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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

25 October 2021



Vaccine Politics

Last evening when we heard on the news that those of us who have had AstraZeneca with a shorter interval than 12 weeks would need a booster – I felt annoyed and said to my husband that they must have excess stock now. That was intuition.  This morning I received an email headed ‘NIH Admits to Funding Gain-of-Function Research in Wuhan’ from a person I trust. I responded as follows: ‘Thank you for the valuable sharing which confirms my intuitions in this regard’

This person wrote also in response to my article ‘Same Rights or Equal Opportunity for Tamils?’:

[Thank you, Gaja. Your political acumen is admirable. At present, the Tamil leadership is mediocre at best, lacking both foresight as well as hindsight (lessons learnt from history). There is a submergence of logic in favour of emotion. The British were able to rule the world by their capacity to remain cool, calm and collected. Emotional shortsighted reactions can be very detrimental to the people being served. 

Pride too leads to many hasty decisions.

What we need is a Tamil leader who uses logic, patience, stoicism, wisdom, human values, ability to tame emotions of hatred and anger to prevent impulsive decisions, skill at developing rapport to enable achievement of the best results in dialogues, as well as spiritual knowledge, putting the safety of his/her people uppermost in all decisions. Should be unselfish, self effacing, and not needing any limelight to guide the Tamils to an everlasting peace. Humility would be a strength.

Is the SriLankan Tamil culture capable of producing such a leader? I have met many Tamils who have a sterling character.

Warm regards,



I responded as follows:

[My answer is ‘yes we have produced many such leaders’ – including yourself. But majority are not in Politics. Outsiders read us through our politicians.

During my early days with the folks in Thunaivi, I intuitively declared that I was an Administrator and not a politician. Back then, I did not calculate . Later I felt that our dedication to our family temple intuitively empowered me. To your email headed ‘NIH Admits to Funding Gain-of-Function Research in Wuhan’ I responded ‘Thank you for the valuable sharing which confirms my intuitions in this regard’. Last evening when we heard on the news that those of us who have had AstraZeneca with a shorter interval than 12 weeks would need a booster – I felt annoyed and said to my husband that they must have excess stock now. That was intuition. Your email gave the logical connection. Shortening the ‘gap’ was political. So is the ‘booster’ proposal.

As a lay person – I was driven by my own experience. I found fault with the clinic that gave me the shots when they did not inform me on time that they had to adjourn due to power outage. I feel that I thus strengthened the Due Processes which to me are the Energy of those from whom we inherited the Administrative structure. This Administrative structure is ‘Common’ to all. Politics is divided subjectively.

By stating that I was an Administrator I bypassed politics which is strongly driven by emotions in that village. Now I am taken as a Natural Governor of Thunaivi. It is therefore easy to work that system through mutual trust. Towards this – the leader needs to place her/himself in the people. The rest happens in due course of time.

It is the consolidated power of all such governors that really works the system provided we do not get distracted by benefits on the way]

According to my discovery, due processes that stand the test of time and place changes – are exponential governance powers. To the extent the pandemic happened due to negligence of politicians who falsely elevate themselves to governing positions, it was not a medical problem but a governance problem. Those of us who take/accept junior positions to such leaders automatically balance the system. Hence I wrote to the Premier about my experience. If there had been genuine response from the Premier the political excesses would have been offset by my positive energy in administration including in medical administration – which punished me by listing me as a mentally ill person. By opposing it through my own assessment of myself, I accumulated positive energy in medical governance. I exercised my right to express my belief about myself. By ignoring me – the administration at the time Mr Bob Carr was Premier accumulated negative Energy in health Governance. I believe, that like places, positions also can be sacred due to positive Energy or haunted due to Negative Energy. The way to cure the latter is to include positive energy citizens as part of oneself.

Dr Chandran’s email included the following in regards to NIH funding:

[Gain-of-function research involves extracting viruses from animals and artificially engineering them in a laboratory to make them more transmissible or deadly to humans.

Dr. Richard Ebright, biosafety expert and professor of chemistry and chemical biology at Rutgers University, had previously rebutted Fauci’s claim that the NIH “has not ever and does not now fund gain of function research in the Wuhan Institute of Virology [WIV]” as “demonstrably false.”]

As per Yahoo news:

[The National Institute of Health (NIH), the government agency that is responsible for biomedical and public health research, has said that it funded virus-enhancing coronavirus research, after denying the claim for months. It should be noted that Covid-19 is a type of coronavirus and the coronavirus that was reportedly altered, is not Covid-19.]


On 21 July, our NHMRC wrote as follows on ‘Gain of Function Research Review’:


“Gain of function” is a term used to describe a change to any organism through any process that causes it to acquire a new function. Certain gain of function experiments have raised concerns because of their potential to increase the danger posed to humans by an infectious agent, such as a virus. These concerns have been heightened by uncertainty about the origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic and suggestions that the SARS-CoV-2 virus may have been created in a laboratory as the product of gain of function research.

The Minister for Health and Aged Care, the Hon Greg Hunt MP, has asked the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) to undertake a review of gain of function research in Australia.


The purpose of the review is to report to the Minister on:

·       the definition of gain of function research, with particular reference to research of this nature that could pose a threat to human health

·       any gain of function research that could increase the harmfulness of an infectious agent to humans that has been funded or conducted by the Australian Government or its agencies over the last 10 years

·       the regulatory framework that controls such research in Australia, and how it compares with frameworks in other relevant countries.


The review will report to the Minister in December 2021.]


When Due Process was not effectively followed by our Medical clinic on 20 July and I had to wait a long time, I accepted it and accumulated intuitive sense regarding the politics of vaccine. Later when it got worse on 02 September I wrote to the Premier. I got the appointment for the second doze after the government shortened the mandatory interval between the two dozes. Now I realise that the NHMRC already had the intelligence on ‘Gain of Function’ and therefore the strength of effectiveness of the vaccine. We still do not know but when we do what we can to prevent the exponential  spread – it is a governance contribution. For his part Dr Chandran concludes as follows:


[The remainder of the document attempts to prove that the naturally occurring bat coronaviruses used in the 2014-2018 NIH grant experiments “are decades removed from SARS-CoV-2 evolutionarily,” only sharing 96-97 percent of the genome.


Birth of Sars Cov 2 ?

Sars Cov2 virus has never been found existing naturally in any bats / animals.

A ploy to make money from expensive vaccines that work only for a short time needing repeated boosters?

Or is it a more extensive plan to bankrupt poorer countries and control them through loans for vaccines?

On the way to a New World Order?]



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