Saturday 11 May 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

11 May  2019

Mirror ! Mirror! Who is the world’s Most Victorious Defeater of   Terrorists?

When my nephew-in-law rang this  morning to inform of us about the passing away of a distant relative in London, I said to him that given that he had failed to take a stand with my husband’s brother’s testamentary case through his truth – I saw no value in this information sharing about a distant relative about whom I did not hear my husband speak. He was therefore a part of the common community. I said instead, my active participation in the Testamentary matter to lift it to high court level despite the insults at family and primary court level – was valuable memorial through the position held by my brother in law whose escalated value is now residing in American and Australian libraries as well as with the University of Jaffna -  through my book ‘Naan Australian’.

I felt deeply touched when reading the Colombo Telegraph’s article of pain ‘My Child Will Go To School When President’s Granddaughter Goes To School’ by Grusha Andrews, which includes the following passage relating to memorials:
[There was no reduction of the pomp and fanfare at the wedding of Daham Sirisena. Sirisena who went to Thirupathi with his family to obtain ‘blessings’ of the Thirupathi God for this wedding went on a solo trip to Singapore.
This wedding is being celebrated in all its opulence, noise and music whilst 250+ dead souls are hovering in the air. These dead souls include the souls of 45 innocent butterfly like children, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters…….
These perished souls were forsaken by the despicable professional political brutalists, the Rajapaksas, who established, supported, funded, and protected Wahhabists in the east. They are brutal murderers by proxy. How Gotabaya Rajapaksa declared his candidacy for president literally over the pulped pieces of flesh and blood of the victims of Easter Sunday says it all. 
These perished souls were forsaken by the Muslim politicians and Ministers who are complicit in the fostering of terrorism and Wahhabism in Sri Lanka. They are brutal murderers by proxy. We know their names. I cannot bring myself to type those names. They don’t deserve their names spoken. They are worse than the terrorists.  
However heart breaking, the dead are now dead. ……..
Most of all, I’m waiting for President Sirisena’s grand-daughter studying in Visakha Vidyalaya Colombo, to come to school. She has not……
Take note, citizens, Sirisena’s grand-daughter has not come to school. ]

Another communication from a victim expresses agony in the following form:
[I was educated in the UK and when my best friend stayed back I decided to come to the country I love. But now I realise my country does not love me and it will never love any of its citizens as long as those with the highest incompetence and selfishness govern the competent.!
I see post which invite foreigners to come back to Sri Lanka and not to abandon us! 
My dear foreigners please don't come here !!!! I witnessed everything that happened at the Shangri-la! I saw the family of the ASOS owner ! I met him. 
We can't guarantee your safety!    Not till idiots rule the beautiful land !]

The calls for children to go back to school and for tourists to come back are as deceptive as the claim that the President who is also the Minister for Defence did not anticipate  the bombings to happen, despite the warnings from Indian Intelligence Agency. The question is whether he ought to have. If there was no such responsibility structure in his mind, then is he not of the same mindset as the LTTE then and IS now?

The absence of relativity happens at emotional level and at Spiritual level. At emotional level we need to pass our thoughts through the institutional elders. At Spiritual level we become the medium of Common power. Relativity connects our emotions to feelings through structures of Truth. When we are not governed by Common law – structures become incapable of supporting respect and therefore the protection from such respect.  

The ultimate responsibility for the actions and negligence of elected leaders rests with the voters. When the victim stays ‘I realise my country does not love me’, in democracy it means that majority voters do not love me. This means also that majority voters do not love their country nor at least are respectful of their country. That lack of respect confirms lawlessness and v.v.

All of us develop good energies known as punniyam/good karma and bad energies known as paavam / sins. Where right is not recognized and rewarded within its due date / environment – it becomes good karma. Where wrongs are not corrected within their due date / environment, they become sins. They both underpin all our actions. Since most do not recognize this, institutional structures are developed to facilitate our journey as a group. Within that group – the stronger the positive energy, the more reliable the return and hence leadership is awarded to the one with strongest positive energy. When we respect such folks in our own domestic and community environments our structures protect and facilitate partnership with other institutions / nations like ours.

The Sri Lankan Government that claimed victory over Terrorists – confirmed that they did not consider their war to be discipline based. They confessed to having invaded. There are so many indicators including negligence of their duty to the UN,  that confirm that they were not respectful of global structures that helped them successfully meet that challenge. In commonness – that which is taken is from the Common Wealth – the proper and authentic custodians of which are those who contributed through their good karma – needs to be used for common purposes. One who respects commonness will know this to be a duty.

 We raise the value of the physically dead – to the higher level – so our Spiritual pool is stronger in value. Likewise we have the authority to draw from such Common Wealth – only to the extent of our relative contribution – including through respect for the higher / deeper contributors. Those who withdraw more than their share lose connection with their own Sovereignty and with the group.

Structures that lead to preservation of our Sovereignty are positive structures. By stating that Islamic State militants were responsible for what happened in Sri Lanka, the President confirms that our own structures failed to protect us. Failing to deliver as per the promises made at the UN level is a major failure – not only on the part of the Sri Lankan Government but also Tamils at their local group levels.

In his Sri Lanka Guardian article ‘Sri Lanka: The Panacea’, Victor Ivan states:
[The State should have acted more responsibility, at least after the extremist Islamist movements raised their head as one of the deadliest terrorist outfits on a global level. The State in its diplomatic dealings with Muslim countries which support Islamist terrorist organisations appearing for extremist ideologies should have been careful not to allow them implement programs for dissemination of such ideologies in the Muslim community of Sri Lanka. ]
Until 21 April 2019, the mirror in the hand of  the Sri Lankan government responded to the

 Question:  Mirror ! Mirror! Who is the world’s Most Victorious Defeater of   Terrorists?

Answer: You are the Most Victorious of all your Excellency – the President of Sri Lanka!

After 21 April 2019 the mirror is responding

Answer : ‘You are still the Most Victorious of all your Excellency – the President of Sri Lanka! but  your stepson the Head of Islamic State who is ready to die for his cause is thousand times more brave than you your Excellency

The Mirror here are the Voters who, like the mirror do not lie.

But I believe I contributed to Elimination of  Racial Discrimination – which is the global form of the ethnic problem in Sri Lanka. This morning I received some recognition as follows:

[Gajalakshmi, you were way ahead of the UN report.]

I took that as appreciation of my contribution to the ‘Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination’ based largely on my Australian experience. I wrote a paper mentally presenting it to the  UN and presented it to a group of Tamils in Melbourne in early two thousands at the same time Ms Navaneetham Pillai held hers officially.  If mine was of UN standards our Energies would have merged to provide me with global insight.

Had the Sri Lankan government and/or the LTTE supporters done that in their own environments – global energies would have protected Sri Lanka to protect itself from de facto attackers who do not pass their decisions through the reliable structures. This often leads to emotional outcomes and reactions – with the ultimate destination of mental disorders.

Whatever happened had to happen due to us the citizens also. The stronger the pain we feel – the greater the height to which we would lift the separation from the physical forms of our loved ones. But their true love would continue to support us as a common force – protecting us from above and from which we are entitled to draw at all times of need.

Even the Tamil memorial in Canada proposed for May 18 would invoke disorderliness unless it is within the laws of Canada and is not for benefit – especially for political benefit. Lest we forget that the Batticaloa attack was largely against Tamils.

 We have a duty to take a common date or the latest date as our Anniversary for mourning – i.e. – 21 April.  Otherwise one is entitled to conclude those who use May 18th  to have forgotten Batticaloa Tamils who are entitled to draw from the Common Tamil Pool. This includes also the Tamil speaking Muslims who are now being targeted the way Tamil civilians were targeted during the Sri Lankan war.

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