Wednesday 29 May 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

29 May  2019

Sri Lanka’s Mohamed Zahran cured Australia’s Haisem Zahab

They say that Time and Place movements are Agents of Change. If we freeze time and place we go into virtual reality. When we freeze time we find a manifestation that takes us half the way to truth.

Yesterday, on Channel 9 news I heard the news I heard about Haisem Zahab who gave evidence in NSW Supreme Court to defend himself against Terrorism charges. Further search took me to the following :

[Zahab claimed he relied only on social media for his news, and that he did not realise ISIS was involved in attacks on innocent civilians because he was in a "bubble".
Justice Bellew found that hard to fathom.
"I just have a difficulty with the proposition that one can be -- as it were -- in a "bubble", completely divorced from the fact that there are -- and have been for some years -- widespread reports in every possible media, social or otherwise, about the evils of ISIS," he said.
"You would have to be almost a hermit for those reports not to come to your knowledge, surely?"

…..Zahab said his change of heart began about two months after he was incarcerated.
"When I was arrested I was a sympathiser with ISIS", he said.
"Once I was sent to prison, I was watching normal TV, meeting with Imams."
"I would see ISIS doing terrorist attacks on innocent civilians."
"The nail in the coffin for me -- which told me I'm right in rejecting them -- was the Sri Lanka Easter Sunday attacks against Christians."] 'I've Come Out Of A Cult': Terror Tradie Now Rejects ISIS at

As part of the Sri Lankan Tamil Community carrying the LTTE Terrorism label I do identify with Zahab’s confession. I identify also with Zahab’s isolation from mainstream society – through my own feelings at the Australian workplace. Many reports on Sri Lanka’s Easter bombings refer to what happened to the Muslim attackers as ‘Brainwashing’. The question is whether it is / was caused by the weakness in the citizen or brainwashing by the government and its agents.

Yesterday, Channel 9 reported also on a White-Australian boy as follows:
[Kaleb Murphy, 11, says he wants to be at school, but the little boy faces huge behavioural challenges.
His parents aren’t giving up on him, and they don’t want the education system to, either.
Statement from the NSW Department of Education
Wiripaang Public School has worked extensively with the student and his family since the start of the year to support him and provide the most appropriate educational setting.
As students’ needs change, schools and the Department work with parents to consider a variety of options to ensure these needs continue to be met.
The student’s parents have been invited to apply to have their son enrolled in a different class, but they have declined to apply.
The school, Department and specialists are continuing to work with the family..]

On the one hand we have parents of a child who does not think there is anything wrong with him and on the other we have the parallel of the Government that thinks that there is something wrong with its citizen who is clever but shared his skills with an organization considered to be ‘Terrorists’ by the Australian Government – not by direct experience but to its common thinking with other governments that have had the experience. ISIS in the mind of the rebel is the parallel of the parent in the mind of Kaleb Murphy. Like ISIS they do not want their child to be treated differently – not even as a junior but as an Equal in his group. The question therefore arises as to whether it is fair to punish Haisem Zahab as if he committed the acts on Australian soil, while Kaleb is merely disciplined administratively.

As per the above report:
[The Sydney-born electrician, who moved to Young with his family to escape the "rat race" said his "obsession" with ISIS began when he read reports in the news and on social media about the Assaad regime using chemical weapons against its own civilians in Syria.
"Seeing the images of the children and civilians people just choking to death had a massive effect on me," he told the court.]
A good proportion of LTTE also would identify with the deaths of civilians in majority Sinhalese areas to be the reason why they became militants. Majority citizens learn about the laws of the country at workplaces. Where employers show a totally different outcome to one’s own measure –through personal measure, common law or truth,  one feels an outsider. I know this through my own experience here in Australia. The parallel of ISIS / LTTE for me was the group that offered through emails ‘donations to assist war-orphans’. By this time I had invested enough in the official system to be protected by it. I had also been to the LTTE area through UNDP to assist them establish an appropriate Public Administrative system. As per that true interaction I felt urged by the inner voice to accept the offer and keep going as far as I could to facilitate them but without acting in breach of the law. Not too far into the system – we were alerted by the bank that a draft sent by the other side was fraudulent and also the money transfers they were attempting to make were from ‘unclaimed monies’. I asked the bank to take action against them. They did not. The parallel of that in the Sri Lankan case is the Muslim community asking the Law enforcement officers to take action against some of the attackers. In my case when the officers of our bank failed to do so and the Australian Federal Police tried to threaten me with denying access to any banking service in Australia -     I concluded that they were of the same kind as the offenders. One was apparently inside the borders of law and the other outside. I escalated the matter to the Ombudsman who also ‘dismissed’ me. Recently when I learnt through the TV news that a couple had lost almost a million due to an official banking transaction – from one bank to another – I identified that the problem was due to these inside Terrorists. Banks are prone to make mistakes. But when they fail to own that they are wrong and refuse to engage with the customer who feels genuinely hurt – and the customer is more law abiding than them – the system of karma returns the karma to sender. In this instance later when the problems into such practices by banks were inquired into – I mentally actively participated in the inquiry.
To the extent we discover truth we have converted our work and sacrifice into Energy. Energy is a Universal connector. The question therefore needs to be asked as to whether one who finds the official system unreliable and her/his contribution to the system is wasted is wrong in isolating her/himself to enjoy her/his cleverness in privacy? As per my own assessment of myself – I would not hurt anyone just because they hurt me. I use the pain to become independent of my contribution to them and physically exit from that system that did not work for me.
Justice Bellew is reported to have stated "You would have to be almost a hermit for those reports not to come to your knowledge, surely?". I was at the time I was isolated by the University of NSW. That isolation helped me hear the voices of the wise in that environment. This included the architects of the Inclosed Lands Protection Act 1901. When I studied that Act I realized that the authorities were wrong and were acting as if they were brainwashed by custodians of power at the University and later at the bank. I learnt also that I had the power to invoke such manifestations by wrong doers so long as I stayed within the law and where I knew I was wrong by law as per MY INTERPRETATION of the law - to accept the punishment. In all of the above instances I was well within the law. This helped me connect to the minds of those ancestors. Those who take revenge and/or act to hurt would be limited to the protection of law.

The current Sri Lankan government is reacting to punish Muslims through the law. But since 1972 they have ‘brainwashed’ dependent citizens to think that the Sri Lankan Constitution which includes Buddhism Foremost article is democratic. It can only be democratic if Non-Buddhists become Equal & Opposite group to the Government. The Junior in vertical order becomes the Equal Opposition in Democracy. Once a daughter or son becomes a parent – the parent must share power with that person. Likewise when smaller community groups become leaders of their community and demonstrate good governance within the community – it is the duty of the government formed through majority vote to share power and not treat them as juniors who could be ‘told’ and whose cultural laws could be tampered with. When a self-governing individual and/or group is treated like a junior and is punished – the return karma is exponential. The Energy brings universal support to uphold the righteousness of that individual and/or group. Once we leave the rest to god – it is god’s duty to take care of Dharma.

Sri Lankan Buddhist isolated themselves through Buddhism foremost attitudes. Hence the Lord of Dharma left them out of the latest manifestation of global proportions. The Opportunity is for Muslims and Christians of Sri Lanka to treat each other as Equals and seek their own respective solutions as minorities. I believe that Tamils of Sri Lanka have been successful in this to a large degree. The reason I identify with is the respect for our ancestors even if it is by a few. In democracy that becomes global power. Hence one is entitled to conclude that Sri Lanka’s Mohamed Zahran cured Australia’s Haisem Zahab by showing where such shows of cleverness would end in one’s own mind.

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