Thursday 2 May 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

02 May  2019

Islam Foremost through Pakistan / IS in Sri Lanka

I learnt about Pranic healing when I went with my Muslim friend to accommodate her interest. I went through the process and declared that it was good but that I could not spare the time to have repeat sessions. The centre gave me the brochure and I thought it had ended there. The following morning when as usual I meditated in my own way – I was able to move my upper body with far less pain than I had felt until then. Through my experience I learnt that this form of healing had value. Then I read the brochure – and learnt that it was also about meditation. In meditation we access our Truth and feel safe and comfortable. In Pranic healing the Energy of others is invoked by believers to help the patients cure themselves. I rang Raja and Yasmin of the Centre and thanked them. This morning when I felt more fit than yesterday – during meditation, I remembered the above experience. To my mind, it is very relevant in the context of the Sri Lankan war situation. The reason is that where the intellectual order is low only Truth can heal us.  
As if to confirm my faith – I came across the name of my dear friend Rene Don Bernard in the communication within St Joseph’s college alumni. I am included in the list by a true American Catholic. Since it is largely a boys’ club – I do not read all their communications. But the ones that are important to me ‘catch’ my attention. That is the way of belief.  The communication was about Rene Don Bernard playing centre in Rugby. Rene is physically no more but his Energy is here to support and comfort those who were genuine part of his life. I felt  particularly supported in the message I was sharing yesterday as follows:
[Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith is known to have spoken in support of Buddhism Foremost]
This morning I felt that I was blessed by my Catholic friend.
Positive or Negative – Energy works independent of us. It comes to support true believers in the form we have invested in. The best way to demonstrate religious governance in Sri Lanka is to stay within the boundaries of the religion without endorsing or blaming those outside the particular religion that elevates our status. It is this indiscriminate mixing of values that leads to militancy followed by terrorism when the borders are damaged to give one the impression/imagination that one is leader of the whole.
The Sri Lankan president is also taking an imaginary position when he made the following statement – as reported by New Delhi TV:
[Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena said a foreign mastermind may have planned the Easter Sunday bombings, claimed by Islamic State, telling the terrorist group to "leave my country alone".]
Recently when my husband bought me guava I said to him after taking the first bite – that there is a difference between offering and dumping. A statement of independence for which the nation fought for and achieved would have amounted to an offering. Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976 by Tamils was such an offering. The above confirms that Sri Lankan government was ‘dumping’ the name of independence.

The Tamil legend that comes to mind is as follows:

The thief who got caught told the king that he stole because he needed to live. The king then asked the thief to choose a pot out of three covered pots – one filled with gems, the other with gold coins and the third with rice-husk.  The thief picked the one with the husk. The song in praise of the king with divine powers in essence says:

[…Even if the whole nation produces abundance of paddy; even if all the rivers produce gems in abundance; even if we go into the coffers with authority – we reap only that which the Lord of Energy  has structure for us. ]

President Sirisena has come into the coffers where ‘Global’ status   in various forms is stored. The above pleading confirms what the President’s true energy has structured for him. The husk signifies those who live off the outer skin of an outcome. IS to Sri Lanka is the outer skin of Global terrorism. But his mentor made a living off the husk of the Sri Lankan ethnic war. They called it world terrorism and elevated the LTTE to global status which impressed the local voters. There were real heroes on both sides whose contribution would have gone towards preservation of  independence. But those who claim ‘only’ status would take all the credit. That credit is the husk – which is attractive to cows. Divinity supports eternal life. The thief stole others’ wealth because that was easier than working  hard and earning his own living. Likewise Sri Lankan government that stole the credit of war victory when they deviated from the orderly path that the civilians were entitled to. What they earned was the husk of independence – not the soul.

The then Government bought arms from Pakistan to eliminate the LTTE. Since they came without belief in Lanka’s Sovereignty – the current government keeps taking the husk even during peace times. That husk was from Muslim Pakistan’s paddy / work. Hence those who live off the husk of Islam are now attacking Sri Lanka – at the invitation of SLFP government’s cumulative value that has stagnated at husk level.  

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