Sunday 31 May 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 31 May  2015

How No Terrorism means Yes Terrorism

As per the Times of  India under the heading ‘Rajapaksa fears LTTE revival in Sri Lanka
[Former Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa, who is mounting a political comeback, has expressed fears that the separatist Tamil Tigers could regroup and revive terrorism in the country.
"We are glad that terrorists are no more. But I have a suspicion that we may return to see terrorism," Rajapaksa said.
"We don't want to see that happening we want everyone to live in peace and harmony," he told a religious gathering in the north central town of Anuradhapura yesterday. 

Like in the case of Rape discussed in yesterday’s article - ‘Clean up Political Pollution before expecting Equity in Law - politicians think they are in free environment when they are in ‘Political mood’. Parliamentary Elections are soon expected in Sri Lanka and hence this ‘free’ talk.   If Terrorists are no more at the physical level but the fear of return continues to exist – then Terrorism still exists in Sri Lanka – certainly in the minds of Mr. Rajapaksa’s group. The Times of India article gives us many clues as to the reasons why:

[Rajapaksa, who led the Sri Lankan forces in the bloody victory over the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in 2009, plans to contest parliamentary polls in another bid to return to power.
He first won in 2005, surfed a wave of popularity among the Sinhala majority to win again in 2010. He then had the Constitution changed to allow the third term he hoped to win in January's poll.
But the veteran politician suffered a surprise defeat in snap presidential polls he called.
Rajapaksa's defeat to President Maithripala Sirisena came despite his popularity among the Sinhala Buddhist majority.
Sirisena received wide support from minority Tamils and Muslims with sizable support from the Sinhalese, who were fed up with Rajapaksa's authoritarian rule.
Rajapaksa, in order to shore up the Sinhala Buddhist support, has often visited Buddhist temples.

In words a leader may say ‘we want no terrorism’ or in the case of Indonesia ‘we want no drugs’. But our political pathway is likely to show that we came to power because of ‘yes terrorism / yes drugs’. Without that problem seen at the voter level -  there is no opportunity to show our ‘cleverness’ as leaders. That is how ‘no means yes’ when expressed by the unsteady mind desiring quick benefits by manipulating  the ignorant mind. Mr. Rajapaksa’s rise in politics happened due to LTTE. Tamils who genuinely seek Independence and therefore Peace – would leave no room for such reactive manifestations.

LTTE may be Terrorists to the Sinhalese but not to the Tamil Community taken as a whole. For the same reason JVP actions could be considered to be Terrorism actions by someone who felt part of the Government. Where the person causing the damage is outside our  circle of belief – we have the responsibility to use wider laws common to the whole.  By using Sinhala only and / or Buddhism first pathways one may get elected to be leader. But the voter needs to know that that in Sri Lanka that would reestablishes  the war-pathway. The path through which we actually travelled to the leadership position is our Natural pathway. It is difficult for oldies like us to override that through conscious thoughts to get ‘the right tick’ with wider world in the case of Mr. Rajapaksa and with the cultural community in my case.

To the extent the LTTE went beyond its areas of belief – one cannot fault the ‘Terrorism’ label. Likewise to the extent Sinhalese Politicians and their followers apply that ‘Terrorism’ label indiscriminately on Tamils - they promote the ‘Genocide’ charges from Tamil Politicians and their followers. Likewise in the case of Indonesian Politicians – death sentence for drug related offences outside their circle of belief would naturally develop tribalism charges from those who have escalated the issue to treat the problem through the educational pathway. Ultimately each one of us has the right to judge and punish ourselves. Once we settle our debts to a community/society/system – we are free to punish ourselves but not others – as LTTE did and earned the responsibility to submit to wider laws.

Someone else – including a parent – could punish only to the extent of her/his belief in their  commonness through parent-child relationship. The relationship is the pathway we ‘think’ we are taking. How we actually traveled is our true pathway and the destination it takes us to is our True destiny. Tamils who believe in the pathway of politicians such as the Hon SJV Chelvanayakam whose political leadership was inherited by the Hon Appapillai Amirthalingam of Vaddukoddai – would not take the LTTE pathway to self-governance. Like Dowry and Donation - the former is heritage and the latter is trade.

Myuran Sukumaran’s mother realized commonness despite the ‘blame’ from community.  Australian Government under its current leadership  helped her get there where the Tamil Community failed.  

A Tamil living in Sri Lanka, carrying professional status stated ‘We hear about Australians condemning Indonesians. They are supporters of hardcore criminals. Who is going to look-after drug victims whose whole life is ruined. Will Australians support all the drug victims forever whose life has been ruined by hard core Australian criminals such as Myuran. Will the mere international goodwill bring back the life of drug victims especially the school kids. Do we conclude all Australians support hardcore criminals and do not bother about possible child drug victims of Indonesia.

This response came through during discussions of the recent rape related events in Jaffna. As per my assessment this person is pro-LTTE and anti-Rajapaksa/EPDP ( EPDP is Tamil Political  party in coalition with former government).  To him – EPDP would be the terrorists and not the LTTE. A good proportion of the Tamil Diaspora would likewise be quick to blame EPDP-Rajapaksa coalition instead of  LTTE for problems relating to war and politics.  Yet, the UN listed the LTTE as Terrorists. Like Myuran’s mum we include LTTE with all its shortcomings to realize that Commonness as Community. Likewise, we include EPDP also with all its shortcomings.  That is Family and that is  Community. One who does not have such Commonness strength – would keep contradicting himself with environmental changes. We the Common Tamils and Common Sri Lankans are the ones developing true Peace in the midst of all this war-related excitement. The Geetha – the Pathway of Truth was communicated also in the battlefield. Truth surfaces more freely in war and love.

When we FAIL to pay our dues to the ‘system’/‘relationship’ which gives us the opportunities and benefits we carry, we inherit its negative values including from parents.  Those who pay their dues – inherit only the good values from that system. In the case of the above Sri Lankan – the dues were not paid to the Common Sri Lankan University system by a Jaffna only person caught up in Politics.

I accepted Mr. Rajapaksa also through that Commonness. However weak an individual may be – we need to accept that person through her/his goodness to invest in the position s/he holds. The individual has changed but my investment in the position of President continues along the same true pathway. When it changes with the person – it is politics. When it does not happen whoever the person – we are confirming that we have disenfranchised ourselves.  This is fine – so long as we do not claim ‘rights’ – including ‘equal rights’ as members of the whole. 

Saturday 30 May 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 30 May  2015
Panchathantra Wisdom about Profiting from Conflict - Courtesy Niti Central

Clean up Political Pollution before expecting Equity in Law

Politics often fails due to enforcing  its authority beyond its local borders. Good Politics leads lead to Just Administration and Good Management. Good Management leads  to Good Governance. As per my discovery – Management is a combination of Truth within our environment and Common Principles. The latter on their own cannot lead to Good Governance. A good manager would consolidate through her/his Truth the Truth of all those in the team. Under such leadership the team becomes self-functional.

I myself have been experiencing much delays in the Sri Lankan Judicial system. I have been working out solutions on the basis of self-management of the resources available. Often we of the Diaspora tend to expect the standards that we are used to in the Western countries we have migrated to.  Here in Australia, I have been a self-represented litigant for the same reasons of self-management mentioned above. That is when we get higher membership in that institution. At the highest level we influence the Governance of that institution / nation and if we are good there is Good Governance for us through us. Once we realize Good Governance we share it with others. Once we realize Good Governance in one area – we take that with us to other areas/subject matters.

Today, I received through a Tamil Diaspora Leader – the Sri Lanka Guardian article ‘Sri Lanka: Deterioration of the Legal Intellect’  by Mr. Basil Fernando of Hong Kong. Given that I myself am currently contributing to the Justice system in Sri Lanka, this particular article was of great interest to me. Along with that email came another with the following subject heading from Mr. Samy Pasupati – our  Professional Accounting elder :
The introduction to the latter was: ‘CPA Australia is taking defamation action against The New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants, alleging its rival made false and defamatory statements, alleging "inferior" education standards, lack of global affiliations, misuse of membership fees and a "second-rate designation", according to a CPA statement of claim lodged with Wellington High Court.’
Through my own experiences, I have realized that if we stay in our own areas of belief, politics alone is enough for good governance. That the Subjective pathway.  But once we come outside – we need Administration and politics alone is not enough for good governance. To the extent we ‘come outside’ we need common Administration to lead us to Good Governance. To me the above pain by Australian Accountants was their own karma in treating my Sri Lankan Chartered Accounting qualifications as being ‘inferior’ even after there was enough evidence through my performance in Australia to prove otherwise.  In other words they were ‘outside’ the local limits of relativity and hence needed global measures to assess and certify my knowledge. Taken as a whole – the Australian Professionals got their own karma back.  When I felt that I could do no more to ‘correct’ that mistake – I took legal action. The Judiciary confirmed that they were not different to the Administration. After exhausting all avenues available to me to improve the system – I recorded my experiences in my book ‘Naan Australian’. That is the true picture that would help younger Australians have a true base. The following is an excerpt included in that book  from the transcript of legal proceedings at the Admin Decisions Tribunal (New South Wales)  highlighting that karma. (Mr. Bartley was the Presiding Judiciary Officer and we were talking about why I had not been listed for an interview for a job at the University of New South Wales where I had already recorded my clever performance:
Mr. Bartley: ---- no degrees or qualifications other than chartered accountancy (Sri Lankan). Is that right?
Mrs. Paramasivam: I do have other qualifications but that is the highest.
Mr. Bartley: No, Listen to me.
Mrs. Paramasivam: Sorry
Mr. Bartley: You have no degrees and no formal qualifications other than chartered accountancy.
Mrs. Paramasivam: No I do have
Mr. Bartley: Well, what other one have you got?
Mrs. Paramasivam: I’m a member of the ---I have qualified to enroll as a member of the National Institute of Accountants in Australia which is a professional body.
Mr. Bartley: Well, you just said you have chartered accountancy but that is ---
Mrs. Paramasivam: Because that to me is the highest qualification, so.

I was recording my Truth as per MY Assessment – knowing very well that the authorities would override it. Effectively I was Sri Lankan speaking from Sri Lanka and they were Australians in Australian Territory. THAT was the reality at that time at that place where they thought they were ‘free’.  That is how sexual Rape also happens. The attackers think they are free in that environment. My marital status was thus raped and seriously damaged in Mallakam District Court  by a Colombo lawyer empowered by family members  who were sponsored by my husband and I to migrate to Australia. All that happened in front of the Judge who is part of the Administration of the Judicial Services Commission. The Judge added his part to ‘the rape’ by calling me a ‘street woman’. To the extent I felt wounded – they were all cursed because I sacrificed earned benefits and contributed to the higher status of that family for which they had the duty to show our Common values and not ‘go separate’ once their desires were fulfilled.  Using family for selfish purpose weakens our investment in ‘family’ and therefore the investment in ‘higher enjoyment’ of family life. That is how Sinhala Nationalism followed by Tamil Nationalism – claimed AFTER Common life as Ceylonese – has separated Sri Lanka. Karma happened and one leading member who empowered the lawyer  - suffered a stroke and failed to attend Court after she had given evidence and the other who was the Political influence – lost her Thaali (wedding necklace) at the Chariot Festival of Sydney Murugan Temple – that took place after she gave evidence in court and claimed that she did not receive dowry but only donation when she got married. Dowry is of heritage value. Donation is of trade value. The Thaali was found later but there was controversy in that another lady also claimed that it was hers. It was like the child in the Court of King Solomon – claimed by two mothers. Losing the Thaali  (even temporarily) is like losing the husband. My marriage is blessed by Australian Law. One who influenced through local cultural influence – got her karma back through Lord Muruga in Sydney. Like CPA Australia I also filed defamation charges against those who defamed me for marrying a second time.  But the Supreme Court of New South Wales was not able to uphold Justice. I then submitted to the Lord and am able to identify with the return karma. Had they stayed within their Vaddukoddai boundaries and not exploited the system of Thesawalamai – they would not have separated themselves from the Common Family and thus weakened their family powers. These family powers are fundamental to developing ‘protection powers’ of the Community including against rape. If it still happens it would not affect us beyond the physical level.

Mr. Basil Fernando is introducing us to his thoughts – through the recent rape of a Jaffna student in rural Tamil area as follows:

[The rape and murder of a 17-year-old schoolgirl two weeks ago, has given rise to the biggest protest seen in North in recent times. The police have announced that 9 persons have been arrested and are been investigated. DNA samples have been taken and sent for examination.
Meanwhile, the President of Sri Lanka publicly stated that the case would be tried in a special court to avoid the usual delay and to ensure justice speedily. This promise by the President is quite welcome. We hope that the investigations will be completed soon and the Attorney General will also file the indictments soon and the trial will commence.
While this move is being appreciated, it needs to be emphasized that a speedy trial in cases of rape is a right of all victims of rape and, in fact, of the community in general.
The delays that now prevail are scandalous.]

The question that we need to ask here is whether the President’s statement that the matter would be heard in a special court is a Political decision or an Administrative one? The responses from the Tamil Diaspora to my articles in relation to this rape – were to recognize the political aspect. Tamil Member of Parliament for Jaffna, Mr. Shritharan, pointed the finger at Political interference  in Vaddukoddai area.   Vaddukoddai  is the area where the first political declaration of independent Tamil State was made in 1976. To my mind, my book Naan Australian is the parallel of that  Vaddukoddai Resolution.  Both went beyond Administration available in that area at that time, to become belief based Natural Governance.  This was recognized by the outcomes  of 1977 General Elections.  But the 1978 Constitution failed to include this Governance value manifested through the Political pathway into its Administrative pathway for the next generation. This value was not given relativity through Sri Lankan Laws to remain within Sri Lankan borders.   Hence instead of separating as Rights and Wrongs – through Common Law – we divided as Sinhalese and Tamils through particular cultural values – with both sides forming natural coalitions through these ‘free-floating’ values. That is our reality and the President of Sri Lanka needs to include that in his decision making and not apply common global principles as they are to the Sri Lankan situation until recognition has been given to those independence beliefs through the First Law of Sri Lanka – the Constitution.

Those whose influence is strongly of Tamil culture – are entitled to make such declarations to communicate and share their sense of independence within local borders. But the moment they try to enforce it or use it to relate to others outside that local area – it became Bad Politics leading to Wrong  Administration and No Governance. This problem does exist in Sri Lanka – including in North. Once we go beyond local we need to use wider common laws. To remain local and independence – we need to access traditional values. Without these traditional values we risk shrinking as the Aborigines in Australia did as a Community. When we accept benefits from wider society – we are no longer local only. Migrants – especially Refugees who are strongly attached to their cultural values need to resolve problems within community borders to develop into good citizens. All those who are driven more by Community status while enjoying benefits of the whole – are economic migrants – even if they were born in Australia. Likewise in a family – all those who are driven by their local branch while enjoying benefits of the whole – are economic relatives.

To take a largely Administrative approach – this problem must be clean of political influence. Then and then only would Justice happen by treating this  on the same level as other rapes in parts of  Sri Lanka or even in Vaddukoddai area. One who is a Political victim becomes a National Political problem when the local politician fails to resolve it within the local borders. What happened at body level cannot be used indiscriminately for application of Equal Opportunity values. The field must be levelled first before equal status is allocated. As the wise in Common Law say ‘He who comes into equity must come with clean hands’.

Politically speaking – a decision by the President must first bring Neduntheevu and its surrounding areas  clean of politics before the problems of that area could be brought into the National Borders of Relativity. As per the President’s belief that  must be as clean of Politics to be Equal to  the President’s electorate of Polonnaruwa, before the two areas could be brought within the folds of Judicial Administration. The President by sharing his status seems to be doing just that.  

Neduntheevu area is a victim of outside political influence. In 2006 – the island of Allaipiddy also of that area suffered terrible tragedy. I myself felt it all the way in Mannar – when I went to Thiruketheeswaram temple towards praying for the soul of our nephew Shanmugalingam who passed away on 18 July 2006. Some armed officers were suspicious and I became anxious of being attacked by a junior officer because I was a woman. The senior officer in charge identified with my responses and I was protected on my way back to Vavuniya. Truth works for those who invest in Truth. Truth cleans Inequities.

As per Wikipedia  about the Allaipiddy massacre:[Anglican Bishop Duleep de Chickera visited Allaipiddy as part of a fact-finding mission to northern Sri Lanka. In his report he stated:
 "I visited the Allaipiddy island and saw for myself the tension that prevailed after the gruesome massacre of civilians, eight of whom belonged to one family. Surviving members of this family witnessed the killing and are likely to be able to identify the killers. The movement of civilians from this island following a threatening order presumably by a group adds to the misery of this people and to the complex nature of human suffering. In such instances the people have little desire to move and it is only a speedy investigation into the massacre and deliberate measures of dialogue and trust building between the people and the Sri Lanka Armed Forces that will somewhat stem the fear and panic and dislocation of an already previously displaced people"]

That’s how much cleaning of Political mess that needs to happen in Northern Sri Lanka before Equal Administration could be commenced.

 Prioritizing is about Relativity. To relate one needs to have firm limits and boundaries. By taking this matter to the Sri Lankan Parliament – the Hon Shritharan has taken it beyond the local borders of the Judiciary in Northern Sri Lanka. The Solution needs to clean up Political Pollution followed by Common Justice - so that the belief of the People to whom Neduntheevu is home, will flow through to National Parliament.

Friday 29 May 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 29 May  2015

Becoming Australian

Last night we participated in an information sharing session for Asylum seekers of  Sri Lankan Tamil origin. The session was organized  by Australian Tamil Congress with Mr. Bala Wigneswaran as the main facilitator. RACS – Refugee Advice and Casework Services made the presentation on the basis of changes to Government Policies as per new legislation that became effective in December 2014.   Details and Analyses provided further insight into Government’s own thoughts in relation to Balancing the two sides to bring about Equilibrium. I felt satisfied that as per the Truth known to me about Sri Lankan applicants – the rights of genuine Asylum seekers have not been damaged by the changes. The process has been changed and I felt positive identification with the provisions that an Applicant who receives Temporary Protection Visa would be able to ‘work’ and that one who is granted Safe Haven Enterprise Visa could work in specific regions.

Work, I believe is a cure in itself and facilitates the worker with the opportunity to contribute through her/his work to ownership in Australia. I believe that one who so accumulates ‘service’ credits through work – would be recognized by the Australian system however small the value of the initial claim may be – to Australian Residence.  One needs this investment in Australian values – to feel that sense of belonging which makes a place one’s ‘home’ – with or without the legal certification. An applicant who accumulates such credits – not to show but for her/himself for keeps – would work the Australian system – wherever s/he may physically be.  The powers of all genuine Australians would naturally support this person even though both sides may not be conscious of it. That is the way of Truth.

Truth empowers the person/s who discovers Truth, the person/s who upholds that Truth and the place where it is discovered and / or upheld. An effective manager would identify with each participant’s Truth through her/his own Truth and that leads to consolidation. The Federal Government may or may not have formed this true picture when introducing this new legislation. To my previous response on this issue the Prime Minister’s Office wrote:

Your views are noted and they are important. A strong democracy and a responsive
government always require constant feedback from its people about the issues that concern

In contrast – a Tamil Asylum Seeker who abandoned the training program that was facilitated by us for him in Sri Lanka, and took the boat to Australia – showed an ‘attitude’ that he did not need my advice. Instead, he referred to an officer who had commended him for his contribution to that officer’s work – (non-immigration) and expressed confidence that he would be helped by that officer. I concluded that I was contacted  to find out whether we had anything that was of ‘use’ to this Applicant. He did not contact me for my wisdom which comes with discipline.

Even though some carrying professional status and of Sri Lankan origin write to me insultingly I try and find the goodness in them when forming the big picture. I learnt from my son that each one would read their own message from a a work of  art. Every  Service output is a work of art. To connect to the deeper mind of the artist the audience needs to be in a free environment – not to show or be shown. The picture drawn by the Australian Government in relation to Illegal Maritime Arrivals is open for viewing now. We will form our own pictures – as per our own Truth and/or Desires and/or Calculated Rights.  Those who read through their Truth will empower all those who believe in them.  A Community needs structures to promote that kind of sharing. Those who provide services without any return expectations naturally accumulate such shares of empowerment. An applicant who believes in such a citizen would be successful in real terms. In current Australian structure such an Applicant would succeed through  the official system also. This is so – because Australia is currently  reliable in this regard.   

Asylum seekers need to be encouraged to self-assess to know whether they would be better off or worse off in Australia. Through this process, they need to be encouraged to discard hearsay expectations and identify with their own expectations through the available avenues in Australia. Every member of the Community who feels common belonging in both – their cultural community as well as Australian Society – would naturally maintain the Equilibrium between Policy and Experience. Every applicant who believes in such person/s would  in real terms be eligible to membership in Australian Society. One who already is a real Australian would identify with such an Applicant. By working – this credit could be accumulated by an applicant during the waiting period. Some who had it easy back in their country of origin would have the opportunity to reassess and return if they feel they would be better off  by returning. Such self-assessors  would promote Democracy whether they are here in Australia or are back in their country of origin. True work is never wasted. 

Wednesday 27 May 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 27 May  2015

Dual Citizenship – the Risks

In current news we hear our Australian Prime Minister giving thoughts to cancelling the Australian Citizenship of those with Dual-Citizenship engaging in activities considered to be ‘terrorism’ as per the laws of Australia. I was happy to learn that the Hon Philip Ruddock would be leading discussions along these lines. I feel happy because Mr. Ruddock has ‘subjective powers’ with migrants from war-torn countries like Sri Lanka. When it comes to war – subjective powers are important for us to make just decisions. Immigration through Refugee activities needs subjective powers to ‘know’ confidentially  through common belief whether an applicant carries global powers.

An applicant carries global powers through investment in global culture or due to a humanitarian need. When there is genuine need – the person/group with such need, structures the solution for which the service provider becomes the medium. The nuclear power is from the needy applicant under the circumstances. But where one has invested in global culture – the need to give form to that investment is the driving force and this force is with the Service Provider. The above suggestion re cancellation of Dual Citizenship is from the need of the  Service Provider. It was surfaced due to Australians joining the Islamic State.  This is a risk / temptation for the Tamil Diaspora also – especially if the Jaffna Protests against the Common Court system spreads laterally to attract Eelam fighters living in Western countries.

Irrespective of whether or not the Government of our host nation brings in such policies, we have to be true to ourselves – so we do not cheat ourselves and those whom we choose to lead. In response to my articles on the Jaffna problem, one member of the Tamil Diaspora wrote for example:

I heard about Tamil culture, never heard about Jaffna Tamil culture and Batticola  Tamil culture’
My response to that was:

I grew up with Thesawalamai and it is still practiced actively in Jaffna – including in the Judicial system. Batticaloa Tamils have their own Customary Law known as Mukuwa Law. Are you of Sri Lankan origin?’

The Diaspora member wrote:

Now we are living in  2oth and 21 st century  . this tribe law written    back 500 years . Tamil culture   has histroy back 2000 years.

I responded:

To the extent we have those laws you refer to as ‘tribal’ in practice today – they are part of Tamil culture as it exists today.  The Dowry system is positive and its current form is Equal Opportunity Law. Similarly the work based caste laws which have their current form as Industrial relations.  The older the order – the deeper the wisdom that comes with it.  The Dutch gave form to customary laws in Sri Lanka – so as to promote this diversity. To that extent they were global and did not ‘invade’. If you are connected to those Tamils left behind in Sri Lanka – to deal with the effects of war – you would appreciate that they understand the dowry system more than any other form of marriage settlement. Why give up the old that they understand when it would merge naturally with the new?’

To my mind  a Sri Lankan Tamil Leader would have grown up with the Diversity of various Tamil groups in Sri Lanka. Jaffna Tamils are known to have invested in higher education more than any other group and therefore would tend to take the intellectual leadership pathway where they think they have an opportunity to do so. The intellectual pathway is through consolidation. Consolidation leads to recognizing One nuclear power – the Truth. When the Eastern LTTE leader broke away from the Northern Leadership – he lost the connection with this stronger consolidation power carried by Northern Tamils through their investments in intellectual pursuits. In terms of higher education – Research until Truth is discovered is that consolidation power. Teaching is the majority power. Our Vaddukoddai relative Mrs Rani Karthigesan Sinnathamby recently shared the following construction by her late husband under ‘morality’ discussions:

The question of right and wrong is such that -  what is right for someone may be wrong for others. So the question of taking a stand comes up. What is good for the majority of the people is taken as good and right and what is only good for the minority is taken as the opposite.

This to me is the structure of Parliament through majority vote. Where the assessment of majority is based on belief it would merge naturally with the top-down intellectual service provider. The voter thus expresses her/his needs through the voting system. A leader who identifies with that need would naturally share subjective powers with the needy. The sharing is largely ‘confidential’ under this system.

In Parliament – such a leader would naturally merge with an intellectually driven Service Provider traveling through the wider Administrative path serving the whole. To my mind, Consolidating the believer with the discoverer is the core purpose of Parliament. Eliminating the expressions and influence of non-believers is part of this Consolidation work. In Universities – eliminating plagiarism from teaching activities is part of the consolidation work. Otherwise a University would fragment itself and ultimately will be ‘told’ by the money-rich. 

Recently when sharing with my Singapore sister, some of my disappointments with a Sydney relative – my sister said that while we may ‘expect’ a certain level of return for services provided – the other side may consider that they have paid their dues.  I agreed and said that that is when we must cease to be relatives but restructure as Equal individuals free of each other’s pleasures and pains. Relatives have to be connected through the same set of laws restructured from time to time through the common Truth known. Where we know that this is not the case and we do not have direct power of influence – we need to distance them and pool them with ‘wider community’. Here the lie that the other person was part of the family is eliminated. I have done this with workplaces and removed myself from the relationships.

Likewise, where a migrant is driven more by the local culture as it prevails in the country of origin than the needs of Australia as a Service Provider of Global standards – we need to restructure and treat them as Equals living in a far-away place. They then become beneficiaries through our contributions through Common bodies such as the UN. In action they may be the opposition of our global partners and hence the conflict of interests which need to be eliminated towards good order.

One who maintains Australian citizenship with lesser commitment to Australia – is a negative force diluting our investment in Australian Nationhood. Once we realize independence through any culture – we respect others’ independence. Where the applicant continues to be driven by local cultural belief – as in Islamic State or Tamil Eelam in the case of Sri Lankan Tamils – they are likely to return due to this local pulling force. It is the duty of Service Provider to facilitate that ‘choice’ by removing the Australian status. A self-governing would remove her/himself  once s/he realizes that this is her/his Truth. Such a person is entitled to fight for protection of the pathway through which s/he became global. But such a person is not entitled to use Australian facilities while their mind is driven by the ‘other force’.

I believe that this provision needs to be built into the original application by war-refugees so that Australia is not used as a door mat. This is likely to reduce family separations – that  happen when parents leave behind in Australia – their young families – while they go to their countries of origin to fight.  Likewise when migrants leave behind their families while they take the boat to Australia. There are many such families without leadership in Sri Lanka’s North.

We need to work as closely as possible with Nature / Truth – to realize happiness and peace through global life. Those who want it both ways by separating - are invaders. Those who consolidate and merge are global – be they Service Providers or Receivers.

Tuesday 26 May 2015


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 26 May  2015
Subramania Bharathiyar

The Root Cause of Jaffna Problem

The Sinhalese response to yesterday’s article ‘Escalating the Jaffna Conflict’ was caring at the social level.  Tamil response especially from males – was more structured towards self-resolution. A Sri Lankan response is relevant in analyzing this issue:

When it comes to a problem resulting in public outrage, Sri Lankan politicians are quick to pin the blame, however incredulously, on someone else, even though they would have witnessed the problem developing in front of their eyes, and been responsible for doing something about it themselves....And they will keep repeating the accusations until the populace at large believes them.
Jaffna's Chief Minister is doing just that...!!! He clearly doesn't see it as his responsibility to prevent problems in his province, and take remedial action when they do happen. What is he there for? He says this problem has been going on for a long time..!!

The above comments were on the basis of the following expressions by the Hon Wigneswaran – Chief Minister of Northern Province:

[The CM said the youth have been introduced to drugs in the aftermath of the war. Prostitution is also rampant. The victims are mainly young war widows. Pornography and mobile phones are freely available. The Army and Police have become very friendly with the youth committing crimes. "None of these were there before 2009," he said.
"One school of thought says the introduction of sensual pleasures is done deliberately to divert the youth from taking-up arms again. This means they do not want to solve the ethnic problem or are interested in making it difficult for the Tamils to ask for a reasonable solution. How could they do so when they lack commitment?"

Vulnerable people
The CM alleged that politicos make use of the vulnerable people for their goals.
"We have political parties which have had a gala time until the NPC Elections. Now they are openly operating especially in the islands. They would create mayhem to undermine the existing people's administration.
"The videos will prove that the military intelligence units and EPDP cadres were behind the burning of houses and stone throwing a few days ago.
"Then we have the spectacle of foreign money coming from relatives into the hands of the youth. The money is rarely used for studies. The only dream the youth have is to leave our shores and to be gainfully employed in the affluent West. In the meantime, some are committing crimes and running away
First of all – there is factual error in stating that these manifestations did not happen before 2009. They did happen but did not receive such publicity. As stated by the Sri Lankan – there is a degree of responsibility that needs to be taken by Politicians at the local level. To earn the right to criticize another Government – one needs to first complete one’s own duty at the local level – including through belief,  based on personal experience.

I was in fact accused by a Tamil Diaspora leader that I was ill informed about this matter. I do agree that I do not have the knowledge of assessments by Tamil Politicians. I did not because mine is a bottom-up approach.  Hence I do have wisdom through my feelings for the People of Jaffna. Through my personal experience – I believe that the Jaffna Courts is a reliable system and hence those who attacked it are guilty of violating the Peace of that Community – which includes me. A politician has the right to express judgment as per her/his belief. In fact an elected Politician has the responsibility to complete the picture through her/his belief. Where a Politician expresses judgments without belief – and outside  Due Administrative Process – it damages the cohesion of that community. I take as valid the assessments by both Mr. Wigneswaran as well as Mr. Shritharan, MP,  as the causal forces for the damage to the Jaffna Courts.  But in terms of social deficiencies neither has delivered.

Interestingly both – the Hon. Wigneswaran as well as the Hon Shritharan – Parliamentary  Member for Jaffna – have pointed their fingers at EPDP (Eelam People’s Democratic Party) which was in coalition with the Hon Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Government. The Hon Shritharan in fact mentions Muthali Temple Community in Vaddukoddai District as a focus area from which the attackers of protestors originated. I am through my service internal intelligence about this Community – a disenfranchised community of Northern Sri Lanka. The females in this area are simple minded but very much under the dictates of their men. The guys in this area are lacking in formal training in community management at their local level.  To me the fact that I spoke through my Vaddukoddai experience BEFORE having knowledge of what these politicians said – confirms that there is common area of Truth in our assessments.

The area of the rape is not within Vaddukoddai District. Vaddukoddai is the place where the first Political Declaration of Self-Governance was made by Tamils in Sri Lanka. The Parliamentary Elections that followed confirmed that that Declaration had the blessings of Truth. Tamils became the Equal Opposition in Sri Lankan Parliament. Vaddukoddai is also the area where caste based separations prevail as part of the social system practiced by the older generation. Muthali Temple folks are outcomes produced by these elders living in the past. These forces get activated by armed forces of various disciplines and ethnicities. Most of the young ones of these elders are not there to merge the real values of that system with the system of democracy and Equal Opportunity. LTTE took over through separation.  EPDP took over through coercion.

One of my readers wrote in this regard:

I responded as follows:
[Thesawalami is part of Jaffna Tamil culture not only in rural Jaffna but also within the Tamil Diaspora of Jaffna origin. We need to start with that investment if it is to have heritage value]

Tamil Poet and Indian Independence Activist – Subramania Bharathiyar whom the current  Indian Prime Minister honored in Sri Lankan Parliament – also fought against unjust practices of the caste system. Bharathiyar was disenfranchised by Tamil Leaders of his time for this reason of wanting to take over power from the British. Likewise those of us who fight for independence from our own internal weaknesses – (such as the abuse of Dowry system and the Caste system by going outside the Thesawalamai Pathway) lose popularity with those who recognize popular power.

Statements by the Chief Minister of Northern Province and my responses:

The youth have been introduced to drugs in the aftermath of the war. – False. They were already in existence in Vaddukoddai area. Now the youth have more time and money to indulge in such pleasures more than they did during the war. The main reasons are unearned money including through ‘welfare’ from families living abroad and lack of motivation to invest in institutional values. Those of lower caste – use money as the measure for status when they think they do not have supervisors.

The solution is to develop structures that would promote and facilitate self-employment – to diffuse easy use of the caste hierarchy which is in the Jaffna Farmer’s genes for all the wrong reasons.

Prostitution is also rampant. -  Using that measure – Australia also would be accused of  this charge. Where the marriage system is blindly copied for the purpose of showing others – it comes without root connection to family. Women who were treated as being less than their men became mistresses. The abuse of Dowry system strongly contributed to this. The only response from a lady to my yesterday’s article sent under the heading ‘Dowry or Donation?’ was ‘Or Both?’.  To the extent Dowry comes with the elevation of  wife’s status to Head of Family – it is of heritage value.  To the extent it is taken as Donation by either side – it makes the relationship a no status De-Facto relationship – which would have been an illegal relationship as per the culture that Mr. Wigeswaran grew up in. On the other hand – a mistress without legal status or cultural status through dowry -  would become real wife when she makes sacrifices of earned benefits for the common family. That real status is what counts the World Of Truth/Nature. Without this there can be no valid claim for independence in the Lord’s Court. The way lower castes joined armed rebel groups their women felt ‘free’ to have de facto relationships. But men who are used to high status – would continue to enforce their superiority whenever they think that the environment is ‘free’ of such disciplines. Mallakam District Courts upheld the claim of Donation by a relative of ours and thus damaged the Thesawamalai Heritage in Common. Common Institutions like the Courts have common effects much more than particular groups – be they EPDP or the LTTE. It is when these Higher Common institutions fail that the lower activists promote their cleverness for particular purposes.

The victims are mainly young war widows. Pornography and mobile phones are freely available. –   This is common to all parts of Sri Lanka and many countries around the world.  If we seek Western support – we need to educate users on the proper way to use them. This requires close supervision by family seniors. If these seniors are active they would not have time to supervise. A good example is – Mr. Wigneswaran himself.  As an elder in the Judicial system – he has governance power within the judiciary. But because he has become politically active – he is not able to supervise the Judiciary quietly and confidentially. Likewise judges in Jaffna who after retirement start practicing as private lawyers.

The Army and Police have become very friendly with the youth committing crimes. – True in Vaddukoddai area. But where I overrode that and filed complaints through Due Processes – they were heard and the Army and Police did what they thought they could. Vaddukoddai Police were dominated by Sinhalese at the time I filed the complaints. But there is no open disorder in that area. When Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa visited that area before the 2015 Presidential Elections – it was like a carnival. People of Vaddukoddai – including those who came back from war-area - Vanni – participated in the celebrations. They did not need any direct coercion to attend the functions. Their loyalties were switched from one provider (LTTE) to another (EPDP). To my mind, one who is determined to earn her/his benefits – would not be tempted by such easy benefits. This quick shift is visible in immigration also. There is room for all in our Community.

"One school of thought says the introduction of sensual pleasures is done deliberately to divert the youth from taking-up arms again. This means they do not want to solve the ethnic problem or are interested in making it difficult for the Tamils to ask for a reasonable solution. How could they do so when they lack commitment?" – This confirms the weakness highlighted by the above mentioned Sri Lankan. Politicians who shift the blame – are confirming lack of belief and therefore lack of authority to judge. In politics we need to first ‘own’ the problem as if we are the problem.  We do that when we believe that we represent the good as well as the bad. Then the solution will develop from that for the whole. By owning we pool them together within us. To the extent we seek to show cleverness – we need to not use the political path beyond our belief. We need to use the top-down Administrative path and conscious calculations of rights and wrongs through a Transparent Process.

As per my feelings – yes, in this instance there has been some influence to collect the forces that keep shifting their loyalties. But the more we point the finger at others – the less our opportunity to realize self-governance. As we sow – so shall we reap.  Now that we know , we the Tamil Community have to either become more lateral and accept de facto relationships in all institutional circumstances or rejuvenate our traditional values in our privacy – through the resources available to us – as Great Poet Subramania Bharathiyar did – not by elevating his status but by sacrificing for the common cause -  the status he had.

dominated by Sinhalese at the time I filed the complaints. But there is no open disorder in that area. When Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa visited that area before the 2015 Presidential Elections – it was like a carnival. People of Vaddukoddai – including those who came back from war-area - Vanni – participated in the celebrations. They did not need any direct coercion to attend the functions. Their loyalties were switched from one provider (LTTE) to another (EPDP). To my mind, one who is determined to earn her/his benefits – would not be tempted by such easy benefits. This quick shift is visible in immigration also. There is room for all in our Community.

"One school of thought says the introduction of sensual pleasures is done deliberately to divert the youth from taking-up arms again. This means they do not want to solve the ethnic problem or are interested in making it difficult for the Tamils to ask for a reasonable solution. How could they do so when they lack commitment?" – This confirms the weakness highlighted by the above mentioned Sri Lankan. Politicians who shift the blame – are confirming lack of belief and therefore lack of authority to judge. In politics we need to first ‘own’ the problem as if we are the problem.  We do that when we believe that we represent the good as well as the bad. Then the solution will develop from that for the whole. By owning we pool them together within us. To the extent we seek to show cleverness – we need to not use the political path beyond our belief. We need to use the top-down Administrative path and conscious calculations of rights and wrongs through a Transparent Process.

As per my feelings – yes, in this instance there has been some influence to collect the forces that keep shifting their loyalties. But the more we point the finger at others – the less our opportunity to realize self-governance. As we sow – so shall we reap.  Now that we know , we the Tamil Community have to either become more lateral and accept de facto relationships in all institutional circumstances or rejuvenate our traditional values in our privacy – through the resources available to us – as Great Poet Subramania Bharathiyar did – not by elevating his status but by sacrificing for the common cause -  the status he had.

Monday 25 May 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 25 May  2015

Escalating the Jaffna Conflict

As per the latest news reports ‘Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa has stated  that police should PAY urgent attention to what happened in Jaffna as the initial stages of terrorism also began in a similar fashion.

I also felt this similarity and included my feelings in my recent article in relation to this. To me it is not about foretelling – but about preventing more pain and loss for Sri Lankans – especially Tamils. It is important to escalate such conflicts rather than judge at the primary level. Once we judge at the primary level – through our emotions – there is nothing left to be escalated. The pathway through which we escalate becomes our law – the real law that would support our community upto that escalated level.  If we follow traffic rules and laws with faith – they connect us to others who are also so committed. THAT prevents accidents more than punishments. It is also one pathway through which we merge with the whole.

In family and workplace I often go through the legal path instead of ‘out of court’ settlement for this reason. I do so only after I am satisfied that all ‘internal’ avenues have been exhausted – so that internal investments by others are not damaged.  Those pathways are more important than the immediate benefits from my work. They are the Common Social Highways to social cohesion and harmony. On the Tamil side to the Sri Lankan war – the conflict was taken over by the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) who did not themselves pay their respects to political elders and other Tamils who invested in the Common systems and therefore did not have shares in those structures already developed by our elders. Those who were excited about immediate outcomes – were blind to their disrespect for those higher common pathways. By recognizing and highlighting this to the LTTE – I believe I have continued to confirm and maintain their existence.

This lapse prevails in the Tamil social system also. Take for example the dowry system.  Do Tamils who continue to practice the dowry system – respect Thesawalamai Law / Customary Highway?  As per my direct experience, folks of Vaddukoddai where the first declaration of Political Independence was made in 1976 – use the name of Thesawalamai but are not committed to maintaining its true structure as per those who made sacrifices to develop that system. The parallel of that for Sinhala and Tamil Nationalists – is our investment in English Law. Until we pay our respects to the original owners – we do not have ownership in those laws. We are only temporary users and are the parallels of economic migrants. The system through which our benefits and compensations come – are the real laws through which we have our experiences. Premature acceptance of money and status deprives us from experiencing ownership in these Higher Common Pathways.
To my mind therefore – the protests by young ones in relation to the rape of the Jaffna student is a premature expression – similar to the dispatch  of the bodies of  13 soldiers by the LTTE in 1983. I believe that lower forces are natural when we fail to control them through our Puththi/Intellect. As per our previous experiences – Sinhalese masses carry such forces against other ethnicities. They are the parallels of negative values/Paavam shown in our horoscopes.  They are wrongs that have come beyond their ‘correct by dates’. If the Tamil problem had been escalated despite failures – the Higher Common Pathway would have developed through our ‘local’ defeats.

Rape is not uncommon amongst Jaffna student community.  There have been incidents in Vaddukoddai area itself. The fact that these are not uncommon has been highlighted by the Hon M.A. Sumanthiran also.  In one incident a girl from another area was brought to Vaddukoddai and raped by a gang of male students. There was no punishment for those guys and no justice for that girl – partly due to fear of further damage due to exposure. But fundamentally the crimes are for the same reason – i.e. – premature enjoyment of pleasures.  One guy old enough to be my son  invited me to his home under the pretext of talking to his mother and sought to shake hands with me and invited me to watch TV.  I said I would report him to the Police and walked away.  I got the feeling that he was not fully aware that he was doing wrong.  I shared the experience with local leaders – so they would do the needful. Despite that and other warnings – the above mentioned rape happened to the school girl. Foreign element – due to culture is a strong influencing factor. It is interesting that one of the guys involved is a Diaspora member from Switzerland. I conclude that to him Switzerland is not ‘home’ but a place to be used for his selfish purposes.  These are warning signs for us the Diaspora. We need to ‘own’ the common values of the cultures we are now part of and integrate them with our traditional values. Giving donations instead of Dowry with respect for Thesawalamai Laws is a contributing factor leading to such premature enjoyment of status and pleasures. Wives under such arrangements become mistresses. When these become common to a community – it naturally translates as rape at the lower levels of society.

Jaffna has become less safe than it was when I grew up – due to such premature expressions of judgments and enjoyment of pleasures without due commitment to common systems. When we express at lower levels – it is easy for young ones to copy them. Every money transaction during marriage needs to be passed through Thesawalamai highway if we are to enjoy the higher values of marriage and the protection of marriage for Jaffna women. A woman who received a ‘donation’ confirms disability. One who considers that wealth as Dowry – takes equal position or higher with the husband and that structure will protect the family from such attacks. We carry the ‘security forces’ within ourselves through our genuine investment in those systems which bring us the Common Energy of all genuine investors in those systems.

This rape problem therefore needs to be addressed through the Dowry system which when used in name only for trading purposes – renders higher status to the males in that community who would tend to take the right to greater pleasures as theirs. Like hooliganism during civil riots in Colombo – rape in less orderly parts of Jaffna has become a hereditary problem. If we rejuvenate the heritages from our ancestors we would feel empowered and protect ourselves.  The Jaffna woman was groomed to take Equal position through the dowry system and not lesser position. Appreciation of this needs to start in every household for rape to get eliminated from those who claim Tamil Nationalism through diverse cultural values. 

Sunday 24 May 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 24 May  2015

Illegal Immigrants

Recently I met with our  Australian Federal Government officers in relation to changes to Policies relating to management of Illegal Maritime Arrivals. The current matter before Australian Government in this regard relates to  Myanmar’s Rohingya Refugees. If our Prime Minister has been criticized for expressing rejection,  Myanmar’s pro-democracy leader with high International status – Ms Aung San Suu Kyi  -  is being criticized by some for her silence. Ms Suu Kyi herself is reported to have stated:
"I am not silent because of political calculation. I am silent because whoever's side I stand on there will be more blood. If I speak up for human rights they [Rohingya] will only suffer."
This has been the story of Tamils of Sri Lanka. When the Tamil Diaspora takes action through wider pathways and local politicians give credence to their work  the impact on Resident Tamils is stronger. Unless therefore one believes that there is enough support for the minority power to resist and diffuse such reactions – it is better for leaders to silently share their Energies / Motivating Power - with the needy than to actively show support for them.

During my above mentioned meeting – I felt that the policies of our Government have been adjusted as per the ‘actuals’ they have learnt through experience - about refugee applicants. Through my own inner wisdom – I identified with the need for such adjustments – not only because I am committed to the laws of Australia but also because I feel the need for Truth in internal management of our Community. As Australians we owe, Australia as a whole, our Truth – so it could be integrated with wider principles and policies.  Hence, unless we are ready to share our own credits with refugee applicants who lack credit as per the requirements – we have a duty of care to reject them. But like Ms Aung San Suu Kyi  indicated  - this could result in more conflict in Sri Lanka due to majority side taking higher status with returnees. This is also the risk with Myanmar’s Rohingya Refugees.

The issue of immigration cannot be assessed on statistical basis.  The values are exponential. At the highest level – it is One World and every person who believes s/he belongs at a particular part of the world – has the right to stay there and call it  her/his home. One who is of global standards is entitled to a home in any part of the world. Where the government of a country keeps blocking this path – and the person leaves that part of the world – it is the responsibility of  all regional and global governments to facilitate a home for such a person at a place where that person would feel free to transfer her/his ‘home-investments’. The deepest investment is belief. Even when one migrant believes that Australia is her/his home – it is real credit earned by Australia at the global leadership level. At the same time one who is driven by statistics runs the risk of diluting this power by accepting those who ‘show’ more credits/deservedness  than they have earned. Welfare handouts by the Government also could lead to such false migration which upset also the internal structures of migrant Communities.  Within the Tamil Community – migrants who are yet to settle their dues to their homeland communities – and spoke/speak  out against the Government in that part of Sri Lanka more than they have suffered – develop false leadership status.  I was surprised and disappointed to note that young students in Northern Sri Lanka – protesting against the rape of the Tamil student Miss Vithiya Sivaloganathan by fellow Tamils.  That is not the Jaffna I grew up in and carry within me. While it is everyone’s right to fight to defend their Sovereignty – it is also everyone’s responsibility to discipline themselves not to attack others’ Sovereignty through that defence process. Young ones need to submit their messages through their leaders and not be directly seen in such matters.

It is reported in relation to the Myanmar Refugees that ‘Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says Indonesian officials have told her most of the 7,000 people stranded in the South-East Asia boat crisis are illegal labourers, not refugees.’ 
The above mentioned protests by School Children could lead to them thinking that they have to now protect themselves. That was the pathway shown by the LTTE which eliminated Tamil Political leadership. Likewise these displaced persons could be thinking that they are refugees if they have knowledge of others who ‘fooled’ the Global system to obtain refugee status. Every claimant who believes s/he is a refugee is a genuine refugee. But to identify with such a refugee  - the assessing officer needs to be Global. Until then – each country is entitled to reject as per its own calculations as per its own immigration policies. If  a member of  an Organization with global status believes that these applicants are genuine refugees – and no other nation is ready to take them on s/he must work through her/his government based on that belief to settle such applicants in their own homelands.

There are times when it is better for a particular country and the applicant concerned to go back to the country they left behind. Where a person has elevated the pain and loss – however little it may seem on the outside - to the highest level – such a person is entitled to global status and facilities.   Where the pain and loss is stronger than the citizen of the lowest status in the majority group in the country where the suffering happens – then the UN has the responsibility  to add its global status to such applicants. All others would be worse off through displacement. Their immigration would add have linear value and not exponential. 

Saturday 23 May 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 23 May  2015

What Happened to Rule of Law Indonesia?

As per the latest news:

[Tony Abbott rules out resettling Rohingyas in Australia, Indonesia says it is obliged to…. Australia is obliged to resettle Rohingya refugees from Myanmar, Indonesia's foreign ministry says, despite Prime Minister Tony Abbott flatly refusing to consider the option.]
The following is an excerpt from  a recent  news report relating to execution of Australian Bali 9 leaders:

[……However Widodo, who took office last year, has been unswayed by the international appeals, insisting that Indonesia is facing an emergency due to rising narcotics use.
In an interview yesterday with journalists in Abepura, eastern Indonesia, he voiced no regret at the executions and insisted: "The death penalty is still our positive law."
In legal terms, positive law refers to the law as it is written, rather than assigning any moral value.]

There is no rule of law that Australia has the duty to take on refugees from any country.  Such actions are driven by the Governance values of the Head of State at that time. That is how we add or take away heritage values during our times of leadership.  Each family is an example of this heritage passage or block as the case may be.  

The Indonesian President stated that he acted as per the ‘rule of law’ – which to my mind, means he did not use his discretionary powers to strengthen international relationships. Had the Bali 9 been repatriated  to Australia – then international relations would have been strengthened in Indonesia’s favor.  By failing to take on this option – Indonesia missed out on the opportunity to develop global Goodwill and therefore the opportunity to participate in programs where countries like Australia have greater wisdom through long-term  immigration programs. Like Clemency powers – these cannot be enforced through the rule of law. They are as per the discretionary powers of true Australians who confidentially influence the Government. It’s a natural voting system that works beyond our consciousness. Indonesian leadership failed to tap into this.  Australian Government that supported migrant families of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran naturally strengthen this ongoing migrant vote-power including mine which I believe influences not only Tamil refugees already in Australia but those in Sri Lanka’s Tamil areas who would have continued to take the boat if not for such influence.  Many of them are  now working in Vanni area (the war zone) and are receiving community support through our service programs – especially  through the system of Natural Network.

If Australians have greater capacity to groom such refugees to become global citizens – it is because of this broad-mindedness which we have inherited from our ancestors. We do not need the ‘rule of law’. We have restructured our systems through our Truth – largely due to the free environment which facilitates each one to realize Sovereignty at their level of leadership – even if it is just the leadership of themselves as One person.

Indonesia that confesses to needing the death penalty to manage the drug problem is not morally conditioned to take on refugees who lack the self-confidence to look after themselves. In fact this could add to the drug problem if the refugees are not effectively managed.

Laws like Budgets are pathways that facilitate investment in common principles and values. But once we make discoveries we need to restructure our pathways to realize the Truth at the end of our pathway. It’s like actuals in financial systems.  Laws that are effective are therefore restructured to recognize these actuals as our milestones. If execution of the Bali 9 leaders is such a discovery – the Australian Prime Minister has to build that into his relationship with Indonesia to position Indonesia below other nations in our global priorities.

Hence even if we would have taken on refugees of our own freewill,  now that Indonesian leadership has spoken out on this matter – we need to abstain at this point in time. We need to be ‘seen’ to be independent of  those who would stick to the rule of law and execute those who have released themselves from their weaknesses and restored their moral authority to judge themselves and not be judged by others.

Ultimately – we punish and reward ourselves. This is why we need different laws with outsiders – so we consciously calculate as per wider laws. When we do to the remotest person as we would do to ourselves – we are in God’s system. If that is death in terms of Indonesian leadership – then they must allow refugees to die in their nations of birth. Those are the Lands God sent these people to -  however bad those Lands may be.   To override that law of birth – one has to be global and the whole world must be our homeland. Australia is more developed in that pathway while Indonesia is still crawling. We must position ourselves according to our Truth if there is to be harmony in our global structures.

Thursday 21 May 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 21 May  2015

Buddhist Pathway to Sovereignty?

The Fundamental Rights Petition by Former Secretary of Defence of Sri Lanka – Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa and the suggestion by the Sri Lankan Prime Minister that the Assistance of the Commonwealth Legal Division should be sought  - have raised the issue of Independence of the Sri Lankan Judiciary yet again.

As per recent  news  report:

Sri Lanka's Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe plans to meet a team of eminent lawyers discuss a stay order issued by a two-judge bench of the Supreme Court preventing the arrest of former Defense Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa….. The PM noted that the President Maithripala Sirisena as Chair of the Commonwealth can seek the assistance of Commonwealth's Legal division on the apex court's ruling.’

According to a News 1st report:

‘Issuing a communique, the Jathika Hela Urumaya or the JHU says that the statement made by the Prime Minister challenges the power of the Supreme Court. The communique issued bearing the signature of Media Secretary of the JHU, Nishantha Sri Warnasinghe states that the Prime Minister’s statement has undermined the Judiciary of the country.
MP Dullas Alahapperuma commenting on the statement made by the Prime Minister stated that Ranil Wickremesinghe has issued a warning to the Supreme Court adding that his statement insults and disgraces the Sri Lankan Judiciary.

When does a nation dilute its Sovereign Powers? If seeking the advice of the Commonwealth is seen as such a dilution – then how does one classify the actions of Governments of Sri Lanka seeking assistance beyond Sri Lankan borders to eliminate the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam)? Was that not dilution of Sri Lanka’s Sovereign powers?

If Sri Lanka was deserving of the status to Chair CHOGM – then it has the right to draw on the wisdom of  Commonwealth. It is not different to various Buddhist organizations sharing their corporate wisdom. But one needs to be careful not to interfere with the existing structures that are specific to Sri Lankan Judiciary. One needs to ‘submit’ and not ‘tell’.  Even the Commonwealth has to pay its respects to Sri Lanka if it seeks to participate in global governance through Sri Lanka. When we go into someone’s home – we must first pay our respects to that home. That helps us not damage their own work and sacrifices to develop a home – even if it were just a rat-hole.

Not only the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, but Tamil Politicians using the Diaspora also need to be mindful of ensuring that such respects are paid by the participating foreign party. The Prime Minister seeking the advice of CHOGM is the parallel of Sri Lankan Tamil Politicians seeking the support of Tamil Nadu Politicians.  It is part of globalization and is healthy when the protocols of sovereignty are adhered to.

A country could become sovereign by remaining within its powers.  But Sri Lankan Politicians  did not limit themselves to local powers to eliminate Tamil Rebels. Where a nation is sovereign and its Government is not able to resolve a problem – it would submit the problem back to the People for better or for worse. Where the Head of State believes in Natural Justice – such submission back to the People would consolidate the Sovereignty of the citizens through whom the solutions will develop with the blessings of Divine Powers. This is the pathway especially for nations like Sri Lanka where State Religion is promoted through the Constitution. Whether such is specifically stated in the letter of the law or not – where such is consciously used and promoted – the settlement would happen – when it goes beyond the control of custodians of power.

A Nation that values the Sovereignty of individual citizens – would naturally be supported by Divine Powers. If Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa  practiced the true values of Buddhism when eliminating Tamil Rebellion – then the above condemnation by the Political Party headed by Buddhist Clergy – the JHU would have the empowerment of that Truth. But Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa  himself went global and confirmed that he did not believe that he could become Sovereign as a Sri Lankan only. Hence one could conclude that the JHU was being unjust and partial  in adding its power to Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa  who did not follow the Buddhist path to Sovereignty. Prime Minister  - the Hon Ranil Wickremasinghe is well within the entitlement of Sri Lankan Government to seek global assistance to discipline someone who received global assistance to ‘show’ his work and claim Victory at global level - when he was in power. As we sow, so shall we reap. 

Monday 18 May 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 17 May  2015

Muslim or Doctor first?

I travelled back to Colombo from Jaffna by train.   As requested by me, I was allocated window seat.  The seat next to me was unoccupied until about half  way through the journey, when  a young lady in traditional Muslim dress  asked me in Sinhalese whether anyone was seated next to me. When I confirmed that it was vacant, the young lady showed me her ticket in confirmation that she had booked that seat. After seating herself the young lady started conversing in English. I learnt that the young lady was from  a well-educated family and that she herself was a medical student. The young Muslim student confirmed that she was very committed to her religious culture and that she prayed five times a day and  was appreciative that there was  a special prayer room in medical college for Muslims. The young lady said she was not aware of parallel facility within the college for any other religious group. I was  surprised to hear that.  Later back in Sydney, my husband confirmed  that there was similar  facility for Muslims at University of Technology Sydney also.  This did surprise me. When I   was with my mother in Canada during her last days I often prayed at the prayer room within the hospital. That room, like the Pillar of Religious Diversity in  Sri Sathya  Baba’s Spiritual  Home - had multi religious symbols in the room. It did not cater to any single religion in particular.

The young lady talked  about Community Medicine training in her case being particular to the Muslim Community. Said she was upset  by the Aluthgama (in Southern Sri Lanka ) riots between Muslims and  Buddhists and confirmed  that she had not anticipated them.

When I asked her about her opinion on the death sentence to the Bali 9 leaders – her simple response was that they knew what the risks were and therefore she did not feel particularly sorry for them. When I pointed out that they had paid  their dues as per their thought structure the lady had no response. I then asked the young lady about Sri Lankan maid Ms Rizana Rafeek who was beheaded in Saudi Arabia. To my mind Ms Rizana Rafeek also knew about the risks due to imbalance of power between masters & servants in Saudi Arabia.  The young medical student promptly stated that she did not believe Rizana was guilty. I stated that I believed that when the Bali 9 leaders were executed they were no longer guilty. The young lady promptly asked me whether it would have been acceptable if they had been executed as soon as they were found guilty. I responded by saying – ‘yes if there is no common belief  between the punisher and the punished beyond that point.’

I then asked the young medical student whether she would refuse medical treatment to one she believed to be  a murderer?  The lady said – that that was different because it was her duty to serve anyone in need of medical services. I said ‘likewise, lawyers and human rights workers’.

Back in Sydney I thought about that conversation and felt that there was  connection between the special facility for Muslims in ‘common areas’ and the natural discrimination that developed due to such special accommodation. It drew a  picture of  spoiling  the money rich minority for economic reasons. On that basis I identify with the following Wikipedia report on the execution of Ms Rizana Rafeek:

The Sri Lankan Parliament observed a moment of silence soon after it received the news of the execution. UNP, the main opposition party of Sri Lanka, held a special media briefing hours after the execution. In that media briefing the opposition MP Ranjan Ramanayake described the Saudi government as "dictators" and emphasized that the Saudi government never executes citizens of European or North American countries but only the citizens from Asian and African countries.    

This confirmed that to the above group of politicians Sri Lankan identity was higher than Muslim identity. The Muslim community ‘lost’ the opportunity to become global through Islamic belief. Hence one could conclude that Muslims who are strongly attached to the physical expressions of their belief – would have difficulty integrating with common mind in multicultural groups. Hence they need separations.  This amounts to Racial Discrimination where other cultures are not provided with their own parallel facilities -  as symbolized  by the Pillar of Religious Diversity mentioned above.

A   ‘wrong’ in the legal system is  a disease in the medical system. In common they are about the order of operation of particular parts of the body and/or  brain. Those who are driven by the body and its physical expressions – would abuse  clemency powers with those who are not in their ‘class’.  The more they kill unjustly – the more ‘war-karma’ they would tend to carry with themselves. Countries they migrate to need to have special punishments through which they can self-assess and punish themselves. Once a person punishes her/himself through her/his belief – such  person is an innocent civilian from then on.  Government punishing such a person becomes guilty to the extent of that excessive punishment.

As per news reports: ‘Bali Nine lawyer calls on Australian government to oppose death penalty for Boston bomber’

We  Australians shared our belief bout the Bali 9 leaders with our Government which has the high status to represent us with wider world. Without our belief – the Australian Government did not have the moral authority to seek clemency or  when such was denied,  to return the karma to the punisher at that level through the system of belief.  Only those who believed they were    Australians had the power to work the system of Belief through Australia’s investment in its Sovereignty.     Those who are Muslims first or Hindus first or Tamils first must seek through their respective community representations at global level . The human system may or may not  uphold justice. But the return karma always does complete the experience for the true believer.  In the case of Boston Bomber ordinary Americans have to be willing to empower their President to use American investment in Sovereignty or in the alternative – the Muslim Community Leadership needs to use its consolidated power – which has been already diluted by Indonesian Muslim leadership killing global citizens through Local Community laws. Our Australian Government is not Muslim Government to take on that role.