Saturday 29 April 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
29 April 2017

Religious Leadership and the Law

Sri Lankan Leadership
[Speaking on this occasion, the President said the building of the peaceful nation we all expected to build would not be difficult if all of us are determined to live as Sri Lankans in one Sri Lankan nation.]

Australian Leadership
[While the link between mental health and terrorism is controversial, Mr Fuller told The Australian “we’ve got to be courageous enough to say some of these people have got significant mental health issues.”
Police hope the new unit would help them identify and stop individuals like Lindt Cafe gunman Man Haron Monis, who ­attacked the Martin Place, Sydney, cafe in December 2014, resulting in the deaths of cafe manager Tori ­Johnson and barrister Katrina Dawson.]

As an Australian of Sri Lankan Tamil origin, I believe that the Lindt Café tragedy would have been prevented if the Australian armed forces had actually practiced the Racial Discrimination Act 1975,   at least to the extent they were found fault with through this legislation. I found fault with them, including on the basis of evidence that they listed me as Sri Lankan despite my claim that I was Australian by law. If they were driven by the Law, and they did not believe me, they ought to have called for documentary evidence to prove that I was Australian by law. If they did believe me then they had the duty to change the records to read that I was Australian National. It was sheer disregard for the law that led them to carry on with the ‘habit’ of naming ONLY others like themselves as ‘Australians’ when they think they are in a ‘free’ environment. They were ‘free’ with me because I was stripped of my earned status as a professional. Truth is facilitated to surface in such an environment. Truth then surfaces to support one who made the greater sacrifice not necessarily to win in the eyes of others but certainly towards confirming her/his Sovereignty to her/himself.

An institution, where wrongs against true belief  is yet to be corrected and the pain and loss repaired, lacks the authority to ‘judge’ the victim’s home group – in this instance migrants of Asian origin. The NSW Police is such an institution. This institution carries mental disorders due to irreconcilable differences between the Law and their personal habitual thought orders extended beyond their home-group. A rule such as the above, would lead to increase of Terrorism risk due to irreconcilable differences between cultural thoughts and the law – leading to the natural empowerment of true believers who make the greater sacrifice to stay within the institution. The Police and the Government have the duty to first test the new rule internally on themselves before injecting such viruses into the Public mind. 

Reading the Sri Lankan President’s message, I thought of how I felt at the New Kathiresan Temple at Colombo 4 last  morning, when I was asked by a male to stand aside – as if my positioning in the queue was disorderly. It was during poojah/mass and hence the ‘instructions’ by someone who did not wear any particular uniform did upset me more than the usual margin allowed. I joined the poojah rituals mainly to support other devotees. My prayers is deepest when I am on my own with the Lord. After the above disciplinary action,  I came outside and sat on the outer platform and thought about what had happened. The previous time this happened, I recognized clearly  that the person taking action did not have management authority and  was of Equal status as I as a fellow devotee and I was able to discipline her. On that occasion, I was eventually able to position myself through natural forces, in the front line and view the grand ceremony like a VIP. THAT to me is the value of Spirituality. The rule in Spiritual part of a matter is that the deeper believer is the one with the real authority to regulate – so the other person stays connected to the core along the same line order. When such a person is punished after the person acts within  her/his duty as per her/his official position, the institution so punishing gets the return karma. In other words, a self-governing person has the power to return the karma as weakness in the institution that lacked belief deep enough to be entitled to the higher authority. When the believer takes up the real position to bring the official in line with her/his order – and does so without breaching the applicable laws and/or by accepting the punishment as per those laws, the line of return karma is visible to such a person.

The Australian Human Rights Commission and Judiciary both failed in their respective duty to uphold the law above ‘habit’ / politics – and hence injected themselves with the anti-ownership weakness.

The Hindu legend that comes to mind is that of Lord Shiva who relieved an old woman of the royal rule  to contribute to building a bund:

[Legend has it that King Thirumalai Naick had ordered his subjects to build a mammoth bund near the Vaigai river to protect people from flood. An aged woman, Vanthiammai, was unable to carry baskets of mud but offered to trade a handful of ‘puttu’ to those who would help her. Lord Shiva is reported to have appeared in the guise of a young man and offered to work for her but dozed off on the riverbed after eating the ‘puttu.’ On noticing this, the king’s guard  struck him with a cane and a miracle is reported to have occurred as the blow landed on everyone’s back, including that of the king himself.]The Hindu

When we celebrate with belief, it is as if that Experience is happening now. In this context – those of us who Believe and have done our duty as per our official position, have the power to return the punishment to the official who failed in her/ his duty. Mine in terms of the University of NSW and the Federal Government went to the dismissal of the respective CEOs – Professor Rory Hume and Mr. John Howard – the royalty who failed their subjects. Both happened through the power of the Common Public – the Governing Council in the case of the University and voters in the case of Mr. Howard. This is true Soorasamhaaram which to me is the closest Tamil description of Jihad.

In the case of the above temple,  I have been a long time devotee and when I started praying there – the temple, like Australia was 200 years ago,  was not as grand as it is now. Lord Ganesh was more quickly accessible without human regulations and more to the point, regulators. Even as I thought about the experience, I realized that the person who ‘told me’ what to do, was interfering with my belief based communication. One whose belief was at least as deep as mine, would have identified with me the way I was following the natural rule of not blocking other devotees unfairly and  therefore was self-governing. When such a person is ‘told’ by an official, the development and/or maintenance of belief at that place is disturbed.  During poojah / mass – each one is to her/himself as per her/his natural laws. Unless an act was so serious as to disturb the peace at that place, no disciplinary action ought to be taken by one against another from a higher position. During that time we are all Equals before the Lord. When the Police arrested me for seeking to share my Belief with fellow members of the University of NSW, through the position of Vice Chancellor who had the DUTY to hear me especially after he agreed through Court process to hear me as per the subject matter of Democratic Financial Management systems to establish which I also was recruited, the Police were doing the dirty work of the University which the Security Officers of the University had the DUTY to do. The Police even brought a caged van to the University and  were waiting for me to arrive. I was transparent at all times – an essential criterion for successful bottom-up process of democracy to connect me to the consolidated Energy of all genuine investment in Democracy. The Police therefore had the opportunity to seek and educate me. But neither the University Administrators nor the Police considered me important as  a person through whom their higher position is maintained. The relationship was weakened and eventually broken by the Police who became the security officers of the University.

This is the reality of migrants who dare to be Australians at a level higher than the positions allocated by custodians of official power. Their parallels are the likes of Man Haron Monis, who ­attacked the Martin Place, Sydney, cafe in December 2014, resulting in the deaths of cafe manager Tori ­Johnson and barrister Katrina Dawson.

To my mind, the above two died due to mental disorder, the same mental disorder in the NSW Police, that killed  the higher Australian Administrator in me because the Police lacked the courage to say NO to the University Administrators acting against a Sri Lankan woman. They were effectively marked ‘right’ not only by the Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission but also the Federal Court. The former has since been stripped of its Equal Opportunity portfolio which in turn leads to lesser opportunities for the Federal Court to practice Equal Opportunity Law at the litigants’ level.

Laws help us to think and express along one Common  logical pathway.  Those of different faiths would have their own respective logical pathway. One does not have the authority to regulate the other. Successful travel along reliable law, leads to Truth. Those who travel along the same pathway need to assimilate at the primary level. Those of different pathway, integrate at the destination of Truth. At that destination, we are all Equal and hence one should not tell the other One who so integrates would not ‘tell’ but share.  One with authority as per the law, needs to  remain silent in the presence of Truth through which a person completes the self-governing experience. As per the above news report, the Sri Lankan President:

[pointed out that the much discussed reconciliation can be brought to a reality through respecting not only your privileges and rights but also the privileges and rights of others. “We should be committed to build a country where brotherhood and reconciliation are strengthened by establishing  permanent peace”.]

Where one has belief as a Sri Lankan,  s/he would identify with another Sri Lankan of belief. Likewise, Australians identifying with fellow Australians. One who needs Reconciliation confirms lack of belief. Like in Mental Disorder, one who is able to recognize that s/he is un-reconciled  needs to stay and take the punishment of leadership through armed power resulting in loss of power due to belief based return karma by victims and members of their home group. Likewise, one who has taken official action against and institution on the basis of Belief has to stay and educate the offenders because her/his home-group now includes the offenders.   That is the case with me in terms of Australia and with Tamils in terms of Sri Lanka. It’s those actions that released us from the Tamil only claim. The moment we need a Sinhalese to elevate our position – we are confirming we are one home group. That’s catch 22 in relation to majority rule by Whites in Australia and Sinhalese in Sri Lanka through the benefits of the official positions they are attached to. When the Soorasamharam / Jihad is of the desires of the flesh – it expands our mind and therefore our world.  Without mind, matter cannot be commonly shared.  

Wednesday 26 April 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
26 April 2017

Caste or Democracy?

Northern Tamils of Sri Lanka are often accused of caste based discrimination especially by Sinhalese who deny racial discrimination in Sri Lanka. Even though I am rarely accused of caste based discrimination, I accept those accusations on behalf of those in my community who did abuse the Caste system. As per my knowledge caste based structure was needed by the Tamil community at a time when majority were not educated through the common system but relied rather on Common family belief  to stay together as a Sovereign Unit.

They say that there is god in each one of us. This then means that all of us in our natural forms would tend towards Sovereignty – some as individuals and others as groups. Recently, I was approached by a fellow Australian to explain her Will to her children.  In my draft (Appendix)  I brought out the dignity due to self-respect that this lady had developed as an individual and as leader of her family. If there was no needs based hierarchy, we are likely to distribute our wealth Equally. Common Law in Australia and in Sri Lanka provide for Equal Distribution as per biological grouping – for example there is no distinction between sons’ and daughters’ share in the parental wealth. But the law of Thesawalamai which included the caste based structure also, provides for separation as per biological structure on the basis of sons and daughters. Anyone who blames the system of caste based separation of powers, would be writing off in her/his own mind, the support value of that system in that part of the world. To the extent caste based system did lead to just society, it must be respected as a positive system that gave us a strong heritage.

In terms of Northern Sri Lanka, one of the main causes of the LTTE going beyond Defence into Attack is this lack of respect for system hierarchy, as per their inheritance.  

As per Colombo Telegraph article ‘Annihilation Of Caste Is Now Available For The Sinhala Readers’:

[A Sinhala Translation of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s book Annihilation of Caste is now available in Sinhala translation entitled “Kulaya Mulin Uputa Demeema” The book has been translated into an easy, readable language by Osadhi Nayantara Gunasekera and published by the Asian Human Rights Commission. The book is now available in bookshops in Sri Lanka.]

Many readers whom I am yet to meet in person, asked for my book ‘Naan Australian’ which eventually has ended up in National Library of Australia, through the Natural pathway. Asian Human Rights Commission has shown no sign of having obtained a copy of it. Yet, it is promoting a Sinhala translation of this book on Annihilation of Caste. This as per the action and mandate of the Human Rights Commission amounts to unjust discrimination. It is the Right of every Human to enjoy status as per her/his contribution to her/his home environment’s Sovereignty. Taken as a territory, Asia is the environment of the  Asian Human Right’s Commission and not Sri Lanka only – where Sinhalese is the language of majority. Unless caste based discrimination was a high ranking problem in Sri Lanka, the translation ought to have been of books like Naan Australian which are about Racial Discrimination.

As per my experience based intelligence, the caste system when prematurely annihilated leads to bottom up rebellion due to unearned ‘freedom’ especially by young ones. The media for example often depicts this premature freedom. As per the above article:

[Dr. B. R. Ambedkar is one of the greatest Indian leaders who  was also  in charge of the drafting committee on the Indian Constitution. He is now a legendary figure in India. His statues can be seen in all parts of India. They are particularly in areas where those once termed  untouchables but now call themselves Dalits, live as the majority. One can see in almost all legislative buildings in various states of India, the figures and statues of Mahatma Gandhi on the one side  and Dr. B. R. Ambedkar on the other. In a popularity survey held a few years back, Ambedkar received more votes than Mahatma Gandhi as one of the makers of modern India.]

The question is whether the heritage value of Dr. Ambedkar would live and support societies beyond those bound by the caste system? It’s the difference between A value expressed through Majority Power of current carriers of the value  and Traditional Power of time based accumulated value. Where a group is true to itself – the two would not be in conflict with each other. The caste system was as per the mind structure of a group and when that mind structure was carried beyond one generation, it became part of the heritage of those born in that structure. Our physical structures at birth confirm our Sovereignty and those who contributed to their groups through higher mind – carried that higher mind with them. This could be reflected through junior position in a group which has abused the caste system or senior position in a group that has followed the caste system as per its architects.

Every system must be judged with respect to the positive value to our society by those who practiced the system in good faith. If one is not able to so respect – one is a ‘foreigner’ to that system and has no authority to judge. It’s our common belief that renders us the natural authority to judge and allow ourselves to be judged. If we allow ‘foreigners’ to judge us – we fail in our Human Responsibility to uphold our Natural Sovereignty. Such judges would elect unjust rulers to rule them. We Tamils need to be on our guard to Defend our Traditional values being attacked by such popularity driven rulers.

It’s better to discriminate on the basis of caste and allocate jobs according to the skills of those who are yet to invest in wider common system, than to do the jobs ourselves to ‘show’ equality or to ‘import’ from outside. Work based hierarchy is essential to develop the higher mind. Premature annihilation would lead to separation, where the junior castes would be denied the experience through senior castes. Remaining connected to each other’s mind through a vertical system is essential until we are proficient in the lateral system of democracy. Until we have successfully completed our experiences in Democracy, reading such books carries the risk of ‘blaming’ others to promote ourselves. The mandate of Human Rights Commission is different to the mandate of academics. When the two are indiscriminately mixed – the risk of mental disorder is increased.

As I prepare myself to physically farewell you in due course of time, I have written this Will in my own way to keep the family balance going, through my own contribution to our family and social heritage. This may or may not meet with the approval of some of you and to them I say I am sorry for not doing better to satisfy all. Even as I write this Will, I wish I could do better to satisfy the expectations of all my loved ones.
I believe that as a family we have developed a certain structure that confirms the values we have developed – especially by foregoing our preferred activities and enjoyment, to be with the ones in need. All my children have supported me by being there when I needed them most. I want to live as long as I can so as to be there for anyone who might need me from time to time. Thereafter I want my heritage to support you.
In terms of monetary wealth, my distribution takes into strong consideration the ability of each beneficiary to maintain this heritage value and pass on those family values to the next generation. As all of you would appreciate, I have been an independent person most of my life and my sense of independence is reflected by my monetary wealth also. Your professional status that I have contributed to is also confirmation of my own standards of conduct within the family and with wider world.
I believe that this is the best distribution to motivate each one of you to maintain that which you received and included as part of yourselves. Those with higher status due to my contribution would therefore need less monetary value to confirm the heritage from me and our common family. In terms of money I have tried to balance the equation by allocating more to those who received less support from me at a stage when I had to go out and earn money to keep our family going as an independent unit of society.
I believe that this Will best confirms the total value of my contribution to our own family structure –as per that which is being carried forward by the individual and not just the apparent value of my contribution. The needs of each child were different and I believe I did my best to satisfy those needs even though it may not have been enough to the beneficiary at that time. We are not all equal to each other but as a parent I have tried to maintain the balance so one would not feel less than the other. I shared my time and money as per my assessment of each one’s need. This has helped me develop my own self-respect and Dignity as a parent.
Through this Will, I express my hope  and prayer that our Common values of Dignity and Self-Respect are treasured, protected and carried forward by each one of you.

Tuesday 25 April 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
25 April 2017

In history's page, let every stage;
Advance Australia Fair.

Today we celebrate ANZAC day and during my lifetime in Australia, the official ANZAC day celebrations are  organized to happen on Coogee Beach also. Param and I were part of those for whom such celebrations are organized. It felt as if we organized the celebrations for ourselves. I was happy to watch people coming to participate in the ceremonies at Coogee. It felt as if they were coming to our ‘home’. Even as we had the experience, I felt that it was a celebration of my Freedom. It is through my Freedom that I could appreciate the Freedom of others and the Freedom of Australia.

The latest threat has been brought to us by ABC as follows: ‘North Korea threatens nuclear strike against Australia if it doesn't stop 'blindly toeing US line'. The threat could be real or false. But I believe that by sharing my feelings of Freedom on Australian soil, at one of its borders, I was contributing to Freedom of Australia being protected. Fellow Australians who helped me realize and preserve that Freedom are entitled to share in my heritage in confirmation of the following Australian Value:

In history's page, let every stage;
Advance Australia Fair.

I wrote my own page through the tool of Racial Discrimination Act 1975. During this morning’s memorial services, I thanked my parents who facilitated my realization of ‘Freedom’ at the higher and wider level by facilitating my education at the more expensive Catholic schools.  Like many of the soldiers through whom we celebrate ANZAC day, they may not have been conscious of this higher values but followed a particular line of culture that they best felt at home with. This helped me feel ‘at home’ including in Australia where majority are Christians. Within me majority times – I am in Hindu culture. But when I am in majority Christian environment I am able to comfortably ‘assimilate’ during Christian parts of the ceremonies and integrate through Common value of General Education during other parts of the ceremonies. It is by realizing and/or practicing fairness on Australian soil that I am able to ‘Advance Australia Fair’.

Freedom initially is ‘had’ by us due to those above us in position in that environment allowing us to do the things we want to do.  Later we confirm  that freedom when ‘exercising’ our ‘ rights’ within a position. Successful exercise leads to ‘becoming’ that Freedom Itself.

When I came to Australia,  the laws and culture that prevailed in Australia at that time ‘facilitated’  our family life to be within the laws and the  culture  of majority Australians. Our children confirmed our higher position as parents. Not so at  the workplace. I accepted the lower positions largely due to the ‘privacy’ I had to exercise my ‘freedom’ at family level. I stayed away from those who did not respect my earned family position. To date, my immediate family confirms my earned status. A few confirm my true status which I believe is higher than the status earnable as per the cultural structure. I am now in the process of improving that cultural structure – here in Australia as well as in Sri Lanka, so that my heirs including but not limited to biological heirs, would have less disappointments than I in their pathway to experiencing ‘Freedom’ and become that Freedom.

I have learnt through appreciating this Freedom,  that Natural forces come to our support when we are true to ourselves. One of the groups that took lead role in today’s ceremony is the University of NSW where I was arrested for Trespass for daring to exercise my Intellectual Freedom. I did not alienate myself from the University but included myself more firmly by sharing my Truth with them. I realize now, that I was part of the Natural forces that supported migrant staff who complained to the ABC which was the ‘free pathway’ to those migrants with lesser Administrative experience. I used the Judicial pathway. I learnt that Judge Gilmore of Waverly Local Court was more fair than Judge Pat O’Shane in relation to practice of Trespass law. To me this was meant to happen to confirm the value of migrants and their contribution to protecting Australia for Australians.

Even as I was writing this article, I was contacted by a Channel 10 reporter regarding last night’s ‘brawl’ in Coogee reported by Sydney Morning Herald, under the heading ‘Wild night in Coogee as brawling teens surround police’. Even though the Police failed to protect me I used my ownership rights to help the reporter gather more details of this public disturbance during which Police were attacked by youngsters. That is sharing of personal values with Common institutions – so they become Australian values. When such Australian values are upheld they will protect this land of ours from invasion by ‘foreigners’ – including foreigners who were born here but attribute credit to some other land. Natural elements carry our consolidated values at their true valuation. We will be facilitated to draw on them anytime as per our belief common to both times. Nature never fails us. Hence I had the opportunity to contribute to the protection of our Armed Forces which at the primary level are our Local Police. 

Monday 24 April 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
23 April 2017

Karma of Impunity at Home

[“As far as the UN goes, they came here to protect us, but all they’ve brought is destruction.”] 21-year-old Haiti citizen Ms. Melida Joseph – as per Easwaran Ratnam’s report ‘Army Accused Of Turning Blind Eye On Haiti Rape’ published by
Lasantha Wickrematunge’s  Sunday Leader.

The above article confirms the need for Sri Lankan Army to be trained as per the structure of International Law. It was within the authority of the UN to suspend recruitment from the Sri Lankan Army until the war-crimes allegations were resolved one way or the other. But the UN failed due to lack of commitment to its own mandate to develop the higher global mind. Recently the UN sanctioned extended time to the Sri Lankan Government to address the allegations of war-crimes. Karma happened due to at least one Sri Lankan mind being cheated of her/his return from global investment. Hence the manifestation of the above scandal. When we give up, the system of karma (Natural Justice) takes over.

The structure through which the above report came to us includes the mind of slain Journalist Lasantha Wickrematunge. Reporter Easwaran Ratnam is the last part of the publishing work in bringing  this information to us. Those of us who value Lasantha Wickrematunge’s contribution to our Common mind, would read the report in that consciousness. This confirms the heritage value of Lasantha Wickrematunge’s life with us. Likewise, when our pleasures – including sexual pleasures are processed through the higher minds – starting with ours that carries the Common Laws, Principles and Values. The strength of that higher mind is the safety value that protects our work.

The parallel of the Sri Lankan war-crimes allegation in our family is the issue of Intestate Estate of my Brother in law – Mr. Subramaniam Yoganathan of Vaddukoddai. Like the Sri Lankan Politicians of majority race – the sisters of Mr. Yoganathan had custody of the documents that confirmed the assets left behind by Mr. Yoganathan. Internally – they wanted my husband and his brother  to renounce their  share so the sisters could get all of it. In terms of money we seemed to have more than they. But that would not carry forward Mr. Subramaniam Yoganathan’s discipline which prevented him from premature distribution of his earned and inherited wealth even when his sisters’ children came to Australia to further their educational qualifications. Had we agreed to ‘donate’ our share to the sisters it would have negated the ‘protective value’ that preserved the wealth during the lifetime of Mr. Subramaniam Yoganathan, his father whose wealth was inherited by Mr. Yoganathan also and the rest of us who have contributed to the Common Mind of the family.  Hence when my husband flatly refused, I identified with it as preservation value of the family heritage. I recommended that the sisters sought the services of a lawyer to ‘settle’ the distribution with due respect.

In the process when I was struggling to get copies of the title documents and the Police wanted me to come through a lawyer, I was recommended the services of Madam Shantha Abhimanasingham, PC. I had one consultation with the lady for about 5 to 10 minutes but the lady confirmed my experience based belief that as per Thesawalamai / Customary Law – the law applicable to Jaffna Tamils in terms of inheritance, my brother-in- law’s wealth was Muthusam/inherited wealth  and not Thediya Thettam / acquired wealth. The lady lifted her right hand and said that the wealth must be passed through that level (meaning parental level) to qualify as inherited wealth and in the case of Bachelor it is taken as such. I often recall that picture and smile to myself in appreciation. Inherited wealth confirms the consolidated Common mind that we carry. This Common mind comes with the protection of time – that the pleasures have escaped the distractions from frivolousness and became out of reach of the physically stronger players in our environment.  

In the case of sexual pleasures, passing our pleasures through the laws of marriage raises the value to higher level.  Anyone who foregoes pleasures within a relationship,  for others to enjoy, is automatically developing or confirming a family structure and therefore relationships. These family laws could be laws Common to the whole or limited to our local cultures. When we do so, we naturally develop and maintain heritage values of that institution – in this instance the family unit. The second best is to pay money for pleasures so we would not become indebted to the pleasure provider. When families manage their relationships through money – they confirm weakening of the heritage value. This is fine so long as the one driven more by money does not have higher status than one driven more by common / heritage value. Without these – we would behave like animals where the basic rule is survival of the fittest at that time at that place – as happened in Haiti.

We may or may not win in Sri Lankan Courts that are swinging from current values of the young and the restless on the one extreme and attachment to the past by the old and the complacent, on the other. But to the extent we are genuine, the returns will happen when we need them, in the form we need them. The real rewards are based (1) as per our Belief in the Common Values not only of the parties concerned but also the Administrative,  judicial and social systems that have preserved the wealth and (2) Our current contribution to win through the official system.

The parallel of this for the Sri Lankan Government in terms of UN activities is (1)  the Belief of all Sri Lankans in the UN system and (2) our  current contribution to be in UN related jobs/activities. Political maneuvers  may result in temporary wins in relation to one issue but so long as even one believer is actively processing her/his thinking through UN values as per her/his experience, it would continue to clear some other neglected pathway to manifest wrongs attributable directly to the offenders who had impunity at ‘home’.

We carry the gunas (characteristics) that are natural to us – as in genes. Some gunas are developed  through habits. But the more we process our thoughts and conduct through Common values – our natural traits that are negative to that environment would be buried. If we seek and find such Common values we burn such negatives and clear the pathway for good order. Hindus wear the Holy Ash / Vibhoothi  on the forehead to confirm insight gained through this process of burning ignorance. The motto of University of Jaffna is ‘Knowledge finds Truth’.

Mental illness happens due also to lack of connection to commonness. One who is born with lesser mental order on the other hand could improve her/his mental strength by attributing credit to the provider recognized by her/him. If the Armed forces of Sri Lanka had been kept at home – under the close supervision of the Sri Lankan Government all concerned would have been ‘saved’ this pain and shame.

When we lie to those who believe in us, we lie to ourselves. Then Truth gets blocked by us and hence we develop mental disorder. Sri Lankan Government needs to invest more and more in sex-related education to cure their Armed Forces of ‘free enjoyment’ of foreigners. Without belief in UN laws – the Sri Lankan Armed forces were a foreign force in Haiti. If they are taken to have knowledge of UN laws, there is enough evidence to try them for war-crimes AND by Foreign Judges under UN supervision.  In either  instance – the person responsible for the structures – is the one with highest responsibility and hence must bear the highest punishment when the breaches are confirmed publicly.  Hiding them under the carpet would breed mental disorders within the Armed Forces and the government. That is the return for not punishing within due date. They say that Time and Tide wait for no man. Through Time, we punish ourselves. Through Tide victims punish us through their natural collective force. When information is belief based – the secrecy has the value of confidentiality and facilitates natural internal sharing. When there is lack of belief – the secrecy amounts to cover-up. Hence the need for Transparency when we discover lack of belief in a relationship.

Sunday 23 April 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
22 April 2017
Swami Malai where Father Learns from Son

Alternate Australian Values

[Australia, which hosts one of the largest Sri Lankan Diasporas overseas, will make it more difficult to gain citizenship in a major overhaul of its migration process, the BBC reported yesterday. Aspiring citizens will undergo tougher tests on their English language skills and ability to demonstrate "Australian values", PM Malcolm Turnbull has said. Applicants must also have completed four years as a permanent resident - three years longer than at present. The move comes two days after Australia unveiled stricter visa requirements for skilled workers from overseas. Turnbull said the changes would ensure that migrants were better integrated into the community. "It is important that they understand that they are making a commitment to our Australian values," he said. In explaining what constituted "Australian values", Turnbull said migrants must demonstrate support for religious freedom and gender equality.]

Unless English is officially the global language and majority Australians were global minded, the above inclusion of language would automatically separate Australia from its geographic neighbors. Sri Lankan political leaders who took-over leadership positions from the British but lacked investment in their geographic neighbors declared ‘Sinhala only’ as the official language and alienated themselves  from the mind of majority. Those who are confident in governing positions would not fear someone else’s invasion.

I am responsible for the Energies I generate when listening to and interpreting Common expressions at a particular place. Mine would include my experiences as a Sri Lankan Tamil whose family was affected by the ‘Sinhala only’ message. The seeds of the Sri Lankan war during my generation were sown at that time. Others may genuinely have other forms of logic. To my mind, there would have been no space for the Tamil Tigers if not for the ‘Sinhala Only’ message from weak leaders.

A true Australian would naturally share her/his beliefs in her own language. Truth empowers the place of manifestation. If English is attributed ‘foremost’ status, Australia has the DUTY to repeal Racial Discrimination Act 1975 and also rescind its agreement to be a member of the group that upholds the values of the  International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.

Where a language becomes part of the selection criteria to win a ‘position’, we dismiss ourselves from membership in groups that practice Equality even when the Truth gives a picture of ‘inequality’ – as in President Trump’s ‘alternate facts’. That was the case with women in many communities. When our Prime Ministers (Australian and Sri Lankan) go to India and China and they need to have knowledge of their practices to connect to their minds. When People from those countries come to our home base – as migrants – we already have that mind connection to operate globally. Once we bring People into ourselves as part of us – we get connected at the roots. Where we are not able to do this due to one side or the other or both sides – we need to have laws of Equality that separate us from relativity.

If English in the case of Australia, and Buddhism in the case of Sri Lanka – are rendered ‘foremost’ status we cannot be equals unless all of us used English with the same level of correctness. In fact many White Australians of British origin, including Police Officers would rank below me in status on this basis. They are likely to either ‘avoid’ such persons or are likely to be ‘aggressive’ with such persons.

Most importantly, this would negate the investment we have made in respecting and attributing credit to Indigenous Australians whose mother language is NOT English. If time is the basis of Seniority – Aborigines of Australia and Veddhas of Sri Lanka are entitle to lead us as per their natural belief in the Land. If time is frozen – all cultures are Equal and hence all languages and religions are of Equal status.

Most of us have our own hierarchy towards developing belief on time based seniority. This starts with family. But once the junior fulfills her/his role and remains in that grouping Equal status is essential to confirm ‘commonness’. Otherwise the junior is entitled to be treated as an outsider. Some remain within by ‘internalizing’ their pain of disappointment. When they do so – they develop natural structures in which they are in the higher position. When they respect the external common law and keep that position status confidential – but continue to be part of the group – they become Energy that gets shared often without conscious knowledge in those so sharing. Even one such migrant has the power to invoke the Consolidated Powers of others who have suffered injustice under the official system. The power of the Aborigines who stayed within their territories, in this regard is a strong power – close to Absolute value. The mining issue and the promise Mr. Turnbull made to the Indian Businessman to ‘adjust’  the law to suit an outsider – seems to have triggered off this ‘English foremost’ message from our Prime Minister.

English is healthy in terms of Multicultural business. But one could remain local / personal and preserve her/his diversity and realize independence on this soil far more quickly than through majority culture. If so, that is of Absolute value. Hence the need to preserve diversity but without interfering with others’ culture. Equality gives us that healthy separation. Reacting to the reactionaries would take us down to their level of operations and we start dictating and imposing – as they do – as LTTE and JVP did in Sri Lanka.

If English is brought into merit based calculations – it would accumulate more credit in favor of reactionaries from the communities of those of us who have truly been denied our earned opportunities and  benefits by the official system but have ‘internalized’ the pain to become Energy that others victims would naturally be empowered by when they are in need.

Likewise, attachment to the physical aspects of our investment in our particular culture and work forms – when they go beyond their ‘correctable’ dates – become negative Energies that would be shared unless we are on our guard.  The Sri Lankan Government which carries the war-crimes allegations at UN level – carries such negative Energies and if the Australian Government is ‘free’ with such a Government – it gets infected by that Energy that is certainly negative to Australia in its current form and status in the Western world. A migrant to whom both are parent nations – through belief – is protected by the Commonness. Not so even the High Commissioner who partnered the Sri Lankan minister for Christian Affairs to promote Tourism related postwar development. Parents must learn from children who have become such Energy. Likewise, Government leaders from citizens. Lord Shiva is stated to have learnt from His son Lord Muruga and Swami Malai in Southern India – which is all about a leader becoming humble enough to learn from the citizen:

[As per Hindu legend, Brahma, the Hindu god of creation, disrespected Muruga (the son of Shiva) at the time of visiting Mount Kailash, the abode of Shiva. The child Muruga got angry with Brahma and asked him how he was creating living beings. Brahma said that he was creating living beings with the help of the Vedas (Hindu scriptures). On hearing the reply, Muruga asked Brahma to recite the texts from Vedas. Brahma started to recite the text with the holy word called Pranav Mantra, "Om". At that time Muruga stopped Brahma and asked him to explain the meaning of the Pranava Mantra. Brahma did not expect such a question from the child and could not reply. Muruga knocked Brahma on his forehead with his clenched fists and punished him with imprisonment. Muruga took up the role of the creator. The Devas (celestial deities) were surprised by the absence of Brahma and they requested Vishnu to negotiate with Muruga to release Brahma. Vishnu could not help and as the last resort, Shiva went to the rescue of Brahma.
Shiva came to Muruga and asked him to release Brahma from imprisonment. Muruga refused to release him stating Brahma was unaware of the meaning of the Pranav Mantra (Hindi:  AUM). Shiva asked Muruga to explain the meaning and Muruga extolled to Shiva the meaning of the Pranava Mantra. Shiva behaved like a student to a teacher, listening with rapt attention from his son, giving Muruga the name "Swaminatha Swami". The meaning of this name is "The Teacher of Shiva". Following the legend, the shrine of the son Muruga is atop the hillock, while the father Shiva's shrine is located at the basement. ]

As worshippers at Sydney Murugan Temple would know Muruga is the personification of taking the long path of physical observation to Globalization. Hence Muruga would have become that Energy in His Father’s world – the parallel being Jesus being recognized as Son of God and not God Himself. When  Brammah – the Creator in Lord Shiva’s world – made mistakes of giving form to ‘Sovereignty’ at birth – Lord Muruga would have known that Bramma was wrong. This meant Lord Shiva failed in His duty to correct Bramma. Hence Lord Shiva had to learn from His son in the son’s language that which He knew in His own language. It’s now Mr. Turnbull’s turn to learn from a later migrant Australian than himself – that which he already knows as Australian Values but failed to be conscious of when in India and Sri Lanka where higher status is allocated more freely than here in Australia, carrying the need for Equal Opportunity systems by migrants starting with British migrants.  

If I were to accept and follow Mr. Turnbull’s leadership in regards to English Language, I would be wrong to share the Common Consolidated Value of this rich Hindu culture with members of other religions , including Mr. Turnbull who is a Roman Catholic as per Public Records. 

Friday 21 April 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
21 April 2017

Australian Values

Yesterday, I wrote about my appreciation of our Prime Minister the Hon Malcolm Turnbull being Indian when in India. To my mind, that was the best promotion of Australian global values which would motivate the average Indian who does not leave India. The core purpose of my stay in Sri Lanka these days is that sharing of global values with the local folks who have little or no intention of leaving Sri Lanka. Last night I was rewarded by the message from the Prime Minister that new migrants must demonstrate commitment to Australian values and value their citizenship. The values as stated by the Prime Minister are:

["Freedom, equality of men and women, mutual respect, the rule of law, democracy, a fair go — that's our Australian values," ]

They are different to Indian values as stated by Political leaders and yet Mr. Turnbull was able to be ‘free’ with his Indian counterpart. This confirms in action the successful completion of ‘Australian citizenship’ at the stated global standards. The Indian Prime Minister is due to visit Sri Lanka in May and we expect demonstration of Gandhi values especially in respect to the development of Oil Tank Farm in the eastern port city of Trincomalee. It should not have the effect of ‘invasion’. In terms of  Commonness the current Prime Minister of Sri Lanka could easily be identified with our current Australian Prime Minister.

Valuing Australian citizenship starts with bringing with us our original values – not in form but in Spirit. Often it would take some renunciation of earned  benefits to complete the old and free us to begin the new. Often Tamils of Sri Lanka are criticized for the exercise of caste hierarchy. But where it is functional as per our work – it has positive value. Where a new system is officially in place, the old must reside within us in Spirit only. Renunciation helps raise matter to Energy level. It is the duty of every migrant to therefore raise the old benefits to Energy level by renouncing them which clears the pathway  to invest in the new. Attachment to past benefits often is a block in this pathway. Even when we never leave home, we need to raise them to structural and energy levels to pass them on to the next generation. Cash values of our work are as temporary as our gross body which ages and perishes.

One who so renounces develops natural structures that would support her/him at a later time and/or at another place. One who fails to do so before emigrating becomes indebted to the country s/he leaves behind. If the person emigrates to protect her/his developed values, those are shared between the nations through their Common values – but only through those who respect structures above benefits. Others who fail to so respect would not have membership in this Common area – even if they were the top leaders of the nation. This structure based sharing is like bilateral agreement. Where the person takes only the wisdom of her/his experience – the sharing is global/universal and empowers anytime, anywhere   - so long as the person feels ‘homely’. Such a migrant would show all of the above values through her / his conduct. Those who genuinely believe in such a person have natural membership through that belief. The value then is a heritage.

Where migrants are expected to commit themselves to Australians who are not committed to those values, that in itself is suppression of Freedom. When I sued Law enforcement officers who  were far less committed to Racial Equality and demonstrated it by listing me as Sri Lankan national instead of Australian national, despite my strong protests – were protected by the Judiciary as well as the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission. If I ‘forget’ that experience, I would end up cheating myself of global experience. I raised the pain and loss to ownership Energy and hence my successful globalization. Had I hired a clever lawyer and gotten compensation, I would have gotten ‘even’ but not become part of the source of Common Belief that we are all Equal until known otherwise for purposes of maintaining manifested matter-order.

Every value needs to have been established through action on Australian soil – for it to qualify as Australian. Until then separation is needed for each group to practice its culture in its own ‘private’ quarters and coexist with others of different culture towards the above mentioned matter-order/harmony. Equal Opportunity laws facilitate this separation.

A Sri Lankan law expert of global status stated when asked about Equal Opportunity Laws for Sri Lanka, that they were already provided for through other laws. This was after more than 30 years of  ethnic conflict !  The law helps us think in Common. Like the traffic lights, if we observe the law we do not need to think about who is coming from which direction.

In a country/state where majority are yet to appreciate the value of Gender Equality one needs specific laws to habitually show such respect and develop gender equality which is natural for majority Australians. Once it’s natural in majority – we need to repeal the law in confirmation that it is now Common Belief.  In Australia  not so – racial equality. The Prime Minister confirmed this Truth by leaving out commitment to racial-equality which is still not natural to majority Australians. To that extent it was a true Political statement. 

Thursday 20 April 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
20 April 2017

Thank you Sir  Suntharalingam

I was feeling elated after watching two clips – one about the Mexican Ambassador using the auto-rickshaw in Delhi, India and the other our own Prime Minister the Hon Malcolm Turnbull going around Delhi as if he were Indian. Then I read the ugly article by Professor Ratnajeevan Hoole about our Community elder the Hon Chellappah Suntheralingam which grounded me to action.

It was just yesterday that I  recalled with admiration that Mr. K.Satchichithananda, a Tamil had established the firm Satchithananda, Schokman, Wijeratne & Co. Chartered Accountants where I had the opportunity to serve articles and be groomed as an Accountant. I was pulled up a couple of  times by the partners – once by Mr. Satchithananda himself. Relatively speaking, I was pulled up only once in my high school – Holy Family Convent, Jaffna. But my family had groomed me to absorb any pain from such disciplinary actions by elders who established or inherited those ‘structures’ that support us. Those structures to my mind, are the consolidated value of all minds that discovered the Common Ethics that we need to follow in our respective professions. I believe I became a good Accountant due to such acceptance of discipline even though back then, I might have considered it unfair – relative to my good record in school. Such acceptance shaped me to face the tougher challenges that were to come. Had I reacted and thought ill of my professional elders – I would have not inherited their strength in our common profession. Mr. Satchithananda married Mr. Suntharalingam’s daughter and his other daughter is the wife of Mr. Samy Pasupati who was also a partner in our firm which is now PricewaterhouseCoopers. Our professional elders together with their spouses enjoy high respect in the Australian Tamil Community and hence my dislike of the negative article about Mr. Suntheralingam. Professor Hoole’s academic supervisors are the parallels of Mr. Satchithananda and Mr. Pasupati within the circle of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka.
Caste based hierarchy seems to be Professor Hoole’s weakness and this is brought out as follows in his article:

[In his letter to grandson Prof. Gnanalingam Anandalingam, CS boasts of “the position in the social order in which your Appah’s parents belonged.” That is himself. After describing their caste, he gives the purpose of his communication: to know that “life is influenced by heredity and the early environment of home life and home gossip.” Anandalingam, despite the advice, home life and home gossip, married a Catholic Malayaali. Curiously, after advising the difficulties of arranging marriage to children if one marries below caste, CS urges Anandalingam to value men by their intrinsic worth rather than their parentage.] C. Suntharalingam, Part II: Grandfather’s Letters by Professor Hoole

Unless caste is an active measure in our current environment, we need to use the fundamentals to analyze rights and wrongs or absorb weaknesses through strengths. Using caste as an active measure for or against a person who is no longer active, confirms lack respect for ethics - academic ethics in the instance of Professor Hoole.  

Using fundamentals, there is a big difference between marriage between two individuals and marriage between two families. The confusion between the two is also a serious challenge for migrants from Northern Sri Lanka to Western nations including Australia. Marriage between two individuals is strongly driven by current values unless at least one of them is committed to heritage. When we carry the family values of those above us in the family structure – we raise our mind-order to that higher level to include the structures developed by others before us. If not for those others – Professor Hoole is not likely to be entitled to the title of Professor.

As I said recently to an Engineering Academic – the principles / theories that we use in solving problems are the consolidated value of the work of those who discovered those principles / theories. I believe that electronic programs are the minds of those who worked on those programs and they become our guides and tutors when we believe in them and attribute credit to them – at least in our minds. Without such attribution, we have to remain relatives and do not enjoy common ownership, as for example become family, community or Nation. Hence the statement “life is influenced by heredity and the early environment of home life and home gossip”  is considered to be sharing of wisdom. Heredity confirms the soul value of one’s group. A Christian elder within the Sri Lankan Diaspora in Australia wrote to me yesterday:

[We too believe that the soul never dies. Dust thou art to dust returnest was not spoken of the soul.]

Without this soul-value, there can be no real heritage. Heritage cannot be marked right or wrong as per today’s measures. Sins lead  us to live far away from the soul , while virtues keep us close to our soul.  Neither is within our control but both influence our lives. Sins are harmless in the environment in which they become ‘past’. But if one were influenced by it during current period, they can only be offset by their ‘other side’ virtue. It is for this reason that Hindu Tamils usually match horoscopes as an essential step in arranging marriage.

Professor Hoole goes on to state:

[Curiously, after advising the difficulties of arranging marriage to children if one marries below caste, CS urges Anandalingam to value men by their intrinsic worth rather than their parentage]

Valuing people as part of society is different to positioning them within family structures and restructures due to marriage. Former is like University and latter is like High School. If one were to consciously carry forward the credits earned in school, one would fail to experience the University through self-search and discovery. The intrinsic worth of fellow member of society is identified with through our discovery of our own worth in a ‘free’ environment. Such discovery leads to ‘sharing’ and is the end of ‘giving and taking’ that happens in relationships. When such giving and taking is money driven we become outsiders to each other. Once we connect to the intrinsic value of  another member of society we become that society with the soul power to drive it.

The Mexican Ambassador to India for example connected to the soul of India through her simple gesture of travelling by auto-rickshaw. In contrast, Professor Hoole showed disrespect as follows for our Judicial structures:

[During the 2011 local government elections in Sri Lanka Hoole documented and reported on violations of electoral law by the Eelam People's Democratic Party, a government backed paramilitary group led by government minister Douglas Devananda.  After Devananda complained to the police about the "defamatory article", Hoole gave a statement to the police on 2 August 2011. On 4 August 2011 the police summoned him to appear at Kayts magistrates court the following day, telling him that he may be remanded. Hoole did not attend the magistrate but instead sent his lawyer N. Srikantha. The magistrate found Hoole to be in contempt for not attending in person and issued a warrant for his arrest if he did not attend the court on 15 August 2011. Fearing detention in Kayts, Hoole fled Sri Lanka for a second time ]

15 August is the anniversary of India’s independence from British rule – led by Mahatma Gandhi – who would have accepted the punishment of the Courts even if he had felt it was unfair and unjust. I did and hence my article about Gandhi’s Ahimsa, in response to Justice C.G.Weeramantry was published by Daily News on the same day (01 November 2004) the NSW Mental Health system endorsed me as heir of Gandhi.

The above happened due to my true Belief in Independence – including intellectual independence which seems to be seriously lacking in Professor Hoole. One cannot be Politician and Academic at the same time. The former is a one-way street and the latter is two-way – allocating rights and wrongs at each milestone – until one discovers the scientific Truth showing the connection between cause and effect.

In the meantime, the best heritage from Mr. Suntharalingam to us those who believe in him is his commitment to "One language two nations, two languages one nation" discovery.

Caste based discrimination is a particular term to describe class based discrimination. When one takes up Academic status above those who seem to be non-academic – even though they are committed to intellectual pursuit above politics – one is as guilty as having discriminated unjustly on the basis of caste. Professor Hoole who does not respond to my articles despite receiving them through email, is guilty of unjust class based discrimination. Professor Sathananathan of Monash University on the other hand often referred to me as Dr. Gaja. I attribute the reason to be our soul connection through development work in postwar Sri Lanka. 

Wednesday 19 April 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
19 April 2017

Our Sovereignty

I believe that our Sovereignty at birth is confirmed by the  borders of the position in which we are born – at that time. For example, I am the second child of Sironmani and Navaratnam. To the extent my parents were conscious of their position with wider family, community and society, the ‘structure’ that confirms my Sovereignty would include those heritages. Anyone demotes my parents below themselves disturbs my Sovereign borders. This may even be someone from the inner circle of the family. To the extent I mentally distance myself from them and treat them as ‘outsiders’ I preserve my Sovereignty which may or may not be confirmed by my position. Once I completed my relationship with my parents – they come with me not as individuals but as per their positions. They are included in me as part of myself.  We complete relationships through various expressions of Belief. We start off with belief in ourselves and completion is confirmed by Common belief. Common Belief is with the individual also where there is no change in the original structure. Common Belief is with the structure, where the other individual fails to complete her/his role. One who so completes is able to comfortably and legitimately take on either position in that relationship. Hence sons take the father’s position and daughters the mother’s position in the system of Thesawalamai – applicable to Northern Sri Lankans.

This applies also in Governance at National level. Most of us are citizens when we complete the relationship with the government we become the Government. In Democracy, we are facilitated to vote one of us as our representatives and if majority voters are self-governing – the Government elected by them would uphold the Sovereignty of the whole. Stated the other way around, one who upholds the Sovereignty of a Nation is the Government of the Nation.

Recently after worshipping at  Keerimalai Naguleswaram temple, in Northern Sri Lanka we were traveling towards Jaffna town and we noted the Kankesanthurai (KKS) Cement factory where my brother in law Subramaniam Yoganathan worked and became a governing member of that institution,  by disciplining the management through legal action. The Courts did not award reinstatement and Mr. Yoganathan rejected their compensation. This promoted him to governing position. It was a sad sight to note that that institution was now idle. Yesterday, my attention was drawn to the Lanka news web article ‘War heroes, patriots sold KKS Cement factory for scrap iron’ which states:
[The sale of state properties came to the fore again with the Hambantota port agreement. Former president, Kurunegala district MP Mahinda Rajapaksa commented, “In our time, we did not sell state properties in this manner. We developed state properties.” Leave alone our opinion with regard to the sale of state properties. It is one thing to sell something in a manner that benefits someone. But, it is a completely different thing to destroy and then sell state and Sri Lankan nation owned properties. This exposure is about the national crime of the sale by the so-called owners of patriotism of the Kankesanthurai cement factory for scrap iron.]

This kind of dismantling of government structure happens when a government is elected by People who practiced reverse autocracy. Democracy is confirmed when the citizen is facilitated to govern her/himself. In Sri Lanka both rebellions against elected governments / politicians confirmed the rule of reverse autocracy. It’s the parallel of the child ‘administrating’ the parent. That would happen only when one has mentally moved away from the origin without completing the governance responsibility in the structure that one is born into. Not only governments that go into areas that are more self-governing than their own but migrants who are yet to complete their home governance relationship  and show cleverness to take status outside their institutional and family boundaries, disturb others’ Sovereignty. When such emigrants/members of the Diaspora return mentally and/or physically to Sri Lanka, and take positions higher than the ones they left open when emigrating, they disturb the peace of that homeland. Then that land is open to invasion by foreigners.

It is to prevent such disturbances that we need to complete our relationships when emigrating. The system of dowry to daughters is to facilitate such completion. But those who take it as payments for their work, abandon their original positions and make foreigners of themselves.

Those of us closely associated with KKS Cement factory directly and/or through others who became governors of that institution will continue to carry its value in our minds through other institutions that need good governors. That confirms that the Aathma / Soul never dies. The KKS Cement factor may physically get dismantled, but the true values of that institution would travel to support all its governors. 

Tuesday 18 April 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
18 April 2017

Heritage or Business?

Our granddaughters were discussing how their fathers often did not allow them to present their project reports as prepared by themselves (our granddaughters) but made changes to them which resulted in disappointment to one  looking for her own identity. Having groomed their parents, I am now able to observe and enjoy, recognizing that the parents are involved and that is all that mattered – for it confirmed continuity of our heritage-investment in Education. I believe that if we had studied merely for the grades and the jobs that would give us money for a living, we would not be able to enjoy such interactions. Once when the discussion was heating up – one of the younger ones said that she got only 2 out of 8 for religious education, after getting help from her parent! We all burst out laughing. The parent argued that he was trying to bring out the true response rather than the one that would please the teacher! I concluded that educated parents would often find this conflict with teachers – especially if the teachers were foreigners.

I thought of that when reading Sri Lankan news this morning – especially the Ceylon Today report -  ‘No foreign investigators – Swaminathan

Our parallels as grandparents in family, in the alleged War-Crimes inquiry is the USA. It’s now almost eight years after the manifestation of events, based on which the war-crimes allegations were made. As I often say to my students in Human Values, if wrongs are not corrected during the currency of the applicable measure, they get carried forward as sins. Likewise, rights get carried forward as virtues. Both work autonomously and we cannot control them but the wise  go along with them.

There is matter, mind and Energy. One who operates close to Energy would not be conscious of matter. Hence the Hindu message ‘Tat Tvam Asi’/‘Thou Art That’. Such a person is the source of Heritage value. The place that is ‘home’ to us confirms our Sovereignty due to such value. Education was the topic of discussion in our home due to such Energy. Towards this freedom of speech is facilitated for even the youngest members to present their cases.

Our Truth comes with us as a Sovereign power. When we are conscious of this there is a structure in our mind, through which we receive what happens and what others are expressing. The higher that structure, the more inclusive it is of  juniors. The weaker the opportunity to develop our heirs due to external blocks – the greater the natural lateral spread and wider the pathway  through which this is shared. Whether or not we are entitled to ‘foreign’ judges depends on our own sovereignty and lack of local opportunities through which to develop heritages for future  generations.

As per the above mentioned report:

[The minister also added that the government was now in the process of expediting the release of lands in the possession of the armed forces.]

My reception of this is as per my own experience shared as follows recently:

[As is my way, I thought about your message below in the consciousness of my wisdom about Northern folks as they are now and also Xxxx Anna with whom I had discussions about such matters while Anna was in Colombo as a displaced person. I was told off by Anna for donating part of our temple land to the folks of Thunaivi for Post-war development work.  To him the lands would be neglected when given ‘free’.  Now, after having lived there as part of that village I better appreciate why Anna spoke as he did.
In terms of our Thunaivi-Vaddukoddai land, our family temple is there and it continues to be private and under  the Joint name “Dharma Udayar Valavu & Australian Tamil Management Service . Even yesterday we heard about damage to the temple gates. 
During our discussions with Anna during the time your family wanted their land registered as per Government’s new rules I formed the impression that Anna was against the occupying folks. While it may be costly to oust them and then hand it back to them, to legitimize their continued occupation may amount to condoning unlawful occupation of another’s property – resulting in encroachment when the owners are not there. ]

When Land is occupied without Belief that it is ours, but in  the knowledge that it is legally not ours,  it confirms disorder of the mind when we live amongst those who follow law and order in majority aspects of their living. Belief is of Absolute value and would override all other orders. Be it the Armed Forces or the Victims of War, where there is Need, Belief is confirmed. Unlawful occupation without Belief promotes disorder of the mind.

If the occupies that land without belief of the need to occupy, the true owners have the power to access the accumulated Energy of that place and their powers would naturally take their heritage laterally beyond local borders.   Thus the real Sovereign borders shift beyond the physical. When judges from those areas come to Sri Lanka they are NOT foreigners to those of Sri Lankan origin who have invested beyond local cultures and / or whose investment in Tradition has naturally spread due to ‘blocks’ at the local level.

Global Risks Insight article ‘Under the Radar: Are Sri Lanka’s ports the next Great Game for China, India and Japan?’  highlights the return karma of  unlawful occupation without belief  by other governments through the business pathway as follows:

[As the regional newcomer, China has less to lose from such an arrangement than existing Indian Ocean powers such as the US and India, and to a lesser extent Japan. This effectively makes Sri Lanka a demilitarized zone, in turn negating the regional superiority enjoyed by the US and India.

Mounting unrest over mega project terms
This competition has also led each of these countries to invest in various Sri Lankan port facilities, with China focusing on Hambantota, India and Japan on Trincomalee, and the US in Jaffna. Former president Mahinda Rajapaksa even went so far as to publically state that Sri Lanka plans to divvy up control of these ports accordingly. With economic growth the lowest in three years at 4.4% in 2016, Sri Lanka sorely needs foreign investment to boost its growth, yet this very scramble for Sri Lankan assets has created domestic problems of its own.
Sri Lankans have protested what they consider to be unfair concessions by their government to foreign partners, especially with regards to infrastructure projects. One of these flashpoints are plans for majority Indian control over a jointly operated oil storage facility in Trincomalee. Another sticking point are efforts to extend Colombo Port by eight to ten miles, making it the largest in the Indian Ocean, at the expense of surrounding land. The main focus of domestic anger however are Chinese plans for the extensive expansion of the Hambantota port and 15,000 acre Southern Industrial Zone special economic zone.]

Unlawful occupation without belief in one part leads to takeover of the occupier’s home by a greater power when there is ‘freedom’ of movement. Those of us who are global have the power to limit such invasion by the so called Superpowers by making those parts our home and hence by upholding global values which would automatically reject ‘foreigners’ those who practice their local habits in another’s home. If on the other hand we are able to live harmoniously in Sri Lanka – with the heirs of these  Superpowers – then we confirm that we are part of the Energy that globalizes Sri Lanka.