Friday 31 July 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

31 July  2020

Tamil Separation - Déjà vu?

The news that 16 former members of TNA -  Eastern Province have decided to back the current government in the upcoming elections was not surprising. Good or bad – karma is shared with the time anniversary and place of a manifestation. Karuna Amman joined the Rajapaksas and confirmed that he was not independent. All actions manifested by him directly and/or through his followers remain as karmic Energy at that place and would surface at that place during the anniversary of manifestation.
Wikipedia reports about Karuna Amman’s separation from the LTTE:
[On 26 July 2004, Muralitharan broke away from the Tamil Tigers after he alleged they were ignoring the interests of the eastern Tamil people, and claimed to have renounced violence at this point. ]
As per the Ceylon Today report mentioned above :
[The office of the Governor of the Eastern Province, issuing a Media release, stated that a former TNA Local Government representative and 15 people’s representatives, have decided to back the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP), ahead of the General Election.
These former TNA members revealed this decision during a Media briefing held in Trincomalee on 28 July.  These ex-TNA members stated that the people of the Eastern Province had suffered terribly during the 30-year conflict and charged that the TNA had always looked after its own interests and not of those who had voted for them.]

I feel that Déjà vu manifests when place and time are more or less identical. Hence my article ‘Easter bombings in Sri Lanka – Déjà vu?’ – at

To me the above separation is also Déjà vu. How can we use this knowledge of law of probability to prevent disaster or promote progress?
Wikipedia presents the following reasoning:
[In probability theory, conditional probability is a measure of the probability of an event occurring given that another event has (by assumption, presumption, assertion or evidence) occurred.]
The more transparent our purposes are – the closer we get to projecting their outcomes. The more intelligence we had about the ethnic problems within Lanka, the more prepared we would have been for the Easter bombings. That would have helped us plan as the ‘other side’ of the matter.
When the purpose remains it is likely to manifest in a ‘free’ environment. Such manifestation would confirm the original purpose.

Karuna’s manifestation that he was more dangerous than the coronavirus because he killed thousands of soldiers confirmed that he was seeking recognition that he thought he would get but did not get. The separation from Northern Rebels on 26 July 2004 was a true separation as per his character. It was a business deal which made him a mercenary. The current separation on 28 July 2020 happened due to the purposes then and now  being more or less identical.

The consequences of the 2004 defection resulted in defeat of Northern LTTE and deaths and sufferings of Northern civilians. The parallel of that in this instance is likely to be defeat of Tamil political leadership in North and deaths and sufferings of Northern civic rights. All because of internal divisions due to selfishness. This includes Mr Wigneswaran who also broke away from the TNA. Why? Because he copied outcomes and did not generate them from zero base in a new discipline where he was junior to rebel leaders as well as to politicians. The mind needs to merge for minorities to acquire exponential powers.

A write up headed ‘Who is this Vicki Sir?’ by Mr Muthaliar Senthurselvan includes the following:
A spiritual person who eats only vegetarian food. This status is minority in Northern Province where majority are non-vegetarians. More interestingly – the ‘achievements’ of Judge Wigneswaran in Mallakam District Court has been included in that write up. But, when Mallakam District Court delivered judgment in breach of the Thesawalamai law – Mr Wigneswaran remain silent. He wrote to ask me where he had delivered a wrong judgment. Back then I did not know that Mr Wigneswaran had worked as Judge in Mallakam District Court. I said it happened during his time as Chief Minister. Now that I know that he was Judge in that institution – the connection is more firmly established. One who pays her/his respects to the law will hurt when that law is used to miscarry justice.

The junior castes were used in the armed war. They were recruited for the purposes of war and then abandoned. Listed in  Appendix is a recent conversation with a fellow Tamil.

Tamils divided internally for the same reason caste based separations happened within the Tamil community. Both seniors and juniors used the other for visible outcomes. Once that ‘show’ was over – the two returned to their natural quarters. One sees that in the main Sinhala political parties also.
The good thing about North-East separation is that North is more likely to rise again through intellectual pursuit instead of being tempted by armed war.

…I believe I make reliable family structures. They are my temples. Recently also when I heard that a 19 year old girl had run away from home in Thunaivi to her boyfriend’s home in Kottakadu –I advised the parents to legalise the marriage. I helped them not feel small because the parents have demonstrated good relationship. They just did not know enough to structure a family. There are many unknowns in that community and I am careful not to preach. Our relationship is structured on my terms in relation to work for which the mother gets paid. Through genuine work – within the guidelines provided by me they get blessed with the Energy that I have developed in family and workplace. From time to time I draw Lakshmanan Kohdu which they also disregard due to their desire based enthusiasm.  That is how I share my life with those folks also. Recently about a week before judgment was due in a Colombo land matter – I dreamt that the statue of Gajalakshmi that we have here in Sydney was in the altar of this temple in Sangarathai-Thunaivi. When judgment came it was a win for us after 20 years of battle. The vision confirmed to me that I was blessed by Divinity and my family elders from whom I inherited the Energy that the temple represents. I do not know of another in our family who would have had the courage to go and live in Thunaivi and gotten to know the folks there – the way I have. From what you have shared in this instance, I doubt you would have.

Caste based discrimination beyond work related needs was evil. We need to right that karma before talking about other development. Affirmative action is needed so we do not let the juniors become our Equal Opposition. A respected elder from across the road at Sangarathai said that he would fear to live in Thunaivi. I got the courage then due to my belief . If all of us followed in your pathway who would lead these juniors and prevent another war?]

Thursday 30 July 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

30 July  2020


Each one of us has apparent structure as well as true structure. Often the two are different. The outer one facilitates others to relate to us. The inner one determines our self-esteem and how we see ourselves in relation to others. Ultimately we exist without relativity.

Likewise a Sovereign group – including family, community or nation. Many nations have written constitutions due to needing relativity. Some do not have due to that inner structure.
Professor Tissa Vitarana is reported to have been critical of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) as follows:

["They have come out with the same set of demands that were raised by the TNA at the time the 30 year war of separation began. A news report of July 19 labeled it as a "low key event", a clear indication of the lack of enthusiasm among the Tamil people.] Island report ‘TNA has failed to come up with a realistic plan to address problems of the North-East people’

The above confirms to me the lack of appreciation that Tamils have made Separation of Powers our main Political mandate in Sri Lanka.  It is no longer on project basis but is an ongoing program. The reason why Professor Tissa Vitarana is unable to identify with this is in the following presentation by Wikipedia:

[He then went to study in the UK, obtaining a Diploma in Bacteriology from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine in 1968 and a Ph.D. in virology from the University of London in 1971. Specialising in bacteriology and virology, Vitharana joined the Medical Research Institute (MRI) in Colombo in 1972, serving as its director from 1983 to 1994. He was head of the virology department at the MRI from 1972 to 1994. Vitharana was a consultant virologist at the Edinburgh City Hospital's Regional Virus Laboratory in the 1980s.  He was deputy director of the Victoria Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory in Melbourne from 1991 to 1993]
In 2017, the Sri Lankan government awarded the crown status of Vidya Jyothi on Professor Tissa Vitarana. Vidya Jyothi is presented as follows by Wikipedia:
Vidya Jyothi is a Sri Lankan national honour awarded "for outstanding scientific and technological achievements". It is the highest national honour for science in Sri Lanka for outstanding contribution to the development of the country through dedicated work in the chosen field. It is conventionally used as a title or prefix to the awardee's name. Vidya Jyothi ranks lower than Veera Chudamani.]

The only published intelligence about Professor Vitarana’s contribution to that came to my knowledge was through Ceylon Today article ‘Face masks can be reused - Prof. Tissa Vitarana’ which opens as follows:
[Professor Tissa Vitarana, who has served on the Advisory Committee on Virus Diseases of the World Health Organization (WHO) for 25 years, said that normal face masks can be used continuously, by cleaning them, and it is tested that no germ enters the body through them.]
Political use is confirmed as follows:
[This incorrect brash statement may be pardonable in a schoolboy, but not in a former PM. It was because all these WHO directives were properly done under the SLFPA Government that Sri Lanka has only about 2,500 cases and a mere 11 deaths.] Ceylon Today report ‘Ranil is worse for SL than COVID-19’ published on 20 July 2020
At that time the infection in Victoria to which state Professor Vitarana is connected as follows:
[He was deputy director of the Victoria Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory in Melbourne from 1991 to 1993]
During the time of Victoria’s need  - Professor Vitarana is praising the government that seems to be in power. In other words, Australia was used as a doormat towards Political gain in Sri Lanka. In contrast I upheld my Sri Lankan qualifications as the highest – despite being punished for ‘showing’ that belief. Hence I have the insight that Professor Vitarana lacks.
Democracy works well when there is Equal Opposition. Where the pathways of belief are different – there needs to be separation to prevent interference by the  apparently senior over the apparently junior. It is like in sports where the game between equals is more fulfilling than between a strong team and a weak team.  
When UNP was in government – TNA mind-merged intellectually while supporters of the Armed Rebels failed to participate in those issues. Now when the Rajapaksas are in power TNA has shown separation through financial independence which Professor Vitarana acknowledges as follows:
["The TNA manifesto further states that it hopes to formulate a regional economic policy to revive local industries in the war-affected regions through cooperative societies and to seek investments to address unemployment, poverty, and livelihood issues. Considering that the war has been over for more than 11 years, one wonders what the TNA has been doing all this time without even making any plans up to now.]

The above was preceded by the following:
[….."When this is not there, bringing up the same demands that led to mistrust and lack of confidence is only going to make matters worse, not better. To highlight the concept of a ‘Tamil homeland’ formed by the merger of the Northern and Eastern provinces, and to demand demilitarization, would portray the presence of Sri Lankan troops in their military bases as a ‘foreign’ incursion and is bound to lead to resentment, when similar bases exist in the South. No doubt such a statement would not have been made had there been a majority of Tamil military personnel in the military bases. Certainly the Lanka Sama Samaja Party (LSSP) would support such a trend in the future, Prof. Vitarana further noted.]

Mental empowerment between  Tamils has been confirmed to be pretty strong including through the Diaspora. Many of us are already investing at private levels to share our Financial Independence with the folks in Sri Lanka. In Vaddukoddai I have confirmed this through structures developed on Sri Lankan common values raised to global standards. Now other members of the Diaspora – especially from junior castes are following my example. The government supported by Professor Vitarana is strong in military and if Tamil Political leaders accepted military presence North is likely to become Buddhism foremost land. Professor Vitarana himself has been converted to Military leadership which automatically demotes Intellectual leadership. We witnessed this during the pandemic also. This would have been prevented if the Tamil Opposition had been taken on board.

The fundamental value I have learnt through practice of Democracy is that if you are really senior under unitary constitution / structure  - but you accept junior position you become the medium of the Universal  power that works the whole. Since most do not have such forbearance the system of democracy with separation of powers facilitates Opposition on Equal footing. When we Oppose we do no submit. Hence TNA’s manifesto does represent the Belief of Tamils in common.

Wednesday 29 July 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

29 July  2020

Cultural Borders & Sovereignty

There is a shrine for Tamil power  at Kathirgamam - in Southern Sri Lanka near Hambantota - the home area of  the current President and Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. There is a temple at Nallur in Northern Sri Lanka – also for same Tamil power. The Northern Personification is  – known by the name Nallur Murugan. The Southern Personification is known by the name Katharagama Deviyo. Many Sinhala political leaders worship regularly at Kathirgamam. It is rare for a Tamil to worship at any Buddhist shrine. There are Christians in both groups.

How did we divide ethnically with such rich opportunities towards commonness? After the surfacing of Black Lives Matter grouping, the apparent commonness of alleged victims, beyond national borders has become more visible. The Guardian article ‘America's 'untouchables': the silent power of the caste system’ confirms such a trend.
The reason, to my mind, is the mind structure through which we read ‘what happens’. A member of the Australian Tamil Diaspora highlighted this through Thirukural stanza 262 which states:
[Penance makes sense only for those
who have been virtuous; for others, it is useless
To my mind when we put ourselves through penance / discipline to uphold our truth as known through our conscience – we naturally develop the foundation of a reliable structure that would protect and regulate many. Not all of us ‘show’ this structure through visible status. But all of us make a difference to our home environments through genuine penance and discipline. Disorder in thought also can damage such structures when  ‘freedom’ of expression is disorderly due to lack of belief.

Structures facilitate common pathways – even when we do not know each other physically due to time and place based separations. But we connect due to knowledge gained through common structures. Truth is the universal connector. Hence vote on the basis of truth of the junior is known as Universal Franchise.

Indian Caste system and American Race system in relation to Blacks - have work based hierarchy as common foundations. Not so Australian Race system in relation to Blacks. If Penance needs its own structure – it is more true to say that work also needs its own structure. Using my own example – the Vice Chancellor of the University and the Cleaner of the University  have different position structures for their respective work. But both have Equal opportunity to feel ownership in the University through selfless service and / or by following Due Processes already established by previous owners – starting with the original owners. The differing pathways used, takes us to different destinations. Hence the saying – One man’s meat is another man’s poison. Likewise One man’s sacrifice is another man’s indulgence or hoarding.

This morning when I read the news report by Ceylon Today – under the heading ‘University lecturer attacked by wild elephant undergoes surgery’ the first question that came to my mind was whether the victim was a Sinhalese or a Tamil? The reason is Elephant and its significance to the Buddhist and Hindu respectively. The first ‘reasoning’ structure these days in the case of Sri Lankans in natural environments seems to be ethnicity based. To be more particular  - religion based – until known otherwise. There is no bias in this but the belief in cultural structures. Hindus respect  the elephant through Ganesh. The mango legend (Appendix) which is about the rules of a competition being interpreted differently by one (Ganesh) following the path of belief in elders  on the one hand and the younger sibling (Murugan) following the apparent, merit based pathway on the other,  is part of the Tamil mind structure.  It is not likely to be that of Buddhist mind structure – even though they may consider Murugan as a Deity. The hierarchy is different.

To my mind – Nallur is lawful wife of Murugan – Devayanai and Kathirgamam is the Love Energy Valli. Those Buddhist leaders who pray at Kathirgamam need to win – actually invoke Veddha (Indigenous hunters) powers. These would not work in a structure made largely on the basis of a combination of Roman Dutch law & English law. The two become Equal due to the completion of the journey. Harmonious Coexistence begins from that point onwards. In terms of caste – Devayanai who personifies highly structured pathway is the Brahmin / Priest caste and Valli who personifies pure and natural Love is the junior caste. But by depicting them on either side of Muruga  - wise elders have confirmed the need for separation of powers between the two.

Likewise those who feel with Blacks as juniors in the system of law but who believe naturally and completely – need to stay away from those who follow the structured lawful system. Where the structured pathway is weakened due to more than proportionate benefits being enjoyed  at the expense of the other – natural forces support those who believe naturally and completely – so long as they do not disturb the peace in the other and become their relatives.

Appendix – Excerpt from Chapter 17 of Naan Australian
The two sons – Ganesh and Muruga are invited to participate in the race to go around the world to get the prize mango. Muruga the active  junior, immediately takes His vehicle the Peacock and starts on His around-the-world trip.

In Hindu temples, the Divine quality  is personified inside the altar and its opposite – the animal quality is personified outside the altar and is called the vehicle.  It is called the vehicle due to us needing to travel on the animal to realize the values of our divinity.  If the animal is not used as a vehicle – it would tend to dominate and run the show. 

Shiva for example is personifies Love.  Hence ‘`[fEp civmf / Anpe Sivam (Shiva is Love)’.  The bull outside denotes lust.  Likewise elephant faced Ganesh personifies the intellectual path - as the elephant is known to be the one with deepest memory within the animal kingdom.  The mouse outside personifies hearsay and does as it is ‘told’.  To me Ganesh is Computer and mouse is the mouse used to instruct the computer.  Ganesh is worshipped at the beginning of a venture due to being known as the  remover of obstacles – the way the elephant clears the path for others coming behind him. One who uses his own deep memory is like Ganesh and  one who uses hearsay is like the mouse.  Information that is not written by us would not last long in our memory. Muruga personifies egoless state due to His 360 view.  When we are global / universal – there is no ‘I’ ego in us.  The peacock on the other hand is known to be proud of itself.

 Ganesh, who is the thinker – and who would have been at a disadvantage compared to Muruga due to the latter’s ability to fly – compared to Ganesh’s mouse - asked Saint Naradhar whether it was correct thinking that His parents – Shiva-Shakthi stood for the whole world. Saint Naradhar said ‘yes’.  Then Ganesh asked whether it was therefore correct that if He went around  Shiva-Shakthi He was actually going around the world.  Saint Naradhar said ‘yes’.  So Ganesh went around His parents – believing them to be the whole world and Ganesh won the prize mango. To me this is the academic way. But then that works only if their academic gurus are their whole world. In terms of migration – this means also that the senior migrants need to be driven by their intellect and not physical contribution, if they are to retain leadership power.

Muruga on completing His journey successfully, learns that the prize mango had been awarded to Ganesh who completed the journey by His mind, renounces His heritage and establishes His kingdom on Palani Hill in South India. Muruga is known also as the Lord of Democratic era for this reason of physically observing – and hence ‘objectivity’ in democracy. Hence this accommodates juniors / minorities who would actively observe a matter from all angles before they make decisions – as in Do It Yourself way.

Tuesday 28 July 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

28 July  2020

Ramayanam – Mythology or Legend?
[Indians are supposed to accept without compelling scientific proof the existence of Jesus or Mohammed, but a Ram or a Krishna cannot break the glass ceiling of mythology] First Post article “As Sri Lanka researches ‘Ravan’s aviation routes’, India’s seculars keep mocking Ram”
An uncle of mine whom I am very fond of shocked me once by claiming that Ravana was a great hero and that it was Seetha who went after Ravana. I could not believe my ears. But because I knew that uncle well I realised that he was influence by oldies within the diaspora to whom LTTE leader was the parallel of Ravana. Now the Sinhalese Government also seems to be glorifying Ravana.  The above medium in turn is accrediting the Sri Lankan government’s promotion of Ravana.
Recently, a leading member of the Tamil Diaspora wrote about intellectual progress:
 [Had we remained inert, then even today we may be living with bottle lamp or burning firewood. ]
My response was :
[Or we can set out to start a war by ‘possessing’ the past as if it were a commodity and make a living out of it. – We  Lankans as well as Chinese did that. Now, you need belief to identify with that. Intellectual Reasoning is lagging behind because the ‘intellect’ seems to stop working once there are no apparent benefits but only the EXPERIENCE. Not many want the experience without money and/or status. ]
I believe as per my own experience of war in Sri Lanka that rebels tried to make a commodity of heritage. One who sees heritage through money value would not identify with the experience of its original makers and v.v. Heritage when invoked at current values – would awaken its equal and opposite partner – the costs and sacrifices that went into that heritage – also at current values. That is then no longer heritage but a white elephant.
Dutugemunu  - the Sinhala king and Ellalan the Tamil king were both made ‘white elephants’ respectively by the two sides to the armed war in Lanka. Likewise the Silk Road by the current Chinese government. Hence my above mentioned response. Every true belief when manifested would eliminate the effect of false claims.
As per the above mentioned article:
[Irony had a hearty laugh last week, skipping across the chain of shoals that links India with Sri Lanka. Embracing Ramayan, the epic that binds the two nations, the Civil Aviation Authority of Lanka issued an advertisement inviting documents and literature for a research on ‘King Ravana and the ancient domination of aerial routes now lost’.
It is believed that Ravan travelled widely in his Pushpak Viman, and the aviation routes could tell us more about Lanka’s geopolitical reach and influence.]
Given that the written Constitution of Sri Lanka is the basic structure of governance – and given that it requires Buddhism to be upheld as the foremost pathway of belief Ravana’s pathways to success would in effect be in breach of the Sri Lankan values as per the constitution. Ravana was a Hindu. Hence when manifested at the same time – the two would oppose each other.
As per the author of the above article:
[Sri Lanka tourism promotes an elaborate Ramayan trail stretching from Munneswaram to Trincomalee, Ella to Colombo. The nation’s first satellite launched last year is named ‘Ravana-1’.
Contrast this with India, where a masjid stood on Lord Ram’s birthplace for centuries and despite overwhelming evidence presented in court, ‘seculars’ stayed in denial. Any proposal to enhance the philosophical understanding of Ramayan, or studying Ram’s journey and alliances, or building tourism circuits based on the epic is mocked and met with disdain and protests.]
One who believes would not demote the investment to business level and v.v. Belief is harder to prove to others but is exponentially powerful and protects the believer. The more we seek to show others the weaker our belief. The weaker our belief the heavier our relativity – confirming strong attachment to the physical. India is less dependent on other countries than Sri Lanka due to this very reason.
The secular pathway is also a religious pathway. Hence the following responses from me to a medical doctor:
 [In Aryan concept no temples, no gods, no deities, no prayers.]
In Medicine also – there are areas where there is no hospital , no doctors no external medications. Remote communities including in Sri Lanka live that way. Likewise, ascetics. The latter are the parallels of Aryans and former are the parallels of indigenous folks.

[Now even Tamil god Murugan they have made it as theirs]
Tamil Philosophy is personified through Murugan. But once our work  reaches Philosophical level – it is of Universal value. If we are ‘possessive’ of our discovery – then we demote our own work to private level.

The grass tends to seem greener from the other side. The author needs to come over to Lanka and have the experience as a Lankan before declaring which one is better than the other. The discovery would confirm that they are different and Equal. To an observer and common to an insider. The experience of the insider is the god within. 

Monday 27 July 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

27 July  2020

Opposition of Opposition Empowers Government

I was satisfied  to note the NSW Supreme Court’s decision to issue a Prohibition Order against the Black Lives Matter Protest scheduled for tomorrow. I have been concerned about its consequences and when I learnt about it – I felt that my Opposition to the Protest had been added to the Judicial mind through the system of truth. On Saturday, 25 July, I wrote under the heading - Black Lives v Old Lives; I Oppose the Black Lives Matter Protest. Later I learnt from my sister Shamala in Singapore that the first day of Nallur Festival in Northern Sri Lanka also fell on this day. The article invoked strong criticism from a couple of American Tamils of Lankan origin, followed by insults by a couple of Sri Lankans of Sinhala origin. (Appendix)
They say that the ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend’. The origin is reported by Wikipedia - to be from the Political Treatise - the Arthasaastra of ancient India on  statecraft, economic policy and military strategy , by the Royal Advisor Chanakyan:
[The king who is situated anywhere immediately on the circumference of the conqueror's territory is termed the enemy.
The king who is likewise situated close to the enemy, but separated from the conqueror only by the enemy, is termed the friend (of the conqueror).]
If Sinhala nation is taken as the conquering king  the   Tamil Nation of  Lanka becomes the enemy and  India which is separated from Sinhala Nation, only by the latter becomes the friend of the Sinhala Nation. Picture above confirms this.
Wikipedia confirms its importance as follows also:
[The doctrine of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" was employed by nation states in regions outside of the European theater as well. In the Second Sino-Japanese War, within the Pacific theater, an alliance was formed between Chinese Communists and Chinese Nationalists. Leading up to this, these forces had battled each other throughout the Chinese Civil War. However, they formed an alliance, the Second United Front in response to the mutual threat of Japanese aggression]
I found the above doctrine to work within issues. Hence– my Opposition in the issue of Black Lives Matter protests became the friend of my Opposition in Sri Lanka over the issue of race.
Gender – is the enemy/opposition of the conquering issue of Race on the common border of Subjective Discrimination. Separated only by female gender – the two male groups became One conquering group in terms of race.
Gender was the only common separation in this instance. At other times they opposed each other on the basis of race. The program is temporarily abandoned to accommodate project that would show immediate positive results against the minority gender. Demonstrating, Respect for women is set aside to show solidarity with men who ‘show’ priority to show Respect for  Black race.
The positive gain for me was the confirmation that my mind was similarly structured as the Australian Judiciary in this issue. I am now friends with them.
Each one of us expressing a belief based Opposition to a governing force in a particular forum, makes universal contribution to the issue. We mind merge with those who identify with us in this instance even though some may usually be our permanent opposition. Thus my Opposition of the American government’s opposition in this matter has empowered the American government through the Australian Judiciary.


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I need to say that this appears a poor quality garbage exchange dragging everybody else in this group which is a public platform.  Since the time this group got into my mailbox from somewhere, I kept it as it didn't matter much although I don't read much of it. However, the verbal exchange is callous and disrespectful to all who tolerated it. If you wish to settle a score do it privately, and not in front of the public.   
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Agree with Mr Aponsu

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Thank you KKS Perera for making this transparent. Dr Indrajith Aponsu chose the secret pathway to gossip behind my back. Very unbecoming of an Academic.
Dr Aponsu – you got into my brain – through your desire to be public. If you had truly earned that public status – you would learn from public feedback – especially since you co-authored the Research publication ‘Empowerment of Women in the context of Sustainable Development Goals- Status Quo and Challenges’.
None of you who tried to take senior position above me qualify as believers in Equal Opportunity values. The discussion was based on Black Lives Matter Protests v Health safety. If Gender  Equality was important to you then you would have considered as important, the discussion between myself  an apparent minority by gender and two males of apparently the same race but opposite gender. One who takes a common position in terms of Race would do likewise in terms of all other factors when we are in a ‘free’ environment. The Tamils labelled me a lunatic. You have labelled my work ‘garbage’. This confirms that the above publication is frivolous due to lack of belief in gender equality.
Your Institution – the University of Colombo has advertised for:
[Under its World Bank-funded Accelerating Higher Education Expansion and Development (AHEAD) project, the Department of Accounting, Faculty of Management and Finance seeks course facilitator(s) to conduct training programmes on Academic and Business English.]

When it is funded by World Bank – you have the responsibility to deliver services of Global standards and not those of your local environment which in this instance is male dominated. There is also the distinction between Academic English and Business English. Former is theory based program with very little practical outcome. Latter is practice based which must demonstrate ‘project’ based approach where the beginning and the end are clearly identified and are transparent as if they are commodities.
In the language of Hinduism – former is Lord Shiva in meditation and the latter is Krishna with particular physical characteristics. In the case of Shiva – who is destroyer of the physical – the beginning and the end cannot be individually identified with. There is a legend about this – according to which Brahma the Creator tried to find Shiva’s head and Vishnu the Preserver tried to find the Feet. Both failed. That is the way of programs as well as Academic Research. In business we clearly identify with the beginning and the end. Like Debits and Credits / Assets and Liabilities they are shown separately. Likewise in Governance and Administration including through Race and/or Gender. If  you do not ‘see’ differences – then you would not ‘show’ any likes and dislikes nor rights and wrongs except to continue together.
Your institution requires as follows, in the case of above vacancies:
Both programmes should be delivered through online learning platforms.’
How well do you qualify as a service provider who learns about students in virtual environment ? These skills are  necessary to construct your course from zero base. Platforms like mine – help you develop the opportunity to teach multicultural students.
Mr KKS Perera – You have demoted yourself in the ranking of entitlement to media freedom. One who takes up senior or junior position is INELIGIBLE to express freely.


Sunday 26 July 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

26 July  2020

Political Influence in Public Protests

The Universal Franchise is based on true belief. True belief works naturally. It empowers confidentially. It also exposes those who use power falsely. I realised this through my experiences at the University of NSW followed by the carriage of my book ‘Naan Australian’ to National Library of Australia via Library of Congress – New Delhi. To my mind all these institutions carry strong divine power of truth. I exercised my ‘vote’ through my book ‘Naan Australian’ written on the basis of how I experienced what happened at my workplace as well as with the Judiciary. Since it was based on truth – these repositories of wisdom came to me to include me as part of themselves. My book is presented as follows:
[History of a race discrimination case towards an Australian Tamil citizen of Sri Lankan origin by University of New South Wales.
Includes passages in Tamil.
Subjects          Paramasivam, Gaja Lakshmi -- Trials, litigation, etc.  |  Tamil (Indic people) -- Legal status, laws, etc -- Australia.  |  Race discrimination -- Law and legislation -- Australia.  |  Australian.]
It is interesting that I have been listed in the group – Indic people (Indo-Aryan people), rather than the alternate indigenous Tamils. Until recently I did not recognize any difference.
[The Indo-Aryans were united by shared cultural norms and language, referred to as aryā, "noble." Diffusion of this culture and language took place by patron-client systems, which allowed for the absorption and acculturalisation of other groups into this culture, and explains the strong influence on other cultures with which it interacted.
The alternate Indigenous Aryans theory places the Indo-Aryans languages as being entirely indigenous to the Indian subcontinent and later they spread outside the subcontinent; this theory has no support in mainstream scholarship]-Wikipedia

To my mind, the modern parallels of the above two groups in terms of Lankan Tamils are the heirs of Vaddukoddai Resolution which was a summary of the contribution to self governance by Ruling class (Indic people) on the one hand and those who sought Separation – to self-isolate themselves as  Indigenous Tamils, on the other. Tamil Political leaders such as GG Ponnambalam and SJV Chelvanayagam proved to be Global Tamils. In fact the Hon SJV Chelvanayagam who resorted to non-violent ways was born in Malaya and not in Lanka. They both died in 1977 – the year in which Tamils first became leading Opposition in Multicultural National Parliament. The current turmoil within Tamil National Alliance is due to conflict between the two groups – with Mr Sampanthan and Sumanthiran using the Indic  pathway and many others including Mr CV Wigneswaran using the Indigenous pathway. We have their parallels in the two main Sinhala political groups also.
I was strongly influenced into asking why after I was strongly criticised by Mr Donald Gnanakone in America and Mr Kumaran Ratnam with whom Donald shared my email communication expressing Opposition to the Black Lives Matter protest in NSW organized for Tuesday. My email was headed Black Lives v Old Lives - I Oppose the Black Lives Matter protest
 Donald presented his case as follows:
[…But I totally oppose your opposition, to the Black Lives Matter protest.
My family and I fully support the Black Lives Matter movement, and FYI
my daughter is a senior executive of the California Democratic Convention
and Party. N DNC…….
Gaja, I was sending that email and advise to Kumaran Ratnam.

I read your rubbish because you wrote about a subject I am involved in and
so is my family unlike yours.

Somebody has to tell you again that you are Sick and a Nut Case.
Do you get it. Just because I responded to one email in 4-5 years 
do not have the bloody illusion that all are reading the crazy rubbish.

I have no problem with your nuisance emails. I know what to do,.
Don't try to be black smart ass in the future with me. I dont care what
you do with the others who do not agree with you.]

Kumaran wrote :
[Most stupidest comment I have read in my entire life. If you are worried about Covid 19 just stay at home. I am 78 years old and feel that the to protest is a fundamental right and in the process if one has to sacrifice one's life so be it. 
We elders have to admire the courage these protesters have and leave them to do what is required to stop the oppression…..
I knew it and could not resist telling her. She had a toothache and feared she would die. Obviously she is looney. ]

One who believed in the fundamental right to protest will also recognize the fundamental right to Oppose. They would in no way ‘enforce’ by taking ‘senior’ position above the opposer.
More interestingly however, the response from Donald surfaced that his daughter who supported the Black Lives Matter movement was part of the current Opposition in Politics. Donald wrote:
[My daughter is not a Politician but an executive with the DNC.
I hope you know the difference.]
My response was:
[Wikipedia presents  DNC as follows:
The Democratic National Convention (DNC) is a series of presidential nominating conventions held every four years since 1832 by the United States Democratic Party
YOU may consider her to be non-political. But to me that whole group is a political group.
As for me writing rubbish – if that were true – you would not have responded but discarded it into the rubbish bin]

Today’s search for deeper understanding led me to an article by USA Today – headed ‘When Black lives matter to Democrats, and when they don't’
If they are not continuous then they are NOT belief based. Here in NSW, Australia, I have no knowledge of a discussion in Parliament in which the Opposition has supported the Protest. Hence whoever is protesting is representing an  Indigenous group. A ruling class will take into account the welfare of all those to whom they feel connected outside their local borders.
Interestingly Donald wrote in conclusion:

[Obviously she is a Mental case and I will have no further communication with her.
She should seek psychiatric help and there is free help in Australia.
Thank God she will not be allowed to Travel for another year, so she wont arrive
in Jaffna for a long time.]

Demonstrating my Indic origin I watched from Coogee, NSW – the celebrations of a Hindu festival in the indigenous Tamil community on Friday. They also sent me photos. I did not miss being there physically because I merged with the current policies of the governments of both my nations which involved sacrifices and all sacrifices develop higher pathways. My response to Donald was:

[Donald you lie to show your friend that you are above me. Since when did you become a Jaffna man? You are a broken Tamil hanging on to the Jaffna heritage for your personal purpose. If you were true to your word – you would not have sent me a CC. Liar!]
Every fact surfaced adds value to that forum at that time. Another American Tamil responded to me expressing appreciation. That became my motivating force to look into the Indic People description.
The Australian protests are about Indigenous Blacks. Their parallels in the USA are Native Americans. When we protest without true belief – the agenda gets hijacked by powerful politicians.