Thursday 30 May 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

30 May  2019

Cargills and Jetwing are Jewels in the Education Crown of Jaffna

Yesterday I wrote as follows to Mr Jerome Auvity - Director Operations - Jetwing Hotels Ltd.:
[The message I share with my global community is that next to the Public Library – Cargills and Jetwing are jewels in the crown of Jaffna. They are more educational and training  institutions than trading institutions. This is why you responded. Thank you]

I believe this to be the case due to my inner wisdom about Northern Tamils. One who marks oneself right and the other wrong ceases in the travel towards truth at that level. One who keeps going without marking rights and wrongs – discovers the connection between Cause and Effect. Such a mind accepts right and wrong on Equal footing – and hence travels steadily until the end. The end would be as per the core purpose of the travel. If this is oneness of mind – then rights and wrongs on the way do not matter. I believe that my book ‘Naan Australian’ got carried to Australian and American libraries – without my knowledge – due to this true Energy. They seek and therefore they found. All of us have such experiences within our families and our  workplaces. But one needs the power of forbearance to keep going when one is found fault with by the person in authority. Simple Meditation on my own Truth helped me develop this forbearance.

Weaker job opportunities for Tamils in Colombo became a reality after 1983 attacks in Colombo and other multicultural areas. So long as Colombo remains multicultural it would contribute strongly to commonness in Sri Lanka. Australia’s Haisem Zahab who has been charged with allegations of Terrorism confirmed the connection between isolation-cleverness development and risk of disorderly deaths including in one’s own community. The judge hearing the case revealed insight into the character of such isolated folks through the word hermit. Many of the acts of cleverness demonstrated by Haisem Zahab apply also to the Jaffna Tamils who manufactured their own improvises during the time of restrictions. Indiscriminate application of the law to punish without consciousness of the negligence of the responsible authorities to ‘include’ would invoke the punishment against that very authority – provided the victim submitted to Truth discovered by her / him. I have seen this happen more and more at the Australian workplace and the reward was that placement of my book in the libraries. In the case of Jaffna University library one of my clients placed it there as a gesture of gratitude. Completed experiences empower the institution and the place where the completion happens. Laws that are largely for the purpose of common order do not have this kind of universal power. If Haisem Zahab is overly punished we may never discover the reasons why victims of unjust discrimination join their own groups beyond their home nation. Tamil militants found Tamil Nadu; White Australians found White Americans; Sri Lankan Buddhist governments found China and Muslims found Middle East. It’s a kind of comfort one needs when separated from mainstream. Even if one member of the community is punished by irrelevant laws – and that person in turn rejects that injustice – the system of Natural Justice has the duty to manifest the other side. When we go beyond the human system of law and order such Energy is of positive value to the person and the home-group of that person. Gandhi is an outstanding example of this positive Energy. On the other side we have those who neglect their duties as per the laws they use to find fault with in juniors by position. Once we abandon those laws they become negative Energy which would invoke itself to damage those very persons who took benefits and their home communities. Positive Energy needs the Negative Energy to manifest an outcome at the visible level. Once out of our control – they work on their own – like ‘acts of god’.

Excessively punishing the Muslims at a time when the President has exonerated Buddhist monk Gnanasara Thera has the potential to isolate Sri Lankan Buddhists as a disenfranchised community below the confidence of levels of nationalists who form associations with others outside Sri Lanka. What happens today to non-Buddhists would happen to Junior Buddhists tomorrow – when there are less and less non-Buddhists left to rule over. If Buddha said to release – then the President must consider the Muslims arrested also as Buddhists and pardon them. That is when there Lord Buddha will take the throne of  Sri Lanka.

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