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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

27 December   2021




They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. As per my Tamil culture we carry our Truth as our Karma. As per my discovery – this karma surfaces when our mind is still or idle. When the mind is still, positive karma surfaces. Hence Yoga Swami of Jaffna said ‘Summa Iru’/Be Still. When the mind is idle negative karma surfaces. Hence penance is done to the Navagraha shrine in Hindu temples. The Corona invokes positive karma in the still mind and negative karma in the idle mind. The pattern of fall of political leadership confirms this through the pandemic. It is a pandemic due to exponential spread. The pandemic began in China due to the Silk Road Heritage being disturbed for current economic profits. All those who even ‘Thought of Profit’ paid the high price of exponential costs.


The pandemic happened in Sri Lanka after the end of the armed war. From then it ought to be a heritage and once that happens there are no separate costs or benefits / losses or wins. If the armed war was over – then it ought to have been of heritage value to all affected. Both side and their associates  keep invoking the war for their personal benefits without realising that they are invoking a war-pandemic. The above picture came to me with a footnote ‘WHAT A JOKE’. It would have been considered painful by a victim of war who continues to suffer. Rina fought the Navy and got her Land. We fought in Northern Courts for the higher heritage of Thesawalamai even though dowry was given to the daughters. One of them got the ancestral home as dowry but claimed it was ‘Donation’. Jaffna Court of Appeal upheld this and ruled us out of our inherited leadership position. When a junior genuinely respects a senior – the position of senior is instantaneously inherited by the junior. Relationships without respect are no relationships. They are mere associations without heritage value. The position of Administrator of the Estate would have confirmed the true position we held in the family. But the Courts took over the position and awarded it to the Petitioner – who got the Vaddukoddai ancestral home as dowry. How can such a community expect justice in terms of Land which is more visible and therefore less valuable relative to Rights?


Yesterday, I received an email that was according to which, the statement headed as follows was released to Media on 24 December 2021:

Statement given by Justice C.V.Wigneswaran,M.P. to I.P.Premawardana of the Colombo Crime Division regarding complaint made by Nadeeka Darshana Weeraduwa on 22.10.2020 to the said Colombo Crime Division.

The above includes the following:

[The Complaint : That the LTTE is not a terrorist organization and that the Government has to be responsible for their transformation.

(Mr CVW): My comments:  LTTE was a political movement consisting of Tamil youth who fought for the freedom of the Tamils against Sinhala hegemony.

They were similar to Subash Chandra Bose’s military unit in India that fought for the freedom of India from the British.  If not for the planned colonization of Tamil speaking areas with persons brought from outside the Northern and Eastern Provinces, the passing of ‘Sinhala Only’ Act , Standardization in  Higher Education, the  1958,1983 and other pogroms against the Tamils where infants, youth and elders among Tamils were brutally killed and women raped,  burning  of the Jaffna Library, and militarizing the North and East,  the Tamil youth, some of whom had been selected to the Medical & Engineering Faculties of our  Universities, would not have joined the  freedom movement to militarily attack the Government Forces. Various Sri Lankan governments have held official talks with the LTTE from time to time. Governments have allowed the LTTE to visit and stay in all parts of the country, including Colombo. The government lifted the ban on the LTTE in 2002. I have also read in the media that the Sri Lankan government provided arms to the LTTE in the late 1980s. Therefore, from time-to-time Sri Lankan governments have referred to the LTTE as a Terrorist organization for their own needs and later refrained from doing so. This has created a situation of ambiguity among the people in terms of their long and short term memories.

 The word    “Terrorist”   is a word used by the Sri Lankan State to refer to those who did not agree with them. It is the State that categorizes a person as a Terrorist or otherwise. If the State does not like a person who stresses his right of self-determination he would be called a terrorist. If the State does not like someone’s religion the State would call persons of that religious group terrorists.

Keppetipola Dissawe was called a terrorist or a criminal by the British and as a Freedom fighter and a Hero by the Sri Lankan peoples. LTTE cadres were freedom fighters against the cruel and brutal activities  of  successive Sri Lankan governments. Indeed it is the Sri Lankan Military who qualify for description by that expression. The Tamils of the North & East do not refer to the LTTE as Terrorists; only the government and some Sinhalese call them so.

I have the right of freedom of expression under Article 14 of the Constitution to state my views.]

Freedom of speech is a Human Right only if one believes. Mr Wigneswaran’s belief has been published as follows:

Swami Premananda: Avatar behind bars

by Adam Parsons

[…….A more mystical interpretation of the case surprisingly comes from a Supreme Court Judge in Sri Lanka, C.V. Wigneshwaran, who is a long-time devotee of Premananda and one of many defence witnesses rejected by the courts as a wishful thinker. The most important thing to recognise, says Judge Wigneshwaran, is not only the deplorable infringements of human rights, or even the manifest injustices taking place in the Indian legal system, but simply the prisoners who have transformed their lives after meeting Premananda in jail.]

If indeed, Mr Wigneswaran believed that his guru was wrongly punished by the Indian Judiciary, he had every right to state as above. If true – the Indian Judicial system would have been ‘cursed’. If false – then the curse would come back to origin.


If Mr Wigneswaran believed that the LTTE was a ‘Political Movement’ then as Chief Minister of Northern Province, he invoked military rule on Northern Province of Sri Lanka. The LTTE is known to be a military leadership that killed civilian Tamil Political leaders to ‘takeover’ power. That is the way of Asura’s – humans with animalistic tendencies. The LTTE churned the Tamil Community of  Sri Lanka with intellectual politicians on the other side as their Opposition. The poison from the churning came out before the nectar. The poison was the suicidal minds that led to the early death  of combatants through suicide. The nectar followed but was hijacked by the LTTE who took it to their end of the community. Then the Tamils of North did as  Vishnu did and took Mohini form to seduce the Asuras. That was how Mr Wigneswaran became their Mohini. But given that Mr Wigneswaran started living with them – he produced heirs who were Asuras. This we know through his time as the Chief Minister of Northern Province.


Now Northern Province is Asura dominated. To such a community – it would be basic right to fight without rules and die. Likewise, to mate with their own children – purely on the basis of physical attraction. Hence Mr Premananda would be right for them.


At the other end are those who forego at the physical level – and are blessed with the sweetness of Divine Love that the likes of Mahatma Gandhi realized through abstinence at physical level. He is not mentioned by Mr Wigneswaran.


Let us see what the People of North and East seek at the next Provincial Council elections. If they seek Asura leadership  – then they would accept early death of themselves as well as their children in the fitness test. If they seek to be Divine – then they need to accept the punishment that LTTE was produced by their own haste to enjoy physically and thus protect their intellectual heritage.


If the Tamil Diaspora ‘sees’ deaths – and does not know why but claims Genocide instead of ‘Suicide’ then as per their soul power they will produce more and more Asuras who would be the bodies in which Mohini Pisasu / Demon – has found homes.


Friday 24 December 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

24 December   2021





As per American news Racism is  active and kicking in the USA. Until we know otherwise, that picture formed,  rooted in our belief is a fact to us.

Yesterday, I indicated my objections to Australian Government’s current moves to invest in the Sri Lankan Education market. That is one way of luring Resources into Australia – in return for the Aid. To get this ‘insider’ intelligence I did not have to tap our Ministers’ phones as ICAC- Independent Commission Against Corruption  did here in New South Wales. The American parallel goes like this:

[Errant bankers shouldn’t have faced jail time in 2008, and Rajaratnam most certainly shouldn’t have faced prison time in 2011. But he did. A Judge with his fingers on the scales of justice limited Rajaratnam’s defense, allowed the prosecutors to play wiretapped calls taken completely out of context, plus the mere instruction of jurors took several hours. Rajaratnam was found guilty on 14 counts of “insider trading,”] John Tamny in Forbes article ‘The Tragic and Needless Destruction of Raj Rajaratnam, Price-Giver Extraordinaire


Wiretapping is eavesdropping. When we listen to each other’s mind – it is known as indicator. When we use that information to gain benefits from outsiders – it is known as spying.


Indicators confirm the inner mind cohesion known as intuition. Truth, Love, God are different outer forms of  this  universal power. They connect us to each other through their inner communication Energy, known as intuition. The external form needs proof due to lack of this inner connection.   It generates intellectual connections often referred to as Science. The Covid virus is exponentially powered due to its ability to Oppose from within. When medicine is used for destruction – this exponentially negative power surfaces from within. Laws and Rules reduce the excessive enjoyment of benefits – especially of the distant past. As a Sri Lankan – this is my reasoning in relation to why the Corona virus originated in China. The more animalistic our conduct – the shorter our lifespan. That is the general rule. As exceptions some have completed their journey and are ready to leave their mortal coil. To my mind, the Hon  Mangala Samaraweera – died of Covid despite being vaccinated for this reason.


As per the Forbes review:

[Raj Rajaratnam’s excellent and essential new book, Uneven Justice: The Plot to Sink Galleon. Rajaratnam was the founder of the wildly successful technology hedge fund Galleon that was needlessly destroyed by zealous prosecutors, and Uneven Justice is his “attempt to shed light on the corrupt few” in government “who act with impunity and destroy lives and families to further their career ambitions.” If you read Rajaratnam’s book, prepare to be enraged. From the very first page.]


I highlighted in yesterday’s article – Dr Asoka’s mind as follows:

[The Philadelphia experiment and Mkultra funded many universities all over the world.

The original attempt was to train killer spies who assassin political opponents and then commit suicide.]


The phrase ‘wildly successful technology’ brings to my mind the LTTE’s  Karthigai flower / Gloriosa Superba – a wild flower in Sri Lanka. It is also known as Murugan’s flower. It is also the National Flower of Tamil Nadu which funded and trained the LTTE. The relevance is - the mind structure that Mr Rajaratnam demonstrated  as Opposed to that of his prosecutor Preet Bharara, about whom the Forbes states:


[A microscopic fraction of his total trades are alleged to have been made with MPNI. About those trades, please keep in mind that Galleon “had lost over $30 million” on them. Except that reason is of no consequence on matters such as these. Preet Bharara couldn’t be U.S. attorney for the southern district of New York forever. Private sector money needed to be made. A handcuffed billionaire like Rajaratnam would be his whale. Don’t worry, it gets even worse.]


George Packer of the New Yorker presents the following picture of Preet Bharara in his report headed ‘A Dirty Business’:

[Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, is, like so many others in the Galleon story, a Punjabi. He was born in 1968, in Firozpur, India. When Bharara was still a toddler, his father, a pediatrician, moved the family to Monmouth County, New Jersey, and Preet grew up in the suburbs, a thoroughly Americanized  striver. His parents drove him pretty hard—“The Tiger Mom actually made my dad look good,” he joked to me—and he was the kind of schoolboy who bought how-to books on getting an A-plus in math. After graduating as his high-school valedictorian, in 1986, he attended Harvard, then Columbia Law. Bharara is the son of a Sikh father and a Hindu mother]


Wikipedia presents also about Bharara:

[He transferred to the U.S. Department of Justice in 2004 as an assistant U.S. Attorney, launching his career as a federal prosecutor. His office heavily prosecuted the Italian mafia, convicting four out of the Five Families of drug trafficking, racketeering, and conspiracy to commit murder. Bharara similarly headed various counter-terrorism cases, particularly against Al-Qaeda.

His office used a variety of unconventional tactics to close cases such as wiretapping and asset seizure. He prosecuted nearly 100 Wall Street executives for insider trading and securities fraud using these methods. Bharara closed multi-million dollar settlements with the four largest banks in the country, and most notably, shut down multiple high-profile hedge funds. Known for his technocratic approach to prosecution, he routinely convicted both Democratic and Republican politicians on public corruption violations. Bharara occasionally pursued criminals extraterritorially, which after a 2013 Russian money laundering investigation, had him permanently banned from entering Russia. He also strained India–United States diplomatic relations by prosecuting prominent members of the Indian and Indian-American community, most notably high-profile diplomats, chief executives, businessmen, and hedge fund managers.

Upon the election of U.S. President Donald Trump, Bharara was dismissed after refusing to submit his resignation as part of the 2017 dismissal of U.S. attorneys. After leaving government, he went into academia by joining New York University School of Law's criminal justice faculty. He authored his first book, Doing Justice: A Prosecutor's Thoughts on Crime, Punishment, and the Rule of Law, in 2019. He also launched a series of podcasts including Stay Tuned with Preet, and Doing Justice.]


In Sri Lanka this could be Attorney General Sanjay Rajaratnam Prosecuting   Mr Duminda Silva for killing his political rival Mr Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra.  Mr Duminda Silva was pardoned by the current President which effectively endorses that level of Justice.


 Wikipedia presents also about Rajaratnam’s LTTE leanings:

[Rajaratnam alongside other private donors, partnered with the US State Department to fund mine detection dogs for humanitarian demining war-affected areas in Sri Lanka. He recalled his visits to the mine-impacted areas of Sri Lanka and underscored the humanitarian toll that mines have taken. Recalling his encounter with a young child in Kilinochchi who had lost both legs to a land mine, Rajaratnam stated that this particular image that is etched in his memory "made it an easy decision to write the check."

He helped Sri Lankans recover after the 2004 tsunami. Rajaratnam was in Sri Lanka when the 2004 Asian Tsunami hit and donated $5,000,000 to for the construction of 400 new homes for the island's various ethinic groups - Sinhalese and Tamils.

Rajaratnam was also a contributor to various causes that promoted development in the Indian subcontinent and programs that benefited low income South Asian youth in the New York area.

Mr. Rajaratnam served on the board of the Harlem Children's Zone.

Rajaratnam contributed $3.5 million to the Tamils Rehabilitation Organisation (TRO), a group whose assets were frozen by the USA due to its alleged close connections to the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) which are proscribed as a terrorist organization in 32 countries. TRO's offices were raided by the FBI in 2006 but the organization was never charged with any wrongdoing The chief of the investigations unit of at the Sri Lankan central bank found that Mr. Rajaratnam's donations were made in good faith. At the time the contributions were made the TRO was not outlawed by the U.S. nor Sri Lankan governments. The Sri Lankan justice ministry has acknowledged and thanked Mr. Rajaratnam for the millions of dollars contributed to rehabilitating child soldiers conscripted by the Tamil Tigers.

The Sri Lankan government stated that Rajaratnam had contributed for several years of the Sri Lankan Civil War to the LTTE with millions of dollars and that, as a consequence, he was under investigation in Sri Lanka. However, the senior military official could not give specific details about the contributions to the LTTE. Rajaratnam had recently pledged a $1 million to rehabilitate former LTTE combatants.

According to the Federal Election Commission, Rajaratnam has made over $118,000 in political contributions in five years. He contributed to the Democratic National Committee and various campaigns on behalf of Barack ObamaHillary ClintonChuck Schumer, and Bob M]

I went to Kilinochchi through UNDP project and I did not ‘see’ any outcomes.  I operated as one of them – I worked with them as one of them. That gave me indicators. If I had ‘seen’ first and then ‘shown’ that I ‘saw’ – I would have been an outsider – requiring to prove myself.  Giving $ 1 million to Rehabilitate LTTE combatants confirms that he considered that to be needed by the combatants. As a Tamil – such ought to have been done confidentially – including through donations to those who serve the needy without fanfare.

The LTTE hijacked the Vaddukoddai Resolution and declared war to ‘show’ outcomes. Towards this they killed many who had invested in the ‘official’ pathway. Those who dictate need to kill their opposition to ‘see’ and ‘show’ that they are the Sole Representatives of the group. That is to eliminate the confidential healing through the natural merger of minds. This means that one who ‘sees’ outcomes first without a common pathway, is an outsider. When work in progress is shown as final product – the Equal Opposition is shown at that lower level. This then cheats those who believe in the common law and abide by it. Hence the Sri Lankan governments’ deterioration in law and order – beginning with the 1972 constitution which shows Buddhism as the mandatory outcome rather than a pathway that would lead to Nirvana/ No physical form which cannot be shown but is felt. This naturally led to many separations – including Tamil foremost Opposition through the University of Jaffna which strongly accommodated armed militants.


The more difficult cause to identify with is the Community aspect. If we use the name of the community without feeling one with that community – then we Separate from those within the community who keep continuing without ‘showing’ outcomes. This is a continuous restructure. Where Buddhist Priests genuinely follow and do not ‘show’ outcomes on the way – Politicians who ‘Show’ Buddhism – including through ‘Buddhism foremost’ article in the Constitution – they oppose the Buddhist priests and block the path to Nirvana. Likewise, if the LTTE did not ‘show’ that they killed – but confidentially defended any invasion – Tamils as a community would have naturally achieved self-governance / Nirvana which looks like no-governance .

In 2003 when I was confidentially curing the LTTE through common Administrative pathway – without finding fault – Mr Rajaratnam – showed off his wealth – including through weekend partying – as per New Yorker report:

[In the fall of 2003, Anil Kumar, a senior executive with the consulting firm McKinsey, and Raj Rajaratnam, the head of a multibillion-dollar hedge fund called Galleon, attended a charity event in Manhattan. They had known each other since the early eighties, when, as recent immigrants, they were classmates at the Wharton School of Business, in Philadelphia. Their friendship, intermittent over the years, was based on self-interest rather than on intimacy. Kumar, born in Chennai, formerly Madras, India, was fastidious and morose, travelling at least thirty thousand miles a month for work, and seldom socializing. Rajaratnam, a Tamil from Colombo, Sri Lanka, was fleshy and dark-skinned, with a charming gap-toothed smile and a sports fan’s appetite for competition and conquest. Kumar was not among the group whom Rajaratnam took on his private plane to the Super Bowl every year for a weekend of partying. “I’m a consultant at heart,” Kumar liked to say. “I’m a rogue,” Rajaratnam once said. Kumar had the more precise diction and was better educated, but Rajaratnam was one of the world’s new billionaires and therefore a luminary among businessmen from the subcontinent. In an earlier generation of immigrant financiers, Kumar would have been the German Jew, Rajaratnam the Russian. Kumar might have felt some disdain for Rajaratnam, but Rajaratnam’s fortune made him irresistible.]The New Yorker.

My 2003 work at UNDP level was Opposed and diluted by Rajaratnam – the same way Buddhism service was by the Constitution itself.

Likewise the Ceasefire Agreement signed in 2002 was Opposed by Rajaratnam who hired Adam Smith, a graduate of Harvard and of Harvard Business School who according to the above report ‘had become a reliable conduit of illegal tips to Rajaratnam

As per Wikipedia:

[Rajaratnam was in Sri Lanka when the 2004 Asian Tsunami hit and donated $5,000,000 to for the construction of 400 new homes for the island's various ethnic groups - Sinhalese and Tamils.]

I lived in Mankerni where there was no electricity of running water due to the Tsunami attack. My work  led to the provision of new homes by the government rather than any particular private person. That confirms that the victims are not indebted to the donors who are not part of themselves. Outcome based ‘giving’ dilutes this self-governance and leads to separatism. Its parallel in stock market is ‘insider trading’ which turns insiders into outsiders and v.v. This dilutes the intuitive connection between owners.

The LTTE was defeated in May 2009. Wikipedia says: ‘The Sri Lankan stock market fell sharply after Rajaratnam was arrested on insider trading charges in October 2009. Sri Lanka's Securities and Exchange Commission is reviewing the active stock trading of Raj Rajaratnam with a view of identifying any insider trading.’

Time and Place confirm ‘insider connections’ or Oppositions. When a believer in the same community opposes through her/his belief there are internal balances. When a member of the same community expresses Opposition without belief – it divides and separates internally. Any money that is donated without a relationship carried rights and wrongs as virtues and sins of exponential proportions as in rebirth. The Pandora Papers that indicated the Rajapaksa family name confirm this. If true - it affects the whole community that they are a part of and dilutes automatically the binding force of their home-group.

All we have to do in democracy is to Oppose through Belief. The stronger the Opposing force – the weaker the governing force. That is the way to defeat non violent Opposition which is expressed as non-cooperation. Justice in the case of Rajaratnam was perfectly even – and one who is true to her/himself would know this through the Universal Force Truth. American laws have facilitated this and confirmed the global power of all law abiding to whom that land called America is ‘Home’. That is how the system of Dharma Operates itself.  

Thursday 23 December 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

23 December   2021




[Australian Minister of Home Affairs Karen Andrews has informed President Gotabaya Rajapaksa that assistance will be provided to Sri Lanka to become an educational hub in the region.

Minister Andrews pointed out that this will be enabled by establishing educational institutions in Sri Lanka which provide facilities to students from other countries who wish to pursue degrees in Australia, to study basic stages of relevant courses in Sri Lanka.

The Minister made these remarks during the meeting held at the Presidential Secretariat yesterday (20), President’s Media Division said.

Plans are afoot to implement a special project in collaboration with the State Ministry of Skills Development, Vocational Education, Research & Innovations to develop vocational and professional skills. The amount allocated for this project is 12 million Australian dollars.

Ms. Andrews stated that the Australian Government intends to bring in Australian products to Sri Lanka to add value and re-export with the objective of developing Sri Lanka’s industries.]


I am a common citizen of Australia and Sri Lanka. To achieve this commonness I needed to forego Professional Benefits & Opportunities. I enjoy this commonness largely through educational investments based on my experiences at the University of NSW. The above picture was taken when armed officers unlawfully broke into our home to confiscate our household furniture and equipment – largely from Sri Lanka and India. The reason was to pay their legal bills in the Equal Opportunity matters initiated by me through court process.  It is through that commonness that I raise the question as to the timing of this collaboration.

Given that we Sri Lanka are an ethnically divided country – any ‘foreign’ investment in education, needs to be strongly focused on Equal Opportunity laws and Principles. On 20 December, I wrote as follows under the title ‘Ethnic Origin’:

[Does India have rights over Sri Lankans? If the answer is NO – why did India have to sign and agreement?  Given that it was signed one needs to ask whether that is morally valid. This question needs to be asked especially due to Easter Bombings and the indicated connection with ISIS. ]

Unjust discrimination eventually culminates into separations at physical levels and / or conflicts between cohabitants. The above article about Ethnic Origin was prompted by the news that the Chinese Ambassador had visited Nallur Murugan Temple in Northern Sri Lanka which is a centre of belief to majority Tamils of Sri Lanka. As per my own analysis – I concluded that China is also trying to woo Sri Lankan Tamils. This move by Australia indicates that Australia is moving to oppose China in this regard. The following communication with Dr S B Asoka Dissanayake would indicate how I made the connection:

Altered State of Consciousness and Aliens Abduction

Asoka: This is a rough sketch and man had been investigating mind control from antiquity.

Chinese mushroom was harvested in China which is known to produce psychedelic effects long before Afghans were cultivating opium.

My reason China not having a religion is related to their long use of mind altering drugs. 

[The Philadelphia experiment and Mkultra funded many universities all over the world.

The original attempt was to train killer spies who assassin political opponents and then commit suicide.]

On 03 August 2019 – the Financial Times published my article headed ‘Easter bombings in Sri Lanka – Déjà vu? which included the following:

[Yesterday I learnt about the Japanese suicide bombers who attacked Ceylon on Easter Sunday – 5 April 1942. Because Sri Lanka is my homeland, and because Easter is about resurrection, I felt a deeper connection between the 2019 Easter bombings and the 1942 Easter bombings. 

There were many common features that would, I believe, help find a preventive pathway. In terms of karma – the cause and effect produce the common picture of truth – as if we are both in terms of time or place. The mind to which the whole of Sri Lanka is one place – would ‘see’ the time based connection:

[The Japanese attack began at 07:30 on Easter Sunday morning. Air defence of Colombo Fort and Harbour was provided by the 3rd Searchlight/Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Ceylon Garrison Artillery with two batteries based at Galle Face Green and Mutwal. Colonel R.M. White and his operations staff officer, Major J.O. Widdows, DSO commanded ground units from ground forces headquarters at Echelon Barracks.

St. Luke’s Church, Borella, was packed for Easter services with both locals and military personnel. According to parishioners, the vicar, Reverend Canon Ivan Corea, was preaching when the RAF Hurricanes engaged the Japanese Zero aircraft high above the church.

The Sri Lankan writer Ariyadasa Ratnasinghe recalled the Easter Sunday Japanese raid: “Japanese aircraft flew in close formation over Colombo and dropped bombs at different places. The air battle lasted for nearly half an hour. The Allied forces, warned of the danger, were able to shoot down some of the enemy aircraft which fell on land and sea.”

Among those shot down, one fell near St. Thomas’ College, one closer to the Bellanwila paddy fields, one near Pita Kotte, one on the racecourse in Colombo, one near Horana and one on the Galle Face Green. A bomb fell off the target and damaged the Mulleriyawa Mental Hospital, killing some inmates. It appeared that the pilot had mistaken the buildings for the Echelon Barracks. One fell near the Maradana Railway Station, partly damaging it. There were many deaths and more casualties, most of them civilians. To prevent bombs falling on hospitals, it was decided to have a large red cross painted on the roofs. 

H. G. P. Jayasekera, President of the Ceylon War Veterans Association of World War II, wrote: “The April raids in Colombo were led by Vice Admiral Chuichi Nagumo and Commander Mitsuo Fuchida, the two men who inflicted the biggest damage on the mighty American Pacific Fleet. The Ceylon R.A.F. had only 20 planes as against that of 120 planes of Mitsuo Fuchida. These 20 fighter planes got off from the Racecourse grounds and there was an air battle over Colombo on Easter Sunday morning (5 April). Ceylon Garrison Artillery and Boys of Royal Artillery managed to shoot down many of the Japanese planes.”

The Ceylon Daily News reported the raid on Monday, 6 April 1942: “Colombo and the suburbs were attacked yesterday at 8 o’clock in the morning by 75 enemy aircraft which came in waves from the sea. Twenty-five of the raiders were shot down, while 25 more were damaged. Dive-bombing and low-flying machine-gun attacks were made in the Harbour and Ratmalana areas. A medical establishment in the suburbs was also bombed
] Wikipedia


So there were Japanese Suicide Bombers who attacked Ceylon back then, indicating the importance of this small island confirmed as follows also:

[Churchill quote on the Battle of Ceylon – Prime Minister Winston Churchill said:

The most dangerous moment of the War, and the one which caused me the greatest alarm, was when the Japanese Fleet was heading for Ceylon and the naval base there. The capture of Ceylon, the consequent control of the Indian Ocean, and the possibility at the same time of a German conquest of Egypt would have closed the ring and the future would have been black.

— From a conversation at the British Embassy, Washington, D.C.]

The first attack wave of Japanese planes took off in pre-dawn darkness (30 minutes before sunrise) from the aircraft carriers Akagi, Hiryu, and Soryu, moving about 200 miles south of Sri Lanka. The first attack wave of 36 fighters, 54 dive bombers, and 90 level bombers was led by Captain Mitsuo Fuchida, the same officer who led the air attack on Pearl Harbor.

The Hawker Hurricanes of the RAF’s No. 30 Squadron were on the ground at Ratmalana Airport when the Japanese aircraft passed overhead. The auxiliary cruiser HMS Hector and the old destroyer HMS Tenedos were sunk in the harbour. The RAF and the Fleet Air Arm (FAA) lost at least 27 aircraft; the Japanese only five. The Japanese also bombed the mental asylum at Angoda, mistaking it for the fuel tanks at nearby Kolonnawa.

After Fuchida and his aircrews returned to the flagship Akagi, a second-wave of 53 Aichi D3A Val dive bombers led by Lieutenant Commander Egusa took off to attack the two British cruisers Dorsetshire and Cornwall, 320 km (170 nmi; 200 mi) southwest of Ceylon, and sank the two ships. British losses were 424 men killed; 1,120 survivors spent hours in the water.

The Japanese dive bombers scored hits with close to 90% of their bombs—an enviable rate of accuracy, according to Mitsuo Fuchida in Midway

The Chinese seem to be continuing after Japanese learnt their lessons.

It is interesting also to note the Cornwall connection. That I understood was the ancestral place of our current Australian PM.

My response to Dr Asoka was :

This contributes towards better appreciating the LTTE suicide bombers. As Nada highlighted - the Karthigai flower / Gloriosa Superba has poisonous effect as well as suicidal effect. It is also the National Flower of Tamil Nadu.


You state [The meditation teacher may add mind altering drugs in a session for coercion (I am made to understand some Indian Gurus do that surreptitiously). ]

The Caritas doctor – Dr Hayes kept on reducing my status by ‘telling me’ that I had left home without telling my husband. The young lady doctor who asked me questions before the arrival of Hayes – was soft and listened. After Hayes said that they had the authority to enforce medication I panicked. When the lady doctor came by herself to ask me , my husband’s phone number, I asked her not to give me medication. She said ‘we’ll see’ Then I panicked and prayed to Swami Said Baba. For my part I did not consume any food or water. The following day I refused even fruit. Later when I had counselling session with the kind nurse – and expressed my fear – she said they would not do that. Then I asked for her water and had some after almost 24 hours. Later in the prison cell I was with Florence who was ‘given’ medication. Florence said to me that at one time she was pinned down and injected with medication. Florence read the Bible and I concluded that I had the experience to help her come out of prison and go to her daughter. Florence was initially arrested for resisting Police who asked her to get rid of chucks but she refused.

It is scary but true faith in ourselves protects us. I believe that it was also my call through Yoga Swami to go to Vanni in 2003. This helped me become one of them and learn the truth naturally. Hence I am not fooled by LTTE supporters who use the outcomes for their own benefits. Mr Wigneswaran is such an example. It is then left to us to live with the costs that have become sins after LTTE eliminated itself.]

My question to our Australian minister is – Is Australia coming to Sri Lanka to teach or to learn. If latter – should they not pay a premium price to Tamil militants who became experts in suicide bombings. During my last stay in Vaddukoddai – I was approached by a Communist – to facilitate marketing of mushrooms already in cultivation. More recently we learnt about a resurgence of caste issue in that area. Communism played a significant role in reducing the effect of unjust discrimination on the basis of caste.

If we eliminate caste based discrimination in North would that facilitate Communism in Northern Sri Lanka and lead to separation from Tamil Nadu?

Does the Australian Minister seek to first address the Caste issue in North or Race issue in South? Will that they protect Sri Lankan minorities from being brainwashed with mushrooms ? This might lead to the issue of sexual abuse within the Church. Wikipedia presents the following:

[The 1976 Church Committee report found that, in the MKDELTA program, "Drugs were used primarily as an aid to interrogations, but MKULTRA/MKDELTA materials were also used for harassment, discrediting or disabling purposes.]