I volunteered to go to University of Jaffna to conduct a two-week course, all free but at the last stage it was sabotaged by some academics for their own reasons and that was it. And instead Colombo invited me by meeting  all my expenses and  even professional fee and I happily went and rendered my service. This is part of Jaffna and if they don’t want you or if they don’t recognise you well you just carry on and it is not ones bread and butter.

Gaja without portfolio: I found the parallel of this in my interactions with the University of Jaffna. I find the CM’s example more close to our current needs than the Jaffna Uni example. The CM is the parallel of VC of Jaffa Uni. You and I are small players to them. The parallel of Colombo inviting you was Professor Sathananthan humbly asking me to prepare the project reports in relation to the needs at the camps.
The question I have asked since is whether I went there for Professor Satha or  to help the needy as they saw their need? Your two week course offer is the parallel of the project reports I promised to prepare. Jaffna is not of the mind structure  known to us through  our regular clients. If you were groomed through the Sri Lankan system – then they would naturally identify with you. Not so Jaffna Uni – until they become common Sri Lankans and not Tamil only or Tamil foremost Lankans. One has to forego the particular to become common. Jaffna is yet to reach that level. Some of us continue to add ourselves so they would have the opportunity to choose alternate lifestyles. Those who seek to remain local need to be specialists in the services particular to Jaffna. Can’t have both.
The CM asking for lateral participation while claiming devolution for North-Eastern provinces – is against the laws of Nature / Truth – for this reason

Medical Academic:  As N said,

“However, if others in charge of something are not considering you for those positions, then there must be some reasons. If is not always necessary to choose the most qualified and experienced for every position. There could be other qualities such as amiability, affability, flexibility, acceptability etc., etc. Irrespective of educational qualifications the above mentioned qualities too go hand in hand when dealing with public and their affairs”.

As a matter of fact in many developed countries today accepting someone does not necessarily depend on one’s qualification alone but with how he or she sets about, gets along with others, exhibit  a sound thinking ability, etc., etc.

Gaja without portfolio:  In other words – both you and N are in agreement with the CM’s request and reject my criticism.  Did you find out what experience I have had in change management ? Whether my experience is deeper and stronger than yours?  In both your cases – as per your responses I am minority power just as Tamils are to Lankan Government.

Just yesterday, Param and I went through this in relation to the Defamation action I brought against his sisters. Param said that he was hurt that I kept saying that he was going along with his sisters when in fact he openly partnered me in my actions. I said that his problem was that he did not ‘position’ me in relation to his sisters – through my service to him viz a viz their services to him. There he already had the structure as per his father’s mind. Since Param wanted a professional as his wife – he needed to restructure the mind. He did not do that. Hence when I criticised them in areas that seemed ‘normal’ to him – I became the ‘outsider’. Most men and I feel this includes both of you – do not structure the position of ‘wife’ but go along with what they are used to. Mine is the transitional generation of women to suffer the consequences. Have you not extended this in relation to the Jaffna Uni / CM matters? Based on my discussions with you – did you give me a position relative to yours? Likewise with that of the CM? Without that position – there is NO DUTY. But N preached to me to do my DUTY !!!!!  I was doing my duty as per the position I have taken through my development work primarily in Vaddukoddai and as a user of Public Facilities for which I pay. What positions do you both hold in current Jaffna structure? Not the positions given by others – but the positions that you develop through your ‘service’ contributions.

Medical Academic:  In fact Einstein said “education is not a matter of learning  facts and acquiring knowledge but to learn the skill to thinking”.

In the world scene today, especially in the professional and academic fields we see numerous people with plenty of qualifications  but their ability to handle a situation and cope with a crisis is nil. In Tamil we say “eddu surakai karikku uthavaathu”.

Gaja without portfolio: As per my observations – your knowledge of what works outside Jaffna is ehttu surakkai/book vege  to Jaffna Tamils. These interactions between us would raise our common thinking only if you include my contribution  also when you make your conclusions. Otherwise like the UNSW Medical Academics who USED my services to boost their own status / ego – you are also using my work to ‘tell’ me and not learn from me. I am ready to be told to the extent you are ready to listen to me as if you were me. I do not owe anyone any more than that.

Medical Academic: If we look for recognition or do things expecting the same then we will end up as a great failure. Our knowledge, skill, logic, maturity should make us to be happy and contended with what we do and not from what others think about us. 

Gaja without portfolio: Wrong. If you had paid your dues to Einstein – and said your Thank You’s to him – you would not have made such statement. You have plagiarized.  You quoting Einstein at word level is an example of using surface knowledge for selfish reasons – to show that you are cleverer than I. Einstein himself reached the heights of relativity which shows the connection between cause and effect. Take for example E = mc2

E is the Energy and at that level we are of Absolute value. The parallel of that in religion is Mhotcham / Nirvana / Eternity.   If you were at that level – I would have been right as well as the CM and the Jaffna Uni Academics. You are part of the other side of the equation - MC2  To get to E state your thinking needs to be as fast as light – i.e. – Natural – so that mass becomes a very small component of the equation – relative to the speed at which you think – process the ‘facts’ in your mind. If you touch the feet of Einstein when you quote him – Einstein will come into you and then your mind will think at the speed of light.

Medical Academic: Experience is not what happens to you but what you do with what happens to you. Happiness does not come from what you do but from liking what you do.  

Gaja without portfolio: Einstein said that he mentally travelled with light – as if he was light itself. Thou art that / Tat tvam Asi
Warm regards (relative and not absolute)