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We use measures to ‘judge’. When it is a balanced measure – the judgment would be ‘just’. Where we use desire – the judgement would be unjust and eventually the other side  would catch up with us. When Truth is our measure our judgements would be just.

It was through that truth that I kept stating that I did not recognize the Sri Lankan protestors to be the representatives of those who were experiencing difficulties at the grassroots level. The indicators were the ‘celebrations’ at Galle Face. As per my intuition, I kept stating that we would bounce back to levels parallel to 1978 under the government headed by President J R Jayawardene.

Then came the divine confirmation  through a global minded Sri Lankan who directed us to


My attention was drawn to this kind of manipulation during the time this government was contemplating ban on cow slaughter in Sri Lanka. Recently, Mr Panapitiya spoke of Buddhism being used as soft-power in politics. In this instance I concluded that ban on cow slaughter  was also butchering of economic power of Muslims in Sri Lanka. Mr Bhadrakumar – who is connected to the Global Diplomatic mind, revealed this on 18 September 2020 – through . his article headed ‘India’s Quad Dilemma in Sri Lanka’ in which was included the following :

[ The point is, the US expects Colombo to finalise a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) with the US, the handing over of Colombo Port’s Eastern Terminal to India, and a $US480 million grant agreement with the Millennium Challenge Corporation (an instrument of US foreign policy.) Washington is insisting on an immediate response so that US-Sri Lanka defence cooperation can be integrated into the Quad strategies in the Indian Ocean region. ………………….

Rajapaksa may now add a diplomatic dimension to it as well.  The powers that be who rule the roost in Delhi would have received the news from across the Palk Strait with ecstatic joy and fraternal feelings of kinship. Between the cow and the Quad, their preference is a foregone conclusion.]

That was Hindu softpower.

For her part Dr Darini Rajasingham-Senanayake confirms this relationship as follows:

[ Geopolitics of Sri Lanka’s permanent crisis: A Staged Default and the Dollar Weaponized

The IMF was gracious in Washington and commended Sri Lanka’s brand new Finance Minister, Ali Sabry, who was previously Minister for Lawfare, for his dash to Washington for a “bailout” and for the steps it has taken to stabilize the economy. Sri Lanka was urged to apply for Rapid Financing Instrument (RFI) having delayed debt restructuring for two years. Meanwhile, Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman who was also in DC for the Spring Meetings, made representations on behalf of her dear debt-trapped southern neighbor.  India is a US Quadrilateral Group (QUAD), partner in America’s confrontation with China in the “Free and Open Indo Pacific”.]

To my mind, the legitimacy of Dr Darini Rajasingham-Senanayake is confirmed through the following in her article – ‘ Visiting Kannatta: No Covid-19 Emergency But A National Policy Disaster’:


[Since in recent times PCR testing has been increased and there are more people being tested for Covid-19 with PCR tests in Sri Lanka there are more patients testing positive. However, PCR tests recommended by WHO to identify Covid-19 patients deliver a high number of false positives and hence any ascription of positive results to a COVID-19 diagnosis requires the occurrence of clinical symptoms and further evaluation and confirmation by physicians, including the appraisal of distinct laboratory parameters.]


Given my own experience in Sri Lanka in February 2022, I fully identify with the above findings regarding the Sri Lankan system which in my case was exploited by Galadari , Mount Lavinia & Wonder Colombo hotels   and by Singapore Airlines.

The Demonstrators at Galle Face seem to be subconsciously or consciously connected to the USA. There are reports that the passport queues are getting longer.  Did the leaders with Dual Citizenship influence this? Dr Darini Rajasingham-Senanayake indicates as follows:

[Back in 2020 during Covid-19 lockdowns the law of the land was changed to enable Basil Rajapakse, s high-school dropout, known as Mr. 10 percent for seeking commissions and corrupt deals, to enter parliament and head the Covid-19 Task Force that directed 2 years of militarized Covid Lockdowns and excessive purchases of Pfizer injections. Basil was supposed to lead the GoSL delegation to the IMF, but had become a liability as questions are asked about the external actors behind Sri Lanka’s STAGED DEFALUT>]

The value to me from this is that my logic is balanced in this regard. This means I have the power to naturally influence fellow Sri Lankans to the extent they are believers in Sri Lanka for better or for worse. That is a deep value protecting Sri Lanka’s Sovereignty. The lesson learnt is that those who hold dual-citizenships ought to not hold political positions even if the law allows it. 


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