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My Spiritual Guru lead me to realise that there were three ‘I’s:

    (1) Who others think I am

    (2) Who I think I am

    (3) Who I really am

Travelling from (1)to three is our journey of life. As per my understanding, Christians recognise the tertiary stage as the Ultimate Reality; In Buddhists as Nirvana and Hindus as Prapanja/Universal Energy. In terms of a a family, institution or nation they are:


(1) Its economic wealth

(2) Its Human Resources

(3) Its Sovereignty

Many have expressed the view that President Gotabaya Rajapaksa erred in banning Chemical Fertilizers. The President himself admitted that he had made a mistake. But I am yet to read anything that connects this to the effects as shown by young Sri Lankans and currently being witnessed by the world. Each group would interpret the visible picture as per their own desires and/or needs.


The Guardian for example presents the problem through Economic measures:

[After Sri Lanka emerged from decades of bloody civil war, it looked as if it would become one of Asia’s success stories, with growing industries and a burgeoning middle class. But today its rupee is the world’s worst performing currency, amid a crippling economic catastrophe compounded, in part, by the war in Ukraine.] Sri Lanka’s humanitarian crisis could be the start of a political upheaval

The question is Did we Emerge from the civil war and if yes ‘How did the nation emerge from the bloody civil war?’

The Guardian indicates its reasoning as follows:

[Three decades of ethnic conflict, which took the lives of 100,000 people, ended brutally with the defeat of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in 2009, and chances of peace, reconciliation and equitable development vanished quickly afterwards. The victorious Rajapaksa dynasty, which rode a wave of ethno-nationalism in southern Sri Lanka, deepened the country’s ethnic divide, militarised the Tamil-dominated north and east, and took disastrous financial decisions.]

The pain of families of civilians killed during this war carries exponential power of Sovereignty – which often surfaces  as resilience. To the extent they were Farmers their loss became the loss of all farmers in Sri Lanka. Work related benefit or cost is relative in terms of power. Sacrifice of earned benefits is exponential in terms of power. Hence both sides to the armed war in 2009 – contributed to this empowerment of Farmers’ group.

In addition – there is the theory of rebirth that majority Sri Lankans believe in. As per that philosophy, we take only the spirit of our good and bad / virtues and sins, into our next birth. It is also shared with those who contributed to that Energy. This is why we have memorial services – as we Australians did yesterday through ANZAC day celebrations. We the beneficiaries of their services owe it to them.

This government as well as the LTTE supporters would eternalise war power. Those of us who take responsibility for sending them to war eternalise governance power. In Sri Lanka the governance power of the Farmer is stronger than that of military power.

Any loan money – for example from China, that was used against farmers – directly or indirectly, would by its very purpose dilute the governance power of the borrower.

As for the leading Tamil Political party, its lack of sovereignty is confirmed as follows by Daily Mirror through its report headed ‘TNA not to support NCM, demand President to step down first’:

[TNA MP MA Sumanthiran said they could not support the no confidence motion against the government unless it is certain what would happen after winning the no-confidence motion.

He told the Daily Mirror that their primary demand was the President to step down first as most of the people were calling for it.

"It is the President who was totally responsible for the present crisis situation. He should step down first," he said.


Mr. Sumanthiran said after winning the no-confidence motion, it would only be yet another cabinet reshuffle without any expected changes.]

Mr Sumanthiran is himself a lawyer and is expected to use the powers of the Constitution as was the case in 2018, during the Constitutional Crisis, strongly influenced by the Rajapaksa clan. The power of the global consciousness of the Judiciary merged with that of the Tamils in Opposition to prevent that catastrophe.

Article 38 of the  Constitution of Sri Lanka defines the Due Process through which a President could be unseated. I feel that President Jayawardene introduced the Executive Presidency through which Sri Lankans motivated by Economic prosperity connected to others using the Presidential system. This, I feel, contributed strongly to UN’s involvement through the Resolution led by the American system. This has strongly contributed to restoration of the dignity of Sri Lankan Tamils at government level. In turn – this contributes to the dignity of Sri Lankans.

Without Executive Presidency we would have become a Chinese Colony due too Communist structure and President Jayawardene prevented this. The above proposal requiring the President to step down, confirms lack of intuitive intelligence in law.


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