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In my culture of origin, the position of a person is far more important than the individual currently occupying the position. As per my culture, we invoke the blessings of all those who developed that position/space for us to live in. That is the reason for institutional structures and positions that such structures are made of.  When we invoke their blessings, and keep in mind that they are our leaders – we automatically submit the outcomes of our work to them. Whether the current outcomes are positive or negative, they would not affect us as individuals.

In democracy, the structure is developed lateral partners of Equal status. Hence we need to start from zero base/level playing field/Equal Opportunity. Our ancestral powers would then become our spirit within.

 Yesterday I realised that the Tamil community leadership had deteriorated to the same extent as the Sinhalese government which according to News 1st report ‘Private Jets & UL Cargo flights linked to Uganda – What’s going on?’ was taking the PM  on Private jet – to Thirupathi and not to Buddha Gaya / Bodh Gaya – as was his duty in terms of article 3 of the Sri Lankan constitution. As per my discovery – the system of truth would invoke this clause to reveal the true powers of one who is true to her/himself as per Sri Lankan structure.

I have often highlighted the imbalance that this article brings to the whole constitution. Whoever included this article in the constitution avoided it being included in the  section above ‘Fundamental Rights’ . No government has sought to correct the ‘inequality’ of ‘foremost’ which is relative and not absolute. Sovereign power is absolute and hence spreads itself.

By actively opposing it – as if I was the leading Opposition – I developed active opposition spirit which would spread itself exponentially so long as I believe myself to be Sri Lankan.

Likewise, Jaffna Tamil who is the natural religious opposition in article 3. On that basis I expressed opposition to former Chief Minister of Sri Lanka’s Northern Province expressly seeking donations from his family group . Details are in Appendix .

In that instance I upheld Krisha in me who promised:

paritrāāya sādhūnā vināśhāya cha duhkitām
dharma-sansthāpanārthāya sambhavāmi yuge yuge

To protect the righteous, to annihilate the wicked, and to re-establish the principles of dharma I appear on this earth, age after age.


As per the News 1st article – the Sri Lankan PM went to Thirupathi and not to Bodh Gaya. According to Wikipedia:

Great Buddha (Bodh Gaya)


The Great Buddha statue is one of the popular stops on the Buddhist pilgrimage and tourist routes in Bodh GayaBihar (India). The statue is 19.5 m (64 ft) high representing the Buddha seated in a meditation pose, or dhyana mudra, on a lotus in the open air. The total height of the construction is 80 ft (24 m) of which the Buddha makes up 64 ft (20 m), the lotus on which the Buddha sits 6 ft (1.8 m) and the lower pedestal 10 ft (3.0 m). The construction's width is nearly 60 ft (18 m) at its maximum. The statue was designed by V. Ganapati Sthapati

The architect is Hindu – confirming that in India the two religions were common and when separated  they would be of Equal status. That is the way of Truth. Given that changes have been focused around the Executive Power of the President – in addition to article 3 which renders Buddhism also executive powers – Buddhists have lost the governance power. Whoever forms the next government also will fail due to this relative power instead of Absolute power of belief.

 The Tamil CM needs to heed the warning coming his way through Southerners. As Lord Krishna indicated ‘That which is theirs today will be ours tomorrow.’




(Mr Wigneswaran’s responses are in italics.)

Thank you Mr Wigneswaran for responding. Since I could not , in your mail find  the conversation with Saku, I have copied it in my response. Now to your response:


[Nevertheless I could reply to this lady called Gajaluxmi whoever she is and in whatever manner she got into this group.]


If family relationships are indeed your foremost then Mr Balram is (as per my understanding – he is your wife’s brother) related to my husband.  That has very little bearing on me because in my mind you have ‘no family position’. To be considered part of my family you ought to have publicly taken a position in our public functions. As a Sri Lankan – I am through my father - the great granddaughter of Dharma Udayaar of Araly. At global level through my mother – the great granddaughter of AM Pillai – also of Jaffna who migrated to Burma with the blessings of Kadayit Swami and became the most successful businessman known to me.  G A Sri Khanta is related to me through this side.

I met you as a Public person and shared as follows on 02 October 2015:

[I met Mr. Wigneswaran at the Temple within Ratmalana Hindu College in Colombo – when we gathered to comfort and heal young ones affected by war.   He does not need a Political role to lead war Recovery efforts. Tamils needed him to oust the Military leadership and we need to remember and honor that. Otherwise Northern Tamils would owe a debt to Southern Tamils]


The position you occupied was the one developed by our common community. The visible occupant was you. Mine was the spirit/truth of our community as discerned by me – a Jaffna Tamil.


Later on your birthday I wished you while sharing the article headed ‘Home of Truth – Sathya Graham’

Yours was the first response – thanking me for the wishes. I remembered because it is the same day as my daughter Gayathri who is a lawyer. You failed to respond even to the following in relation to LTTE:

[TNA Leader Mr. Sampanthan is reported to have questioned as to why we had resorted to violence?]

There has been no such question from  you.  I was by this time already seeking and finding some of the answers as if we were one family – confirmed at:

You conclude your response as follows:

[I have received many emails from a Gajaluxmi. It may have been you. I still do not know who you are and whether you are related to us. I hope I have replied to you adequately. Thanks. W]

The above directions would help you find the Common Jaffna Tamil in me.

You state:

[I have not registered the Charity. It started quite sometime ago. The Bank Account is in my name. The Accounts are maintained by a Qualified Accountant.]

My issue was that the Charity is in a different name to that of the Bank Account. The parallel of that in your profession is the Court’s Bank Account being in the judge’s name.

[They are audited every year. All ‘personal’ contributions are accounted for by due acknowledgements from receipt books kept and by inserting them in books of account. So far every contributor had been informed in due course as to how their money was spent and for what purposes. ]

The monies from Family should not need to be accounted for. But certainly – monies from outsiders – for example like me. Unless you knew that every member was an insider you ought have a structure that stood up to public scrutiny.

[So long as I do not dabble with the money in any illegal fashion and I am quite confident about my honesty, why should I worry about having it registered?]

What is illegal as per Sri Lankan law ? Your open support for rebels who openly acted in breach of the law overrides the cover you had as per your Judicial status.

This takes us to the ‘personal honesty’ you rely on. If that is the same as that of this group – you did not have to explain or even ‘ask’. I get very little money from my family – beyond my husband and children. Those who do donate – do so for their own purposes. The family example that comes to mind is as follows:

[Our eldest granddaughter who is currently a law student was tutored by my husband in Maths. She got enough in Maths to get the required rank to enter Uni. Later when it was her younger sister’s turn – the younger one said to her father – our son – that she could manage on her own. Then the elder one said words to the effect ‘They are offering because they want to teach!’ ]

The children’s mother is White Aussie. This means that they are less structured than us in institutional values – according to which we had the duty to share our heritage. To the young Aussie all she had to do was to dutifully sit through the sessions which she did diligently. But I appreciate that honesty and the sense of ‘freedom’ she felt in her home.

You will find similar attitude from those who had less ambitions than you at that stage of life. Majority in Northern Sri Lanka  fall within this category. Likewise, yourself in relation to my communications. But my contributions would wait for the true representative who seeks genuinely to preserve the Jaffna heritage in education and higher thinking.

 [If necessary it could be registered. So far none who contributed has posed any such question because they were presumably satisfied with our work. I had no difficulty in mentioning the names of early contributors in my note to my cousins with amounts donated because the amounts are all reflected in our books of account.]

But the Program in whose name you collect is not your family’s. It is that of every person past and present, to whom North is ‘home’ . Does your family know for example, I refer to your opening of the building referred to at

The guy in the picture – Jeevarasa was also born on the same day as my daughter Gayathri. You were invited because you were CM. Take a good look at the picture. As per my contribution the Human Resource is clearly separated from ‘money resource’. The latter came from a Diaspora member living in Switzerland. But Jeevarasa overrode it to satisfy the money donor. Out of fear of my criticism – and advice not to build on someone else’s land – they did not invite me. Later when I attended a meeting – as per Jeevarasa’s invitation  - the officer presiding mentioned the illegality of that land and said that if you knew you would hang yourself in shame. I did not dispute it.

Through such experiences I realised that our intentions – based on our truth – work naturally in ‘free’ environments. That is how I get the ‘intelligence’ I need at the right time. Pardon me if you are hurt – but that karma came to you because you failed to do your Due Diligence tests before sharing the position of CM with that group. For my part – I had the labour pain of intelligence not only about that group but also about you losing the dignity of your position structure – to hold which you were elected. The intelligence I gave birth to out of that pain is that ‘Karma never fails’. We donated land to prevent such illegal structures. Hence that karma protected us through the Due Processes developed on the basis of our own experiences. Had you done likewise in Judiciary – you would not have become the victim of their  desire.

When you think at issue level – the ‘issue’ comes to you. That is when you are independent of individuals and become Common leader.

Prior to the above event – a widow from that area approached me in relation to the promise by the government that they – the nursing aids  would be made permanent. The government changed in 2015 and they were told that they would be terminated. According to the group they had approached  your government including yourself - without any positive response. They set out to see the minister in Colombo. They did not know where the ministry was. I had gone to Colombo to depart to Australia. When they rang me I went to Fort station, accompanied them to the Ministry and then waited to speak to the officials and used my Australian status to represent them. I had to my credit – the 2009 ‘demotion’ by the Ministry where officials treated me as LTTE’s representative – while I was waiting for clearance to go to the camps for counselling work.  That positive karma worked to help the nursing aids of about 250. If you had had the credit you would have led the group and this would have saved you from the karma of opening an illegally built building,

[Having it unregistered helps our office to deal with urgent appeals for assistance without delay.]

If your family trusted you – they would send you the money without expectations of ‘Accountability’ . Then you would have not needed to talk about the trust or charity.  It would have confirmed your oneness to an outsider like me.

 [Again many of the contributors are as Saku has pointed out "know me, trust me and love me". They are either my past students, relatives, friends or well wishers. Many of them after giving their contributions are not interested in an  official acknowledgement. We force the official receipts on them as a duty on our part. ]

If you feel that to be your duty – then you recognise the structure from which it flows. This facilitates your development of Administrative structures that confirm the equality of the two sides – which is an integral part of  democracy.

Now you have the duty to openly discipline Saku who pampered you as if you were her king and she was the guardian of your private chambers!

You need to first eliminate the attachment that led you to state:

[I am most grateful to Saku for pointing out the incongruency of an outsider getting into this group of cousins.]

 If this were true then you are not eligible to lead Jaffna where I am Queen by character – ordained by Yoga Swami within me



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