Wednesday 27 April 2022



Recently a Tamil leader who does help the financially disadvantaged commented that we were wasting time discussing Sri Lankan Political situation and Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa. I attributed the reason to be the lack of investment in a structured political leadership.

The coordinator within the group lamented that LTTE musician  Isai Priya's soul in Heaven was singing that she was attacked despite her being a woman

I asked him :

Would you have married her and been part of the rebel community?

Zero Space Autocracy

The laws and rules of a group indicate to outsiders as to what could be expected from the group by outsiders. Within the group, the relationships are bound by loyalty to each other. In autocracy – such as the Executive Presidential system of Sri Lanka, the powers that operate the system are taken to be that of the leader. This balances itself through ‘time’ – as in ‘Time will tell’. In this case the past and future oppose each other. There is zero space for internal opposition to the leader. The cause and the effect are experienced by the same person at different times.


Zero Time Democracy


In democracy this loyalty is measured by the two Equal & Opposite forms of loyalty produced successfully within the same space. It is produced at the same time.


The current protests would not have surfaced in Sri Lanka ‘outside’ the Parliament if the internal opposition had been active. In terms of Tamils in Northern Sri Lanka, Democracy failed due to ‘lack of motivation’ to Oppose. That was our time based karma for depending on the power of the brawn instead of the brain. We used Democracy only to ‘show’ a leader.


But Truth balances it all.


On that basis – I realized the benefit of my investment in Sri Lankan governance where I had neither support nor opposition except from my own mind – as per my true experiences. Hence I wrote:


[In terms of Gota he was the Equal Opposition to LTTE leader. In the case of both – Military was above Politics, leave alone Research and Teaching known as structured higher education. Now we ‘see’ what has gone wrong in Gota’s case. Otherwise we would have had to ask LTTE to step down. This is the value of Equal Opposition. Hence we need to discuss for the sake of our heirs. It is the American structure that prevented us from becoming victims of fellow Tamils to whom winning was more important than owning the whole through respect.


It is not about the individual but about the position that we inherit. Wherever we have a single individual at the top – we need to know how to structure it reliably – so all would have their earned share.]


The current Opposition in Parliament is confessing to not having had the loyalty to Democracy to surface theft, fraud and corruption as they happened in Parliament:

SJB has embarked on preparing laws to end theft, fraud, and corruption from day one of its governance: MP Eran Wickramaratne -

Buddhism foremost law in the constitution was activated by this President. This confirms autocracy which automatically opposes Democracy. Mr Eran Wickramaratne, who was a banker needs to ‘show’ how this would translate into effects. Idle laws become the devil’s workshop as the 20th Amendment to the constitution has become . It is a mutation of  Buddhism foremost article in the constitution.


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