Monday 18 April 2022



The value of social media is that we do not need to prove ourselves. To the extent we share on the basis of belief, the value spreads itself.  Each one would translate in their own way,  as per their need.

The question needs to be asked in relation current protestors in Sri Lanka, as to whether their demands are belief based. As per ‘the Morning’:

[The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) sent its officers to monitor the ongoing “Go Home Gota” protests underway at Galle Face Green over the weekend to ensure that peace is maintained in the area.

“Our officers were at Galle Face Green on both Saturday (16) and Sunday (17). We want to continuously monitor it to ensure that the protests are conducted peacefully,” a senior HRCSL official told The Morning yesterday.]

Is it the duty of the Human Rights Commission to monitor such protests? If yes, why did they not monitor protests in Northern Sri Lanka – by the relatives of those who disappeared during the height of the war?

In this current situation we are yet to witness violence suffered by either side. In fact many protestors have been observed ‘dancing and singing’ – as if they were celebrating. This happened in Colombo after LTTE leader was declared to have been killed in combat. I was in Colombo at that time and felt very upset by such insensitive  show – especially in Wellawatte – which is a predominantly Tamil suburb.

Protestors have the responsibility to ‘show’ their pain – based on which they claim to be protesting. It may be direct pain or group pain of a group bound by common belief. This morning, I shared as follows with a medical group discussing the issue under headlines ‘U.S. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE AWARDED A CONTRACT FOR ‘COVID-19 RESEARCH’ IN UKRAINE 3 MONTHS BEFORE COVID WAS KNOWN TO EVEN EXIST’:

[Genuine owners have intuition. Indicators are inner expressions of our intuition  - as individuals and / or as a group. One who truly cares would have the courage to share  the indicators with others. They are like declarations of land rights which are protected by prescriptive rights. The mainstream media fails often due to weak intuition.


I intuitively connected to the abuse of Research funding at the University of NSW. In July 1998, I raised the issue of National Health & Medical Research Centre  -NH&MRC-Grants as follows – at a  meeting with Research Office:

[At the moment we transfer amounts over and above the NH&MRC approved scales to Materials when we report to NH&MRC. Can we not report exactly as it is recorded in the Ledger. (This is how it all  started – with me wanting to reflect a true and fair view and them wanting to continue with their habits – for better or for worse). As for Leave Loading and Contributory Superannuation can we not do this only for the purpose of the Invoice / Claim – based on Approved Salaries, as long as the amount claimed is not more than the amount paid? (This was my way of progressing towards Accrual Accounting so that the University did not lose due to its attachment to Cash Accounting. Under Cash Accounting,  leave payments would be recouped from NH&MRC only if the staff took leave during the period of the project. This in essence meant that the University was picking up the liability even though the NH&MRC was getting the credit for employing the staff.)]

Back then I was new to UNSW. But my professional ethics were of high standards. I was given a hard time for revealing my intuition. Later I contributed to Liverpool Clinical School to restructure their Accounting system. I resigned later that year but continued to share my insight as I do now with Sri Lankan matters. A couple of years later I learnt that migrant staff of the Liverpool school had gone to ABC which accused Professor Hall of that school of Scientific Fraud. Had they recognised my work and moved to Democratic system of Accounting and Reporting – they would have saved the demotion at Public level.

I see a similar pattern with USA in terms of Covid. This would adversely affect Australia also]

The Human Rights Commission needs to have ‘intuition’ to pick the risk from either side. Those who are committed to the ethics of their respective positions would have intuition. Mere intellectual derivation that the government erred at the Financial level, is invalid to oust a democratically elected President. We keep getting it wrong again and again






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