Saturday 28 October 2023

28 October 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





I was directed to the interview by Udaruppu’s  Tamil interview of the honourable  C. V. K. Sivagnanam, chairman, Northern Provincial Council of Sri Lanka.



The thrust was driven by discussion on Face the Nation (Sri Lanka), on 18 October 2023, in which Mr Sumanthiran , a Jaffna MP revealed that a group of Tamil politicians had met Mr Rajavarothiam Sampanthan, about a year ago, asking him to step down.


‘Out of the 288 days that the current parliament has sat so far, R Sampanthan was present only for 39 days, that is 13.6%. The total payments made to him for this window is Rs 4 million, for fuel, telephone etc, out of Taxpayers money. Corruption of another kind isn’t it?’

In a nation, which has suffered from ethnic war driven by youth of many ethnic communities such a question confirms the lack of ownership of the problem and therefore the lack of ability to prevent wars. In the above forum, the identity of the participants was transparent. Not so, the member of the public who asked the question.


Mr Sumanthiran reacted to the question, due also to his lack of wisdom in Democracy. Successful Democracy is driven by belief in elders. In autocracy, respect for elders is required to be overt. In democracy, this needs to be covert.

Mr Sumanthiran failed this test and thereby confirmed as to why he not able to manifest the power of Equal Opposition, as Mr Sampanthan did. Mr Sampanthan entered parliament in 1977, that established that the Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976 had the blessings of  the god of democracy. In that election, Tamils who were about 12% of the population , became Equal Opposition in National Parliament. This status confirmed that in Truth, those Sinhalese Politicians lost the opportunity to be even Opposition in National Parliament. The reason to my mind, is the demotion of Buddhism from Absolute power to relative power in the constitution made by them for political advantage.  Belief is Absolute power. Wins are relative powers.


The Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976 confirmed the Separation of powers between Tamils & Sinhalese. This was natural Power-sharing.  In democracy, the investment in Autocracy  becomes silent power. When a democratically elected person ceases to be democratic, s/he invokes the autocratic power in the Opposition. Hence Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976 was invoked by the group that inserted the finished product of ‘Buddhism foremost’ Autocratic article.


The challenges faced by Mr Sampanthan, include the following as presented by Wikipedia:


‘Sampanthan and all other TULF MPs boycotted Parliament from the middle of 1983 for a number of reasons: they were under pressure from Sri Lankan Tamil militants not to stay in Parliament beyond their normal six-year term; the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution of Sri Lanka required them to swear an oath unconditionally renouncing support for a separate state; and the Black July riots in which up to 3,000 Tamils were killed by Sinhalese mobs. After three months of absence, Sampanthan forfeited his seat in Parliament on 7 September 1983. Sampanthan served as joint treasurer, vice president and general secretary of TULF.


Tamils who genuinely mourn Black July pain will naturally  consider  Mr Sampanthan to be a Common Sri Lankan Elder. Like Heritages, Elders come with their own balances. Any remuneration to them is submitted as Thanks giving -  so juniors will become heirs. The benefits are not for work done, but for the sacrifices made to maintain Commonness through law.


The picture above confirms the challenge faced by Elder the Hon Sampanthan, who supported UNP. If Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe fails to value this Tamil Elder, he would be a sinner without redemption.



Thursday 26 October 2023



The latest such proposals, worked out by the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC), seek to eliminate the exemptions to the country’s discrimination laws which allow religious schools to expel students, fire teachers, and turn down applicants based on their sexuality, relationship status, and pregnancy.  By Augusto Zimmermann, Professor and Head of Law at Sheridan Institute of Higher Education in Australia.


The message came to me through a Hindu, who according to my knowledge is a medical expert.  The strongest belief based commonness between us is our belief in the same Spiritual guru. The RNA DNA message through the above diagram, was  written by me last year , in my own belief in karma, presented in lay language as follows:


The Corona Virus pandemic happened due to disrespect for the Silkroad global heritage. This heritage is a global elder. In the mind of that elder, in the new form of Belt & Road Initiative (BRI)……..

Like Chromosomes, karma comes in pairs. Like in reproductive cells with one Chromosome, they are effectively singles, separated vertically by depth until they find their matching other side.  When that happens, the latter person becomes the junior of the person with positive karma . There is no reproduction for those with Absolute value of positive karma who are in Nirvana state. The negative side of their karma attracts others who carry negative karma and the latter become natural juniors of the one with positive karma. This happens when the person is true to her/himself. Such a relationship is made in truth. Hence the saying that marriages are made in heaven. Any association of truth is made in heaven.



As per my understanding, the Medical expert used his scientific knowledge  to demonstrate his reasoning of the connection between religion and secular law.  I used my knowledge of karma to explain the same philosophy.


This confirms the importance of belief in common life, so we do not look for external reasoning.  Majority  Australian law makers are of Christian origin. To the extent we seek to be global, we need to be Democratic and therefore adopt Equal Opportunity laws, even though we may lack belief in them.


The ‘reasonable doubt test’ allows a margin due to such laws , lacking in belief, but confirm intellectual/scientific  balance. Most scientific theories are used on this basis. Most religious theories that stand the test of time and continue to be practised, are belief based and spread themselves exponentially.


Where they are opposed by the official system and are overtly practiced, the power of belief is confirmed. Below is an excerpt from my book Naan Australian confirming this power:


 Thinking of all this and planning to write a book on all this as I have been invited to time and time again - so that the Tamil Tigers would not feel that they are the only ones victimized by Western societies and their puppets, I dozed off. During the creative time of the morning Brammah Muhoorthum, I had a vision from Above - that I am to help Muslims and Tamils including those here in Australia. It came through Shridi Baba - the previous incarnation of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, my Spiritual Guru.. Sathya Sai Baba stopped me from going back to Sri Lanka, after I heard Ms Pauline Hanson on ABC’s Four Corners program. Red kungkumum powder - the symbol of Love, appeared on my picture of Him on 05 November 98 - the day the Auditor General’s report confirming my observations about the UNSW Administrative systems was published in the Sydney Morning Herald. Since then I have proven the Auditor General wrong, by using the open and public discussion on Performance Indicators - that they cannot be used in audits because they were management tools. In other words, I have proven that Sri Lankan Accounting fundamentals are far stronger than Australian Accounting fundamentals. They may both look the same. But the real test is through the actual values practiced.


When Pauline Hanson was critical of Indigenous Australians I opposed her and through her, Australian racism. I practised the fundamentals of Equal Opportunity principles in strongly adverse/hostile environment. But in the process, I realized that Academics were part of the problem because they lacked belief in their own Christian origin. This led to formation of Academic ghettos, where non-academics were ‘outsiders’.


By upholding Equal Opportunity principles , despite their opposition, I gained into the problem they were causing. They clung to their higher status and ‘told’ non academics ‘what to do’. This is a threat in any multicultural environment where traditional values are overridden by immediate benefits.  Belief roots such expectations in Truth.   

I lost most of my court cases for the same reason – that the judges lacked belief in the secular laws they were using and it is very difficult to prove racism in  a nation that is yet to annihilate its racial past that were considered ‘right’ at that time. All those who are driven by Australia’s visible wealth and its apparent status, without belief in those who founded those systems, contribute to ongoing racism.

Belief in our own cultures cures us of the problem of racism and empowers us to identify with multicultural opportunities. We meet then in the destination of One Truth with many names. In my above account, I have highlighted Performance Indicators. Those who believe, would not need proof, because they are natural owners who feel together. Hence Tat Tvam Asi /Thou Art That.

Wednesday 25 October 2023


25 October 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



Condemnation of the attack on Gaza Hospital by those who bombed Puthukkudiyiruppu Hospital is hypocrisy! – M.A. Sumanthiran, MP #Gazabombing #SriLanka #WarCrimes… via @LankaBrief – by Sunanda Deshapriya

‘Hard to disagree with.Alan Keenan


‘That is the way hypocrites hide their sins. Gaza experience is the open global version of 2009 war between LTTE and the government forces. Sumanthiran is the parallel of Palestinian politicians who lack power over Hamas’ . Gaja Param


The postings were based on Mr Sumanthiran’s speech in Parliament  and published by Sri Lanka Brief, under the heading ‘Condemnation of the attack on Gaza hospital by those who bombed Puthukkudiyiruppu hospital is hypocrisy! – M.A. Sumanthiran, MP


In the case of global issues, we lack direct experience. Hence, like the blind men who described the elephant, we describe global conflicts as per our own experiences in our home areas. They would all be true, but not be the global experience.


In Chapter 10 of my book, Different Logics for example, I have shared as follows:



Karma is an Absolute power. Positive karma is virtuous and negative karma is demonic. We experienced the latter as Corona virus, which in previous birth was the ‘plague’ in Silk Road. I am not a medical expert. But I have learnt through experience that when we take ‘what happened’ and view it through our belief, we identify with the ‘fact’ we need…….’

Crimea and the Russo-Ukrainian War

1.  The origin of the Black Death is disputed. The pandemic originated either in Central Asia or East Asia but its first definitive appearance was in Crimea in 1347.

2.  Xi originally announced the strategy as the "Silk Road Economic Belt" during an official visit to Kazakhstan in September 2013

3.  In February and March 2014Russia invaded and subsequently annexed the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine. This event took place in the aftermath of the Revolution of Dignity and is part of the wider Russo-Ukrainian War…….Once we lose control of an issue, it becomes Universal – beyond time and place. Making these connections would not only strengthen our mind, but also ensure that we would not disturb heritages in our own local environments




Mr Sumanthiran states:

Now, when people suffer through violence, it is almost immaterial as to who is responsible for that. Well, it is important to identify the perpetrators, but the point that I’m making is, it  is important, it is urgent, first to bring that suffering to an end; to bring that fighting to an end; to call for a ceasefire.’


As per my intelligence of the LTTE, the ceasefire period would be used by both sides to prepare for the next attack.


In Mahabharatham, the solution was preached by Lord Krishna at the beginning of the armed war. Lord Krishna did not call for a ceasefire. Lord Krishna urged for Arjuna to fight to preserve Dharma/Righteousness. All of us with war pain, have the opportunity to cure ourselves by experiencing the pain again and thanking all those who helped us cure ourselves. Such cured minds are the vaccines that prevent wars. The solution is hidden in the pain. Those who are not part of the causal force of the war, but experience the pain, experience the cure.

Thursday 19 October 2023

19 October 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





Aa per my understanding, ‘de facto’ means ‘from the fact’.

Fact, as per my understanding is truth with a particular body.  


Today, I read the X /  (formerly Twitter) posting by Alan Keenan of International  Crisis Group’s Senior Consultant on Sri Lanka. Keenan’s posting is as follows:

Reading through my Twitter timeline, filled mostly with journalists & activists in Sri Lanka, it’s clear that US policies on Israel & Gaza are doing possibly lasting damage to US govt credibility as an agent of democratic change & proponent of rule of law & a just int’l order.


I responded as follows:


Rule of law fails with militants who are ready to die for their belief. It is belief v belief sans intellectual frills. Sri Lanka did just that & lost law & order.


I learnt about the ‘ownership by belief’ through Sri Lanka’s Prescription Ordinance 22 of 1871. I used this law/pathway, towards evicting an unlawful occupier of my property in Colombo. As I applied the law to my knowledge of what happened. That was my fact at the  level of the opposition who claimed ownership by prescriptive rights. Our claim was dismissed at the Colombo District Court. But I studied the applicable section of the law. With belief and admiration one day I noticed that the address of the opponent in a related matter was not our property but that of the opponent in that matter relating to ‘eviction’ from the said property was one Periyasamy. I cannot read Sinhalese, but my husband can. We won the case in the Court of  Appeal. More importantly, I learnt about the exponential value of belief.

This belief of mine led me to note that the Prescription (Special Provisions) Act, No. 5 of 2016, incluts ded the term terrorists as follows:

AN ACT TO ENABLE SPECIAL LEGAL PROVISIONS TO BE MADE IN RESPECT OF PERSONS WHO WERE UNABLE TO PURSUE THEIR RIGHTS IN COURT FOR THE RECOVERY OF ANY IMMOVABLE PROPERTY INCLUDING LAND DUE TO THE ACTIVITIES OF ANY MILITANT TERRORIST GROUP WHICH PREVAILED IN SRI LANKA AND FOR MATTERSCONNECTED THEREWITH OR INCIDENTAL THERETO WHEREAS certain persons have been disadvantaged and therefore unable to pursue their rights in court for the recovery of any immovable property including land due to the activities of any militant terrorist group during the period commencing on May 1st, 1983 and ending on May 18th, 2009: AND WHEREAS it has now become necessary to enact special legal provisions to enable such persons to pursue their rights in court. BE it enacted by the Parliament of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka as follows…..

In terms of the current conflict in the Middle East, a Tamil Sri Lankan shared as follows:

the Palestinians , the indigenous inhabitants of Palestine, will never ever give up fighting for their homeland: even though they are aware that the Zionist racists , backed by the US , may not be defeated: the will to freedom cannot be suppressed by force of arms. Therefore there’ll be the ‘massacre of the innocents’ on both sides. The West would always label the freedom fighters as “terrorists” .


To my mind, if in a Nation that accepts de facto partnerships as legal, a group declares that it presents itself as the de facto government and it is NOT opposed by majority from within the community, the government & wider world would be wiser to accept such  declaration as a fact, than call them terrorists. In turn, such groups have the responsibility to be bound by the same laws as the official government – including by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) which  is the principal judicial organ of the United Nations.


If de facto relationships are workable at family level, they would be workable at National level also. This I believe, would prevent official governments from reacting at the same level as rebels and exponentially spreading lawlessness. 

Wednesday 18 October 2023


18 October 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



 At a time when there is turmoil in the Middle East, it was heartening to learn about positive development in Northern Sri Lanka. Pratyangira Trust, Vaddukoddai,  under the able leadership of  Mr Thilagadas  Chandrapal, organised a rally to raise the consciousness of the civil society, about corruption, suicides, and other influences that lead young ones to disorderly behaviour. The trust has strong support of the Tamil diaspora, including in Australia.

The rally commenced at Jaffna College, Vaddukoddai and proceeded to the temple of Mother Pratyangira’s temple at Sangarathai junction.  


There is a strong need for social upliftment in areas affected not only by war, but caste-based discrimination over a long period. Some of the work of the trust is in Thunaivi  also.  Work is now underway, to build a new home for the family that lives in this hut:


We commend highly the service provided by Mr Chandrapal and his team.

Monday 16 October 2023


16 October 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





The Hamas-Israel conflict has been interpreted by many as Palestine-Israel conflict. This happened in Sri Lanka also, when policies that favoured majority race were not opposed by  the Official Opposition made up of the same race. The equal status of an Opposition is natural due to sacrifices of earned benefits by the minority at that place, at that time.

Those of naturally different culture, become natural opposition of the leading group. To the extent they maintain their sovereignty, their Opposition is exponentially powered.  This also happened n Sri Lanka through Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976.

The exponentiality of this resolution was confirmed in the 1977 elections, when minority Tamils who were about 12% of the total population,  became leading Opposition in National Parliament. This was because the Opposition was at belief-based Policy level.

Ordinary members of any community, who complete the experience at Policy level, contribute to this exponential Opposition through their own sovereignty.

When the Opposition was at military level, aided by India, Tamil Opposition lost its exponentiality . This was discussed by me with a Tamil Diaspora senior TDS:


Tamil Diaspora Member:

This is Israel yet the entire west support it. This is the truth. 



TDS: from DS’ time , the Tamils had been slowly and surely getting  marginalized by the Buddhist Sinhalese leaders: the Jews claimed that they were the chosen race. The Buddhists here declared that Theravada Buddhism in its purest form existed only in Sri Lanka.  9 powers led by India supervised the annihilation of 140,000 to 150,000 men, women & children in the so-called government designated ‘safe zones’.( forget  about the 45,000 odd militants - they fought , they died ) . Similarly almost all the western nations aid and abet the Zionists in the decimation of Palestinian homes & families - forget about the Hamas militants - as they fought for a homeland, they deserved to die!




Gajalakshmi: Thank you for sharing with me also.  This morning I responded as follows to a devotional song:


[Thank you deeply Xxxx. Kurai Onrum Illai is most appropriate  as it is the ‘Voice’ message shared by Indigenous Australians to with wider world.]


The foundation of the song is presented as follows:


Kurai Onrum Illai is one of the few songs written by Indian politician, freedom-fighter and Governor-General of India, Chakravarti Rajagopalachari . According to Gopalkrishna Gandhi (grandson of Rajagopalachari)  the song is a euphemism for the bhakti (devotion) of untouchables (also known as Adi Dravidars or  Harijans or Panchama) Wikipedia


You state:


9 powers led by India supervised the annihilation of 140,000 to 150,000 men, women & children in the so-called government designated ‘safe zones’.( forget  about the 45,000 odd militants - they fought , they died ) .


The militants cannot be and should not be forgotten if we are to prevent future ethnic wars in Sri Lanka and in the countries that we have emigrated to.  All Causal Energies that went into produce the effects need to be taken into account to know the truth at our level. Once we discover the truth, that truth does the rest.


Throupathi  (in the epic Mahabharatam ) asked the elders in the King’s court, ‘Did her husband Dharmar offer her as stake, before or after he lost himself?’ The answer was ‘after’. Then Throupathi declared that she was a sovereign person and not a substance without independent identity.


In the case of militants who were trained by India, there was a Guru-Shishya relationship. Until that debt was settled, the militants were indebted to India. They had no right to make any Eelam declaration as if they were the leaders of the Sri Lankan Tamil community. Hence they ‘lost’ the exponential power of sovereignty.


The Harijans/untouchables, who did their duty as per their work positions became sovereign at their level. Hence the song Kurai Onrum Illai – There is no problem/shortage. One who is sovereign will not be conscious of a problem.  


Due to cultural differences, we live in different circles of Energy. Unless we form common cultures, we do not have jurisdiction to judge those outside our particular circle. In this instance one needs to be bound by belief and/or use global law to find fault with India or any nation including First Nation in Australia.


Sri Lankan Tamils who believe they are sovereign due to time based separation, are Sovereign if they stayed and operated within their own cultural circles. They must not owe any other group. If they did, they become juniors in the wider  common group.


You conclude as follows:


[Similarly almost all the western nations aid and abet the Zionists in the decimation of Palestinian homes & families - forget about the Hamas militants - as they fought for a homeland, they deserved to die!]


So, according to you Tamil militants also deserved to die. The question here is whether in the process they have the right to kill civilians. Many Diaspora Tamils endorse Hamas because they have become juniors in Tamil militant culture, by taking credit for the outcomes produced by the militants. Nothing comes free. One must pay one’s dues in cash or kind to maintain one’s Sovereignty. When I go to Sri Lanka, I live in Thunaivi, an indigenous community in North. There, I share my status gradually with them as well as with the authorities, towards gradual merger. Few in Tamil diaspora appreciate this. The rest comes from within that community as ‘gratitude’, which completes our circle of sovereignty.





Thursday 12 October 2023


12 October 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





 Lal: The voice is not (only) about those who have been unjustly punished. It is also NOT DIVISIVE.


Gajalakshmi: The choice is between Separatism/Divisiveness  and Diversity. With Voice, there is s different structure to the current structure at the fundamental level. Otherwise, there is no need for a referendum.



  Lal: It is about recognising the EXISTING DIFFERENCES between the First Nations Peoples (FNP-Those who were here before European settlement) and migrants (those who came here from the time of European settlement) by particular recognition of the FNP in the Australian Constitution.


Gajalakshmi:  The differences make us diverse. The outer manifestations in looks and conduct, confirm that we travelled through different cultural pathways. If we are made to look the same, it would make us ‘uniform’ and that would be a terrible loss to those who value diversity. That would be today’s version of the ‘Stolen Generation.’


Lal: FNP-Those who were here before European settlement)

Gajalakshmi: Their Sri Lankan parallels are he Veddas.


Lal: and migrants (those who came here from the time of European settlement)

Gajalakshmi: Their Sri Lankan parallels are the Indian Royal family members who were first migrants in Sri Lanka. They were of Buddhist as well as Hindu cultures.

Lal: by particular recognition of the FNP in the Australian Constitution]

Gajalakshmi:  It is the basic human right of every person  to live as per her/his conscience. When we form groups, we need to ensure that we do not interfere with the Sovereignty of another in the group. Hence we need laws. The fundamental laws are written in the Constitution.

The Australian Constitution was written by the first migrants who were British.  A group that makes laws has to believe not only in the law, but in the People for whose benefit the law is being made. Ideally it needs to be on the basis of their experience of the whole group. But where there are differences in cultures within the whole, this would not be possible. Hence in Autocracy there are time-based divisions as juniors and seniors/first arrivals and later arrivals.

But in Democracy, the grouping is place based. Then time based power needs to die at the physical level . This means that only the truth lives past that stage. This is because truth is eternal    and comes  with us as invisible energy.

The requirement of space-based belief in each other is breached when we use time-based beliefs. Recognising ‘FNP in the Australian Constitution’ would take us back to autocracy, which will automatically clash with Democratic parts of the constitution and its requirement of zero advantage on time basis. In other words, the we generate a permanent opposition at fundamental level.

The Sri Lankan parallel of such advantage in the Constitution  is ‘Buddhism foremost’ article in the constitution. It is in breach of Democracy. Since it is NOT belief based, it requires human intervention to monitor ethnic conflicts.

The path of  Democracy leads to Oneness only when no side has advantage at the start. The ‘advisory’ renders an advantage to the FNP.  Its parallel in sports is ‘match-fixing’ to rectify previous mistake. Its Sri Lankan parallel would be Veddas as advisors to Buddhist rulers.

You have quoted me as follows

Lal: "I therefore qualify as a victim due to the same reason as the group referred to as ‘indigenous Australians’ who were unjustly punished by ‘outsiders’. "


Gajalakshmi: This is issue based and confirms zero advantage on time basis. Since I experienced the pain in Australia, due to expectations of Racial Equality I gained deeper intelligence in global laws of democracy


Lal: There is a HUGE difference between the FNP and migrants.’


Gajalakshmi: It’s like blind men describing the elephant as per their own respective experience. That is how we vote in democracy. I have knowledge of FNP pain. But my own pain is the basis on which I receive that knowledge. The PM ‘sees’ the full elephant. Unless he himself experienced discrimination pain and/or felt the pain of another as his, it is mere knowledge, which needs intellectual balance to be applied on equal footing. The requirement in criminal cases is ‘beyond reasonable doubt’. Belief based judgment is without doubt. ‘Reasonable is the margin of error allowed for the ‘gap’ between belief and balanced knowledge.


Lal: The FNP were here first.  ALL OTHERS came to this land without an invitation nor permission of the FNP who owned this land till then. The FNP did not force these others to remain here against their will.

 Is this not true?

It is true that FNP were here first.  But it is also true that structured  and regulated immigration and its support systems were implemented by first migrants. Former is de facto and latter is marriage by law.

Lal:  Migrants from countries colonised by more powerful people should be able to appreciate the views of the FNP in this regard.

Gajalakshmi: I am from such a country – Sri Lanka. I deeply value the laws of Sri Lanka that were inherited by us. Much of the above is based on their global wisdom. Some find fault and others admire the positives. I am in the latter group. Many members of the Sri Lankan judiciary follow the local pathways and at group level they take the law at knowledge level. This is why at the higher courts one needs ptoficiency in English. Again, thank you

Lal: Thank you, Gajalakshmi.

Democracy is far from perfect as it can ignore minorities completely and if one is in such a minority all the laws based on democracy would not look fair at all!


Gajalakshmi: Thank you Lal.  Opposition at Equal level is the pathway through which minorities maintain our Sovereignty . Without this ‘equal opposition’ Democracy cannot live. It therefore slips into Autocracy. This happened in Sri Lanka until 2022.


Lal: True, Gajalakshmi. But 'equal opposition' is so difficult to achieve without the support of numbers.

Sound persuasive arguments may be the only path to any success. But an understanding, compassionate hearing is also essential for success. Lal