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31May 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

I smiled, watching the Sri Lankan news in which the working women at grassroots level called out to the President to come out if he was born to a single father and mother. As per the original known to me which is often used in Tamil cinema  - the saying is ‘if born to a single father

The above is based on the chastity of the woman. The raw version is used by Sinhalese as well as Tamils. The structured version is ‘bastard’.

My belief in this was presented as follows to a group in which one member claimed:

‘Some songs are based on Sanga Kalam, lovers lamenting the loss of their men/Boyfriends who took to the sea during Chola's seafaring days, reaching far as Java, Sumatra, and Cambodia’

My response:

[[lovers lamenting the loss of their men/Boyfriends ]

“Missing is husband. Silappathikaaram is based on Kannaki and her husband and not lover/boyfriend. The position of husband is filled by the dedication of the woman not only to satisfying the needs and desires of the man currently holding the position, but must represent all women who were true their position as ‘wife’ – i.e. the Common wife. Kannaki did not deny Kovalan when he returned from Lover Mathavi. Thus Kannaki accumulated the Energy of Common wife. Hence when Kannaki claimed that Her husband was not a thief – that Energy burnt Madurai. In essence – every holder of a position needs to respect all predecessors in that position to be true to that position.

More importantly, if we are taking a position in the new structure of Eelam – Tamils -  through emphasis on Tamil language being foremost, then we need to renounce benefits and opportunities from Sri Lankans, Australians, British etc. When we are true to that position the truth would merge us with all Tamils – past as well as current. To be Eelam Tamil, one has to live within that position – and the benefits it brings. In all countries that have listed LTTE as terrorists – we have to live with that status and no more. That is true Sovereignty.”

The structured version of the above challenge is for ‘whether the President was true to those who created the Executive Presidency?’

As per my experience I was more ‘free’ of Financial pressures after 1978 when the position of Sri Lankan President was formed through a new Constitution. This meant that it is a structure that would lead me to financial prosperity. It also led to me emigrating from Sri Lanka. But I took the value of my true work with me. Hence I was able to realise financial independence.

If therefore, Sri Lanka goes back to Parliamentary system those who prospered under Executive Presidency may not be able to work that structure.


When the 19th Amendment to the Constitution was passed by Parliament – the current PM was leader of the Parliamentary team. An elected member will naturally connect to other elected members who came in through the same Process.

The parallel of that on time basis is the time based team of all those who were in that position previously.

Mr Wicremesinghe was appointed as Prime Minister. The President’s authority flows from article 43(3) of the Constitution:

“43 (3) The President shall appoint as Prime Minister the Member of Parliament who in his opinion is most likely to command the confidence of Parliament.”

The President has failed to confirm that the Parliament has confidence in Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe. Hence the appointment is in breach of the provisions of the Constitution.  Instead, the President relied on Mr Wickremesinghe having held and performed in that position without recording any breaches of the law.

As per Financial Times report ‘Ranil’s road map to political reforms’:

  • In special statement, PM unveils proposals to strength Parliament, reduce Executive power
  • PM says reintroduction of 19A, abolition of Executive Presidency are two main political issues
  • Opines Parliament paralysed due to weakening of powers after 20A
  • Says methodology towards abolition of Executive Presidency must be decided by party leaders
  • Moots appointment of several new committees to give Parliament more powers on public finance

The last on the above list has been foreshadowed by the PM as follows:

[Wickremesinghe said the youth are calling for a change in the existing system and to facilitate this, he proposed the appointment of four youth representatives to each of these 15 committees. “One of them will be appointed by the Youth Parliament. The other three will be from the protesting groups and other activist groups. The methodology used to choose these individuals can be decided by the youth organisations themselves,” he said.]
This however needs the approval of the constitution as it exists now. On the other hand, he as the Finance Minister would have the authority to Appoint such persons through Administrative processes.

At Parliamentary level – one believes and votes on the issue. In Administration – one uses laws made as per that belief and not as per one’s personal belief. To introduce such a system would have the effect of disrespecting the Pain of the People who elected this government. It is by experiencing the pain that we learn not to repeat mistakes. The simple theory is – no pain no gain.

 When votes are ‘bought’ – the voter becomes the Executive.  It is the parent depending on the child



Monday 30 May 2022


30May 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



The Sri Lankan protestors seemed ‘free’ to express themselves. It was like a natural Political Drama – showing the Government what it looks like. This kind of protesting is not limited to government. It happens at all levels of Sri Lankan society due to conflict between autocracy and democracy within the same mind.

The Canberra Times report headed ‘Sri Lanka PM urges protesters to join govt’ informs as follows:

[Sri Lanka's prime minister says protesting youth groups will be invited to be part of governance under political reforms he is proposing to solve the country's political crisis triggered by an economic collapse.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said that under proposed constitutional reforms, powers of the president will be clipped and those of parliament strengthened.]

This brings to mind a sharing by an academic about his discovery based on the Australian University system. He stated that the Union leader who ‘opposed’ the Administration, became like the Administration, once he became one part of the Management.

As per the report :

[The youth are calling for a change in the existing system. They also want to know the current issues. Therefore, I propose to appoint four youth representatives to each of these 15 committees," Wickremesinghe said.

Protesters consisting of mainly young people have camped out outside the president's office for more than 50 days.

They're demanding the resignation of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, holding him and his family responsible for the country's worst economic crisis.]


The Parliament represents the highest level of institutional structure of a Nation. In Sri Lanka, election is largely through a democratic process. But the way the Parliament operated was through autocracy. Transparency of outcomes is a key feature of Democracy. This is the Opposite of Confidential voting. In reliable Autocracy  the outcomes produced by juniors are kept ‘Confidential’ but the process is made transparent – for example -  only the Parliament showing the  nation  to the Public taken as a whole and also to outsiders. In the case of the Rajapaksas ‘Confidentiality’ became Secrecy when it was not shared with the  Parliament – but only with family members. True Sri Lankans had knowledge of bribes and commissions ‘taken’ by those in governments. But so long as they had a share of economic wealth they did not ‘Oppose’ the respective governments. The Pandora Papers revealed  many ‘secret’ wealth by Political leaders. But there was no outcome produced within Sri Lanka, of a local process. Those who believe in Accountability of global standards would have found it to be of value but not so those who believe in ‘local’ measures.

Sri Lanka’s permanent political Opposition is the Tamil Community to whom Sri Lanka (not Eelam Tamil) is ‘home’. The protestors have not recognised this for the same reason they did not demonstrate when the Pandora Papers were made public. Their experience based measure was their own People’s pain.

The ‘freedom’ from fear of  military action was needed by the protestors. Without that the only way they would know to protest has been proven to be armed rebellion. The Tamil civilians killed in the war do not have a direct civilian representation. Those who seek to highlight their suffering seem to need the LTTE name to render them courage.  It makes them ‘juniors’ in civil administration – to those who oppose knowing they are not likely to ‘win’. It is that courage that brings the support of wider world and/or ancestral blessings.

The protestors are taken as De facto Opposition of the government.  The conversation below within the Tamil community confirms the challenges  faced by unarmed Tamils:


Gaja   in article headed LABOR SAYS ‘COME BY BOATS’:

To the extent the Sri Lankan Tamil community ‘takes’ compensation for their pain – they weaken their ‘intuitive intelligence’ about Sri Lanka as a whole. Some of the Tamil students I teach demonstrate much higher level of intelligence and keenness than I had at their age, in a more comfortable environment.’


Dr Nadesan :  Gaja, I beg you not to teach tamil students if you really do. Where do you teach, in Australia or Thunaivi? If so I pray for their safety. Now coming to Biolela family, you unnecessarily and with your inherent trouble making mindset trying to call it "favouring the Tamil". This kind of nonsense is ingrained in you. This family's case became an Australian issue with the entire white community fighting tooth and nail for them to be accepted. I always felt it was not legally right but certainly on a humanitarian basis. The two charming kids caught the attention of not only Australians but the entire world as well. When I mentioned "charming kids", you at once jumped as to whether your grand kids are not charming. This clearly shows your thinking ability and analytical skills. A case of this type with global publicity will naturally attract the politicians too and for your biased tunnel vision this looks unusual. And I am not surprised about you. Only thing you did not come out with your usual cry is that they are LTTE guys. Now you understand why you dont receive  any responses for your letters from government. For heavens sake dont write your irresponsible out bursts to ruin this familys future.

Dr 'Kandiah Suntharamoorthy' : Well said Nada, agree fully with your view 

Gaja :All those who agree with Dr Nadesan would naturally become my Opposition. Hence I do not have to read your ‘reasoning’ but know that the distance between us is getting  wider and wider. There is no relationship and that is what happened in Sri Lanka where we did not invest in commonness that does not give us ‘benefits’.  By the way – to those who are interested – the Tamil students I referred to are from Jaffna and Kandy – studying at Royal College.  They surprised my husband also – to the extent he quietly observed and enjoyed the experience.

Dr Nadesan :Gaja there you are and your mindset. So according to you if someone does not agree with your views then he / she is your enemy. This is why I told you not to teach the students and ruin their lives. Going by what you say you are against the entire world except Param. Poor Param has simply no choice and he has to survive like how so many survived Rajapakshas tyranny. So Param being happy with your "teachings", one cannot accept it. More than that tell me when he disagreed with you🥱🤭. By the way what is this Royal College you are referring to? Or Jaffna Royal Tuition Centre down hospital road? எல்லாம் ஒரு மாயை ( all just illusion). Gaja you must learn to listen to others and see both sides of the coin and then see how you brighten up.

The above is an example of intolerance of Opposition.  I expressed my belief as a Common citizen of Australia and Sri Lanka – using Australian structure – Common to all refugees . The laws are neither Australian nor Sri Lankan. They are global. Had I taken my place as allocated by the leaders – who have been openly recognised for their Sri Lankan qualifications and positions – I would have been ‘accommodated’ by them. By opposing them I have been demoted to ‘junior-most’ level and am being ‘told’ who I am!

If the protestors join the Parliament – they would also be ‘told’ by those who are used to being seniors. A protestor has to be ‘free’ of institutional  desires. Towards this – they need to be ‘facilitated’ to protest peacefully outside the Parliament and  independent of the  Parliament. In due course time they would need to ‘follow’ due processes to become part of the institution of Parliament on ‘merit’ basis.

The above proposal by Mr Wickremesinghe is the parallel of the ‘quota’ system /Standardization Policy that Mrs Bandaranaike introduced for University Entrance in 1972. It was interpreted by Tamils as a way to suppress their opportunities.  It seems like a band-aid fix to ‘show’ wider world.





Sunday 29 May 2022


29 May 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



As per ABC report ‘Richard Marles says Coalition's decision to publicise Sri Lankan boat interception undermined border security and put lives at risk’:

‘The new government has accused the former government of using the public service for political gain’

The Guardian reports under the headlines – ‘Jim Chalmers indicates ‘substantial progress’ on returning Murugappan family to Biloela

‘Interim home affairs minister to discuss arrangements with PM to grant family visa and permit their return to Queensland town’

Wikipedia presents the following:

[The Murugappan family, also known as the Nadesalingam family, consists of Nadesalingam Murugappan (Nades), his wife Kokilapathmapriya Nadesalingam (Priya) and their two daughters. They are Sri Lankan Tamils seeking asylum in Australia. The couple married in Australia after arriving separately on people smuggler boats; their children were subsequently born in Australia. Until their detention by the Australian Border Force in March 2018,]

Labor candidate Ms Kristina Keneally openly promoted Nadesalingam family – thus confirming that it was politicising through a single family, which amounts to ‘unjust discrimination’ against those who continued to ‘wait’ for Due Process to happen. Politicising policy carries the heavy risk of unjust discrimination and makes mockery of our Anti Discrimination laws. By ‘effect’ this action of the government ‘favours’ Sri Lankan Tamils in relation to other races in the same group – known as ‘asylum seekers’. 

Most known to me do not appreciate that this results in weakening the ‘community’s’ entitlement to emigrate due to pain and loss of earned entitlements. The highest of this is the ‘intelligence’ of the whole. When we experience pain and ‘own’ that experience, it becomes our ‘intuitive intelligence’. That is all we need to live in harmony with our home environment.

Yesterday, in response to Dr S B Dissanayake’s writeup -

"China Syndrome"    ( at http://parafox-asoka.blogspot.com/2022/05/china-syndrome.html) which included reference to ‘Philadelphia Experiment’  I wrote:

Thank you Asoka. From time to time we do make connections when we go into virtual reality mode. But they are not provable. If we try to ‘show’ others – it confuses our brain structure. The average person needs structure to relate to each other.

To the extent the Sri Lankan Tamil community ‘takes’ compensation for their pain – they weaken their ‘intuitive intelligence’ about Sri Lanka as a whole. Some of the Tamil students I teach demonstrate much higher level of intelligence and keenness than I had at their age, in a more comfortable environment. More and more who emigrate on the basis of their Truth – the empowerment is to the new Nation – in this instance – Australia. Where they are pampered above others, their own intelligence gets weakened.

My articles are regularly sent to the Australian Government also. But the politicians do not respond to me on the issues. Public Service officers do from time to time. Even if they don’t – my belief empowers the person who is driven by the Truth in that position. That is the ‘power that turned ‘ destroyer escort USS Eldridge’ invisible’. The discovery included Einstein’s Unified Field Theory.  In Hindu religion – we call it the Pirapanja Shakthi – Cosmic Energy. Believers learn through experience that it works for them. To the extent Einstein believed in his own work and his predecessors – Physics became his religion and he connected to the Pirapanja Shakthi through Physics.

Politicians close to this Cosmic Energy would work any global system ‘free of unjust discrimination.




Friday 27 May 2022


27 May 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



The change in Sri Lankan Government happened due to Sinhala Buddhists protesting in Colombo. It was ‘Effects’ based and not ‘ Cause based’ .  Each person sharing in the pain is therefore entitled to form her/his ‘reasons’ as to why s/he thinks it happened. As per my discovery, if we enjoy unearned benefits we lose our mental balance.  The pampered brain keeps looking for handouts and develops brain obesity. When we earn and/or respect knowledge we have well balanced brain. Hence structures where the junior is facilitated to respect the senior and thereby maintain the mental balance. These ‘institutional’ structures assist us in drawing strength from commonness while protecting our ‘sovereign independence’. As per my discovery through my life, I mentally moved away from those who failed to recognise me as per my achievements but continued to treat me as a junior, because they enjoyed being seniors. This helped me protect my ‘integrity’. At the same time I stayed within their reach – as a mark of respect for the Common structure which supported me. I now extend this to the communities and Nations I was part of in becoming global.

Today I received an email from a member of the Tamil Community group:


please remove my e-MAIL FROM YOUR LIST,




My response was:

Since you ask me whether I am a Tamil or a Sinhalese – I ask you whether you are a separated Eelam Tamil or Common global Tamil. A global Tamil would not have asked such a question’

Then there was this about the current Prime Minister cum Finance Minister of Sri Lanka from an LTTE community member who qualified as Chartered Accountant in Sri Lanka after his own write up about printing money:

[So What is money ? Can money buy you love ? Ranil thinks , it can !!]

My response was :

[To know how Ranil thinks you and Ranil must be ONE or relate through the same structure.  Are you junior or senior to Ranil?]

The above LTTE supporter shows disrespect for the governance structure of Sri Lanka.  

A junior using the commonwealth settles her/his dues to the structure through respect. Otherwise, the person has the duty to limit her/himself to worker level and not ‘owner level’. Every person who contributes to the common structure is an owner. Once the junior-most person completes her/his work as defined by her/his position in the common structure – any work without benefits goes towards ‘ownership’. A CEO who fails to complete her/his contribution as per the position therefore ranks below this person who is contributing to ownership.

The core purpose of Anti Discrimination laws is prevention of such structural damage. I experienced this kind of pain in Australian workplace even after being recognised for more than 10 years as a high performer. Hence my actions against the Central Administration of the University of NSW followed by various members of the governments. Each time the court dismissed me as a frivolous litigant – it weakened  its own ownership in common Australia. That was how I identified with my own contribution to Mr John Howard losing his seat.

The current Sri Lankan problem is not due just to the Rajapaksas. All those who were denied their ownership status – after completing their position duties – contributed to ‘ownership’.  Those who satisfied the requirements of their lawfully structured positions and continued to work in that position without additional remuneration – became true owners. Ownership rights are exponentially powerful. Any damage to it is a curse one brings down on oneself.

A document headed “Mawatha – a Policy Document” was forwarded to me also. It says ‘Let Truth Lead the way’ .

The preamble includes:

[The Treaty of Westphalia in 1648 established the basic premise of the nation state with this concept. And although this definition has undergone dramatic changes over the past four centuries, it has remained largely grounded on this foundation……..]

My experience says that Sri Lankans have enough experience to base policies on their own experiences. The alleged policy document goes on to state:

[What do we believe in?

We believe in a Free, Democratic, and Equal nation. We believe that our nation must reach its fullest potential on the world stage.

We believe in a Caring government and a society.

We believe there is a way to address poverty and inequality that plagues a vast majority of our people.]

A senior Tamil Politician highlighted that there were no Tamils in the ‘panel of experts’

The panel was heavy with qualified folks. But the pathway happened because the intellectuals failed to educate the manual or process worker.

Gandhi was successful because he became the ordinary citizen by status but had the knowledge of law. Even as an ordinary citizen be forewent simple pleasures which takes one to the common level of enjoyment of the poorest citizen. Hence his ability to lead the ‘vast majority’ – not by visible example but by his true sacrifices.

Given that the ‘protestors’  are the reason for this change, and they demand that the President must ‘step down’ – any solution would stem from that Energy. This does not include ethnic minorities.

The new Prime Minister Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe has so far not indicated that he would  address the ethnic issue as a priority.

Given that this group did not protest when this President took oaths as a Buddhist one is entitled to conclude that this group also separated itself from minorities and failed to share in their pain – leaving the minorities to deal with their own pain.

Hence their proposals are  ‘Sinhala-Buddhist’ only as prescribed in the Constitution. They were the cause of the current effects. If any aid is ‘given’ this cycle will repeat itself – leading to foreign takeovers.

In rape – enjoyment without consent is a core factor. Likewise in policies. One who truly feels common would make laws that are common. Without this feeling of ‘consent’ – any Sri Lankan law / policy would continue to lead to non-cooperation followed by mental separation followed by weakening of the whole. Aid through such a government would compound the ethnic sin and lead to more frequent rebellions – as per the law of rebirth.


Thursday 26 May 2022


26 May 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe seems to be in a hurry to ‘privatise’ the National Carrier. As per Sunday Times’ Selling a troubled airline’

[In a statement last week, soon after he assumed office as Prime Minister, Mr. Wickremesinghe said: I propose to privatise SriLankan Airlines which is incurring extensive losses. The loss for the year 2020-2021 alone amounts to Rs. 45 billion. By 31st March 2021, the total loss was Rs. 372 billion. Even if we privatise SriLankan Airlines, this is a loss that we must bear. You must be aware that this is a loss that must be borne even by the poor people of this country who have never stepped on an airplane.”]

Part of that loss includes monies paid to ‘investigators’ in 2016 under this PM’s leadership. All ‘losses’ incurred belong to that government. In addition, Mr Wickremesinghe carries responsibility for the Central Bank Bond issue which is an example of what can go wrong with ‘privatisation’ of a public enterprise. That Bond issue would have been ‘right’ to a profit driven mind. In Government – the invisible shareholder’s need must drive the leader. This requires deep feeling of ownership.

The current economic meltdown led to restructure of the Sri Lankan government. The Rajapaksa government was a ‘private’ partnership running a whole nation. The clever minds in Sri Lanka ‘failed’ to use their cleverness to sound the alarm bells when this was happening. Hence they have been limited by global powers to this level. That is how Karma works. There is always a ‘karmic’ component when our minds are inactive. When they are idle – that mind becomes the pathway for the demonic power. When the mind is ‘full’ that mind becomes the medium of divine power. Both are karmic.

At operational level, ownership is recognized at three levels:

1.    Money

2.    Status

3.    Corporate Wisdom/Intuitive Intelligence.

Money level is the easily accessible entry point of Demonic Powers. The more money return we get for our investment/work – the less the status and intuitive intelligence. Hence money comes last in family relationships. The less money and status we take for the same level of investment/work as in the above, the deeper our ‘intuitive intelligence’.

The Rajapaksas failed due to their money benefits being far greater than their predecessors in those positions.

Any group – including the Parliament which has law-making authority, needs to be driven mostly by Corporate Wisdom/Intuitive Intelligence.  This ensures natural stability.

The PM who has experience in Parliament needs to ask himself how he would privatise the Parliament? One way would be to have a money value for the services provided by the Government. The cost of each legislation made by the Parliament could be established through the remuneration paid plus the status ‘taken’ above that of the common citizen – needs to be divided into the various activities through which the Parliament serves the People. Towards this, each type of activity needs to be considered a ‘Project Unit’ / Private enterprise. Those activities that are relatively high in terms of cost – need to be demoted in terms of budget allocations / Income sharing.

When this current government cut taxes – they were actually downsizing themselves but without parallel cuts in costs.

The removal of fertilizer subsidy was a cut on income/taxes/dividends  shared with the public as per government programs. The President needs to know ‘why’ it failed. It was a subsidy that was ownership capital to the Farmers which helped them feel they were in partnership with the government. The parallel of that to the Armed Forces would be to reduce the arms from outside Sri Lanka.

The difference between the Executive Government and the Judiciary is that the former as ‘maker’ needs ‘insight’ but the latter as user  needs proof so its ‘balance’ is ‘seen’/known. Hence the Doctrine of Separation of Powers.

Now, in the case of Sri Lankan Airlines – in my article of 16 July 2016 – I quoted as follows:

[On 27 April 2016 – the Colombo Telegraph through its article ‘SriLankan CEO Ratwatte Dismisses Weliamuna Report, Says No Proof Of Corruption’ reported:

‘…The first government-commissioned inquiry into the previous Rajapaksa regime’s acts of corruption, fraud and malpractices was carried out by the Lawyer J.C. Weliamuna along with his team comprising of senior lawyers U.H. Palihakkara, B.A.W. Abeywardane, M.K.Bandara. This six week long exercise cost the tax payer Rs 3.5 million.’

This cost therefore was quantifiable. The same problem if discovered by the internal owners would have been ‘ownership’ intelligence. These are driven by Performance Indicators and not by Proof. CEO Ratwatte who was a pilot lacked that intuitive power and hence asked for ‘proof’. The team by taking ‘money’ had the duty to ‘show’ proof.

The way forward is to

1.    Structure all services that are revenue producing – to show that they are recovering their costs.

2.    ‘outsource’ those services that are proving to be not viable on fee basis – preferably to private parties in Sri Lanka

3.    Find out the Corporate costs and require Budget allocations to meet these costs. Those would be the parallels of subsidies to farmers.

4.    These subsidies need to be allocated on the basis of Key Performance Indicators which must be above breakeven line. When they go below that line – the subsidy  for the following period ought to be reduced accordingly.


When this is done for the Parliament also – our economic problem would become an opportunity. More importantly the educated protestors would have a modern pathway to question the government regularly and need not wait until election time nor until they feel the economic pain.


Wednesday 25 May 2022


25 May 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



I believe that Truth is a Universal power. Today when I read the following from one group member to another, I identified with most of it:

[You are still caught up in the web of illusion , the web of maya! 

If you consider your sensual experiences as normal and natural , of course they are as long as you relate everything with your senses and brain . You need to go above that and break free from the web , then you will enter a different dimension, not physically nor mentally but in a different frame . Some may call that “at a spiritual “ level but I don’t like to give a tag for that unnameable state of inquiry. That inquiry does not stem from your mind or knowledge but it just awakens without any effort . ]

Tagging or giving shape and form is needed in Democracy where those in junior positions empower those in senior positions. When we become the ‘root’ of an issue, the mind automatically transcends the physical and mental.  Hence ‘Root-Cause’ in management. The mind that discovers the ‘root’ is certain to support the superstructures that bear the fruits. In democracy,  the fruits that live/ benefits, need to be equal to the fruits that perish / costs.

One of the ways to contribute to this balance in democracy is to break down a program into projects where the costs and benefits are transparent to the common junior.

Australia’s refugee program continues to lack this transparency and hence becomes the playing field for undemocratic politicians.

The latest example has been presented by ABC through its report headed – ‘Labor sends election-day asylum seeker boat arrivals back to Sri Lanka, slamming Coalition's mass text 'disgrace'

Two days ago, I wrote under the heading HORSE TRADING IN VISAS’:

[Our Australian elections 2022 – confirmed how this worked to defeat Labor Senator Kristina Kenneally who demonstrated special treatment for a Sri Lankan Tamil family . ]

The way I see it, Ms Kenneally singled out this family to indicate  her investment in immigration policy. Such singling out amounts to ‘promising benefits’ in the minds of low level investors in Australia. They are then received at that level by would-be refugees who self-assess their eligibility to come to Australia as refugees. The recent boat from Sri Lanka which was used politically by the Liberal party is such a creation.

The Kimberley Kitching case where three Labor senators, including Ms Keneally, were accused of bullying a new member – ought to have alerted the Labor leadership that when policy is brought down to political level of ‘likes and dislikes’ the system becomes costly to maintain. The senior may mean something but the junior without faith is likely to interpret at different level. Both could be ‘right’ as per their respective group levels but they would not form natural policies that would work on their own. Only actual experiences where policies meet reception – mental and/or in action – become completed natural policies that spread themselves.

John Howard also carries the ‘Children Overboard’ karma. He supported in action – Mr Josh Frydenberg . Given that the strength was with migrants and women – this went against Mr Frydenberg who lost his seat to a lady.

When elected members play politics with policies – they make laws that are frivolous. When we who practice the law, bring discrimination actions in Courts, we are listed as frivolous litigants and are even banned from using the court system.

Refugees who are favoured by politicians would contribute to instability in Australian society. They need to be tested for favouritism by the governments in their local areas. In the case of Tamils from Sri Lanka – the predecessors  from the Sri Lankan local area of the refugee applicant would be the litmus test.

Tuesday 24 May 2022


24 May 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



 The message from outgoing PM Scott Morison, during his campaign was that it was about us the People. I identify with it.  We discuss politics in various groups – at different depths. We win or lose arguments as if they were our elections to lead the respective groups. The winner often administers the group. In more democratic groups – the winner educates the group as per her/his own findings.

The Ultimate reality is identified with – by  one who takes the truth from each group and goes to the next level where that truth leads. In the meantime one is not allowed to take any benefits or accept any costs along that pathway. They both deviate us from finding the truth at that time in that group.

A social media group therefore should not take pleasures – including status – if it is to naturally merge with the wider community that it is part of. Likewise, official media with politics.

The Washington post’s report ‘Inside the collapse of the Rajapaksa dynasty in Sri Lanka ; How two powerful brothers fell out and took their country down with them – highlights some such weaknesses highlighting through the mind of the cousin Udayanga  Weeratunga and the ‘timing’ commonness with Ukraine:


Washington Post:  You cannot win [in politics] if you’re not from an established family,” said Razeen Sally, a professor at the National University of Singapore. “So the system is left to established insiders who can pillage the state.”

The second of nine children, Mahinda was charismatic, loved crowds and stuck close to his younger brother, Basil, who is considered the family’s political strategist. Their middle brother, Gotabaya, was always different: aloof, politically inexperienced, a teetotaler and vegetarian who spent 21 years in the military. “He would visit the ancestral home only during New Year,” recalled Weeratunga, their cousin who is close to Mahinda.


1.1 Udayanga Weeratunga’s role in public life was revealed through his involvement in the MIG deal


In two articles in August 2007, (Journalist Iqbal)Athas reported on the purchase of second-hand MiG-27 jet fighters from Ukraine, suggesting that the deal had been corrupt. The first, on 12 August, was titled "MiGs loaded with millions in mega frauds; The Sunday Times investigation reveals shocking double-deals and wheeler-dealings; While Lanka remains hush-hush, Ukraine Govt. orders full probe". Athas traced the purchase to "Belimissa Holdings", a company ostensibly based in the UK but not listed in the UK Company Register

After the report, his security was withdrawn by the government, leading Reporters Without Borders (RSF) and the Committee to Protect Journalists to issue statements of concern for his safety. A protest was held outside Athas' house on 27 August by government supporters, which RSF described as a "parody of a demonstration, clearly organised by the authorities and putting Athas in serious danger." The Sri Lanka Working Journalists Association criticised it as "systematic intimidation". W. G. Gunaratne, a journalist who translated Athas's articles into Sinhala for the newspaper Lankadeepa, also reportedly received a death threat from an Air Force officer.

The Parliament of Sri Lanka later launched a probe into the purchase

Indicator based Discovery:      The above highlights the power of the connection of local (Sinhala) minds to English media. Until that grassroots level translation happens – the People’s mind would continue to depend on their seniors who would ‘give’ benefits.

2. The anatomy of the MiG deal - https://www.sundayobserver.lk/2019/01/06/news-features/anatomy-mig-deal  - 06 January 2019



The Sunday Observer:  By January 2006, the Air Force Commander, Air Vice Marshal Donald Perera had placed on record that the air force should give up on MiG-27 aircraft and modernise its fleet by considering options available from several other countries, including the United States and Israel. The following month, however, the Commander was to make a u-turn, following a sudden meeting summoned by Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

That meeting, held at the Defence Ministry on February 6, 2006, was for Rajapaksa’s cousin, Udayanga Weeratunga, and his business associate Dmytro Peregudov of Ukraine, to pitch MiG-27 aircraft to the air force once again. The Air Force Commander listened intently, but shared his concerns borne from bad experiences in dealing with DS Alliance, who had supplied the earlier aircraft. Weeratunga gave an assurance that DS Alliance would be left out of the equation, after which the Air Force Commander was urged to reverse his previous stance and accept a proposal from Peregudov and Weeratunga.

When Perera took the Peregudov-Weeratunga proposal to air force officers the following day, he was immediately advised of a procedural issue. Since the proposal was ‘unsolicited’, the air force was stymied from accepting it without following the standard government procurement procedure. Under pressure, Donald Perera resolved the impasse by issuing a comical letter to Peregudov, dated 7 February 2006, requesting to receive the proposal that he had been handed the previous day in the Defence Secretary’s office. Thereafter, a ‘tender process’ was sparked off, a committee was appointed to evaluate the proposal to purchase the MiG aircraft pitched by Peregudov, without any call for competing bids from competitors. Indeed, the air force used an expedited procurement procedure that bypassed the need to call for competing bids on the basis that the proposal was ‘government-to-government’ originating directly from a Ukraine state-owned entity, Ukrinmash.

The above report questions the validity of the statements to Washington Post by Mr Weeratunga. It also indicates the common reason why in terms of problems of Sri Lankans surfaced during this time when Ukrainians are experiencing attacks from Russian armed forces.

2. The anatomy of the MiG deal - https://www.sundayobserver.lk/2019/01/06/news-features/anatomy-mig-deal  - 06 January 2019


The Sunday Observer: In December 2006 it was exposed by the Sunday Times that the MiG aircraft purchased through ‘Bellimissa Holdings’ by the Rajapaksa regime had cost US $2.4 million per plane, or double the price paid six years earlier per aircraft under the Kumaratunga regime.

In July 2007, Lasantha Wickrematunge and The Sunday Leader blew the deal wide open, by exposing that there had never been any ‘Bellimissa Holdings Limited’ registered in the United Kingdom, and that the address and fax number provided to the air force were ghost forwarding services.

In the weeks following Wickrematunge’s exposè, the Defence Ministry, and Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa in particular, rose to defend the MiG deal, asserting that the aircraft they had purchased had a much longer lifespan than those acquired in 2000, and denying the existence of a third-party in the transaction. Rajapaksa even went so far as to say he had no knowledge or involvement with the deal. Then, in September 2007, Wickrematunge and The Sunday Leader struck again and filled in the gaps, exposing February 6, 2006 meeting chaired by Rajapaksa, at which the MiG deal began, and detailing the involvement in the deal of Udayanga Weeratunga, who by then had been appointed President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Ambassador to Russia and the Ukraine. The Defence Secretary then threatened to sue Wickrematunge in the District Court of Mount Lavinia, demanding Rs. 1 billion in damages. Wickrematunge responded by threatening to countersue the Defence Secretary for Rs. 2 billion in damages. The editor’s lawyer explained the higher damages he would seek from Rajapaksa as follows: “My client’s estimate of damages will be greater than that of your client since my client has always remained in this country and worked for its betterment and your client has voluntarily left this country and migrated to the United States of America and taking citizenship in that country by swearing allegiance to that country.” Eventually, Rajapaksa did file defamation action against The Sunday Leader.

Lasantha Wickrematunga was murdered shortly before the case was to come up for trial, and never had his day in court. Ownership of The Sunday Leader changed hands, and the new owners settled the defamation suit with Rajapaksa by withdrawing their articles and tendering an unconditional apology. Since the FCID began investigating the deal in 2015, it has come to light that the infamous ‘Bellimissa Holdings’ was a shell company in the British Virgin Islands that was all along owned by ‘T.S. Lee’ and the DS Alliance cabal.

Their bank account was traced by FCID to Singapore, to the same bank as DS Alliance. A parallel Ukrainian investigation into the MiG deal has revealed that the Ukrainian government never was a party to the MiG deal.

The aircraft that arrived in Sri Lanka in 2007, it turns out, were sold by Ukraine to DS Alliance for less than US $1 million each, with the middle men more than doubling the price they charged the Sri Lanka Air Force and pocketing the remaining US $1.4 million per aircraft. Several air force officers interviewed by the FCID have made it clear that despite breathless denials and a defamation settlement, there would have been no MiG deal without Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Udayanga Weeratunga. Based on the evidence collected so far from several jurisdictions and with the assistance of Interpol and the CID, the FCID has secured the arrest of Udayanga Weeratunga, who was in hiding outside Dubai.


The former Ambassador now awaits extradition to his home country. As the FCID net grows wider and wider, it is only a matter of time before the remaining culprits of the MiG deal are brought to book, and the public finds out who profited from the MiG deal.

For now, thanks to the tireless efforts of the FCID, everything that The Sunday Leader alleged about the MiG deal has been proven factually correct, and Lasantha Wickrematunge has been posthumously vindicated. 


Indicator based Discovery: The media has reported but given that it was not taken to grassroots level before the Presidential and Parliamentary elections – the karmic network caused the economic problems at voter level. Is media not responsible?

As per Wikipedia report ‘Weeratunge was arrested in Dubai on 4 February 2018, by international police based on a request made by Sri Lankan Authorities


The Washington Post’s report loses credibility due to suppression of vital information about their informant.


3. Wikipedia report – Common Law Immunity


Wikipedia : In April 2019, Ahimsa Wickrematunge, the daughter of Lasantha Wickrematunge, filed a lawsuit against Rajapaksa in the state of California. Rajapaksa, while on vacation in the United States, was served notice of two civil lawsuits. In October 2019, the court in California rejected the case based on lack of jurisdiction to consider Wickrematunge's claims, because, in the Court's view, Rajapaksa is entitled to common law foreign official immunity for the alleged acts of torture, extrajudicial killing, and crimes against humanity.

“MANTAR V. YOUSUF, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously rejected the argument that the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (FSIA) should be read to encompass all suits brought against individual foreign officials for acts performed in an official capacity. 1 The Court held that when plaintiffs sue a current or former foreign official “in his personal capacity and seek damages from his own pockets,” the suit “is not a claim against a foreign state as the Act defines that term.” 2 Instead, an individual defendant’s immunity “is properly governed by the common law.”  - https://repository.uchastings.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=2089&context=faculty_scholarship


Indicator based Discovery: Ahimsa may have been dismissed by the Court of law at the level she could afford. But just minded   People would find it difficult to reconcile this with the following:


[On 14 February 2020, The United States State Department imposed sanctions in the form of a travel ban preventing General Silva and his family from entering the United States having found him accountable through command responsibility for what it stated as “gross violations of human rights, namely extrajudicial killings, by the 58th division of the Sri Lanka army" at the final stages of the war against the LTTE in 2009, when up to 70,000 Tamil civilians were killed. The Government of Sri Lanka has strongly opposed the measure.]

If a US citizen is protected by Common law, but not a Sri Lankan to enter the USA – then that law cannot be Common Global Law.


4. Political takeover by the American Government?


Wikipedia: In May 2019 former Ambassador to Sri Lanka and Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia in the Obama Administration, Robert O. Blake Jr., praised Rajapaksa on the management of the intelligence services during and post war. On 26 April 2019 he confirmed that he will be contesting the presidential election, following the deadly Easter Sunday bombings.


On 11 August 2019, Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna led by former president Mahinda Rajapaksa announced that Rajapaksa will be their candidate for the 2019 Presidential election

Citizenship row

During the campaign, several political parties including then ruling United National Party accused him of having American citizenship and claimed that he stayed and lived in America for more than ten years and revealed that he was not a Sri Lankan citizen. Gotabaya was also pressured to not to contest at the Presidential elections because of holding dual citizenship. Further he was alleged to have carried a duplicate Sri Lankan passport with him and court cases were pending against him over the citizenship issue and the issue regarding his passport. Former President and the elder brother of Gotabaya, Mahinda Rajapaksa was also accused of using his executive powers to grant his brother, the Sri Lankan citizenship after commencing his first term as president in November 2005. The judge of the Court of Appeal gave verdict on the former's pending court cases on 4 October 2019, dismissed the petition challenging Gotabaya's citizenship. He was also allowed to contest at the elections but did not take part in the debate among Presidential candidates which was held on 5 October 2019, was also historically Sri Lanka's first-ever debate to have been conducted among Presidential candidates for an upcoming election. Rajapaksa's name was included in the Quarterly Publication of Individuals Who Have Chosen to Expatriate for Q2 2020.



Indicator based Discovery: One wonders whether the Sri Lankan President is directly or indirectly being blackmailed by the American Government. The bait was given by the Court that used ‘Common Law’ protection which would apply to Mr Rajapaksa as a politician – now that he has given up US Citizenship. The appropriate Tamil saying is ‘Arasanai Nambi Purusanai Kai vitta kathai/ The story of abandoning the husband to become dependent on the king!