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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

03 May  2019

Jihad Opportunity or Terrorism Problem?

As per this article [The people in Pakistan attacked us and say we’re not Muslims…. Then in Sri Lanka, people attack us because they say we are Muslims.”
Those were the words of 58-year old Tariq Ahmed, an Ahmadiyya man from Pakistan, who until recently had been living in the town of Negombo, Sri Lanka, having fled religious persecution in his home country. He is now one of over a thousand refugees and asylum seekers to have been hounded out of their homes by violent mobs seeking ‘revenge’ against members of the Muslim community in response to the Easter Sunday attacks in Sri Lanka.]

Pakistan became a ‘Muslim Only’  country despite Gandhi’s struggle to not divide India. As I often say in my management lessons – I would rather be a small part of a large institution than a big part of a small institution.  Jinnah wanted to be the big boss of small Pakistan than be a small boss of part of big India.

The accepted laws of physics discovered by Newton include the following:
[When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body. ] Since this has stood the test of time and distance – one could take it to be true. Our work values likewise produce equal and opposite results – even though not of the returns is  visible – the results happen as per the science of work. The invisible return is stored as force and Energy. In summary the cost or the benefit  is made up of the Seen, the Known and Energy.

One who needs to see is at the primary level. One who knows is usually intellectually driven and capable to developing middle level systems. One who has Energy – is Universal. When Pakistan separated from India – it was due to primary level operation. Jinnah and followers failed to attribute credit to Gandhi and others for their liberation from British rule. Likewise Sri Lankans/Ceylonese. Such separatists fear diversity in the  territories within their control.

I am not surprised to learn about Ahmadiyya Muslims being alienated in Pakistan, because that is what Tamil Separatists did to Tamil speaking Muslims and also Western looking Tamils like myself who are recognized at far lower level than those who were/are  close to militant leaders. One lady in Vavuniya said that when her husband was asked by the rebel groups to queue up to mark his attendance in Vanni – she said ‘That’s it. You inform your head office and work from home’. Armed militancy did not lead to a successful completion because – of this false positioning. The core power was the opportunity lost – especially in education and in professional jobs in common areas like Colombo. The outcomes that the armed war produced ought to show this order.  To the extent they did not – the connection to common purpose was absent and the militants fought for their own purposes – some on group basis and others as individuals.

The founder of Ahmadiyya sect was Indian. I find the following presentation of value in appreciating the diversity of Islam:
[Unlike most scholars of other Islamic sects, Ahmadi Muslims do not believe that any verses of the Quran abrogate or cancel other verses. All Quranic verses have equal validity, in keeping with their emphasis on the "unsurpassable beauty and unquestionable validity of the Qur'ān". The harmonization of apparently incompatible rulings is resolved through their juridical deflation in Ahmadī fiqh /law, so that a ruling (considered to have applicability only to the specific situation for which it was revealed), is effective not because it was revealed last, but because it is most suited to the situation at hand.] Wikipedia

The parallel of that philosophy in resource management is ‘project basis’ instead of program – to complete and take the net value only into the big picture.

The following principle helps us to identify with the reason why mainstream Pakistani Muslims would not want Ahmadiyya Muslims in Pakistan:

[The principal headquarters of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is the city, town or place where the caliph resides. As such, since the forced exile of the fourth caliph   from Pakistan in 1984, the official headquarters of the Community has been based in London, England.]

Even though they were living in Sri Lanka – Ahmadiyya community’s capital was London. Sinhalese who ask Tamils to go to Tamil Nadu – would naturally expect Muslims to go to their Religious capitals.  In the mind of the common Sri Lankan this would be the Middle East for all Muslims. In the case of Ahmadiyya community the thinking of the less literate Sri Lankan would be for them to go back to Pakistan.

Ahmadi Jihad is presented as follows by Wikipedia:

[According to Ahmadi Muslim belief, Jihad can be divided into three categories: Jihad al-Akbar (Greater Jihad) is that against the self and refers to striving against one's low desires such as anger, lust and hatred; Jihad al-Kabīr (Great Jihad) refers to the peaceful propagation of Islam, with special emphasis on spreading the true message of Islam by the pen; Jihad al-Asghar (Smaller Jihad) is an armed struggle only to be resorted to in self-defence under situations of extreme religious persecution whilst not being able to follow one's fundamental religious beliefs, and even then only under the direct instruction of the Caliph.]

As per the above theory Gandhi’s was Greater Jihad. The Tamil militancy was Smaller Jihad to the extent it was in defence under the strict instructions of educated leaders of the Common Tamil. Beyond that it was Terrorism including against one’s own community. Likewise the Government’s armed forces that went beyond defending and attacked. Now after the Easter Sunday bombings – some leaders are elevating the status of the LTTE – as if it was a ‘product within their custody’.

By eliminating the LTTE did the Sri Lankan government acquire good karma or negative karma? To the extent LTTE was made global – the karma also becomes global. Sri Lanka is no longer a small country but is part of global activism against militancy. To the extent it globalized the LTTE – the government had the responsibility to use weapons under the strict supervision of global governance. Given that the war was more than in defence – and without the supervision of the UN – it was Terrorism against Tamils. Every  Tamil who feels Sri Lankan – has the ability to return the karma to the causer. They need not be direct victims. If they feel Tamil – then they are entitled to and will be able to return the karma of unlawful attacks.

There is a song by Tamil poet Kannathasan – titled - ‘Ulagam piranthathu enakkaga’/the world is my oyster. According to the lyrics – everything natural is happening for me. That is the way a true owner thinks. Such an owner would have followed the path of Greater Jihad like Jesus and Gandhi did. But one who is ‘given’ the position without having developed commonness would possess the whole and separate her/himself from other claimants due to lack of self-confidence. This was demonstrated by the Sri Lankan President when he pleaded with the attackers ‘to leave his country alone’. When I see the cleaning truck on Coogee beach early in the morning – I thank the guy – as if he is doing it for me. It’s a difficult job because of the hours – and hence my identity with the guy – to mentally participate and share my Energy with her/him. To my mind, as per my experience - it is most likely to be a migrant. Yesterday when someone who has booked to stay with us wrote  I love Coogee Beach. It is the best in Sydney I think’ – I felt happy as if it was my personal beach.

Similarly when Mr Sirisena pleaded I felt unhappy. On the one hand he expressed confidence in the Sri Lankan forces as follows:

[President Sirisena expressed his gratitude to the UNSG and the Under Secretary General for the support extended at this difficult occasion and said called for assistance to curb terrorism. He said that foreign expertise and other assistance are required. However, he clarified that Sri Lankan forces are quite capable and said the country did not want foreign troops for these operations.

But if the Government did employ foreign troops and foreign weapons – including from Pakistan – in the 2009 war against Tamils – then it would need external help from wider world to eliminate and /or protect against foreign elements. It is the kind of ‘premature freedom’ that robs leaders including Prabhakaran and Rajapaksa – to become separatists and therefore isolationists.  The IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi who is reported  to have claimed responsibility for the Easter bombings was arrested after US invasion of Iraq by Americans which would have seemed unlawful to his mind – because Americans were foreigners. After being released – he became a jihadist.

This gradually expanded to Islamic Nation. It’s a kind of revenge reaction to US invasion. To such a mind, UN would seem to be the US nation. The Americans who killed Osama bin Laden would have become his enemies. This leader’s connection to Osama bin Laden is presented as follows:

[Following the death of the founder and head of al-QaedaOsama bin Laden, on 2 May 2011, in Abbottabad, Pakistan, al-Baghdadi released a statement praising bin Laden and threatening violent retaliation for his death. On 5 May 2011, al-Baghdadi claimed responsibility for an attack in Hilla, 100 kilometres (62 mi) south of Baghdad, that killed 24 policemen and wounded 72 others. On 15 August 2011, a wave of ISI suicide attacks beginning in Mosul resulted in 70 deaths.  Shortly thereafter, in retaliation for bin Laden's death, the ISI pledged on its website to carry out 100 attacks across Iraq featuring various methods of attack, including raids, suicide attacks, roadside bombs and small arms attacks in all cities and rural areas across the country.]
Pakistan thus became the Capital of this leader’s nation. The gene-connection to Churches is confirmed as follows:

[On 25 January 2011, Indonesian terrorist Umar Patek was arrested in Abbotobad. Patek, a member of the Jemaah Islamiyah terrorist group, was wanted in connection with a deadly series of church bombings in Indonesia in 2000, and three attacks that killed 202 people in tourist districts of Indonesia in what became known as the Bali bombings]

They all lead to Pakistan from whose government the then Sri Lankan government purchased arms to kill militants. As per my belief – if we recognize good in those who have passed on – we inherit their goodness. If we recognize their bad qualities to promote ourselves and/or take credit for their wins as ours – then we inherit those bad qualities.

The Sri Lankan government continued to claim victory over ‘Terrorism by the LTTE’ even after its death. The latest is the promotion of  then Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa as president and his brother Mahinda Rajapaksa playing the role of President which amounts to mutiny. In 2018 October when Mr Sirisena handed over the leadership to his former boss Mahinda Rajapaksa – he invoked LTTE from the grave. Once militancy / terrorism is unsupervised – it becomes common with other like forces.

When the President’s government is supervised by the President and it is seen to be so – the IS will go away – recognising Sri Lankan armed forces  to be their comrades.

When we know that we have no control over a group – we need to become like them and connect to their truth and apply their own laws on the basis of that truth – to protect ourselves from being misunderstood by them. To my mind, the Bali bombings happened to hurt Australians due to Australia’s  partnership in the invasion of Iraq. For my part – I frequently repent so that my Australia would be protected from such natural disasters. If both sides are true to themselves  as per their respective positions in their worlds – what happens is natural disaster until we know otherwise through our own reliable pathways.

Sri Lankan leaders need to repent on behalf of all Sri Lankans who attacked someone else’s pathway to enjoyment of sovereignty. I believe that it is by repenting for our side’s breaches – that I identify with Jaffna’s protection.

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