Monday 13 May 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

13 May  2019

Hambantota – the Cursed Land?

The great war in Indian Mahabharatham was fought on the Land known as Kurushetram. As per believers – that land carries strong Energy that empowers believers in (1) Land based ownership and (2) Learning about how Natural powers work. Emperor Ashoka is known to have confirmed Blessings by the latter Energy.  According to  Sri Lankan Buddhist  parallel  of Mahabharatham – the Mahavamsa chronicle,   Ashoka’s  children Mahinda and Sanghamitta pioneered Buddhism in Sri Lanka.  If there are true believers then one could accept that to be true. Given that Sri Lanka’s Government is strongly influenced by Buddhist leaders and that no Buddhist leader is on record to have disputed the above – one could conclude that the Constitution with ‘Buddhism foremost’ clause is automatically applicable to those Buddhist leaders who deviate from Natural powers / karma. No one needs to take them to Courts. It works automatically when invoked by a believer.

When I do Google search, the information comes before me through the express pathway. Some of it is as per my defined request. But these days the response is often  much deeper than the response that my defined request deserves. The reason is the deeper minds of Google mind, the one who wrote the Google contents and the one about whom the response is. The response confirms the depth of their consolidated mind and thereby the depth of my mind also. One who appreciates this  would have no difficulty in appreciating that Energies work on their own – Hence - as per the Will of God.

As per Al Jazeera news through report headed ‘Police impose curfew on Sri Lankan town after mosques attacked’ - Christians attacked mosques and Muslim-owned businesses in Chilaw after what they believed was a threat on Facebook.
Whether it is Facebook or Google – the reader’s mind drives the depth of the conclusion. The article concludes as follows:
[One of the latest to be arrested was Mohamed Aliyar, Saudi-educated scholar. Police claim he had links with Zahran Hashim, the suspected ringleader of the bombings.
"Information has been revealed that the suspect arrested had a close relationship with ... Zahran and had been operating financial transactions," said a police statement late on Friday.
The statement said Aliyar was "involved" with training the group of suicide bombers in the southern town of Hambantota.]
Hambantota was the electorate of Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa during the war against Tamils – alleged to have been against the LTTE. Now a part of that land is in the custody of China – India’s enemy in autocracy / opposition in democracy. This is in breach of the principles of Land based ownership. King Kuru was blessed with the boon that the land would be Holy Land. Hence Kurushetram. To be holy the war on that land had to be the war to uphold Dharma. In that war – those who deviated from Dharma as well as those who upheld Dharma – died. Hence the surface reader would conclude that the side that lost more lives was the winner. But Vanni was not the Kurushetram and the war was not holy for those who did not remain in their ‘home-areas’ within Sri Lanka.  To Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa that was NOT holy war – because he moved form his home electorate of Hambantota to Kurunagela and Chinese moved into Hambantota. Hence one is entitled to confirm that  in Politics, Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa was defeated by the war. Hambantota was the base / fundamental unit of his political ownership. He lost that to China.
The parallel of that here in Australia – happened to Mr John Howard who lost his seat in Parliament after damaging the feelings of migrants like myself to whom Australia has become ‘home’ in one generation. One needs to have renounced such earned benefits and opportunities in the land of birth – to   have such accelerated ownership in a different part of the world. Equal Opportunity principles are towards such acceleration  in which the benefits foregone voluntarily – become Ownership Energy which manifests in the new homeland in the form needed to confirm the value forewent. I left Sri Lanka to earn more money in Papua New Guinea and go back to Sri Lanka to build a home in the land I bought by foregoing enjoyments of my contemporaries. That happened when I was working in Prima – where my seniors were Singaporeans. My current home-unit here in Coogee is part of the  development  by Prima and before the auction began I walked  over to the chairman and sought his blessings.  I believe that since I forewent the benefits that I ought to have received as if I were  Singaporean – but accepted the Sri Lankan level of remuneration – despite being a higher performer by standards  - the ‘gap’ become Energy on which I could draw here in Australia. Likewise that gap here in Australia – was the base on which I sued Mr Howard in Court – as the CEO of Public Service. I was ‘dismissed’ by the Federal Courts but my Energy got added to that of other migrants who forewent to make Australia their home. Hence the loss of  political base needed to remain in parliament – leave alone become PM.
This morning I was directed to Lankaweb article which informs through report headed ‘U.S. interfering in SL Judiciary – Parliamentarian Udaya Gammanpila’:
[An officer attached to the United States (US) Embassy in Sri Lanka has taken several Sri Lankan Judges for a seminar in the US with the intention of interfering with the affairs of the Courts, United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) Parliamentarian Udaya Gammanpila alleged yesterday…….
He claimed, The US is trying to intervene with local affairs by manipulating our Courts. The US Embassy in Sri Lanka recently organized a seminar for Sri Lankan Judges in the US. The topic of that seminar is ‘Money Laundering and the Recovery of Stolen Assets’. It was facilitated by the US Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Nine senior Judges participated in this seminar. They are Supreme Court (SC) Judges, Justices Buwaneka Aluwihare PC, Priyantha Jayawardena PC and Vijith Kumara Malalgoda PC, Court of Appeal Judges, Justices A.H.M.D. Nawaz, Janak de Silva and N. Bandula Karunarathna, and High Court Judges Sampath Wijeratne, Sampath Abeykoon and Champa Janaki Rajaratne. The Coordinator of the seminar, named Patrick Tillou, who is an officer at the US Embassy in Sri Lanka, during a dinner had reportedly asked these Judges as to what would happen to the case of former Chief of Staff of Opposition Leader Mahinda Rajapaksa, Gamini Senarath. The Judges replied that that case is a weak one. Then Patrick had said, ‘we hope you would give a ruling which would set an example for all the senior State officers. Now, who is this ‘we’? ‘We’ means the US Government. Patrick did not stop there. He asked what the reasons were for the delay in the case related to former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa. The Judges said that Rajapaksa files appeals with the Supreme Court against their rulings. Patrick requested them to give a final verdict on those cases as soon as possible. What is this? Patrick advised our Judges.”]
As per Dharma – is it interference given that the Sri Lankan government used the status  of the UN to label the LTTE as Terrorists and given that the UN was strongly resourced by Americans? Once UN status was used irresponsibly – and promises to the UN are broken – those affected have every right to take the path of Natural Justice. THAT is NOT interference.  If that is then China’s control over Hambantota is far stronger. It was takeover and not mere interference. Where was Mr Udaya Gammanpila when that takeover happened?
Hambantota has become cursed land due to the excesses by Rajapaksas who claim to be Buddhists. They are not disciples of Buddha nor followers of the children of Ashoka  - Mahinda and Sanghamitta. They are users of Buddhism in politics and since common-land area is the fundamental unit of ownership of a Parliamentary seat  - their political life is cursed. The curse is strong enough to infect the likes of Christians who endorse Buddhism foremost or fail to oppose Buddhism Foremost actions. The Constitution would then become active through the Energies of those who follow their own pathways – including the secular pathway to truth – which then renders ownership in the whole. If such owners and/or their followers are disrespected – then the return would go back through the ‘Buddhism foremost’ measure through which fixed and permanent political benefits  are allocated to Buddhist politicians and judges. As we sow so shall we reap. It is reaping time for the Rajapaksas and their allies.
Last night I had a beautiful completion to my sharing against the Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to Mr Malcolm Ranjith from a fellow Sri Lankan whose wisdom I value.  
‘Thanks for sharing your views. Under no circumstance should anyone make use of the sorrowful Easter to obtain prizes for themselves by their so called HOLY utterances. This is a classic case of politicians who have messed up trying to fish in trouble waters. 
Peace prize is indeed a joke. ‘

I responded as follows:
‘I do believe that the more we recognize Truth – as per our conscience, the more Sri Lanka will be protected.’
When we truly own Sri Lanka – we would go global through other nations. Then we would not fear interference nor invasion.

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