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 This week’s Face the nation program carried the title  -

‘Protests loom ; What should be done next? 04.04.2022’ – at Face the Nation TV1: Protests loom ; What should be done next? 04.04.2022 - YouTube


I was particularly interested in that episode due to the participation of Dr Deepika Udagama who is introduced as follows by Wikipedia:

[Dr. Deepika Udagama is a Sri Lankan professor, academic administrator, human rights activist and also served as the Head of the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka. ]

I myself met Dr Udagama through the Sri Lanka Reconciliation forum, Sydney. Back then it was the war issue. Now it is the Protest issue. When I was facilitate to address the forum, on war issue – I revealed the connection between caste based discrimination and the LTTE led rebellion. For the session honouring Dr Udagama, Attorneys General of both ethnicities were present. It was a natural meeting of legal professionals.

At the Face the nation program mentioned above, the presenter - Shameer Rasooldeen, questioned  Dr Udagama about the lack of protest by the Human Rights Commission in terms of the ban against the hijab. Dr Udagama explained that they opposed the ban culturally but there was also the security issue. Rasooldeen went on to state that soon due to Covid all had to wear masks! That to me was a natural protest against the ban.

My approach is expressed as follows in my current book:

[Covid 19 challenged most governments that took pride in recognizing themselves as world leaders. There was the medical logic and there were the civil order rules of various governments and institutions. Given that medical experts did not have the scientific wisdom, their powers had to be shared with governments.  The two were structured differently and the citizen was left to find her/his own balance between the two. The need was separation of powers between the two independent arms of government in the issue. I trusted the local medical services to guide me in terms of how dangerous the virus was. Given that most doctors in our clinic, continued to ‘work’ I felt that so long as we also took the precautions they were apparently taking to protect themselves, we could continue to work in groups. In terms of government rules, I followed them as if I was the government. By this time I had already discovered the Truth about our government and hence used that Truth as my leader rather than take the rules of the government at face value. To me, this meant that our minds were structured similar to that of the government but our spirit applied also to those whose needs the government had not included, but we had. That awareness develops when we Our investments through both would naturally merge to the extent we maintain our Sovereignty. ]


This discovery by me helped me read the mind-structure of Dr Udagama in relation to the hijab ban The answer was expressed by Dr Udagama herself . The lady was the only one in that group to wear the ‘protective shield’ against Covid infection. This gave one the impression that the lady was blindly following the group – possibly the University – without any adjustment as per her personal experience.

Therein lies the key to our current crisis. During the reign of Omicron, when the street sweepers were wearing the mask under the chin – Dr Udagama was in Alpha mode. Likewise, in terms of racial issues – many leaders seem to go back to the times they identify most with.


Today, a professional wrote in relation to the current Sri Lankan crisis:

[The Rajapaksha family is a political family.  The father D.A. Rajapaksha was co-founder of the SLFP.  I guess when children take to politics it is like ducks taking to water. A doctor's children become doctors and so on. Lawyers children become lawyers etc. It so happens that the Rajapaksha siblings are politically oriented.]

I responded as follows:

[This is the positive of the caste system. But this fails when we take ‘benefits’ at lower levels. The Rajapaksa family are also Farmers – the highest rank in the caste hierarchy. When I was in Sri Lanka early this year – I heard the President passionately declaring that he was ‘Goviya/farmer’ This then confirms caste consciousness. As per Academic analyses – it was his sudden changeover to ban chemical fertilizers that brought about the economic problem. The farmer-army partnership ends up in disaster. This happened to the folks in Kilinochchi also. When they submitted to LTTE, they lost the blessings of farmers. I now realise the significance of a dream I had in 2006 about which I wrote in my book as follows:

[As highlighted above,  I had the vision of  Sri Shridi Baba when I felt thoroughly dejected by the verdict delivered by Justice Sully of the Supreme Court of New South Wales.  In the dream, I was going to a place where my friend Rani Sritharan was with many women.  While I was talking to them – I noticed a Tamil child with a huge black Pottu – being chastised by a White person.  I quietly asked the child whether she had erred? The child looked blankly back at me.  Then I looked out the widow and there I saw ‘farmers’ talking in Tamil.  With them stood Sri Shridi Baba.  Sri Shridi Baba did not open His mouth to speak. He just kept looking at me – and in my mind I heard the message ‘Help Muslims and Tamils’. ] – chapter 27 – Naan Australian


I did then write to the Auditor General – Mr Philip Ruddock regarding the LTTE suspects in custody. Mr Ruddock usually responded to my communications and when the suspects were released – I felt that I also had contributed to that outcome. But the significance of ‘farmers’ hit home only today. To me in essence their problem is also caste – mutated as ‘race’. This was confirmed by your relative in law as follows

[Only A ‘Sinhala-Buddhist-Govigama’ Candidate Can Win The Presidential Election: Vasu]


It explains also why you would ‘class’ Sajith below Gota. Truth always prevails]

In Democracy one needs to facilitate direct ‘opposition’ in order to complete the picture. This prevents frivolous opposition influenced by outsiders. Only the belief of those who are self-governing and are part of grassroots can bring about lasting solution to our Sri Lankan problem.



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