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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

17 October 2021



Rajaratnam & Nadesan

[Finally, I want to say that despite what happened to me as a result of a corrupt prosecutor, I love this country just as much as I did before I went to prison. I feel truly blessed to be one of the 5 percent of the world population who live in America. I do not see people lined up to immigrate to China, Russia, or Japan, for example.

As I reflect on my circumstances and my past, I’m confident that if God had arrived at my doorstep—with a crystal ball—when I was eleven and told me, “Raj, I will give you the wife and children you see here, these friends, ensure that both your parents live long and happy lives, and give you also the ability to help the less fortunate, but you need to sacrifice about seven years of your life,” I would have taken that deal in a New York second.] Raj Rajaratnam in Uneven Justice


There are many avenues through which we increase our knowledge. When knowledge is  connected to truth it becomes ‘Intelligence’. This often happens through Common Belief and/or Experience. As per my understanding this is true of Raj Rajaratnam as well as Thirukumar Nadesan – both being Sri Lankan Tamils. Raj was a migrant  from Sri Lanka to the USA, while Thirukumar represents the local Tamil politician – similar to LTTE leader in character. But the groups such as the LTTE are not targeted by the officials. One is entitled to conclude that

[The Sri Lankan government stated that Rajaratnam had contributed for several years of the Sri Lankan Civil War to the LTTE with millions of dollars and that, as a consequence, he was under investigation in Sri Lanka. However, the senior military official could not give specific details about the contributions to the LTTE. Rajaratnam had recently pledged a $1 million to rehabilitate former LTTE combatants.] Wikipedia

[While Mr Nadesan is not a politician, unlike his spouse, he is identified in the documents as a ‘PEP’ or ‘politically exposed person’.] Sunday Times

[65 year old Thirukumar Nadesan is a Sri Lankan Tamil  of Jaffna origin residing at “Montrose”, 95  Horton Place , Colombo 7. His father was from Araly and mother from Manipay in Jaffna. ] Kanthar Balanathan

As per local Araly news, Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa is known to have shared his status with Mr Nadesan in beautifying the Murugan temple there.  Unless therefore the folks in Araly in Vaddukoddai district, are strongly in favour of armed leadership, they would view this as a healthy partnership. Most who are vocal in that area – tend to show off their own knowledge than use discriminative thinking on the basis of a specific policy. Hence it is quite possible that a good proportion of Sri Lankan Tamils would not find fault with Nadesan. Likewise with Rajaratnam who was effectively supporting the LTTE.

As per my experience with their parallels in my life, whom I stay away from but do not ‘judge’ I appreciate their generous nature and their honesty with those in their circles. They have their own laws and they rely on ‘loyalty’ of insiders.  Both played the political came and funded it through their businesses at which through which they made big profits.

The question is are they guilty and if so through which law? As per my experience, members of the judiciary are not immune to public

Rupert Murdoch is reported to have also led the public response in the campaign to save Max Stuart - a young indigenous man who was sentenced to death after being found guilty of the murder of a nine-year-old girl on what was considered questionable evidence

[In the film ‘Black and White’ Max Stuart appeared as himself as an older man, driving along a dirt highway near Alice Springs where he lived at the time, and saying: "Yeah, some people think I'm guilty and some people think I'm not. Some people think Elvis is still alive, but most of us think he's dead and gone."]

Be it Raj or Nadesan, so long as they acted as per their conscience, they are not guilty as per the system of Dharma. But if they fear the law, they are likely to destabilize the political systems they are part of. Neither America nor Sri Lanka can afford that right now. Those who make laws need to ensure that the laws are balanced. Towards this laws need to be based on belief and not desire – such as article 9 of the Sri Lankan constitution which divides the nation into Buddhists and Non-Buddhists. Most of our ethnic problems will naturally be addressed when this ‘preference’ to Buddhism is eliminated. Since Buddha’s credibility is affected by this clause – Buddha would continuously balance the books through quiet observation of hardship to those who make unbalanced laws in his name. Buddha’s insight does the rest.


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