Wednesday 11 May 2022




Most  in my circle of belief, accept that Time and Space are agents of change. Astrology confirms that those whose ‘time’ is structured in similar manner have similar experiences. Anniversaries are towards going into virtual realities to have the ‘common’ experience.

Yesterday, when I heard on Channel 9 news – that Marcos Jnr was leading in the Philippines Presidential elections, I said that means Namal also will come back. Then this morning I read the report that ‘Parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa says his father former Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa will not flee the country.’

I was upset with the ‘crowd’ that set fire to the homes of Rajapaksa family. When Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa resigned, he lost his direct power to influence the Police. By setting fire to his family’s  ‘homes’ – the crowd were attacking an unarmed person.

Yesterday, I quoted a medical expert as follows:

[Violence in Ceylon

This from verses 137 to 140 of Dhammapada.
This is in response to Rajapaksa Mob Violence.
One who uses violence against those who are unarmed and offends those who are inoffensive will soon come upon one of the ten states.]

In this instance, the unarmed were the Rajapaksas.  Those who would suffer are the ones who set fire.

Mr Sumanthiran for his part stated words to the effect ‘We have called for the arrest of Mahinda Rajapaksa’. This kind of ‘thinking’ happens when Due Processes are abandoned. As per my understanding, it is NOT the role of the Opposition in Parliament to ‘call for an arrest’ as if they were in government. Shame on Mr Sumanthiran and TNA. It is the parallel of capturing ‘lands that seem to have been abandoned’.  To arrest – belief alone is NOT ENOUGH. In politics belief of majority is taken as ‘right’ But in Administration of Justice – one needs ‘evidence’. Very disappointing performance by Mr Sumanthiran.


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