Tuesday 12 April 2022



The Australian ABC reports as follows:

Inside Sri Lanka's worst economic crisis, people are dying in line for fuel - https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-04-12/inside-sri-lankas-worst-economic-crisis-in-history/100975192

At the global level – ABC reported:

Shanghai wrestles with food shortages under virus shutdown:

BEIJING -- Residents of Shanghai are struggling to get meat, rice and other food supplies under anti-coronavirus controls that confine most of its 25 million people in their homes, fueling frustration as the government tries to contain a spreading outbreak.

People in China's business capital complain online grocers often are sold out. Some received government food packages of meat and vegetables for a few days. But with no word on when they will be allowed out, anxiety is rising.


I have continuously shared my belief that unpaid debt becomes a sin. Sin is beyond our direct control  - as the pandemic has confirmed.

A wise medical professional of global standards wrote:

[I wonder what terrible karmic consequences the NWO will reap? Perhaps be reborn as animals! They have no place among decent conscientious human beings.]

I responded as follows:

[I believe that each one of us would know the parallel in our own sovereign unit. When we recognise them and discipline them and discipline them or separate from them – without expecting return benefits – we contribute to the global power. The parallel of NWO is the  Rajapaksa government in Sri Lanka. If Tamils had disciplined them instead of seeking revenge – Sri Lanka would not be going through this economic challenge today. Stated in another way – if someone fails to discipline or separate from such forces – the globe will have an economic pandemic. This Energy sharing has been confirmed in terms of food shortages – in China.]

The soul is Eternal. Hence we hold memorial services for the departed. When someone dies due to external pressures those who caused the pressure would be allocated their share of the suffering. Locking down to ‘show’ good outcomes would carry the risk of eternalising suppression. The suffering that caused or contributed to the pain suffered by the person/group becomes ‘internalized’ when death happens. Hence one may use arms to defend but not to attack.

In Sri Lanka’s case – the ethnic war on the side of Tamils also went beyond defending. But in the case of Covid – Tamils did not oppose the government. Hence the Truth of Sinhalese only – manifested itself. The picture confirms that the ‘debt’ from China has become a sin that would not let the system of democracy work in today’s Sri Lanka. We have thus been ‘converted’ to Communism foremost which has defeated ‘Buddhism foremost’.

The true power of Sri Lankan Buddhists would work to Oppose Communism especially within the Parliament. The strength of the individual’s commitment to the law is weighted by the position’s height.  As per the current manifestations the leaders on both sides of politics contributed to long-term influence of Communism in Sri Lanka. If the LTTE had not been defeated – Tamils also would have contributed to this ‘conversion’. It usually happens through ‘handouts’.


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