Sunday 3 October 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

03 October   2021

Dismiss the ICAC

The Corona virus has proven to have its own mind. This means that it is an absolute power and is not yet a relative power. Often, such powers are formed due to neglect of our duties. Was the resignation of the NSW Premier due to a pre existing ailment that manifested during the pandemic? More importantly was it a saviour that would result in rebirth of Ms Gladys Berejiklian’s professional life?

Most of us fear death which is a certainty but we do not know what happens after death. We know also that the minds of some of us continue to live beyond their bodies. That is the indicator of the higher invisible value which makes  the whole greater than the sum of the individual parts. By observing our own lives – up to the present - those of us with strong minds, would in old age identify with causal Energies that we did not know about at that time – but added themselves to manifestations that were for better or for worse.  At this stage of my life, I live off that Energy which has been positive in my case. That is a positive heritage that I share with the next generation.

I believe that in due course of time, Ms Gladys Berejiklian would also feel likewise. It is our attachment to the current benefits that often prevents us from enjoying at Energy level. Through spiritual efforts such as meditation, we transcend the physical and thereby weaken the attachment to the physical. In the case of Ms Gladys Berejiklian, her true contribution through her genuine work and discipline in Parliament is hers. Its rights and wrongs are as per the institution of Parliament and not that of the ICAC. But often when systems are weak – cleverness wins over goodness.

Paragraph 26 of the ICAC Opening statement in relation to the investigations into the conduct of Daryl Maguire states as follows:

[26. The concept of the “public trust” is one that has a considerable historical pedigree although it may fairly be described as having “partially unmapped boundaries”. It is not limited to trusts in the private law sense. Rather, it is directed more generally to the “public trust and confidence” reposed in public officers by virtue of their office. ]

The offices of these officials have been developed over the years. When there is a change of government (space based) and / or at the end of each period (time based) during which custody of power is vested in these officials – there is a natural restructure – as in death and rebirth. Then only the Truth is carried forward from one to the other. This Truth is accessed by belief alone. It is beyond the current measures that can be used to ‘prove’ rights and wrongs. In the case of Parliament – this hierarchical access is with the heirs of Parliament and not with any other institution. The Public is the duly authorised group to measure trustworthiness through current satisfaction in the government elected by them. The greatest challenge posed by  Democracy is confirmed  through the division of the whole into appropriate electorates. The greater the diversity within the whole – the greater the number of electorates needed to maintain the Balance of Sovereignty. It is this balance that confirms ownership.

It is interesting that the three premiers of NSW who stepped down due to ICAC are of migrant origins. Others including Mr Mike Baird who was also Premier during the period under investigation, have not been questioned by the ICAC. To my mind this is because they are heirs of one clan and hence their belief based access would have rendered credibility to their actions.  I discovered this first through my UNSW experience which I did take to the ICAC also but they could not identify with my discovery. I put it down to differences in culture through which the measures were developed. In Parliament – success of a law made by Parliamentarians depends on the strength of belief of each Parliamentarian in her/his electorate. To know whether Daryl Maguire acted in breach of his electorate’s trust, we need to ask his electorate and not ICAC which has no access to that heritage. In the case of Ms Gladys Berejiklian,  her electorate has voluntarily expressed its Trust and Appreciation of the lady.

Given that the ICAC has gone beyond its mandate they need to apologise to the NSW Public and leave the Parliament to be independent and answerable to itself.

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