Thursday 30 April 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

30 April  2020

Australia Pinching the baby and rocking the cradle?

These days, I look out the window and thank all the customers waiting for their turn to buy coffee from the Driver CafĂ© across the road. All of them naturally contribute to social-distancing rule by the government. I do not physically participate in that process as one of them but mentally appreciate their  ‘good behavior’ as a senior in Coogee community. I follow the rules in my own area of activity – primarily because I am self-governing. When I make the connection with the government all those who are led by me connect to the government. That is the way the system of belief works. It often bypasses the brain. In democracy such natural faith of the citizen  comes first.

In terms of managing bottom-up, Dr Ravindra Rannan-Eliya compares the performance of Australia to be of higher standard than Sri Lanka:

[…For example, if home isolation doesn’t work, either mandate quarantine or bring in measures to enforce compliance. Australia realised this, so it made quarantine mandatory. ….If we cannot get self-isolation to work effectively, like Australia, we need to quarantine in the first instance. But quarantine has its own disadvantages. There is no simple answer to this. We have to think about how we get to an optimal mix of quarantine and self-isolation, which will require many other supportive measures, and our approach will need to adjust over time….
Australia and New Zealand, who had much worse initial epidemics than we did, are both likely to move soon to lifting lockdowns, because they did all the other things, including aggressive testing.]
– Economy Next article“Blaming the public is an admission of failure” – in conversation with Dr Ravindra Rannan-Eliya on Sri Lanka’s COVID-19 response

Health is a very personal issue and top-down management would not work in this current environment where we know very little about the causes. Human Rights issues have been of priority to Australia due to its global consciousness. In the one country one could alternatively have bottom-up relationship or top-down with the leader.

Let’s take the following disciplinary action by the ‘West Wing’ President Bartlett as a wishful  example:
While you may be mistaking this for your monthly meeting of the Ignorant Tightass Club, in this building when the President stands, nobody sits.”

The above would be a virtual reality in the mind of one who values the Presidency above himself.

In real life, as per my direct experience, the only current leader who commanded that kind of respect is Sri Sathya Sai Baba. In 2009 – when I felt the need to be with the victims of war in the camps and I had to get the approval of the authorities to go to Vavuniya – there was a long wait. Like with Covid-19 there were many who sought to ‘profit’ from the pain of others and tried to exert their authority unjustly. Then I went regularly to the Sai Baba Centre at Barnes Place, Colombo. There I consolidated naturally with the  feelings of others who also felt for the victims. I was intuitively looking  for guidance – as there was no clear demarcation as to who was right and who was wrong.  I received it – when the flower on the big picture of Swami Sai Baba fell at the moment the thought of 13 soldiers came to my mind. As per my culture – it was disrespectful of the Tamil Tigers to send the bodies of soldiers to Colombo – as if to challenge the government. Back then as per my mind structure – the LTTE did not follow Due Process to show respect for those who died in combat.  In 2009, my knowledge of the war was limited to my sharing through community. Now the information is more structured. By 2009 many Tamil politicians were assassinated by the LTTE and as a person who realized self-governance through Democracy,  I had the duty to separate and distance myself from the LTTE in its official form. I got to know many in the group as individuals – and they became part of me. What actually happened was mixed with a strong doze of political advantage by both sides to the war.

In Australia – the way I see it– that kind of structure in which the leader is venerated, does not work because we generally feel ‘free’.  To my mind again – this is because of the Free-Spirited Indigenous Australians who died prematurely due to invasion, as well as all those who have realised that Freedom in our own local cultures and electorates. We are also not over-ambitious to rule the world.

But Sri Lankan structure is more top-down except when it comes to the Indigenous groups. The Wanathamulla area was very much part of the 1983 Black July riots. Journalist  Gamini Akmeemana highlights their natural ways through his Daily Mirror article headed ‘Coronavirus Diary- Part 2: Wanathamulla and Hobson’s Choice’
For the record, Sinhala Buddhist leadership of Sri Lanka is also Hobson’s Choice to minorities. As Thomas Ward said:

Where to elect there is but one,
'Tis Hobson's choice—take that, or none.

Hindu Tamils of Sri Lanka express this as  – ‘Whether Rama rules or Ravana rules – our plight is the same’

The LTTE was Hobson’s choice to the People of Northern and Eastern Sri Lanka. It became so due to neglect of lower caste areas  – the parallels of Wanathamulla. In 1983 – it was as if Tamil only indigenous groups  were empowering Sinhalese only indigenous groups  . To them Corona and  Dengue are more or less the same. The pre-existing condition / karma makes all the difference.

The book Experiences of a Relocated Community in Colombo : Case Study of Sinhapura, Wanathamulla, by the International Centre for Ethnic Studies,  presents the following picture:

[This report is about a relocated community in Sinhapura, in Wanathamulla, Colombo, Sri Lanka. Sinhapura is a government housing complex in two phases, each with 60 apartments built for relocating residents from two shanty communities in Colombo, namely 54 watta in Wanathamulla and 186 watta in Colombo 7. These relocatees have been displaced from their watta communities due to developmental projects undertaken by the Government of Sri Lanka.]

 The nature of the relationship between the indigenous groups  in Colombo and the current President is strongly indicated by the following report:

[Protest against abduction met with force
A white van abduction has taken place this morning in the Wanathamulla area in Colombo. A resident from the Wanathamulla housing scheme, Sunil Aiya, was abducted this morning in a white van, a day after Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and a senior Army officer had paid visit to him demanding that he vacates his residence.

Residents in the Wanathamulla housing scheme have posed a problem to the Urban Development Authority (UDA) under Gotabhaya since they have refused to accept the eviction orders issued by the UDA. The residents have instead resorted to legal action and have even taken the matter before the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka.
Gotabhaya and a senior army officer had visited Sunil Aiya yesterday and asked him to vacate the premises along with the others in the area.
Sunil Aiya has however refused to give in saying that none of the residents wanted to vacate their houses since there was no purpose in them giving up their houses to live in rented flats, which are not suitable for people to live in.
Following Sunil Aiya’s abduction, the residents in the Wanathamulla housing scheme took to the main road protesting against the abduction and demanding the authorities to find him and bring him back alive.
Traffic on the Baseline Road was also affected due to the protest.
It is learnt that the authorities are trying to level various allegations against Sunil Aiya.
However, JVP politburo member K.D. Lalkantha who pledged support to the protestors said that people cannot be abducted according to the whims of some people. “There is a law in the country and if there is any issue, the law has to be applied,” he said. He also called on residents in housing schemes in Colombo who face the threat of being evicted to join the Wanathamulla residents to protest to safeguard what is rightfully theirs.]

We learnt through Daily Mirror report headed ‘Don’t belittle Navy personnel: Defence Secretary’:
[Defence Secretary Maj.Gen. (Rtd) Kamal Gunaratne today requested people not to belittle Navy personnel who were infected with COVID-19 while being engaged in rounding up virus-infected drug addicts and taking them to quarantine centres.

He said according to reports some Navy personnel and their families were being vilified in some villages, and requested people not to do so as they had fallen ill in the line of duty in efforts to prevent the spread of the virus not considering the health risks.]

If the abductions in the Indigenous area due to the power of the ‘Defence Secretary’ is true – then the current Defence Secretary from the same political side would naturally inherit that karma, when s/he fails to follow the current law. The Indigenous dwellers would relate through their own experiences. Likewise Sri Lanka as per its own and not as per Australia’s experience which happens though a totally different structure. The connections between various positions in our true structures are our laws. The law of the Navy officer is as per her/his Navy law.

On 22 April News 1st reported about the above officer:

Our military has already shown their expertise and professionalism in handling the emergency situation created under coronavirus threat,” Kamal Gunaratne, a retired major general, said in a statement.

But then yesterday, Adaderana reported:

Australian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka David Holly and Australian Defence Adviser Group Captain Sean Unwin handed over Australian supplied Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva, Head of National Operation Centre for Prevention of COVID-19 Outbreak on Wednesday (29).

At the handover ceremony, High Commissioner Holly said “Australia expresses solidarity with Sri Lanka as we both face the impacts of the global COVID-19 crisis together. In particularly, the Australian Department of Defence is pleased to support Sri Lanka’s armed forces in their effort to counter COVID-19 by providing much needed equipment to protect those on the frontline in Sri Lanka”.

Is the Australian Defence Force hijacking the Australian People’s credit in their desire to please the Sri Lankan Defence Force led government? If there is a war between China and America, whose side would Australia take? As per the above – it would be China’s side due to this government being pro-China.

The connection between the Federal Leadership of Australia and the High Commission in Sri Lanka is the Natural law that applies here. As per that law, the Aid ought to have been handed over to the Health Minister who is senior to the Lieutenant General who participated in the war that resulted in boat arrivals in Australia. Pinching the baby and rocking the cradle?

Wednesday 29 April 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

29 April  2020

Sri Lankan Flag – The War Flag of Venice?

On 27 April – the Island reported under the heading ‘Not a single school to be used for quarantine’:


[Not a single school would be used as a quarantine centre; Army Commander Lt. Gen. Shavendra Silva said, yesterday.

The army had, however, asked the Ministry of Education to allow them to use several schools, near military camps, to house soldiers. "Camps are established to hold a certain number of personnel but with the need to follow physical distancing, these camps can now hold only about 50% of the previous numbers," he said


As is my way – I took the above at face value, until yesterday when  I heard from Vaddukoddai that my husband’s Alma Mater – Jaffna College was being used as a Quarantine Centre and that there was a protest against it by the Vaddukoddai public. The deeper our investment the more natural the passage. The degree of truth in a message determines its reliability.

If not for the above statement by Army Commander Lt. Gen. Shavendra Silva, the report from Vaddukoddai would have been not extraordinary. Later yesterday, my attention was directed to

That report was headed ‘STATUS STATEMENT IV: 28 April 2020

Sri Lanka's Response to Covid-19’

My interest was deepened when I read the following passage:

[The navy personnel who tested positive for Covid-19 were involved in cordon operations, distributing financial relief packages to people and patient treatment, without any protocols in place for their protection. However, the government has denied that they were engaged in Covid-19 relief efforts and claims that they contracted the virus while going after “a group of drug addicts.” Senior medical officers had urged the defence ministry to equip military personnel engaging with the public with personal protective equipment but were rebuffed. Instead, the soldiers were forced to engage with patients and civilians whilst armed with automatic weapons, which, through a lack of disinfecting protocols at the armoury, became a major vector for the virus. Medical officers attached to quarantines centres fear that soldiers at the centres may have also been exposed to Covid-19, especially during the last two weeks. The Task Force headed by the Army Commander has prioritised ensuring that military personnel and police officers are heavy armed, rather than provided with and trained on the use of personal protective equipment.]

What happened could be verified from media reports. The Daily Mirror reported as follows in this regard on 25 April 2020:

[In addition to limiting the spread of the COVID-19, tri force personnel have launched extensive operations to eliminate illegal activities such as drug trafficking and it was during such a raid that the team of navy personnel were exposed to the virus. 
“In Sri Lanka these days, while we remain indoors. there is also an increased criminal activity,” the official said. “In the case of Suduwella, this team of navy officers, and soldiers were after a group of drug addicts,” the official added.   
I recall to my consciousness the experience that I had when I learnt through my research the similarity between the Italian Naval Flag and the Sri Lankan National flag – both of which have the Winged Lion carrying the sword. If the identity is true it remains in the mind of the seeker. 25 April when the above published is also the feast of St Mark. Marco Polo who is believed to have taken the silk road from Venice to China carried the Lion Flag of the Republic of Venice – his birth place  These are indicators that would help work out the truth needed by a true owner. The following is a relevant excerpt in this regard:
The Travels of Marco Polo/Book 3/Chapter 14

[Concerning the Island of Seilan

They have a king there whom they call SENDEMAIN, and are tributary to nobody. The people are Idolaters, and go quite naked except that they cover the middle. They have no wheat, but have rice, and sesamum of which they make their oil. They live on flesh and milk, and have tree-wine such as I have told you of. And they have brazil-wood, much the best in the world.
Now I will quit these particulars, and tell you of the most precious article that exists in the world. You must know that rubies are found in this Island and in no other country in the world but this. They find there also sapphires and topazes and amethysts, and many other stones of price. And the King of this Island possesses a ruby which is the finest and biggest in the world; I will tell you what it is like. It is about a palm in length, and as thick as a man's arm; to look at, it is the most resplendent object upon earth; it is quite free from flaw and as red as fire. Its value is so great that a price for it in money could hardly be named at all. You must know that the Great Kaan sent an embassy and begged the King as a favour greatly desired by him to sell him this ruby, offering to give for it the ransom of a city, or in fact what the King would. But the King replied that on no account whatever would he sell it, for it had come to him from his ancestors.]

Wikipedia confirms as follows:
[Savakanmaindan (or Savakan MaindanSaavanmaindan and Javakanmaindan) was a monarch of the kingdoms of Tambralinga and Jaffna. He was the son of the Savakan king Chandrabhanu of Tambralinga who usurped the Tamil throne in 1255 AD. During his rule of Jaffna, the Venetian traveller Marco Polo visited the northeastern Tamil country.]

To me the most important aspect of the above account is the valuation of ancestors by Tamils of Sri Lanka. Accordingly, if such Tamils are in any way disrespected the Lion carrying the Sword – common to Venice and Sri Lanka would discipline the community through common pathways.

Those who do the bidding of the current masters without any attribution to the ancestors of the Navy would not have Natural belief based protection. There is no connection between the Lion in the Sri Lankan flag and Lord Buddha. Sri Lankan Navy by its ancestry seems to be connected to Venice in War mode. 

Tuesday 28 April 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

28 April  2020

Power of the Divine

There has been an issue regarding the level of approval needed to renovate our bathrooms. We live in a Strata Scheme unit covered by Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 No 50 (NSW). There were new issues covered by the new legislation but until now we did not need specific knowledge of them. We were however informed that we needed ‘special resolution’ or by-law to undertake the renovation. After communications to and fro – the chairman who referred to me as ‘Bush Lawyer’ demonstrated a deeper appreciation of my responses. The  ‘Bush Lawyer’ label was not attributed in my presence. The chairman communicated it to one of his clients and that client mentioned it to my friend Gwen Harrigan. But the goodwill generated gave me hope. That was not in vain. But despite that I felt disheartened last night, I felt sorry for myself. I said to my husband that it felt as if I were in rented property. To me it was another battle between the vertical power of the intellect and the lateral power of democracy and majority ruling that goes with it. I went through some emotional pain and decided to live with the current form which was not that bad. The extra would have been a boost during hard times when we are confined more and more to our ‘home’ – due to old age as well as virus based isolation. I had a ‘talk’ with my god and gradually fell asleep.

Then this morning I felt better. I believe that when I do my best and then  leave the rest to god – I am helped. As I started responding to the chairman – I was guided to the section of the law that defined ‘common property’ within the individual lot/unit.  Accordingly the bathroom floors were not ‘common property’.  

I thanked my god for the Natural support when I felt tired. This has happened to me many times – and more and more with age. I felt good. This meant also that we can help each other through our truth even though we may not even know each other. That kind of power leads us when we are in real need. I read the ABC news headed ‘Coronavirus patient receives guard of honour at Dubbo Base Hospital after recovery’ :

[A 79-year-old who dubbed himself the "miracle man" has had an emotional discharge from a NSW hospital after making a full recovery from coronavirus.
Jayson O'Brien fought back tears as doctors and nurses formed a guard of honour for him through the corridors of Dubbo Base Hospital in the state's west.

He blew his "blue angels" kisses as he was wheeled out to applause.
"[They] gave me my life back," he said.]

The Dubbo man was able to return home last Friday after he was cleared of the deadly coronavirus.]
These are miracles because the problem is beyond our physical and intellectual capacities. They happen all the time but we tend to recognize them only when we leave the decision to divinity – including those who provide ‘selfless service’.

The report headed ‘An All Night Pirith Chanting held in Kataragama to invoke blessings on citizens and country’, came with the picture at the top.

Even yesterday I was wondering whether I would get to go to  Nallur temple festival this year. To my mind, the strength of our prayer is as per its depth. Some ‘show’ custodians of benefits they desire; others demonstrate that they have earned on merit basis; those who feel part of the work and/or those who benefit from the work – are the ones that invoke ‘miracles’. They ‘show’ to educate others who may choose to follow.

The parallel of the above is for the citizen to go to the temple in a group. Is Sri Lanka not affected by the Pandemic? Or are they protected by the masks and need nothing else???
We may not understand Laws and rules. But when practiced - they help us think and act together. That way one’s goodness will work for the other in the group. Laws, Rules and Due Processes are the vessels and pathways through which the Energy of the origins flow through to us. We do not need to ‘see’ nor understand except for our own mental balance. The believing practitioner becomes the origin to the extent s/he is in need.

Monday 27 April 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
27 April  2020

Separate and Private

On Saturday we honoured our partnership with New Zealand in maintaining global sovereignty. It was therefore disheartening to note the ABC news heading ‘Has New Zealand really done better than Australia in controlling coronavirus?’ That kind of comparison should not come from an Australian nor from a New Zealander.

We participate in wars to preserve the Sovereignty of the side that we identify more with. When such is genuine, the Sovereignty of Earth gets strengthened. Through ANZAC memorial services we celebrate the One mind with which we fought to restore global sovereignty. It is therefore inappropriate to compare openly the performance of the two governments in the fight against coronavirus. That effectively amounts to separating Australian forces from New Zealand forces and is disrespectful of the ANZAC spirit. This is unbecoming of the ABC.

The Sri Lankan Navy in turn confessed to its own negligence as follows:

[Sri Lanka Navy issued a statement saying that an officer died as a result of Leptospirosis (Rat Fever).

He was receiving treatment at the Welisara Navy General Hospital.
There was some speculation in Social Media that the officer had died due to COVID19.
But Sri Lanka Navy issuing a statement clarified the matter.
Sri Lanka Navy said this his funeral will be conducted following the procedures set for Covid19 deaths as ordered by Judicial Medical officer considering the situation in Welisara Navy Camp.]

Why should a victim of Rat Fever be treated in the same manner as the victim of coronavirus? On 11 August 2017, Associated Press reported through MSNBC under the heading ‘New leptospirosis deaths recorded in Puerto Rico’:

[Those results have now come back, on a total of 99 suspected cases. Of those, 81 came back negative. Today, Dr. Deseda tells us the CDC identified 14 cases of lepto in patients who are alive and fighting the disease, plus two cases where the patient died. These two new deaths of lepto did not change the overall death toll; they had already been counted, but now we have an official ruling on the diagnosis. We now know they died of a disease that no one has to get, and that is generally treatable with basic antibiotics. With these two new confirmed diagnoses, the number of deaths from lepto stands at five.]

 Going by the symptoms there seems very little difference between the two except the modality of transmission which appears by its speed to be nucleic. As per Hindu philosophy the 5th natural element is the space through which the lightest particles are transmitted. Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Aakash / Outer Space thus transmit magnetic, electric, heat, light, sound energies. These are sufficient for us – the common persons to make connections between causes and effects. Hence Fire also needs to me taken as a medium. If burial is taken to promote transmission through Earth and Water then Fire, Air and Aakash are taken to be media of possibilities. Heat waves are not excluded and hence cremation is not a preventive measure. Neither are Aerosols. As highlighted previously, Wikipedia informs us as follows:

[Biosafety level 4 (BSL-4) is the highest level of biosafety precautions, and is appropriate for work with agents that could easily be aerosol-transmitted within the laboratory and cause severe to fatal disease in humans for which there are no available vaccines or treatments.BSL-4 laboratories are generally set up to be either cabinet laboratories or protective-suit laboratories]

Both China as well as USA are known have such laboratories. Many  countries in Europe, including France, Germany, UK, Italy and Hungary  are also confirmed to have such labs.
Hence after this we would need  Biosafety level 5 (BSL-5) labs for viruses that are as light as Covid-19 and lighter than this virus.

The Sri Lankan ban on cremation of corona or other victims of infectious diseases is superstitious unless such diseases are known to spread through earth and/or  water.

Health is personal to the individual and unless the Government’s decisions to use its own ‘secular’ pathway towards ‘Common’ purpose it is morally wrong to interfere with religion based expressions of faith of the community that the victim was part of. That would facilitate the mind of the person to be shared by her/his community – beyond the body. If the cremation of this Navy Officer was as per his community culture – there was no need for special mention. The Navy had the option of conducting and honoring this officer through Navy Burial at Sea. 

Whatever we do out of faith goes towards strengthening of Human Sovereignty. There are no rights or wrongs in the actions of those driven by faith. Where a cultural practice clashes with common practice the cultural practice needs to be facilitated to be ‘separate and private’. Otherwise there is serious risk of diluting the Sovereignty of the whole that the culture is part of.

Sunday 26 April 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

26 April  2020

Out Goes China & In Comes India?

[Sri Lanka is set to enter into an agreement with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for a currency swap worth USD 400 million to boost the foreign reserves and ensure the financial stability of the country which is badly hit by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, a top minister has said.] The Hindu article ‘Sri Lanka to seek $400mn debt swap facility from RBI to meet short-term financial needs
In terms of Sri Lanka’s ethnic conflict – driven largely by numbers - this is a huge boost to the Tamil side. Tamil Nadu, with a population of 72 million must seem huge to a Sri Lankan who is conscious of majority force and is driven by numbers within Sri Lanka. The ongoing conflicts between majority Sinhala Buddhists and minority Tamils and/or Muslims confirm this weakness in Sri Lanka. One who is Sovereign would have lost consciousness of the numbers which show volume. To my mind, the circumference of a circle is the parallel of the apparent size of a group and the volume of a sphere is the parallel of mind of the group. Both cannot be measured using the same measure. Volume is exponential due to invisible substance and this is confirmed by raising the of radius – to the power of 3 – i.e. r x r x r, to determine volume of sphere. Invisible powers are those that do not show their full form. In the Coronavirus epidemic, governments feared this exponential increase and felt more in control when the ‘curve flattened’. The exponential increase confirms the invisible power of the virus which adversely affects the mind that is unaware of its own natural powers. When the virus is excited – the weaker mind gets its other side - ‘fear’. Hence the exponential growth of fear that results in exponential growth in the desire to reproduce itself.

The vaccine for the infection induces production of  antibodies that would wait in readiness to reduce reproduction. Most of us know that there is a connection between our physical body and the mind and the production of hormones. The self-control measures through social isolation and abstinence of some form or the other elevate  the mind to above the level of the physical body and therefore produce antibodies against physical enjoyment of pleasures. Such persons develop exponential healing powers. Jesus awoke Lazarus through such powers. Now we know that those who go into coma could be awakened by loved ones who have the exponential healing powers. I believe that the UK Prime Minister got cured due to such power from those who believed in him and/or his position.
It is stated that one who has been cured could get infected again. Not so if that person believes in that exponential power of the mind that is based on truth. Each time we say ‘thank you’ to the dead without expecting any returns for doing so - we develop exponential power. A virus that lives in an animal without killing that  animal is harmless in any human with stronger mind than that animal. Likewise, infections that live in certain human bodies living in say – the slums would not exponentially produce themselves in another from outside the slum with stronger mind than the common person in that slum. But if an outsider with weaker mind than that of that common person were to go into that slum, they would be exponentially attacked by the disease.

The economic health of Sri Lanka has been strongly infested by greed and negligence of its political leaders who are the custodians of the Common financial power. As per the above Hindu report – the fear in the minds of the current Sri Lankan government is exponential. To my mind, this is also the reason why they do not want to adjourn the elections. Once the voters are able to ‘see’ the mind of the leader either by the voter elevating her/his mind or the leader lowering her/his mind, the fear infects the voter and the voter would point the finger at the leader. This happens because the ‘Divine’ power of the leader is not recognizable by the voter who votes out of faith and/or desire. Faith confirms exponential Divine power. Desire confirms lateral animal power.

A Sri Lankan observer said recently that he was disappointed when someone who is reported to have had responsibility for the deaths of many civilians became President of Sri Lanka. He said but now – observing how they are panicking with such small numbers of infections – he felt that the Coronavirus was ‘waiting’ and hence Ranil Wickremesinghe was ‘saved’. In turn I said as per my faith in democracy – China was papering for its own interests – such as the One Belt One Road program which resulted in parts of Sri Lanka being taken-over by China. I have kept highlighting these losses of Sovereignty – more or less as a lone voice. But the Universe has a way of balancing the Earth’s Sovereignty and therefore Universal Sovereignty. Earth’s Sovereignty is often upset by unjust people and from time to time unjust laws. If a law has the effect of damaging even one person’s realised sovereignty the Earth naturally awakens its own Sovereign powers to support the victims and punish the makers and users of such laws – i.e. Politicians and the Judiciary. When our minds are strong due to sharing in the pain of apparent victims we will defeat the virus and also repair the economy.

Saturday 25 April 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

25 April  2020

Government says ‘Thank you through Memorial Services’

I heard the special ANZAC day music and stood up to join in. I called out to my husband and he also joined in. We participated from our home unit and felt moved by others following the Social Distancing rule and standing still and away from each other. My feelings were deeper this year than usual as I invoked as virtual reality the loneliness that the soldiers in combat must have felt – especially when the 1918 Spanish flu happened during World War I. I quietly felt the loneliness that I would have felt in that situation. I thanked the soldiers from the bottom of my heart to fight to protect our Global Sovereignty. I felt that it was the duty of the government to thank them because the soldiers represented the government and therefore the nation. Every person who fights for sovereignty as an individual and or on behalf of a group is respectable.  As their heirs – we the People receive the Government’s thanksgiving expressions.

I believe that by going through this virtual reality – we inherit also the mind that has developed the natural vaccine against similar  war and diseases. Our minds therefore are unaffected by what happens to the body. As we learnt from Jesus also – death of the body releases the true spirit of the person.

Later, I said to one of my Vaddukoddai students who was unhappy when I reminded her about the ‘lesson’ that evolved from her mistake – that unless she carried foremost in her mind – the  mind that had ‘corrected’ her and prevented her loss – she would tend to ‘forget’ the lesson. Then the problem goes to sleep and mutates. The Power / Energy of the solution needs to be stronger than the Power / Energy of the problem for us to have Peace of Mind.

I keep hearing many messages about Covid-19 symptoms. Initially I received them as I heard them. But gradually I learnt to dismiss them with my own mental immunity developed through virtual experiences – especially of ancestors. The beautiful songs by Saint Arunagirinaathar who is reported to have had leprosy due to his unregulated sexual enjoyment – confirm that divinity cures body ailments when we are humble enough to seek the forgiveness of the Lord. When I read the divine work of  such saints I feel really good. That confirms their Divinity.

When we are more conscious of the solutions of our past problems than forgetting them because they are unpleasant – we already have the vaccine against a similar problem. That is what memorial services do – develop our natural mind vaccines against war and diseases that happen with wars. Coronavirus is more apparent – because we are more conscious of solutions to past wars – through natural lessons learnt. That is a big victory to all of us who eliminated the war virus in our own areas of influence – including through intellectual approach – using global laws. When we use the intellectual pathway we are less emotional and therefore carry both sides of the experience through our intellect. Hence the Thirukural –

Epporul Yaaryaarvaaik Ketpinum Apporul
Mei porul Kaanpathu arivu.
– stanza 423

Knowledge is the pathway that takes us from expressions by anyone to truth in those expressions.  

This is also the motto of the University of Jaffna. Those who hold memorials within this University premises for armed fighters are  disrespectful of our intellectually driven ancestors. Memorials within University need to be for those who fought for Sovereignty through the intellectual pathway.

Friday 24 April 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

24 April  2020

War & Coronavirus

Memorials confirm that some of us believe that those before us live through our bodies. It is part of our culture to remember and value the dead from whom we inherited our cultural values and therefore Commonness. Commonness confirms the realisation of soul-values. Once realised they lead us forever.

Tomorrow is ANZAC we remember the soldiers who fought to protect Sovereignty. Wikipedia presents Anzac Day as follows:

[Anzac Day  is a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand that broadly commemorates all Australians and New Zealanders "who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations" and "the contribution and suffering of all those who have served"]

I join the Coogee group and feel for all those who died to protect Sovereignty. In terms of war I recall Sri Lankan Tamils – including civilians who died fighting for their own Sovereignty which is then shared by all those who include them a part of ourselves. I recall with deepest feeling my maternal uncle who was tortured to death :

[My Mum’s family got displaced out of Burma - first to Sri Lanka and then to India due to world-war II. During the war my mother’s brother – Uncle Ratnum Durai worked for  the Allied Forces and I learnt about this from my mother and her elder brother Uncle Lionel Durai of 27, 130th Street (Ground Floor), Kandawglay – Yangon 1121, Myanmar. My uncle   updated me as follows from the records he had:

ON 22 JANUARY  1944 BY

Q:        Do you have any information concerning the death of one RATNAM DURAI at the New Law Courts Building, Rangoon, Burma? If so, please state what you know of your own knowledge concerning the incident?
Capt. Maloney: When I was placed in the New Law Courts Building, RATNUM DURAI was already confined in a cell adjacent to the one to which I was assigned, and was moved to my cell in about 10 days. On nearly every day for several weeks after I arrived, one or more interrogators, usually the interpreters, would come to the cell and ask him questions. I understood from the questions that they were seeking information as to the radio frequencies and codes he used as an agent for the United States intelligence, where he was trained, and the names of other natives trained with him. The interrogators would frequently beat him with a heavy club or rubber hose while in the cell. At other times he would be taken from the cell and be gone for a period of from a few hours to 2 days. When he was returned to his cell his body would show evidence of very severe beating, and frequently he had been so badly mistreated that he could not walk. About half the time he was given nothing to eat and did not recover. He died in January 1944, about 6 weeks after I arrived. He had no diseases or injury, except from apparent beatings, when I first arrived.

Q: State what was told to you concerning this mistreatment and of the background of RATNUM DURAI?
Capt. Maloney: I was told that DURAI was a Hindu and a citizen of Burma, but had been trained by the United States Intelligence and dropped from a plane behind the Japanese lines in Burma as an agent; that he was captured during the latter part of November 1943 and immediately brought to the New Law Courts Building.
DURAI told me that he was always beaten when he was taken from his cell for interrogation and that on several occasions he was hung by his feet from the ceiling of the interrogation room, so that his head was barely above the floor, and that water was then poured in his nose.

Q: Can you give any information as to those responsible for the mistreatment resulting in the death of RATNUM DUARI?
Capt. Maloney: There was one Japanese interpreter who was on the case continuously and gave many of the beatings. He was about 25 years old, about 5’5” tall and could speak good English. He said he knew a little about boxing and that he was one of the few Japanese there who wore their hair long as in Western style.
Signed : RAYMOND A.MALONEY, Captain, AC. ASN 0-726056

To me our uncle died for Sovereignty of his family which then naturally becomes common at national and global levels. I believe I inherited that fighting spirit from my uncle also.

As per ABC news headed ‘South China Sea tensions rise as Australian frigate exercises with US warships’ there are concerns about more Australians getting ready to fight for Sovereignty, at a time we are going through the Coronavirus pandemic.  In 1918, our ancestors suffered not only from World War I but also from the Spanish flu which is reported to have infected 500 million and resulted in the deaths of 17 to 50 million people. Relatively speaking the Coronavirus cases are reported to be 2.7 million infections and .19 million deaths. But both have been reported to have blood related problems also.

One wonders whether these pandemics are associated with wars? – including secret wars? As per my experience with war victims in Sri Lanka – their feelings of Sovereignty were seriously affected after the 2009 battle. In 2009 we had the Swine flu. As per Wikipedia:

[It is estimated that in the 2009 flu pandemic 11–21% of the then global population (of about 6.8 billion), or around 700 million to 1.4 billion people, contracted the illness—more in absolute terms than the Spanish flu pandemic. Actual fatalities ranged between 12,000 and 18,000. However, in a 2012 study, the CDC (Centre for Disease Control)  estimated more than 284,000 possible fatalities worldwide, with range from 150,000 to 575,000.]

In 2009 when we did not have lockdowns in Australia. In Sri Lanka we were all almost totally fighting for Sovereignty (as we thought it was) on the basis of ethnicity and were not conscious of the Swine flu.

People are recruited for wars by Governments. These Governments may or may not be Independent of other influences when deciding to fight. But every death in war is taken to be for protection of our Sovereignty. A community / society that respects this confirms its own Sovereignty.
Our parents live through World wars. Wikipedia reports: ‘The total number of military and civilian casualties in World War I were about 40 million: estimates range from 15 to 19 million deaths and about 23 million wounded military personnel, ranking it among the deadliest conflicts in human history. The total number of deaths includes from 9 to 11 million military personnel.

Yet we participated in World War II also:

[World War II was the deadliest military conflict in history. An estimated total of 70–85 million people perished, which was about 3% of the 1940 world population (est. 2.3 billion).]
Those of us who feel war pain in the belief that we protected our Sovereignty – will not fear Coronavirus but know that everything has a deeper purpose.