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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

30 October 2021



ICAC & Sri Lankan Government

There is a Tamil saying that ‘the jobless barber shaves the cat.’ The ICAC questioning the immediate past Premier of NSW on personal relationships brings to mind, the above saying. Likewise, the Sri Lankan President’s declaration of one law for Sri Lanka. Ms Shreen Abdul Saroor  commented ( Sri Lanka 'One Country - One Law' | Inside Story - YouTube ) that women in Sri Lanka did not have Equal Rights. I thought to myself – ‘welcome to NSW, Australia, where women leaders are persecuted by men through the ICAC.

Recently when a neighbour of ours brought to my notice, a media report about another neighbour, and stated that he would question the latter on that – I said words to the effect ‘make sure you do not give him an escape route; just stick to one where you have evidence.’ The ICAC, to my mind is giving the member of Parliament concerned, an escape route. As per published report:

[The ICAC is investigating allegations that, from 2012 to August 2018, the then NSW Member of Parliament for Wagga Wagga, Mr Daryl Maguire, engaged in conduct that involved a breach of public trust by using his public office, involving his duties as a member of the NSW Parliament, and the use of parliamentary resources, to improperly gain a benefit for himself and/or entities close to him. These entities included G8wayinternational/G8wayinternational Pty Ltd and associated persons.]

But the inquiry at its current stage seems to be cornering the Lady Premier who naturally would think differently to a typical White Australian of Anglo origin. This is highlighted by Newswire as follows:

[Mr Robertson suggested funding projects in Wagga Wagga prior to the 2019 election would have made the Coalition government more popular in the area, thus making it more likely Mr Maguire would be able to retire without risking the seat being lost to another party.

“Was it at least a factor as to why … you considered Mr Maguire’s money projects … to increase the standing of the Coalition in the seat of Wagga Wagga with a view to making it easier for Mr Maguire to be in a position to retire at the next election?” Scott Robertson asked.

Ms Berejiklian pushed back strongly.

“That is absolutely not the case. I reject it outright. And I find it offensive,” she said.

Mr Robertson persisted, asking Ms Berejiklian again whether the prospect of Mr Maguire retiring played a part in the decision.]


As per my observations, Ms Berejiklian, is not the accused. It is Mr Maguire. But the grilling is more into the mind of the lady than the man. ABC for example reports as follows:


[At one point, Ms Berejiklian was presented with a text message that she sent Daryl Maguire, telling him: "You are my family." But under questioning, she maintained that he wasn't a family member in any sense that would require disclosure. Round and round the inquiry went, into what exactly Ms Berejiklian considered the relationship was and wasn't. ]


As explained recently – a secret relationship and a confidential one would seem similar. But one is merely physical and the other is divine.  Likewise ‘family’ As per the above,  one is entitled to conclude that in Ms Berejiklian’s mind the relationship was taken to be ‘natural’ and therefore beyond the law.

Recently veteran Tamil actor Sivakumar referred to the three women in him – his mother, his wife and his daughter. The way I interpreted it was as his other side as a son, husband and a father. This does not always it the person who holds that position but the real one travels with us at all times. Thus a good son makes a good husband and a good husband makes a good father. Hence when the occupant does not fit that other half – there is natural separation.

In the case of Sri Lanka, minorities who seek external parents such as India for Tamils and Middle Eastern countries for Muslims do not fit the role of equal other side any more. The President who is comfortable with armed fighting, would therefore tend to ‘create’ a fight – which would be an escape route from civil administration.

 NSW voters seem to be electing leaders who give up whilst Sri Lankan Buddhists seem to be electing those who can win in an armed fight. Both get the behavior we reward.

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