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[In the name of God, go!” – Oliver Cromwell, 20 April 1653, London, England

Two weeks from today, nearly 400 years ago, Oliver Cromwell sacked a corrupt British parliament (the Long Parliament) and scolded away its MPs, “You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go”.] Rajan Philips at


  But Oliver Cromwell wrote also :

[ "as for the people, what thoughts they have in the matter of religion in their own breasts I cannot reach; but I shall think it my duty, if they walk honestly and peaceably, not to cause them in the least to suffer for the same.]

If the current Leader of the Opposition had been an Army leader and then he had stated the above as Oliver Cromwell did – that would have been valid. But if Mr Sajith Premadasa asked the government to go home that would be copying Oliver Cromwell. Whether Sajith is conscious of it or not – he has inherited his father’s political heritage and therefore includes the karma in the following Wikipedia report about his father:

[His handling of the country's civil war was less successful. In the north, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam were facing off against the Indian Peace-Keeping Force the Indian presence on the island was unpopular, and Premadasa requested India to pull out its troops. In order to force the IPKF to leave the island, he authorized a clandestine operation to supply arms to LTTE to fight the Tamil National Army formed by the IPKF, a collusion that came to light in the report published by the Sri Lankan Presidential Commission to inquire into the 1992 assassination of Lieutenant General Denzil Kobbekaduwa. While the IPKF was recalled by New Delhi in 1990, the government's war with the LTTE resumed, beginning Eelam War II, which ended in a stalemate five years later. The 1990 massacre of Sri Lankan Police officers, which occurred after the policemen were asked to surrender to the LTTE in Batticaloa at Premadasa's request, was later established to have been performed with the same weapons he had supplied them]


In effect the heritage from father to son was to ‘separate’ from India – which is the regional leader. This heritage included also the partnership with the LTTE to oust the Indian Peace Keeping Force.

If the People were asking the current government to ‘go home’ – then they must not have suffered seriously during the war.

Tamils who did suffer and accepted that pain due to actions beyond their control, develop their own natural laws. These laws connect them to Universal Powers which come to us.

Today, I responded as follows, to a Tamil who highlighted parts of analyses based on Mr Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam’s speech in Parliament – highlighting high Defence allocation in the Budget:

[I notice that Tsunami Reconstruction work is also highlighted. I was part of that program – which I believe happened due to the difficulties I endured in 2003 – while working in Vanni. I wrote the report for TRO which lacked the resources. On my own – as per my intuition – I submitted the report to President Kumaratunga. During that experience I noted the Australian High Commission’s group trying to ‘takeover’ power through their own local NGO. The Diaspora groups were not there at all. Mankerny folks got their homes and wanted me to come despite the train strike in 2008. This led to my experience of Divine Yoga Swami guiding me and confirming that true service is forever. Yesterday for example – we celebrated my cousin in law’s life through memorial service at our family temple in Sangarathai-Vaddukoddai. This happened because of his wife’s faith in the system and also because her husband identified with the value of our investment in Thunaivi. Heavy rain poured only after the sweet rice was made outside the sheltered area. Later here in Sydney we watched without any plan – the movie ‘The In-between’. In essence those who have deep insight – believe that the soul of the departed loved ones continue to live with them. That is how amazing the power of truth is.

LTTE would continue to live for those who loved them and were loyal to them. Likewise politicians. Those who read at surface level tend to gamble.]

My cousin who received photos of the service in Sri Lanka wrote to me that her husband had come in her dream and that she felt he was happy. When my cousin shared with me – she had no knowledge about the connection I made with the film. To those who do not believe – these would seem like coincidences. The believer sees deep and connects to the truth within.

As per Dharma – the government that created the mess has the first responsibility to bring back order. The current situation is interlocutory. As per Dharma, unless the Opposition caused the call in Parliament – before the People did – it has no mandate to ask the government to step down. The elected government has that mandate to facilitate fresh elections. Until then we have the responsibility to ‘wait & observe’.


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