Thursday 12 May 2022



I competed my article headed ‘THE JUNGLE LEADER IS ACTIVE AGAIN!’ with the following conclusion:

None in Opposition qualify to take the position of PM – with or without Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa stepping down.


Later,  I responded  to Mr Thanga - a Tamil Diaspora leader  who responded to my article ‘MARCOS & RAJAPAKSA’: (My responses are in red)

Thank you Thanga for your response. You state:

[Your intellectual arrogance and stupidity have no limits.]

As per my elementary logic the mind that recognises my intellect will not recognize  ‘stupidity’ in that mind of mine! If I am one then you are the other!

You ask

[Who said calling for the resignation of the President is not the job of the opposition/Sumanthiran. ]

That is elementary Thanga! When members of Parliament are elected – it is taken to be on the basis of common belief – given shape as per the declared policies of the elected person. The job requirement of that person is defined by those policies and are developed on ongoing basis as per that common belief.

Likewise, in Parliament Each member has the authority to pool her/his belief through Due Processes to the making of laws. At that level – the vote is NOT for the person but for the issue. Hence motions are submitted through already existing laws – from which Parliamentary rules flow. The are the Codes of conduct that every Parliamentarian has the DUTY to follow. Sumanthiran knows this. Hence he must know also that he lacks the authority of the Parliament to give an Administrative Order such as Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa ought to be arrested! As a citizen he could have complained to the Police but not make a declaration while in Parliamentary position. That is an abuse of power.

You state:

[Not only Sumanthiran but others like former President Mythripala Srisena, the Bar Council, and even the Attorney General had asked the police to file an indictment against those who incited the violence, including the Police that colluded with the goons.]

As per my knowledge – Mr Sirisena lost all credibility as Law abiding person after he caused the Constitutional crisis in 2018. As for the Bar Council – majority lawyers – who opposed me in Court deviated seriously from Due Processes of the Court Administration. Northern Courts are worse than Colombo Courts in this regard. But the Bar Council does not respond to my complaints against its members.

As for the Attorney General I have no knowledge of him having called for the arrest of Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa. You yourself state:

[the Attorney General had asked the police to file an indictment against those who incited the violence, including the Police that colluded with the goons]

To so arrest, the Police need ‘evidence’. This is not the declarations of belief by other Parliamentarians. It could be Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Affidavit in confession. Others have the authority to provide  Affidavit evidence only to confirm what they witnessed or as per expertise in that subject matter – which is not applicable in this case.




Then I read the report headedPresident contacts Sarath Fonseka on premiership at

I burst out laughing. Whoever thought of this is indeed very clever. As Prime Minister – Mr Fonseka would be responsible for Government actions! This would require him to NOT use armed officers to curb the protestors who would include those who set fire to properties of Parliamentarians! That could cost the Opposition votes at the next elections! Very clever move Mr President!


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