Monday 11 October 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

11 October 2021


Nallur Speaks for Itself

At the height of the armed war in 2009, I wrote a public letter asking LTTE leader to surrender to Nallur Murugan. This did not happen. But later when I witnessed youth rolling on the grounds of Nallur – I felt that in someway they had heard the message. That is the way of Common faith. As expressed in my yesterday’s article, shrines of common faith are clearing houses of our surpluses and needs. Likesise, Institutions – such as families, workplaces and nations. The UN is also such a shrine. Yesterday, when I learnt through Samugam news that Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa had written to the Nallur community – expressing appreciation for the service rendered by the Trustee Venerable Iragunatha Kumaradas Mappana Mudaliar, I blessed Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa. To the extent Mr Rajapaksa is genuine, there is merger of Tamil and Sinhala karma at Prime Minister’s level. Every citizen who completes official relationships that culminate at the PM’s level – is effectively part of the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa has specifically recognised that there is no discrimination based on race or religion, at Nallur. While some may be sceptical, I as a Sri Lankan Hindu and believer in Nallur, fully accept that tribute as per my truth. To the extent I invested in the position of Prime Minister, I am entitled to complete the picture as having been made by  all Prime Ministers of Sri Lanka who contributed to Commonness. To my mind, it is wrong to take the declarations of leaders as being personal to them as individuals. To the extent we invest in the structure – we have the authority to take it as having been said by the Common leader in that position. Likewise, the citizen. In that regard, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, as Prime Minister has made a strong positive  value through the current declaration which has been accepted by me as a Common Sri Lankan.

 I strongly objected to LTTE’s Thileepan’s life being celebrated as that of a hero. When we become heirs of such fighters – we would promote military rule. My belief in Nallur Murugan was my inner voice in this regard. I feel confident that respect for the lawful path would become stronger in Jaffna due to this.

In contrast to Thileepan, Trustee Venerable Iragunatha Kumaradas Mappana Mudaliar  has been confirmed to have merged with Nallur Murugan at the age of 92. I did not know him personally but have been an admirer of the orderliness of Nallur Administration. The greatest challenge during war years was to maintain order without damaging the faith of the true believer. Many of the pallbearers of the Trustee are those who carry Lord Muruga on their shoulders on special days. Many of them develop lumps on their necks – at the back. They earned the good karma to honour Trustee Venerable Iragunatha Kumaradas Mappana Mudaliar. They were fully supported by the Global Community of Nallur Murugan.

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