Sunday 3 October 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

03 October   2021

Jaffna Mayor Disconnected with Jaffna Heritage

The level to which the  corporate intelligence of Jaffna has deteriorated was confirmed as follows by Sunday Times:

[The group had allegedly spread fake news and engaged in campaigns saying that these new lamp posts would cause infertility, cancer and suspicious deaths when the project was approved by former Mayor Immanuel Arnold. The agitators backup their spurious claims from a global conspiracy theory against 5G technology that also suggested that the same lamp posts spread COVID-19 as well.

It was a political witch hunt against the then-Mayor and a case was filed in the Jaffna High Court where it was dismissed during the preliminary inquiry on the basis that the claim lacked scientific evidence. It was the current Mayor, who appeared on behalf of the petitioners.]


The current Mayor V Manivannan represented us in a Testamentary case based on Thesawalamai law. He was recommended to us by Mr Sugash Kanagaratnam of Vaddukoddai. Through the case – I learnt that Mr Manivannan lacked belief in Thesawalamai law and also that he abandoned the client once his fees was settled.

As per my experience based measure I have concluded that Manivannan is disconnected with Jaffna ancestry.  If the above report is authentic,  then it confirms that Manivannan is disconnected with current Jaffna Public also.

Today I quoted as follows from a report by the Independent Commission Against Corruption – NSW – Australia:

 [The concept of the “public trust” is one that has a considerable historical pedigree although it may fairly be described as having “partially unmapped boundaries”. It is not limited to trusts in the private law sense. Rather, it is directed more generally to the “public trust and confidence” reposed in public officers by virtue of their office. ]

My response to this was:

[The offices of these officials have been developed over the years. When there is a change of government (space based) and / or at the end of each period (time based) during which custody of power is vested in these officials – there is a natural restructure – as in death and rebirth. Then only the Truth is carried forward from one to the other. This Truth is accessed by belief alone. It is beyond the current measures that can be used to ‘prove’ rights and wrongs. In the case of Parliament – this hierarchical access is with the heirs of Parliament and not with any other institution. The Public is the duly authorised group to measure trustworthiness through current satisfaction in the government elected by them. The greatest challenge posed by  Democracy is confirmed  through the division of the whole into appropriate electorates. The greater the diversity within the whole – the greater the number of electorates needed to maintain the Balance of Sovereignty. It is this balance that confirms ownership.]

When Manivannan represented a particular section of the Public – he acted in breach of his fundamental duty to represent the whole of Jaffna. Had he been connected to Jaffna’s ancestral powers – they who practiced the separation of powers between different faiths and pathways would have advised him from within.


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