Wednesday 8 May 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

08 May  2019

LTTE Kept Alive by SLFP ?

I learnt through my family experiences that those who take credit only for the benefits (including victories) when they were in high positions but fail to offset the debits during that same period are making business out of relationships and therefore are not capable of developing reliable Administrative structures leading to Self-Governance.

As per President’s Media Division report headed ‘President briefs diplomatic community about the successful operations to curb terrorism and bring back normalcy’, following is an indicator to Sri Lankans about the share that the current president contributed to intelligence into the war in Sri Lanka:

[Explaining the success of operations, he pointed out Sri Lankan intelligence experiences gained during the 30 year old conflict and they were useful to carry out anti-terrorism measures]

As a parallel – to the question ‘When you were defence secretary, how was your rapport with India? by Ms Lakshmi Subramaniam of the ‘Week’  published by Sri Lanka Guardian,
Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa confessed as follows:
[I had a very good rapport with India (smiles). I don’t know if you have read the book Choices. (He picks up the book by former foreign secretary Shivshankar Menon from his huge bookshelf and opens a chapter marked in green ink.) It has a chapter on Sri Lanka. It describes me, a chapter on Gota. It explains our relationship. We met outside the normal channels, out of the foreign ministry, and created a different channel to have this relationship. Three people from here and three people from there, including myself and [presidential adviser] Basil Rajapaksa, Shivshankar Menon, [national security adviser] M.K. Narayanan and [foreign secretary] Vijay Singh. We met very regularly. We exchanged ideas at different times, very sensitive times, and we solved those issues. We had a very close relationship.]
The above confirms to me that Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa’s relationship with these Indian officials  was very much subjective and that they were his seniors. Recently I said to a young Sri Lankan who was more ‘friends’ with her younger cousin who scored a point by revealing personal ‘secret’ – that she should decide which one she wanted more – relationship or friendship. I said relationship comes with the whole structure. Not so friendship. As a senior relative – she would have ‘lost’ the opportunity to develop respect from the junior, by sharing ‘secrets of excitement of their age’. The above  confirms that Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa did not wear his ‘Position Uniform’ to protect himself from the apparent seniors in that region. Hence there was quid pro quo exchange  of Defence Intelligence pertaining to Sri Lanka – with ‘Foreign  Intelligence’ relevant to Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa in relation to India.
In effect Mr Rajapaksa was confessing to being ‘brainwashed’ by Big Brother India.

When we seek genuinely through the official pathway through which we draw our benefits – the truth that we find at the end of that road may be least expected and painful. But if we uphold that truth, truth of others at that level comes to the discoverer. I discovered this yesterday also – after publishing my article headed ‘Tourism & Terrorism – Separate or One ?  I highlighted the fire during the opening ceremony of Shangri la, Hambantota – to be an indicator of  negative values to the environment. To me, that is sacred land due to Kathirgamam. Here in Australia, we now attribute to the Indigenous Landowners at the commencement of public events.  The following by Aboriginal activist Ms Catherine Liddle would help a non-Aboriginal Australian to better appreciate the special value of Land to Indigenous communities:

[To not know your country causes a painful disconnection, the impact of which is well documented in studies relating to health, wellbeing and life outcomes... It is this knowledge that enables me to identify who I am, who my family is, who my ancestors were and what my stories are. We are indistinguishable from our country which is why we fight so hard to hang on.] Catherine Liddle, Arrente and Luritja woman, and Aboriginal activist

This is true also of migrants like myself who contributed to harmony by becoming juniors despite being really seniors as per common measure. That ownership is defined by the ‘values’ that we developed in the belief that we belonged in a particular environment – be it land or biological human groups. When this is denied – it becomes painful. When we uphold our belief – others who have travelled along that pathway join us – in global and universal environment. To my mind this was confirmed when I found through Google search – the NSW Government’s court case against me (on the basis of peaceful assembly at the University of NSW)  and another advising me that my book ‘Naan Australian’ was with New York Public Library. The former was painful and  I did experience pain again. Soon my attention was drawn to the New York Library intelligence. This would be information to some but to me it was/is intelligence due to the true work I put into it as ‘service’.

Relatively speaking the Sri Lankan Defence Intelligence received ‘information’ and Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa also has confessed to contributing to that deterioration. This often happens when we artificially lift our work beyond our local borders. LTTE was thus lifted to global level – and finally when the IS  wolf arrived no one ( including the President and the Defence Department ) believed Sri Lankan government.

The 30 year war has become a myth because Karuna Amman – the Eastern head of LTTE was bought over by Mr Gotabhaya Rajapksa and his brothers from around 2007. The war ended in 2009. Hence the claim could only be 2 years and that too with the help of Karuna Amman whose  Defence capability will work only in militant environment headed by someone like Velupillai Prabhakaran.

To find the root cause of the conflict towards a permanent solution one needs to keep going towards the invisible root / truth / energy until one is not able to go further physically and/or mentally. Our real problem – the problem that we are capable of recognizing will bloom as opportunity at that level. When we stop short – at the apparent level – the other side also manifests – for example Kerala Ganja that has infested Sri Lanka. The author of the book ‘Choices’ mentioned above is Mr Shivshankar Menon  who according to Wikipedia hails from Ottapalam in Palakkad district of Kerala. The Energy of the weapon comes from the mind of the person who holds the  weapon. Kerala is very similar in culture to Northern Sri Lanka. Soora Padman – the demon - kept changing forms and finally become peacock (the vehicle of Muruga) and rooster (early warning system) in the flag of Muruga. Tamil combatants who surrendered to Lord Muruga became the global media that carries the Lord of Observation and provide the Early warning indicators due to their insight into militancy. Lord Muruga was born out of the third eye of Lord Shiva – as sparks of fire. The third eye is the eye of insight. Any true devotee of Kathirgamam would have identified with the early warning signs – for truth comes to the believer at the time of believer’s need.

The President as well as Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa are seen as being part of SLFP. Since both are invoking LTTE by using their name after claiming victory   an SLFP led government would invoke LTTE like Opposition to show up their heroism. If Sri Lankans vote them into government – we must accept war-like environment during their leadership.

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