Friday 30 April 2021



Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

30 April 2021





How is one to distinguish between Politics & Governance? To my mind, Governance is the root and Politics is the fruit or other visible part of the tree. In his Financial Times article ‘ The China candidate and Opposition options’  Dr Dayan Jayatilleka states:

[In this week that Sri Lanka greeted the Defence Minister of China, a very important and superbly capable man who headed the rocket forces which have given his country an impressive A2/AD (Anti-Access/Area Denial) capacity, Colombo must realise that it has to play things very smartly. We must avoid making ourselves strategically more vulnerable, painting a target on our back by myopically seeking a fast-track build-up of our security through enhanced external patronage.]

Then there was this from a Tamil Diaspora leader :

Chinese defence minister is already in Colombo ; arrived with a fleet of white vans.’

Both are political expressions in terms of China. Both are Governance expressions in terms of Sri Lanka. Both are the parallels of LTTE’s globalization politically.  Dr Dayan Jayatilleka makes this connection as follows:

[There are disturbing developments on the political front, chiefly the dramatic arrest under the Prevention of Terrorism Act, of Muslim Member of Parliament Rishad Bathiudeen. Though the charge pertains to the Easter massacre, his lawyer points out that he has not been named in the Easter Commission Report as culpable in any capacity. 
His arrest comes mere weeks after the similar arrest of the outspoken Azath Salley and the Mayor of Jaffna, Viswalingam Manivannan, all political personalities in the democratic mainstream. The uncontradicted rumour of arrest swirling around Harin Fernando, the outspoken young SJB MP, completes the picture
. ]

To my mind, as a senior to Dayan in terms of Jaffna, the inclusion of Mayor of Jaffna, Viswalingam Manivannan  in the above list is highly political and takes value away from the rest of his message. In Manivannan’s case the arrest  was political adjustment that would be beneficial to Jaffna and in fact was needed by Jaffna to become independent of Canadian Diaspora and therefore Canadian Politics. Yesterday, I highlighted through my article ‘THE QUID PRO QUO FOR WAR MEMORIAL PROTEST’ – the political return for Canadian protests against the demolition of war memorial in University of Jaffna, was the Tamil Chair in Toronto University. Manivannan showed support for the students who were protesting. If it is belief based – it is the right kind of politics which would strengthen governance value.

The political infiltration began due to weak governance. As per the Scarborough Mirror report headed ‘John Tory signs "good governance" pact between Toronto and Jaffna’:


[At the Jaffna Public Library on March 19, Tory signed a partnership agreement with C.V. Wigneswaran, chief minister of Sri Lanka’s Northern Province, as well as the Jaffna Municipal Council, on “good governance, education, library and economic development.”

The library once had one of the largest collections of books in Asia, but was burned by a mob in 1981 during the decades-long civil war on the island, and is still rebuilding.

Tory’s office said books the mayor brought for a donation to the library all relate to Toronto, and were shortlisted for the Toronto Book Awards.]


As per the system of Karma, we need to look at our own -selves to know the root cause. If the other side is considered an ‘outsider’ – in this instance the Sri Lankan government – then we need evidence. If there is no such evidence, but outsiders did cause the damage – then the library was not protected. By this time, the LTTE was active and hence intellectual and political  pathway to self-governance was diluted – including through education. Those who are driven by the ‘seen’ thus became open to donations from foreigners.

Since 2003, I was dedicated to improving the Public Administrative Service in Northern & Eastern Provinces and have been publishing my work. This included contribution to Due Process in a Sexual misconduct case at the University of Jaffna and experience of the Jaffna Judicial system through Thesawalamai law. Mr Manivannan appeared for us in the latter case and lost. The lack of responsibility by Manivannan who was our lawyer, resulted in denial of Certificate of Heirship until 15 April 2021 – for a matter decided on 14 March 2018. Of greater concern is that the monies are reported to have been collected by Mallakam Court and Mrs Saraswathi Sabanathan – now an Australian citizen, without our consent or a court approval for Administration. This is basic and yet Manivannan avoided our calls.  

To my mind, once we distance ourselves – the karma will happen through a different pathway but our karma would also be included. I wrote a book on this and a medical professional who read it tried to use Sigmund Freud’s theory of mental illness and cure on me.  I reminded this all-male group except for me – that I come armed with my deep cultural values and that I was NOT an orphan. There was no expression of appreciation for my work but my work became the medium to demote me. One wrote in relation to my book which was also donated to the Jaffna Public Library:

[You got Para isolated from his family. Let me let the cat out now, many wanted me to keep you out of this group as you were non productive. One wrote, ஆழம் அறியாமல் காலை விடாதே, (don’t step without knowing the depth)  and for me to keep out of you. How true. Another wrote pl keep her away and I delete her at once. Many asked me who you are? I any way accepted you being an academic and a thinker. But I agree that you have bitten me now. I will certainly look a fool if they see my predicament.]

 The Court decision through Manivannan was a major reason for the above criticism. This is similar to the case of , Dr Lukman Thalib  about whose matter I wrote as follows:

[The Sri Lankan Commission seems to have used the already packaged intelligence of Qatar, the USA and Australia. When one looks at the root – which nation’s law was Professor  Thalib entitled to be protected by – Qatar, Australia or Sri Lanka?]

Likewise, Manivannan who has been open about Tamil Nationalism – failed the test through Thesawalamai law, particular to Jaffna Tamils. His political alliance is confusing. By abandoning his culture but claiming to be a Tamil Nationalist – he accelerated the process of becoming an orphan. The Lankan government just copied the verdict by the People and his former political leader – Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam – and showed its might through Manivannan – the orphaned politician. This would have been governance arrest if Manivannan had been true to laws traditional to Jaffna. THAT would deserved global attention. That is the way the Universal power of Karma works.



Thursday 29 April 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

29 April 2021



I was thinking of LTTE’s isolation karma in relating to a Tamil Diaspora group that seemed to have abandoned its cultural structures and therefore protection. I  responded as follows  to that group :

[As per ‘community news’ a Tamil  academic who was  isolating refugees in special accommodation was ‘caught’ using that house for his own ulterior purposes. When we are isolated from our elders we lose the protection of their ‘systems’ and behave crudely. Those of us who attribute to our elders carry that protection with us. They are the Sithar in us. You have repeatedly ridiculed such beliefs including when I wrote about my brother paying his respects to our mother. Hence the Kannaki Sithar appeared to disintegrate your group through which you falsely accuse. Hence your Madurai is burning]

Sithar / Saints are the Truth of positive values that we carry within us. Demons are the true negative values known as sins. over which we have lost control. To my mind, the native label that was given to me by the University of NSW which is used by those who rely on external labels – is picked up by those who seek to isolate and take advantage. This has become a particular evil in the Tamil refugee community and manifests in various forms of intimidation, isolation and deterioration in community culture.

I believe that the systems we believe in come with us as our protection. This is the core reason why we have memorials. Leaders who ‘take’ the benefits and abandon the system lose that protection and the become victims of ‘free power’. When LTTE recruited child-soldiers the children  were separated from their families by force and lost the protection of their social cultures. Once within – the LTTE culture they got indoctrinated – often preceded by show of ‘sweet’ pleasures they did not enjoy previously in their home backgrounds. Those were the quid pro quos. In turn the LTTE community was isolated and slaughtered.

The Tamil Diaspora artificially lifted the matter to the UN level and carried the Isolation Karma with it. Without the true connection to Lankan Tamils – who carry positive karma in education, the Diaspora is likely to lose connection with Universal Franchise of belief.

Proof of this political quid pro quo in terms of education emerged this week. As per the Island report about the War Memorial at the University of Jaffna:

[A memorial constructed in 2019 in the university premises was declared an unauthorised construction by the University Grants Commission and Prof Satgunarasa ordered its demolition. That memorial was demolished on Jan 08. Following the demolition students began a protest.]

The 2019 construction was  without the blessings of University elders whose energies are in the form of Due Processes. The demolition in January this year cleared that block to practice of respect for elders. But many foreigners were brought into the picture  and this was led by Canada, through the Canadian Tamil Diaspora just before the March UNHRC session. The return? :

First Tamil  Chair in Toronto University

Canadian Tamils USED the deterioration of the Education system in Jaffna to boost their own status in Canada and the global community. The real price paid was the autonomy of the University of Jaffna whose academic  have  become dependent on the Tamil Diaspora’s handouts. In January I raised the question whether Canada was stealing our heritage?  The ‘yes’ answer came this with through the handout ‘First Tamil  Chair in Toronto University’. 

This puts Canada’s own investment in its sovereignty at risk.

A good example of this self – isolation is Prof. Dr. Lukman Thalib named in the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into Easter Bombings.

As per the Island article - Australian of SL origin named as Easter Sunday carnage suspect appeals to UN:

[The Australian passport holder Thalib of Sri Lankan origin told The Island: “Recent discussions on Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka has brought my name from out of the blue. I have spent all my life as a Professor of Public Health and a scientific researcher working for the protection and preservation of life, motivated by my deep respect for human life. I have been devastated by this highly politicised, fabricated information and false accusations.”]

An earlier news Cage report presented the following on 14 December 2020:

[Australian nationals, Dr Lukman Thalib and his son Ismail Talib have been arbitrarily detained and tortured in Qatar since 27 July 2020. They were held incommunicado for 37 days and have not been given access to legal representation. In addition to being held without charge or trial, they have been interrogated, enduring cruel and inhumane treatment, including sleep deprivation, temperature exposure and bring restrained in painful stress positions, all of which is in violation of international law against torture.]

The Guardian reported on 16 January 2021:

[Ahmed Luqman Talib was named by the US state department in mid-October as a facilitator of al-Qaida and accused of using his gem-trading business to move money across the globe. A short time later, Victorian police, the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation and the Australian federal police raided his home.]

As per the Common Sri Lankan - The Easter Bombing happened due to lack of belief based connection between India and Sri Lanka and within Sri Lanka between the then Prime Minister and the President. These are subjective powers which get weakened due to lack of commonness. In strong administration this common power is the protection of the whole. Towards this one should not ‘wait’ for objectively measurable proof  before acting to ‘prevent and protect’

The Sri Lankan Commission seems to have used the already packaged intelligence of Qatar, the USA and Australia. When one looks at the root – which nation’s law was Professor  Thalib entitled to be protected by – Qatar, Australia or Sri Lanka. One is limited to the protection as per one’s own practice and / or belief. This certainly is not global law in the case of Professor Talib. If he truly believes in Allah – Allah will  protect him.

Wednesday 28 April 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

28 April 2021




This morning, after receiving a copy of the certificate of heirship dated on 26 June 2018, from Mallakam Courts, I spoke to Mrs Indrani Balasundaram and she said that god gives everyone as per their own rights and wrongs. This is true. But the question is whether it is positive or negative for us. I rang because we used our status with her son in law – Mahadevan Sritharan to finalise  the marriage with Indrani’s daughter Shangeetha. We sponsored Sritharan as part of our family but it is now a clear case of immigration gone wrong.

The system of Karma works on truth. When we are therefore true to our conscience and live within the guidelines of that conscience, we connect to Universal power of Truth. Hence the voting system is recognised as Universal Franchise.

The LTTE paved the way for Tamils to emigrate and thus abandon the structures developed over generations. The Dowry system was abused by Mahadevan Sritharan’s family who effectively ‘stole’ the traditional home of his mother Sakthidevi. When a property is passed through a particular system – it becomes ‘common’ to all those in a particular family unit that is considered to be ‘sovereign’. Hence the importance of law and order in any country that has attained nationhood. Tamils are claiming to be such a nation. The LTTE fought on that basis. But this is not true and this case is also an example of such false declarations.

We tried many times to keep them connected to the core sovereignty of the system regulated by Thesawalami Law – as applicable to Jaffna Tamils. Accordingly, Sritharan’s mother Sakthidevi received the traditional home as dowry but claimed in court that she did not get any dowry. Effectively it was made out that whatever she now has was earned by her and her husband – Sellathurai Mahadevan who has custody of the traditional home. Effectively Sritharan Mahadevan disconnected with his community elders and the legacy he left behind in Northern Sri Lanka is one that makes orphans of his elders. In other words he also contributed to government takeovers of lands. Today, I wrote as follows in this regard:

[As per my knowledge – LTTE killed political elders and hence they disconnected with political elders’ powers – including that of SJV. They formed their own unit – headed by their armed power. This may not be in harmony with your knowledge and experience. But I write within the truth known to me. Mine is not an opinion but experience based conclusion. As individuals I do like them very much. But beyond that as a system they lost their way. To me that was due to the curse of killing elders. If not we ought to abandon the ceremonies for respecting our parents and elders during marriages and funerals.]

If we are to be independent / sovereign,  we need to pay our respects to our elders or begin from zero base – without any inheritance. In Tamil Hindu philosophy Ganesh did the former and Murugan did the latter. As minorities we earn the right to self-rule only when we renounce – including our common educational titles as Sri Lankans and begin with zero base.







Tuesday 27 April 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

27 April 2021




Those who believe, do not wait for proof and those who wait for proof are not root owners.


This morning, my Canadian brother directed me to the IBC Tamil program at

The area covered was that of Yoga Swami. I wrote back on the basis of my own experience in 2003 which was for the core purpose of  helping Tamil Rebels develop an appropriate Administrative structure. We went to Jaffna in relation to the poor sanitary conditions in public housing complex at Columbuthurai. After completing the official work, I went in search of Yoga Swami’s home. The area looked very different and I felt I had to ask around. I asked the tuk-tuk guy to stop the vehicle for this purpose. When we asked the pedestrian he pointed to the building right there! To me it was my belief that manifested this outcome. When we are driven by belief, the form of the cause given by us is the right form. The evidence would happen subsequently.

When I sought to speak to the Vice Chancellor of the University of NSW, I did so due to my feeling of ownership through my work dedicated to democratic resource management system. But instead of seeing me – the Vice Chancellor let matters happen and this ended up with me being unlawfully arrested. Through my continued experience, I believed that the reason was race. The Police listed me as Sri Lankan – and that was the evidence needed. Despite surfacing this in court – I was dismissed. My book ‘Naan Australian’ was born out of that pain. It found its way to the National Library of Australia where the following summary explains the subject matter:

‘History of a race discrimination case towards an Australian Tamil citizen of Sri Lankan origin by University of New South Wales.

A believer would not need proof. A believer identifies directly with the core message. As a migrant I was entitled to be assessed on merit basis – towards which my outstanding performance was recorded as per the scientific criteria. Yet, the Vice Chancellor took the easy way out. Due to the anxieties carried by me as a Sri Lankan Tamil, to weaken which I did not blame the government – as majority Tamils known to me did – my pain in Australia reached Universal level. This manifested as the ‘Scientific Fraud’ scandal after I physically left the University. This meant that I was dead as far as the University was concerned. But my mind was left to complete that experience. The Tamil saying ‘Ottappam Veetai chudum’. The legend is recorded as follows:

[Saint Patinathar begged for alms. His Sister was ashamed of this and she invited him to her house and gave him appam/hopper  with poison. Patinatharwith his inner  powers ‘saw’ this  and placed the hopper  in her roof and
went away – saying ‘
Than vinai thannais chudum, ottappam veetai chudum’/ One's negative action will burn one; hopper in the roof will  burn the house.]

The parallel  here is that the Saint who was from a wealthy background begged for food as I was begging for the responsibility to do the work to democratize the system. Like the saint I stuck the poisoned system and my insight at the top before walking away from the University. Thereafter the system burnt itself through its own corrupt ways in Research funding against which I argued and was condemned for doing so. The Research hopper at the University burnt the high status that the University was enjoying through pretence.

Those who believe, do not wait for proof and those who wait for proof are not root owners.

Yester, this came to mind when a fellow Australian Tamil responded as follows, to my article headed ‘CONSTITUTIONAL DEVOLUTION OF POWER:

[Unfortunately constitution doesn't mean anything to the Rajapaksas who carry on regardless, shaping for a military rule  in my opinion ]

But as a true owner of Sri Lanka I identify with strong indicators between disturbance to heritage and the spread of Corona virus, highlighted by the Hindu as follows through its report - ‘Sri Lanka braces for third COVID-19 wave’:

[Preparing for a possible third wave of the coronavirus following a recent spike in cases, Sri Lanka on Monday said all schools in the Western Province, where capital Colombo is located, and the North Western Province will be closed.

Over the last few days, Sri Lanka recorded about 800 cases or more a day, taking the total number of cases reported in the island to over one lakh, and the number of fatalities to 644, as of Monday morning. Over 6,000 cases are currently active. The National Operations Centre for Prevention of COVID-19 Outbreak reported 892 positive cases on Monday.]

As per my belief in the Constitution – Article 9 is relative and article 14 is absolute. Those who follow ‘ Buddhism foremost’ in practice relate. Those who believe and practice  article 14 in the Fundamental Rights chapter would connect to the exponential power of Sovereignty. The latter have insight; former need visible proof. Both articles were in the 1972 constitution and have survived the subsequent changes. Whoever drafted the 1972 Constitution contributed to the Sovereignty of Sri Lanka. Such articles connect us to Universal powers of Self-Governance. The negatives would lead to self-combustion – as indicated by exponentiality.

As written previously – I connected to the fire at the opening of Shangri-la resort, in Hambantota, to be a warning from Kathirgama Murugan. That fire was also on the roof. The 2019 Easter Bombings have resulted in damage to the then President who opened the resort. To me – that was due to artificial promotion of that sacred area.

Given that I do not have scientific knowledge about the virus – my belief gives me the reason. Hence when China became the origin of the virus – for disturbing Silkroad Heritage, my mind went to Hambantota being taken over by China. This includes not only the Kathirgamam area but also the Sinharaja forest area. According to Natural World Heritage Sites:

[Sinharaja supports more than 90% of Sri Lanka’s 26 endemic bird species, and 75% of the country’s 20 endemic mammals. Many of the tree species protected within this small reserve are highly threatened by forest destruction elsewhere on the island, so Sinharaja represents the ‘best chance’ to ensure their long-term conservation. Sixty percent of the tree species recorded at Sinharaja is found only in Sri Lanka, while more than 90% of its Dipterocarp trees are endemic to the island.  New discoveries are still being made, but existing knowledge clearly demonstrates the importance of Sinharaja for the conservation of Sri Lanka’s endemic fauna and flora, including especially large numbers of unique reptiles, amphibians, freshwater fish, invertebrate animals and plants such as ferns and orchids. ]

As per recent News First article ‘Sinharaja Rainforest losing forest cover ?’ :

[Dr. Punchinilame Meegaswatte, Secretary-General of Sri Lanka National Commission for UNESCO (SLNCU) said the construction of a tank or a lake as proposed by the Gin – Nilwala Diversion project will directly damage the forest.

What would be the repercussions of diverting waterways near Sinharaja due to the Gin – Nilwala project?

According to the statements made by minister Chamal Rajapaksa, the project will be carried out by China.

If China constructs two reservoirs after diverting the Gin and Nilwala rivers, wouldn’t they be allowed to control the supply of water to the people in low-lying areas?

Recently, News 1st reported on China’s Water Blackmail practice that has affected several nations in the recent past.

According to a report in the Harvard International Review, the diversion of water could have grave implications for the livelihoods of almost half of the world’s population in South and Southeast Asia.

The report adds that China has established control over the rivers Brahmaputra, Irrawaddy, and Mekong rivers in the Tibetan Plateau.

Will the proposed Gin – Nilwala project, make Sri Lanka fall prey to China’s Water Blackmail approach]


The above resolution happened in November 2020. Now it is being extended to Colombo Port City for Economic reasons. Native Rights are protected by the land itself. If Northerners who pray to Murugan – are denied access to their native lands then Southern Murugan at Kathirgamam would be invoked. Both are exponential. To right this wrong – Buddhists need to believe in article 14 and take article 9 as the Executive responsibility to facilitate practice of one’s belief.


When fundamental rights are damaged by executive power – the damage is exponential. China traded in the fundamental values of Sri Lanka  and ended up making a Tibet in Sri Lanka’s North – where the Chief is Hindu but the Ruling Secretary is driven by Communism wearing Buddhist clothes.

 I believe through my own experience, that when fundamental rights in a family are damaged the cause is exposed as money. Then the damage is exponential. We need to flatten the curve to facilitate the citizen to manage it.



Monday 26 April 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

26 April 2021






Article 3 of the Sri Lankan Constitution confirms People’s power  as follows

[In the Republic of Sri Lanka sovereignty is in the People and is inalienable. Sovereignty includes the powers of government, fundamental rights and the franchise.]

This then means that where a citizen has no administrative relationship with a member of the government, the citizen leads that member in governance. Its family parallel is that of an adult daughter or son leading a parent in later years. From then on, the power of the parent becomes invisible. Likewise, in the case of in the case of non-executive governors. In a mature democracy – the head of State would be such a governor. Where the Executive power of the head of State is greater than this governing power, it is an autocracy and not democracy.

The 1972 Constitution divided the Administration into two parts through Article 9. Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976 was a confirmation of democracy – as facilitated by Article 6 which become Article 9 in the 1978 constitution. It is an article that Constitutionally devolves power. But the different parties interpreted it differently as per their own truth. It is that interpretation that needs to change to suit the current generation.

When the Equal position of Tamils were confirmed in 1977 - through Equal Opposition position in National Parliament – the value of 1976 Vaddukoddai Resolution was confirmed by the People each group contributing through its own feeling of ownership. Today’s Eelanadu newspaper confirms this on behalf of Tamils,  on its page 2 through the writeup by the son of the Hon Appapillai Amirthalingam.

The 6th Amendment to the Constitution happened after the July 1983 pogrom. It begins as follows:

[157A. (1) No person shall, directly or indirectly, in or Sri Lanka support, espouse, encourage or advocate the establishment of a separate State within the territory of Sri Lanka.]

The terminology used was interpreted  by the LTTE as Separate country. Had the Equal status that happened in 1977 been accepted by the Government as the Community level parallel of a political party – the war would have been under the jurisdiction of Politicians and therefore would have not resulted in India’s intervention. This morning I wrote as follows:

[Today is Chithra Paruvamdedicated to mothers.  ….. a good mother automatically generates good children exponentially I knew it was dedicated to mothers but learnt about making kanji only when I resided at Thunaivi. The kanji they make is traditional and tastes heavenly. But the senior castes do not seem to practice it nor do they share in the kanji made by junior  caste folks. As per that video you directed me to – Madam Kalayarasi  Nadarasan states in that that a true Tamil recognizes NO caste discrimination]

If we did recognize caste diversity – it was our duty to facilitate completion of governance by that caste – without being  unlawful, and accept their leadership as foremost in their area. That would have sustained our Nationalism claim. Later LTTE was accepted due to its military power.

Article 157A would be read by the Common Sri Lankan as prohibiting separate state. This naturally applies to Colombo Port City being ruled by a diverse set of laws to the rest of the Nation. That is the way of karma.


Sunday 25 April 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

25 April 2021



We Australians celebrate ANZAC day today. I thought of my uncle Ratnam Durai who was an agent in the Office of Strategic Services, during World War II. The statement about his torture (Appendix) was recorded by the officials and was preserved by my other uncle Lionel Durai who sent me the records from Myanmar, before he passed away. Strangely, yesterday we registered a call from Myanmar. When I answered – the phone got cut off. I dialled the number but no one picked up on the other side. My search said it was an advertising agency. But the timing seemed to remind me of my uncle who died in the war. This morning when participating in the ANZAC services, I remembered my uncle who joined the Allied Forces. It is highly doubtful that my uncle identified with the Government’s motive. Back then, Burma was under British rule. But by effect we know that my uncle contributed to uphold family values – so his sister would get married and maintain the independence of the wife who brings dowry as per share of the capital of the new family. My mother honoured that until her death. Now I continue to honour my uncle and by effect the value he contributed to – towards upholding the self-respect of a woman.

After the above call, I read also about the new war-memorial at University of Jaffna war Memorial  which like ANZAC would mean different types of relativity to various groups. As per the Island report :

[Undergraduates of the Jaffna University yesterday unveiled a memorial. But the Vice Chancellor of the University, who was scheduled to attend the opening was absent. The monument is in memory of those who had been killed at Mullaivaikkal in 2009 during the final days of the war between the LTTE and the security forces.]

Those who were killed included fighters from both sides. Earlier in the year, when the original memorial was demolished:

[A memorial constructed in 2019 in the university premises was declared an unauthorised construction by the University Grants Commission and Prof Satgunarasa ordered its demolition. That memorial was demolished on Jan 08. Following the demolition students began a protest.]

I opposed the protests on the basis that the monument was not in line with the core purpose of the University. The protestors have had their way and now we have the official memorial – which to me is the parallel of the excessive punishment to the officer punished over the death of George Floyd, which gave birth to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. Both are strongly influenced by emotions and fail to uphold justice in which neither side gains nor loses but both sides bring their own minds to a balance.

The University of Jaffna brought about such a balance to offset the pain of Standardization Policy by the then government which brought in a quota system of entry to the then existing Universities. By effect the University of Jaffna has become the example of Separate State driven by brawn power. The higher standard of Common Education was killed to accommodate the very majority rule excesses against which we fought. Today, I honoured all those who got killed to protect the values of Education that leads to Truth. The motto of the University of Jaffna is ‘Knowledge leads to Truth’

The University of Jaffna came about due to Tamil contribution to Education as well as Politics. Education without Politics / Belief based governance is as damaging as Politics without Education in a global environment. Now that Jaffna Tamils have become a smaller minority not only in Sri Lanka but also in the region and beyond, we need to work harder to raise our standards through global laws and not global politics.

Like my uncle, Australians who fought in World Wars did so largely to defend their own family values. By following the rules of war – they raised their contribution to the highest common level of their side. If protecting the self-respect of Tamils was the goal of Tamil leaders – that happened through our politicians who were well educated and were respectful of the laws that prevailed in Sri Lanka. If the memorial was built to appease the would be rebels then the government is luring the youth for whatever reason.  







ON 22 JANUARY  1944 BY



Q:        Do you have any information concerning the death of one RATNAM DURAI at the New Law Courts Building, Rangoon, Burma? If so, please state what you know of your own knowledge concerning the incident?

Capt. Maloney: When I was placed in the New Law Courts Building, RATNUM DURAI was already confined in a cell adjacent to the one to which I was assigned, and was moved to my cell in about 10 days. On nearly every day for several weeks after I arrived, one or more interrogators, usually the interpreters, would come to the cell and ask him questions. I understood from the questions that they were seeking information as to the radio frequencies and codes he used as an agent for the United States intelligence, where he was trained, and the names of other natives trained with him. The interrogators would frequently beat him with a heavy club or rubber hose while in the cell. At other times he would be taken from the cell and be gone for a period of from a few hours to 2 days. When he was returned to his cell his body would show evidence of very severe beating, and frequently he had been so badly mistreated that he could not walk. About half the time he was given nothing to eat and did not recover. He died in January 1944, about 6 weeks after I arrived. He had no diseases or injury, except from apparent beatings, when I first arrived.


Q: State what was told to you concerning this mistreatment and of the background of RATNUM DURAI?

Capt. Maloney: I was told that DURAI was a Hindu and a citizen of Burma, but had been trained by the United States Intelligence and dropped from a plane behind the Japanese lines in Burma as an agent; that he was captured during the latter part of November 1943 and immediately brought to the New Law Courts Building.

DURAI told me that he was always beaten when he was taken from his cell for interrogation and that on several occasions he was hung by his feet from the ceiling of the interrogation room, so that his head was barely above the floor, and that water was then poured in his nose.


Q: Can you give any information as to those responsible for the mistreatment resulting in the death of RATNUM DUARI?

Capt. Maloney: There was one Japanese interpreter who was on the case continuously and gave many of the beatings. He was about 25 years old, about 5’5” tall and could speak good English. He said he knew a little about boxing and that he was one of the few Japanese there who wore their hair long as in Western style.

Signed : RAYMOND A.MALONEY, Captain, AC. ASN 0-726056