Thursday 14 April 2022



Today I received, in response to my yesterday’s article a ‘separate’ response under a  different heading to mine. The response from a Sri Lankan Engineer was headed :

Out of Box idea to address the current issues being faced by Sri Lanka

 The response was introduced as follows:

[According to Buddhism, solution for any issue should be to address the Cause of any problem rather than addressing Effect. Cause of the present crisis being faced by Sri Lanka is its dependency on foreign resources.]

My response to the Engineer - went as follows:

‘Today I received the following from a Canadian Tamil the following message about Tamil leader SJV Chelvanayakam.

[in early 1976, before he passed away , he had stated, when told that JR was likely to sweep the polls to be held later ‘that will be the end of the Tamils’ - quote by his third son ]

I responded as follows to the Canadian:

[JR pioneered the globalization of Sri Lankan minds. In fact it was in 1977 that Tamils became leading Opposition  in National Parliament, That is the highest position Tamils could get to as an independent community – as declared through Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976 when SJV was alive.  The son seems to have gotten it wrong. If not for JR the Tamil Diaspora would not be active at the higher level.]

I contined to respond to the Engineer as follows:

Majority in this forum are Engineers living in nations that are consciousness that they are global. As a mark of respect you need to use the current global language. In the alternative you may use ancient methods with the locals in your village. The Rajapaksas made mistake of mixing the two – i.e. – going to global powers to defeat local rebellion. Once they had ‘victory’ they separated themselves as if they did it by themselves. Hence that global power is teaching them a lesson. That is recognized as Karma. As for cause and effect – both have invisible forces. If we are affected more personally than others – we intuitively know the causes. Hence the current agitation in South.’

There was also a request to a ‘family group ’ effectively to donate money to help Northerners. I responded to it as follows:

[As a Chartered Accountant I find this to be in breach of due Accounting Processes. What prevents you from opening an account in the name of ‘xxxx – Unregistered Trust?’ Is it a slush fund used for unofficial actions?


I have ‘Australian Tamil Management Service’ as the official name of my ‘service’ work. The Accounts are maintained by me and they are audited every year by Colombo auditors. All ‘personal’ contributions are accounted for through ‘Director’s Account’ and not as ‘Donations’.  Since we do not make a profit – I did from time to time think of closing the company  down. But something within me prevented it. Later I realized that – by maintaining it – I was/am honouring our ancestors from whom we inherited those due processes. In return – my ‘intelligence’ in Project proposals’ has become stronger.

In yesterday’s article, I highlighted ‘At Administrative level – the Parliament managing Finances is NOT the solution. To do so is in breach of the doctrine of Separation of Powers – between belief based governance and merit based Administration.’

Had you asked me – I would have structured a system with ‘xxxx’ being a ‘project’ within the Program -‘Aaaaaaaaa’. I call it a program because trust is invisible in terms of cause and effect. Help  is visible and need not be belief only based. The former is the parallel of Subjective evidence by an expert in a court of law. The latter is the parallel of documentary evidence which needs to stand on its own rights and therefore without any subjective influence.

Since you have chosen to respond under the subject heading ‘St.Augustine and the original sin’  - I give its Accounting parallel.

The challenge for St Augustine was in terms of maintaining his celibacy. The parallel of that in Accounting is single entry Accounting – often referred to as Cash Accounting.

As opposed to celibacy – marriage and other relationships based on sexual pleasures are like double entry book keeping. They have to be balanced at both sides. In other words every pleasure by one side must show pain on the other side – ie in the ledger. In a law court it is independent evidence that confirms cause at the same level as effect. Using Adam and Eve – a celibate  would get into difficulty due to incomplete record keeping.  A celibate who trusts in his Father would know that both are in him – one as a Mother spirit and Father as visible position.  In Catholic philosophy – Mother is visible and Father is Sprit. We have Arthanaatheeswarar depicting the male and female in One body.

In terms of that example of a man asking for help on the claim  –‘ The conditions among our people  here in the North  are getting bad daily.’  – please send me his details for assessment. I would then use my single entry method – using my ownership in Jaffna and train him to catch fish. Our heritage confirms our ability to be self-sufficient. We reject handouts. As per my assessment you are lacking in this and hence would get cheated. The reason is lack of ownership in Jaffna. Please take this as One person’s protest against your current proposal. It is more powerful than the Southern Protests


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