Wednesday 15 May 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

15 May  2019

LTTE being Resurrected?

Indian government’s extension of the ban of LTTE confirms that to Indian government – the LTTE spirit is still alive. The authors of the Times of India article  ‘Why LTTE is dreaded even after its eclipse’ present their view on this as follows:
The Centre’s extension of the ban for five more years is aimed at squeezing the remnants of the outfit , suspected to be lying low in the form of sleeper cells across the globe after the ethnic war ended in 2009 with the elimination of the top brass including its self-styled chief Velupillai Prabhakaran.’

In some ways that is resurrection of LTTE because one cannot ban the non-existent. Did the LTTE get resurrected in the mind of the Indian Government due to the Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka? Truth is eternal. Hence we tend to preserve the truth that would be positive when manifested at our time of need. But if we disrespected the LTTE’s good side the bad side would manifest itself in our own minds. Hence ghosts. The Indian government seems to fear the ghost of the LTTE.

As a Tamil who was respected by members of the LTTE – albeit at junior levels – I do not fear them at all. This is because I did not /do not desire the outcomes they produced. Within the Tamil community – they were of a different culture to my culture. The Indian Government – for whatever reason included the LTTE as a junior to itself. Likewise the Rajapaksa government. As per that culture – you live by the weapon and you die by that same weapon. Hence suicide bombers. Whether it is right or wrong – I do not know because I do know that they lack knowledge of common social rules. They had their own and strict adherence to these made them leaders in armed militancy. It was indiscriminate mixing of cultures that led to India lacking the intuition to prevent the killing of Rajiv Gandhi. If the Indian Peace Keeping Force was unruly – and Tamils died due to IPKF lacking insider intelligence – then to what extent does one blame the LTTE for the death of Rajiv Gandhi ? Does one need to ask the question whether it was the karma of the Indian Government which indiscriminately joined forces with the LTTE? Did India kill its own PM?

India is the holy land where Bhaghawath Geetha was born. As per the great mind of the author – Saint Vyasagar, Krishna did not directly participate in the war but energised the side that valued and respected Him. That is an exemplary example of Diplomatic leadership. Indian Government of  that time failed in such a mission. Had Tamil Peacekeeping forces been sent by India – their Prime Minister would not have been killed. That is the way of common citizens. There is a natural flow of Intelligence that connect the two sides through common citizens. Not all dual citizens are common. Only those who carry the higher common values of the countries concerned are common citizens. The value is one – but the face of citizenship is two for such persons. Those driven by benefits – would need to follow the dictum ‘When in Rome do as Romans do’. 

Within Sri Lanka, only those who carry the higher common values are Sri Lankans. Those who are driven by benefits – including when voting – need to act like locals to intuitively connect with the environment and protect themselves. Knowing which category  - dual or common - we belong to is important .

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