Tuesday 5 October 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

05 October   2021


Kali Became Lakshmi?

We Hindus celebrate Navaraathri (Nine Nights) each year. The first three nights are dedicated to Mother Kali; the next three to Mother Lakshmi and the final three to Mother Saraswathie. In secular terms – they are respectively – Bravery – especially in armed war; money wealth and education respectively.

[The painting, by 19th-century Indian master Raja Ravi Varma, depicts the four-armed goddess clad in a red sari with gold ornaments and standing atop a lotus flower. It was one of 31 works of art, altogether worth nearly $1 million, that were being shipped to the Geneva Freeport in Switzerland. That vast, ultra-secure warehouse complex, larger than 20 soccer fields, stores among its many treasures what the BBC once called “the greatest art collection no one can see.”]  article headed ‘Sri Lankan power couple piled up luxury homes, artworks and cash offshore as ruling family rose and rose’ by International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

Like the Corona – that is another outcome of opening the Pandora’s box.

Much of it is ‘insider knowledge’ to know which one has to become a journalist – preferably a de facto journalist.

One politician is reported to have observed as follows:

[Each of these investigations either has Rajapaksa family members or their close associates named in them. This is millions of dollars of public funds,”] Anura Kumara Dissanayake

To me, the above is NOT a true statement. Only the Tax collected by the government on behalf of the Public is public funds. A major part is the collectors’ own even if it came through the illegal pathway.

Today, here in NSW – Mr Dominic Perrottet has been officially sworn in as  NSW's 46th Premier. As per Wikipedia:

[Perrottet’s record as NSW Treasurer was marred by allegations that his department mismanaged the state’s workers compensation scheme, icare. A combined investigation by The AgeThe Sydney Morning Herald and ABC TV’s Four Corners found that icare had underpaid as many as 52,000 injured workers by up to $80 million and that the organisation was close to collapse. Following the investigation, NSW’s workers' compensation regulator State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) announced in August 2020 that it would be applying increased scrutiny to icare’s 2020 financial audit. icare was also accused of improperly handling private sector contracts. The Information and Privacy Commission NSW found that icare had not publicly registered 422 contracts since 2015, each worth more than $150,000. These contracts include some being awarded without a competitive tender to companies associated with Liberal Party figures, such as marketing firm IVE Group being awarded millions of dollars in contracts. IVE Group is run by former NSW Liberal party president Geoff Selig.]

When journalists make discoveries through ‘insiders’ those who depend on them would accept their version. But to actually bring about a change they need to also believe in the authorities concerned – even when they have objectively measurable proof.  If we believe in the laws through which rights and wrongs are measured – then we would be protected from acting in breach of the Consolidated Conscience of the institutions that we are part of.

On 26 December 2020 – Lankanetnews published the article headed - Gutwrenching Revelations on Easter Attack: My3 Bribed 1M USD to Carryout the Attack: Reveals Lankaenews

 Even though hundreds were wounded and/or died there has been no report based on the above.

Both sides to the Sri Lankan war sold their bravery to become money-rich. Thus the ethnic problem has become a cash cow.  Whenever there is idle time – the ethnic problem happens. This will continue until the People learn lessons and govern themselves. Those driven by money will copy these leaders and avoid taxes. So what’s the big deal?

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