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Most  Sri Lankans believe in the system of karma. To my mind, if we keep a still mind, our karma invokes itself. Hence we meditate. The blessing with Karma is that when we go into the experience in ‘virtual-reality’ mode, we own the ‘issue’. When we experience both sides of the effects at the same time, we do not experience pleasure or pain. If indeed we enjoyed unearned pleasures then we would experience its other side as ‘pain’.  The return to power by Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe is an example of karma works even when we are a minority of one – especially when we are a minority of one.

The DailyFT report headed ‘Record-setter Ranil returns’ includes the following:

[This is the sixth time the 73-year-old UNP leader has been sworn in as Prime Minister, the first being in 1993. He is also the 26th Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.

His appointment was opposed by prominent members of the clergy as well as those in opposition who alleged Wickremesinghe does not represent the aspirations of the people. However, Wickremesinghe countered his critics and opponents. 

“(British Prime Minister Winston) Churchill had only four members with him back in 1939.How did he become Prime Minister? Because there was a crisis. I have done the same,” Wickremesinghe said when the media asked him about the legitimacy of him taking up the post with a single seat in parliament……..

Wickremesinghe also took a dig at the main opposition Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) in his remarks. “If I could do this with one seat, if I had 50 members, I would have shaken the Government. I have come here, and I will do the job and show. What can I do if the SJB has 50 seats in parliament and can’t take power?” Wickremesinghe queried.

This is a lesson for minorities who seek separation. SJB lacked the karmic power that Mr Wickremesinghe has accumulated – especially through his defeats. His karma kept him in Prime Ministerial position one way or the other. They were indicators that  he would be a failure in the position of Executive Presidency. After 2005 he himself seems to have ‘pooled’ his investments in that Executive Presidency position into the ‘Common Candidate’. Hence the Common Prime Minister position was ‘waiting’ for Mr Wickremesinghe.

Mr Sajith Premadasa on the other hand contested against Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa for the position of President by overriding Mr Wickremesinghe. In the Parliamentary elections in 2020, he became leader of the Opposition. But in substance it was Mr Wickremesinghe who had the ‘intelligence’ – the intuitive intelligence that I often refer to.

I realised the way this ‘intelligence’ develops through my own pain when I was repeatedly failed by others. Whenever I thought I could take no more and was ready to separate or retire – some manifestation happened to help me stay and fulfill the need of that moment. It’s like the intelligence service which does not get open status. The less we ‘show’ the deeper our ‘intelligence’ for the same level of work.

Hence Mr Wickremesinghe  will win only when he is a power of One and not when he has majority power. That is the way of true Governing Power which spreads itself exponentially.


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