Sunday 10 April 2022



 As per News reports – the main Opposition party in Sri Lankan Parliament is seeking to pass a ‘no confidence motion’ against the government:

[The Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) started to collect signatures for a No-confidence Motion (NCM) against the Government on Friday (8), and said the party would move an impeachment motion against President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, if the latter does not listen to the demands of the public. Addressing Parliament, Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa presented nine proposals to solve the current economic and political crises in the country. ]

If the Opposition did not instigate the protesters – then this move would worsen the problem and weaken our investment in representative democracy. The risk is mob-rule.

Representative democracy is based on Equality in Parliament. This means that the Opposition has Equal power as the Government. If the Parliament were taken as the model of whole world – even one member of Parliament would be able to maintain the sovereignty of the Parliament by invoking the power of her/his belief.


[Gaja but this Nadesan went regularly to Thiruchendur Murugan and conducted extensive poojas on stolen money…… Now the entire bunch have become headless chickens.]

My response was as follows:

When we ask with faith we get that which we ask for. That is the way of truth. If we ask for something physical, when we say ‘thank you with the same intensity, we are juniors and the experience gets completed.  Once completed – the experience stays with us as permanent Energy. But to the extent we fail to feel ‘thank you’ we become indebted to that power and with time – debt becomes sin. Sin is negative Universal Energy.  Hence we lose control over the manifestation of that other side of the ‘matter’ we received. But the Universal Power of Truth will manifest the other side to maintain its Equilibrium .


The above  in your language is known as bipolarism. Those who imagine they are ‘right’ and take the high position and imagine that others ‘see’ them as being ‘right’ experience depression. The wider the gap in terms of time and/or space – the stronger the depression. The vaccine is to discipline the person. The person so disciplining needs to be accepted by the person as her / his senior.

In Western medicine – they kill the imagination. The risk is usually to the healthy memories also.”

If the Opposition in Parliament had been effective – it would have effectively kept the Parliament functional by showing through itself the effects of government policy. In terms of the constitutional provisions relating to Executive Presidency which the Leading Opposition is promising to repeal – they would have become the victims or been to war areas which felt the brunt of this undemocratic force which the government let loose. Most in power limit themselves to theoretic ‘ rights and wrongs’

Included in the Sunday Island’s editorial No light yet at tunnel’s end’ is the following:


[Tarzie Vitachchi, one of this country’s best known journalists, in the days after he retired from writing his famed Flybynight column in the Sunday Observer and joined the UN system as an international civil servant, would often talk of events and processes. He urged that events, that grab the day’s headlines, are always preceded by processes that take time to unwind. He would urge journalists to analyze the processes without being only focused on the events.]

What happened is events. Why it happened is invisible in the processes. Where a good proportion of the processes are as per inherited values that our ancestors developed – we have the blessings of our ancestors.  To the extent they were successful in realising harmony, we also would realise harmony.

Most demonstrators did not seem to be starving. The effect was they were celebrating as they did in 2009 after the defeat of the LTTE by this leadership. Members of Parliament did not stop this celebration of Sri Lankan killing Sri Lankan. This polarised the effects. One of the serious accusations against the LTTE was that they recruited Child-soldiers. We noticed many children in the protest marches in South. Saturday’s Island editorial highlights this as follows:

[Parents and teachers should beware the self-proclaimed liberators who use the blood of the country’s children and youth to power their political project.]

If the government had believed that child soldiers were wrong for society they would have legislated against children under 18 from participating in protests. One has to be a member of the electing group to be eligible to participate in public protests against the government. Only eligible voters have that right.

This protest is space developed for genuine protestors. The due process is for politicians to learn and not hijack the People’s mandate.


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