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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

31 October 2021




This is dedicated to my father Visvalingam Navaratnam whose 111th birth anniversary we celebrate today. The rich heritage I have from him is his belief in God. He asked for a son to carry his name and got one. The arrival was foretold at Sellasannithi Murugan temple by the priest after the Friday noon prayers at the time my mother did not know she was pregnant with my brother. I inherited my father’s family  temple through my belief in God. Today that temple in junior caste area of Thunaivi is the centre of my visible service in Sri Lanka. I have had many realisations through my dedication to that temple and the community. I believe that I earned the opportunity to serve Sri Lanka through this temple which was part of our sovereign structure.

One such belief is that we are all born sovereign. This means that the family that we are born into is also sovereign and is confirmed by its contribution to Traditional structures and/or its own truth. During the Testamentary case in relation to the Estate of my husband’s brother Subramaniam Yoganathan, his two sisters kept claiming special relationship due to biological connections. This has also surfaced in relation to our immediate past premier Ms Gladys Berejiklian – as to whether or not she ought to have declared her relationship with Daryl Maguire. As per ABC report ‘ICAC phone taps shed light on Gladys Berejiklian and Daryl Maguire's undeclared relationship’:

The commission heard her "threshold" for declaration was whether she would introduce Mr Maguire to her parents or sisters; the answer was no.

This meant that Daryl  was an invisible part of the structure – i.e. her mister / male mistress. In my cultural history that was quite common in the ruling class structure. Likewise, in the ruling branches of my family. Many of them lived in Vanni which was the area chosen by the LTTE for their Administrative Head Quarters. Rama’s father Dasarathan is reported to have had hundreds of wives/consorts. But only three of them qualified as his queens. As per my discovery – those who are outstandingly clever needed more partners than one to maintain the structure of their wealth accumulated through   cleverness and fighting skills. Thus they produced many biological children as their heirs but only the official ones had the authority to carry the throne. To my mind, this is also the reason why our queen is yet to handover the throne to Charles along the lines of Edward VIII

As an independent State, our Premier is also entitled to ‘private’ partners who would be the other side of her leadership. Given that respect for the law required her to ‘show’ only one official / lawful partner – so we the citizens would follow that structure, it was quite right that the lady did not make it ‘official’. If this lady was officially wrong – then so are many in the Royal families, including our Royal family.

Governments are known to allocate resources for  wellbeing, in their budgets. As per my discovery – the self governing person needs least from the government to maintain her/his wellbeing. The ICAC inquiry probing into our Premier’s mind has become a great loss to our immigration portfolio – especially to those of us who claim genocide in our countries of origin. I do not because I maintained my sovereignty within my family, school and work structures . Towards this, I often managed with less than the average member of my ‘home group’group. Hence I learnt to live with that which was not of my making. Now I know that the Universal power of Truth dynamically balanced the system confidentially. Those who overindulged in pleasures lost their sovereignty and downgraded themselves to lower levels towards group power which promoted herd mentality. This is built into the system of nature.

As per Wikipedia report about Ms Gladys Berejiklian’s early life:

[Her grandparents were orphaned by Turkish soldiers in the Armenian genocide in 1915. Berejiklian spoke only Armenian until she was five years old, when she began learning English. She has remained involved in the Armenian-Australian community, serving a term on the Armenian National Committee of Australia. In 2015, she attended a commemoration ceremony in Yerevan for the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide]

To the extent Ms Berejiklian inherited this community structure, the lady would have needed community support to maintain her sovereign identity. Likewise, Tamils of Sri Lankan origin who rely on the Genocide claim to maintain group sovereignty. Politicians often play this role. But to naturally sustain this claim, they need also leaders within the group who have maintained their sovereignty as individuals. If Ms Berejiklian considers herself to be such a leader – she would fight to maintain that she did not do anything wrong – as per her conscience – which is that of a migrant community also.

The citizen in turn would connect to this through their own experiences in governance. In my case it was during this lady’s term that my Bank Guarantee – immorally asked for by the Courts was released. Its negative parallel in Sri Lanka was that we were labelled losers in the above mentioned Testamentary case, inquired into through the Thesawalamai Customary law – during the Political leadership of Mr C V Wigneswaran. I wrote a book on the basis of my experience . That was my declaration of independence. Now – the junior caste folks of Vaddukoddai  are rebelling against senior castes from whom they separated themselves and expect to be treated as equals. நாளை கோவில் பிரவேசம் / promo - YouTube

Mr Wigneswaran’s negative contribution is known through the building in Thunaivi opened by him – appearing in the introduction at சாதியம் / மக்கள் எழுச்சி / SATHIYAM - YouTube. That building was built on land that belonged to others. I published the true picture at

During the speech – folks were asked to boycott elections – so no Tamil leader would be elected to Parliament. This confirms that in effect they are the heirs of LTTE leaders who facilitated Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa to become  President in 2005. This makes a lie of Genocide claim and confirms suicidal tendencies. In terms of Natural law – when brawn power is used excessively, the age of the body is reduced to shorter time – as in animals.  Likewise body’s ability to enjoy pleasures. One who is independent of the body tends towards eternal enjoyment through the soul. Hence belief is needed in Democracy to offset the tendency towards majority rule.

The ICAC lacks jurisdiction to enter into this area of ‘belief’. Only we the People have the authority to dismiss an elected person on the basis of ‘loss’ of trust. We also have to wait for election time towards this. Let us not forget that criminals who believe in their own sovereignty are also entitled to leader of their belief.


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