Wednesday 15 May 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

15 May  2019

Rajapaksa Isolation

I decided to invest in Thunaivi-Vaddukoddai  more deeply than my parents did. Back then I went by my gut feeling because I had not invested actively as if it were my home. The intuition drove me and I did not calculate. I had intuition about Equal Opportunity Values which helped me eliminate the caste bias that separated Thunaivi-a Toddy Tapper Village  from Sangarathai –a Farmer’ village on the other side of  Navaly Road. Thus I became sort of the leading person in Thunaivi. I got to know them by being one of them – not as per their customary structures and laws but as per their truth. When they are ‘free’ they are transparent about themselves. I was able help them learn that private property needs to be respected even when the owners are not physically there but continue to maintain the property. In return I learnt that they were not interested in integrating with wider community and that they were comfortable with the isolation from others who held higher positions in Vaddukoddai community. I was surprised that they did not even expect to be invited to public functions organized by the Sangarathai community. They also did not invite members of the Sangarathai Community for their functions. Mr Wigneswaran was chief guest at the opening ceremony of a building organized by Thunaivi folks because he was Chief Minister and not because who he really was. Those positions were developed largely by senior  castes and juniors who respect the seniors have natural membership in those structures. But that building was built on occupied land and Mr Wigneswaran did not have enough intuition to warn him against that leadership activity. He would have if he had respected my investment in Thunaivi through my regular communications including to him. When there is large volume of communications / data , a true leader’s intuition  would attract the true communicator’s work. That is soul power.

LTTE used Vaddukoddai Resolution to empower themselves but did so without respect for its developers – including Independent Tamils of Sri Lanka who gave it life. By singing the praise of LTTE – Mr Wigneswaran also was disrespectful of those powers that confirmed the validity of Vaddukoddai Resolution. Some of them were living in Malaysia and Singapore. Hence the credit ought to have been shared. As per Hindu legend about the conflict between Lord Shiva and wife Shakthi – when Shakthi insisted on going to her father’s yaaham / sacrificial religious ceremony to which Shiva was not invited – Shiva – member of the holy trinity - was furious because his share of the respect was not allocated. This to me means that when we attribute to the structure through which we derive benefits – we raise our consciousness towards formless philosophy. Lord Shiva represents consciousness.

A couple of days back when my Canadian brother tried to explain that all were happy about the marriage of a young relative about which marriage in Canada - I got to know a couple of years later – I said to him – it was not merely  about the compatibility of the couple; it is about the structural obligations of the parents who failed to invoke our blessings for the marriage of the young ones – however small the ceremony was. Those are the values of good order that we migrants from that part of the world being into our new homelands.  When Mr Wigneswaran was invited and I was not – that was indicator that the organizers were driven by ‘show of status’ than the structural values that would regulate the relationships including with the government.

Yesterday a highly respected writer and intellectual contributor to Sri Lankan politics wrote as follows -  in response to my article ‘Me Too Leadership?’

Read with interest your piece. On the last para- do you think the majority community with the present leadership whether in Govt or in opposition would ever concede any space to the minorities? I doubt’
The last para goes as follows:
[It is important that we are driven by the Truth that we identify with in each other and not political radicals ourselves. As Leader of the Opposition, Mr Rajapaksa’s duty is to present the feelings of minority victims – i.e. – Muslim civilians. Had Mr Sampanthan been the leader – that would have been a natural pathway for him. But Mr Rajapaksa needs majority empowerment to lead. It’s a lost opportunity to lead minority communities. That is how karma works.]

 My response was:
[Not really. But they – especially the current government – are more aware of the power of minorities – especially if we stay united]

The above response was experience based. I was able to facilitate permanency in nursing jobs which was promised by the previous government but was delayed during this government. I invoked my Sri Lankan Energy to meet with the officials in Colombo after the provincial government headed by Mr Wigneswaran failed to even hear them. This was possible because I was respectful of the investment  in orderly structures in Health Ministry and rejected their disorderliness. To me that is the value of a diplomatic mission. I was the Australian High Commissioner leading that group of nurses to claim my returns for investing in education of global standards. To the extent I recognised their investment in good order – I paid my respects to them – largely through Due Processes – however long it took for me to have their Dharshan – Appearance of the higher soul. I thus paid my respects to the true Minister of the People within me – but working through the individual in front of me. Hence the message to connect through the ‘Truth that we identify with in each other

The Truth I identify with during the current regime is more positive for democracy than the truth that I identified with under the immediate past regime. As a person who shared my true order with villagers who are easily radicalized – I include myself with Muslims in the current conflict in Sri Lanka. That I believe would help them diffuse the disorderliness in their community. In politics – that is the role of the Opposition. But Mr Rajapaksa to my mind – does not feel with either side in this turmoil. Hence he invoked the genie / pootham – July 1983  to attract attention to his alleged victory where UNP’s Jayawardene failed in 1983. Given the ISIS connection – Sri Lankan Muslims have to be included by fellow Sri Lankans – so that the Easter tragedy becomes a completed project through whose truth we learn more about ourselves. Both – Muslim as well as Christian communities in Sri Lanka are made up of Tamils as well as Sinhalese. The ethnic war was between Tamils and Sinhalese as whole communities. One needs to have good order to confirm that militancy is genuine. This was missing in Tamil militancy which excluded Muslims. But the orderly Tamils included Muslims and thus eliminated that disorder at policy level.

Majority Sinhalese voters do not vote for Mr Rajapaksa for his leadership qualities. They vote for the benefits that he shows he can bring. Even Tamils in business said that they were better off under the Rajapaksa government than under the current government. LTTE leadership also contributed to this kind of money based thought structure – which like a rock blocks higher relationships that lead us to independence through Oneness. If Sri Lankans want good order – they must now add their orderly powers to Muslims who are our bridges with global Muslim community. The orderly Muslim community is stronger than the disorderly Muslim community. To remain so or become stronger – we need to add our orderly energy to them.

The Daily Mail report headed ‘Sri Lankan suicide bomber ‘was radicalised by notorious hate preacher Anjem Choudary while in London  confirms the globalization trend. We knew this through the Australian connections also. In both nations Muslims are minorities who are bound to be empowered by the injustices to minorities in common by majority. That is a lesson that Americans learnt through 9/11 and adjusted through election of Obama as the Common candidate. Ranil Wickremesinghe is the closest parallel in Sri Lanka – especially when supported by Tamils who are Sri Lankans. Education is an express pathway to commonness.

In his interview published under the heading  ‘ISIS Didn't Choose Sri Lanka, But Sri Lankan Group Chose ISIS – RAND’

Nilantha Ilangamuwa asks the question about the ISIS involvement ‘Why do they choose Sri Lanka?’
Jonah Blank – a Puthi Jeevi (intellectual soul) who is part of Rand Corporation stated ‘It appears that ISIS didn’t choose Sri Lanka, but that a group of Sri Lankans chose ISIS. It could have happened anywhere, but in this case the terrorists happened to be Sri Lankan, and they got their skill-set and training (apparently) from ISIS.

Rand Corporation represents the American  wisdom learnt though wars. Relatively speaking despite the claim of victory over the LTTE – who were then described as the world’s worst terrorists – Sri Lankan government  has no such pool – including the parallel of India’s RAW. The above mentioned question about ‘me too’ came from a civilian Puthi Jeevi in India. Hence Mr Sirisena’s fear of RAW. One is entitled to conclude that when Indian intelligence was before Mr Sirisena – he ran away from Sri Lanka – because of his fear of the unknown. When we live through our imagination, we fear the unknown attacker exponentially. The unknown was RAW to Mr Sirisena and not ISIS which did not have even a tiny winy bit of space in Mr Sirisena’s mind – nor in Mr Rajapaksa’s mind. Like Thunaivi folks they isolated themselves in their local areas where they were heroes.

There is good as well as bad in all of us as well as in communities and nations. To the extent we respect their structures – we would invoke their good energies to merge with ours. When we desire their benefits/handouts – we inherit their bad energies that would block our pathway to independence.

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