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 "May I remind you that 6.9 million people voted for the president," Highways Minister Johnston Fernando said in parliament in response to criticism from the opposition and cries of "Go home Gota".- The Standard

The votes were from ordinary citizens. The call for the President to go home – came from the Opposition that has vested interest.

What would I do if I were the President of Sri Lanka, strongly infected by armed rebellion? I used our Common belief and shared as follows with a fellow believer in Sri Sathya Sai Baba:

[Having said all that – I feel also that GR has Swami’s blessings. In 2009 -when I went to the Sai Centre in Vavuniya, the caretaker revealed that GR had gone there before proceeding to the camps.]

That is how belief works. Belief is never wrong for the believer. It’s value is not recognized by the non-believer. Hence the use of merit basis.

One of the responses to my yesterday’s article include the following:

[Swami has said that dreams of god are real as are the messages]

Today, I responded as follows in the language of the Common Sri Lankan voter:

[The amazing discovery was the depth of that message. To me that is our Soul preserving the other side of the Service.  Consciously I would not have connected the two – the plough and the gun. In 2009, I took my brother in law to Yoga Swami Aashram in Vannerikulam – a village within Kilinochchi. On the way, inside the tuk-tuk,  I noticed the poster of two young boys – about 6 years of age . One was carrying a plough and the other a gun. I asked the driver what it meant. He said – the farmer must earn to fund the soldier. As you would know – Kilinochchi is farming heritage. I was upset back then at personal level – probably due to our family’s investment in Kilinochchi. But it was yesterday that I realised the significance of the dream which was about inverted hierarchy -   demotion of the plough and promotion of the gun. That holds the key to repair the structure in relation to the whole of Sri Lanka.

 The President’s move to ban chemical fertilizers and go ‘natural’ is the parallel of banning all weapons and letting the armed forces fight like villagers. The President would know intuitively that that would demote the Armed Forces to the  lowest ranks in Lankan hierarchy. The President lacked that intuition in terms of farmers.


What a lesson from Swami!


Xxxx, also included is the following account of how Shridi Swami came to our home;

[Karthigai (Tamil November) month is the month of Muruga – the month in which Muruga

was born. Muruga is the presiding Deity of Tamils. It is during this month that Karthigai

Flower ( Gloriosa Lily )blooms in plenty in Jaffna. This flower is also the flower of the

LTTE. I learnt about all this here in Sydney. In 2006 I was invited to speak at a Sai Center,

on Ladies’ Day. I was hurting after the Supreme Court of New South Wales dismissed my

complaint of unlawful racial discrimination against the University of NSW, the State

Government and the Commonwealth. I was in fact thinking of going and staying at the Yoga

Swami Aachram in Kilinochchi where my brother in law was already staying. On the

morning after the verdict was delivered by the Supreme Court – I had a vision/dream in

which I received the message to help Tamils and Muslims. I later realized that that was the

solution to the Equal Opportunity pain and loss I was experiencing. That pain would be felt

by anyone who had genuinely invested in Democracy but was continuing to live in autocratic



When the Sai Center called me to speak, I felt an intuitive comfort. I shared with the Sai

devotees how I felt helped by Swami Sai Baba during this pain. I continued to go there even

though that particular center is a distance away from our home. One of the senior ladies

brought to me on the day of Karthigai Theepam 2006 a picture of Shridi Sai Baba – a big one to be hung on the wall.

When we brought the picture home and hung the picture on the wall where

there already was a nail – I could see the lamps along the Coast of Coogee reflected through

this picture. I felt that Lord Muruga Himself had come home. Later when I got to know that

the son of this lady who gave me the picture, was in custody for supporting LTTE and was

refused bail – I wrote to the Australian Attorney General and obtained signatures from the

Tamil community in support. The President of the Human Rights Commission responded to

that communication – expressing support from my side. The LTTE supporter was granted

bail during the following hearing. Eventually when this LTTE supporter was released, I was

able to identify with my work also. I was able to write because I believed that I had credits

with the Australian Justice system. The connection with Lord Muruga helped me use my

credit in favour of the Tamil Community. I did not pause to separate the LTTE from the Tamil Community and therefore from Lord Muruga. I just shared the credits I had with the

Australian system and that I believed added to the influence felt by the Australian authorities.


I do believe that when we work genuinely and independently – the powers work

instantaneously. Like with God – surface readers are not able to ‘see’ the connection. Those

who feel would know intuitively and share silently.]

 Having said all that – I feel also that GR has Swami’s blessings. In 2009 -when I went to the Sai Centre in Vavuniya, the caretaker revealed that GR had gone there before proceeding to the camps.]

If the President changes the hierarchy where the Armed Forces have the responsibility to act to defend civilians the economic downturn would be more than compensated by the higher status allocated to civilians at policy level. Sri Lankans have enough resilience to manage with what they  have – as I know Jaffna Tamils are doing.



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