Sunday 17 April 2022



There are many ways in which the honesty of a person / group could be identified with. The most common pathway for Sri Lankans is through ‘Karma’. To apply this measure, one has to become both sides – cause as well as effect. This happens when one goes into virtual reality mode.

Successful democracy works on the basis of , belief through a Common pathway. This means that when one is cause another from within the group becomes the effect; When one provides, the other within the group becomes the beneficiary. Until taken at physical level – the benefits remain as ‘rights’. One who believes, has ‘rights’ to the benefits within the group.

In my recent response to the Tamil Chief Minister – Mr Wigneswaran – who is the parallel of the President, I stated - But the Program in whose name you collect is not your family’s. It is that of every person past and present, to whom North is ‘home’.]

The picture ‘shown’ about the need ought to have been on the basis of ‘belief’ through common experience or through intellectually structured Needs Assessment Report. In this instance the risk is the same as that of Rajapaksas who pampered the voters.

Currently, the protestors in Sri Lanka are asking the current incumbent to ‘go home’. If indeed Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa did go home – they would be missing out on learning where ‘they’ – the voters - went wrong. By asking Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa to go home – these protestors are ‘excusing’ the voters who voted as per their desires. This would result in the mistakes/wrongs being repeated.

Belief is the pathway through we become ‘common’ / one. To the extent we are lacking in belief but vote for ‘easy benefits’ we curse ourselves. As President Gotabaya Rajapaksa indicated in a different way, the Opposition also failed – due to its lack of belief in an alternate pathway. A genuine Opposition would have prevented the problem coming to the streets. When a problem becomes cheap it comes to the market. This happened due to both sides haggling for voters, followed by MPs. Where were these protestors when in 2018, MPs became horses that the two sides were openly haggling for? The true believer in Democracy are the ones with exponential power to redeem Sri Lanka from this mess. Not those who ‘show’ more rights than they have.

Outsiders can help us as per structured pathways that have stood the test of time. But only believers who felt the early warning signs have the ability to cure. Until then Sri Lankan voters who elected this president have to ‘see’ and know what they are like. That is what democracy is about.

If those voters would haggle their rights – then this is the best government they deserve and were ‘free’ to develop.

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