Saturday 18 May 2019

Then Mahendran and Now Dhammika?

I was shocked  to read the message on this Buddhist holy day that directed me to the report: ‘Ranil meets Dhammika! 2020 common candidate Dhammika?’  -

[The Prime Minister, after discussing the status quo, had suggested that Dhammika Perera contest the upcoming presidential election as the common candidate.
The Prime Minister had further stated the general public is unhappy about politicians in general. He had reportedly said people are expecting a new face and Dhammika Perera is the best person for this.]
As per Wikipedia report:
[In 2013, Perera became Sri Lanka's wealthiest individual, with a net worth of LKR 72.6 Billion (approx. $550 Million); he owns one of 50 limited edition Bentley Mulsanne Hallmarks]
If Sri Lanka is to be truly a Buddhist Nation – true to the Constitution, then it’s Governor needs to be like Buddha and not like Mukesh Ambani.
In his article ‘Who are we?’ author Peter D’Almeida quotes
[Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith spoke of Buddhism as the ... went so far as to say: “We look upon Buddhists as our elder brother.”]
If indeed Buddhists were our elder brothers  then we become traitors to Democracy. Democracy requires us to express our Diversity confidently and take Equal position with another of belief through different form.
As per the above report:
[Prime Minister had stated, “The country needs you, you are the best person to rebuild the country, and you have a vision to do that. Be our common candidate. I will give the party’s fullest support. You can become the President, and I will continue to be the Prime Minister.”]
If the Government is of belief that Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country then the best person to given Sri Lankans that confidence would be like Buddha who renounced material wealth. How anyone could picture Dhammika Perera, the wealthy businessman in that position is beyond my comprehension. It does not make sense to me and it would not make sense to any true Sri Lankan, leave alone true Buddhist.
As per the above report:
[“I can get Rajapaksa family’s support too. They can’t oppose me. Private media institutions are also with me. Everyone’s with me,” Dhammika Perera had opined.]
The big question is who is the common citizen who identifies with Dhammika Perera as her/his mentor? If such a person is non-Buddhist  then the Constitution needs to be amended to be secular – i.e. – without Buddhism foremost clause. If such a person is Buddhist  then Dhammika Perera must renounce his wealth before contesting to become President of Buddhist Sri Lanka. That is the way of logic. Without such clarity of thought all Sri Lankans who  actively participate in Lankan politics would become mentally ill for the simple reason that the politicians keep contradicting themselves. Such politicians could make laws that would contradict themselves.
 Ranil seems to be getting lost when it comes to economic challenges. This is why he made the mistake with Mahendran as Governor of Central Bank. Dhammika Perera as Common Candidate would rob Sri Lanka of its true Buddhist values. It’s time for Ranil to retire with grace. 

The common candidate is the one who has sacrificed most for ‘commonness’. A true Buddhist would be. But I see none amongst Sri Lankan politicians. In his Daily News  article ‘Spirituality in place of pomp’, K.K.S.Perera who seems to have invested in spirituality quotes Philosopher Jiddu  Krishnaurti  as follows: :

[“The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.”]

I believe that my karma in sharing  the message below brought me the opportunity to ready Philosopher’s message through Buddhist K.K.S.Perera:

[Rights and wrongs are applicable only where one is responsible in common to both sides. A politician celebrating a militant group has no such common measure. Hence we need to inquire the connection between cause and effect. To be effective in this path we need to NOT judge on the way. We need to keep going until we can go no more.]
In essence when the mind is still Truth surfaces. Consciousness of Truth is the highest form of intelligence.
Our actions are interconnected through our guna / inner character which is our fundamental energy that keeps getting weaker or stronger as per the truth we discover and/or practice in daily life. Good or bad Mahinda Rajapaksa has that steadiness more than any other politician in current parliament. The poor voter is caught between the Mahinda  and Ranil.  


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  1. Iam surprised at your comment "Good or bad Mahinda Rajapaksa has that steadiness more than any other politician in current parliament. " To me this suggest that you think he is better than any other politician in current parliament