Tuesday 19 April 2022



As an Accounting student in Sri Lanka, I learnt about the importance of ‘consistency’ in applying common principles. Hence when I read the following, there was friction within my mind, which rejected the said action by the People – as being inconsistent:

Sri Lankan protesters demand justice for 2019 Easter bombings

[Sri Lankans protesting for days near the president’s office have criticised a lack of progress in finding those responsible for the deaths of more than 260 people in Easter Sunday bombings three years ago, piling pressure on the government already embroiled in a deep economic crisis.] Aljazeera


Ten years before the Easter Bombings was the war against Tamil rebels and their supporters. To my mind, the suffering of the civilian victims in that last battle was much deeper than the victims of Easter Bombings. In that battle – the Armed Forces that failed to follow the Sri Lankan law, were effectively armed rebels. This government was directly responsible for the suffering of civilians.  Yet there was no protest by majority community that carries the voting power.If they did not think that the pain of Tamils was deep enough to protest – then similar action by the Muslim community against the Christian community was also covered by that philosophy. As a junior said to me recently – one who is being found fault with must know why s/he is being found fault with. When using Administrative pathway – the same rule needs to be applied to the punisher as well as the one being punished. The former is self discipline.

Those who failed to protest in 2009 or 2019, lack the power to transform. They are merely jumping on the bandwagon.

Our conscience is our common and consistent measure that invokes the Universal power of Truth

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