Tuesday 14 May 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

14 May  2019

The Cardinal is Attacking Muslims?

[Sri Lanka was not a Sinhala Buddhist country but a country belonging to all those who had taken Sri Lanka as their motherland, Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera said yesterday.
 He said the majority of Sri Lanka, which belongs to Sri Lankans, are Sinhala Buddhists.] Daily Mirror

To the primary level thinker – i.e. – one driven by the seen and the heard – Sri Lanka is Buddhist Land – as Australia was Christian land, until migrants from Asia who believed that this land is their homeland – made it common-land. When only the skin of Christianity is used – to lead even in one’s mind – that person becomes a Radical. When the root is used – one becomes ownership  Energy.  King Solomon used this root testing to identify with the real mother. The other woman who was ready for her child to be killed – is a radical extremist.
When this is hearsay / skin is combined with status above others outside the circle of belief – the Radical Extremist  is born.

Radical umber in maths  - at the level of my understanding - is that it is the Root. (√) – square root; cube root etc.  In Resource Management we call it the Root Cause of effects/visible outcomes. That is the top-down approach. Arranged  from bottom the individual with belief  supports the individual above as in vertical arrangement where only the top is visible. The strength of that pillar is determined by the foundation stone and whether each unit above is supported by that fundamental value. That is the autocratic arrangement. In Democracy – each unit expresses itself as the foundation representing the value of that part only. Where that part is wholesome – it spreads itself freely in lateral movement. To receive that value – we need to be at that level. Hence Equal status is needed to be infected by that value laterally. The status of a representative should not be greater than the mean/average  of the individuals. When it is – it becomes an outlier.  When the value of the outlier is far greater the mean/average and the person includes her/himself in group – the difference becomes Energy available to all in the group. When the outlier is far less than the mean/average – and the person is included in the group – negative Energy is also freely available to all in the group.

In the above statements by Mr Mangala Samaraweera, Buddhism is the outlier to Sri Lankans. The indication is that the value of Buddhism as practised by Sri Lankans is less than the average value of Sri Lankans practicing  diverse religions including Buddhism. Article 9 of the Sri Lankan constitution is an outlier to the extent skin of Buddhism was used towards high positions. It even led a Buddhist monk to kill the Sri Lankan Prime Minister who also was a Buddhist. Article 9 is a Radical Extremist included in the Sri Lankan Constitution.

As per Sri Lanka Guardian article ‘Sri Lanka Army: Muslims officers work towards deradicalisation’ we learn that Muslim leaders are bringing their own negative outliers towards the mean. But we did not see that happening with Buddhist leaders after the criminal behaviour of a Buddhist monk. Thus Buddhism in Sri Lanka became a negative  outlier which when included with the rest – devalues the mean of Sri Lankans.

In his article ‘The Nobel Peace Prize For Our Cardinal’ Rev J.M. Joseph Jeyaseelan, CMF states:
[But if you read Arundhati Roy's "The Doctor and the Saint" (2017), you will find reasons there as to why Gandhi was not awarded the NPP. If Gandhi could not get there, do you think our Cardinal will?]

The question is whether Indians awarded their highest status for Peace to Gandhi? The answer to that is a definite YES. Nobel Peace Prize is a negative outlier to Indian Peace Prizes. Nominations confirm our participation. Where prizes are awarded without belief – they can lead to extremism in those who think that their own leaders ought to have got the prize.
To me Gandhi was the face of my belief in non-violence. He may or may not have actually earned that status. But to the extent it continues to work – he is part of my common leadership – just as my parents are. Eventually – it is the position that we respect and admire. Not the individual person.
If Mr Malcolm Ranjith is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize – Christianity in Sri Lanka would compete with Buddhism in Sri Lanka – as both are raised to the top through the skin of the qualifying criteria. To truly qualify first within Sri Lanka, Mr Malcolm Ranjith ought to have sacrificed the comforts of Christian leadership to be seen with ordinary Muslims who are being attacked in Chilaw right now. Since the Christians have confirmed that they are ‘free’ of the Cardinal’s supervision, one is entitled to conclude that Sri Lankan Christians are not bound to this leader by non-violent pathway to peace.
Mr Malcolm Ranjith promoted Buddhism Foremost outlier in the constitution and hence those who are true Sri Lankans would not endorse him as a representative – leave alone leader. Christians who believe in Jesus will lead the Christian community in Sri Lanka. The Cardinal has the duty to become their follower and stop leading them if he is not to become a negative outlier pretending to be positive outlier.

Right now we Sri Lankans must own the problem – each one as per her/his negligence. If  those of us who are Tamils and who accepted that the militants were right for themselves – would identify with the parallel in Muslim Extremists / Negative outliers. One we know the measures they use – and find them guilty  - we need to apply those measures in our own community. If that throws up more outliers than in the Muslim community – then we must add our current status to the Muslim extremists and not leave it to the politicians to gamble with our status. If we are not able to use a common measure – we need to become observers and not participants.

Right now – it is the Cardinal and his supporters – including the parliamentarians who are attaching the Muslims who have lived within the boundaries of their average values. Withdraw the Christian Extremism in this and the common Christian will take her/his equal place as Sri Lankan and no more. Until there is harmony in Sri Lanka – no Sri Lankan qualifies to be nominated for Peace Prize anywhere – not even in Sri Lanka

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