Tuesday 3 May 2022




ET: It is useless arguing with you. You are one of those who claim that  the hare  you caught has only 3 legs.

ST: That which you consider to be stubborn, is determination to me. On 16 July 2015, you wrote to me ;

ET: [That was a supreme betrayal of the interests of Thamils which GGP vowed to defend. He  did not offer any apology for his selfish and short-sighted politics. He attacked the federal demand by the ITAK and till the end insisted on a unitary constitution.

> And now you have the gall to call him "a highly intelligent politician of our times." This is a supreme insult.   Of all our past leaders, GGP was a  real traitor to the Thamil people.

> It all so reveals your lopsided understanding of Thamil political history.]


ST: The way I interpreted the Hon GG Ponnambalam’s proposal was based on our common intelligence. I was not even born then. (1939).But through my own battles to confirm my sovereignty – I accessed the logic of this great brain that then fought for Equal status for minorities.  By referring to him as a ‘traitor’ you are confirming that you are an heir of the LTTE who were quick to ‘eliminate’ Opposition – so they could be kings.


They killed ITAK politicians who were heirs of SJV also but not only SJV. GGP was clever and wanted share in the whole. Federalism in Sri Lanka would have separated us and limited us to Army rule under LTTE. I realised this through my experiences in Northern Sri Lanka, where even the Courts have disconnected with Theawalamai principles which confirmed to me disconnection with our ancestors.


All those who seek ‘privacy’ in Public Affairs lack commitment to Democracy. They need to either stay away from Public manifestations that surface through Democracy or find their own private places where their leaders do the work for them.


I do not know about you – but I believe in the system of karma. This system works not on the basis of what happened – but the truth within.


As a Hindu I resort to the Mango competition between Pillayar & Murugan. Pillayar took the short route and stayed at ‘home’. Murugan took the global route and completed the journey from zero inheritance. Hence I conclude that you have stayed ‘at home’ while I have followed in the footsteps of Murugan. You seek ‘privacy’ and I seek ‘transparency’. Back in July 2015, you wrote to me:


ET: [It looks though your god Murugan is biased. He answered your prayers but not the wallowing of thousands who died at Mullivaikkal]


ST: If they followed SJV and thought they were getting Federalism through democracy – imagine their plight under army rule by their own children!  This way – when they died – by opposing the army they would have wiped off their contribution to separatism and ‘home-rule’. They would instead be juniors of GGP’s heirs (not necessarily biological) and share Energies with other communities in Sri Lanka. This has been confirmed by the manifestations during the protests where the global minded Sri Lankan youth were open to all participants and some even sang the National Anthem in Tamil. That is the victory of GGP’s policy.



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