Sunday 19 May 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

19 May  2019

Temples for Spiritual Training or Vocational Training?

I believe that Freedom is important to learn the Truth about ourselves. Hence various privacy laws. All institutions – starting with families are entitled to the privacy within their institutional walls. Political leaders need to consciously wear their intellectual uniforms when they present their nations to wider world.

In the interview published by Ceylon Today under the heading ‘Take tough decisions - Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’  Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa has revealed that places of religious worship are used for vocational training:

[Q: The Sharia University was established during your regime. Do you now regret about that decision?

Response: Sharia University was not established during our time. It was formed as a vocational training centre through the Vocational Training Authority. 
There are various tertiary education level vocational training institutes and most of these operate through Temples.
 The first was Kataragama Temple and then, Beliaththa Getamanna Temple, and Kirivehara and so on. We operated centring religious places because we initially didn’t have funds to make our own establishments. 
We used conference halls and dining halls in temples for vocational training. We gave the training opportunity to Muslims as well, to Christians and Hindus even. I am the former President, not the former Minister under whose purview vocational training fell... that was Dullas Alahapperuma. 
When the permission was requested, we gave it, only to build a Vocational Training Centre. This is what now has been turned into a Sharia University. The Government clearly has the power to take over this university.]

Democracy works successfully only when Common Belief is strong. If temples are used for vocational training, then separation begins at that level. The way a Hindu would be trained would be different to the way a Buddhist would be trained. One who is not able to distinguish between the various religions is bound to fail in democratic leadership. Sri Lanka under the leadership of Mr Rajapaksa was a total failure in democracy. The above response confirms this.

The primary reason for separation is to facilitate ‘privacy’ of various faiths to share their truth within that space. Any group that shares its truth with fellow members is a well balanced group. It is for this reason that ‘freedom of the media’ is protected by law. It is for this reason why there are Fundamental Rights protected by law. Fundamental Rights lead us to Spiritual powers that work through our intuition. Travelling within the privacy of our Fundamental Rights is essential towards reaching this goal. This is also the reason why Separation of Powers between the Judiciary and Executive Government is essential in Democracy. Mr Rajapaksa failed that test due to lack of respect for that separation during his time as President of Sri Lanka. The above response confirms that he knows very little about democracy. This is ok so far as he did not take any benefits on the basis of democracy.
One of his regime’s victims is Arulantham Arun who changed his name to Arun Sitharth Maithreyan.  Sitharth is reported to be his son’s name. Ceylon Today article ‘Look within for solutions’ introduces Arun as follows:
[Arun publically condemned Tamil politicians, pointed out wrongs and challenged politicians to make amends. He talked about irregularities in the education system, pointed out troubles the Tamil youth are facing and even went as far as to say that all the Hindus are in fact, Buddhists.]
In his discussion with Adaderana – Arun connects Nallur rule of men removing the shirt to caste system – the same way Mr Rajapaksa connects Vocational training schools to religious education. Men do not need to remove their shirts at Kathirgamam Murugan temple but they do have to at Nallur which carries the fundamental laws of Hinduism much more strongly than Kathirgamam. As per my experience they are both powerful places but they are separate entities as Theivayanai and Valli are separated with Murugan in the Common Middle. One who is truly faithful to Murugan – will know naturally from within when such separation is needed. Such a believer would be an expert in democracy.

Converting all Sri Lankans to Buddhism may seem convenient to majority Sinhalese. But the more the political leaders interfere with other faiths that are more successfully travelling towards Spiritual Oneness – the more they weaken the Buddhism foremost power in the Constitution. The truth that such provisions represent work independent of the politicians. As per that truth – Sri Lankan leaders who resorted to arms to claim victory lack the natural powers to invoke Peace. If you take position through religion – then you are limited to your religious group to govern. The leader loses the moral authority to govern non-Buddhists. If they do – Buddhism will punish them – as it has punished the current leaders – starting with Mr Rajapaksa.

If Sharia University that happened during Rajapaksa regime was for vocational training – one should not be surprised that Muslims were making bombs – to protect Islam in their region.

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